May 12, 2022

How to Write on a PDF (+ How to Create a PDF Freebie)

Have you ever gotten a downloadable PDF guide and wondered how the blogger created it so you can write on a PDF? For the longest time, I had no idea you could edit a PDF so that when others download your cool checklist or planner or workbook, they can digitally type in the planner, rather than print it up and waste ink and paper! I knew you could add links to a PDF but text…

Feb 9, 2023

17 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Books for 2023

Interested in learning more about affiliate marketing? If you recently started a mom blog then I’m sure you are thinking of a way to make money easily. Well, what if I told you that affiliate marketing is the way to go?

Feb 20, 2023

23 Unique Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Home Office

I need a bulletin board for my home office! I mean, I’m seeing so many amazing office bulletin board ideas, I can’t decide which to set up.

Sep 8, 2021

55 Things to Do When You’re Bored – Activities for Kids

Do you know what’s great about having twins? I get everything in stereo! Including the classic line: “I’m boooooored!” My kiddos are really good about keeping themselves entertained, especially since I am a work-at-home mom, but I’m not immune to hearing the cry of bored children. I’m sure you’re not either.

Mar 5, 2023

16 Fun Crafting Jobs To Make Money at Home

Have you ever considered a crafting business as an easy side job to make money at home? If you think that all crafting jobs are limited to knitting scarves, this article is for you! There’s a whole world of crafting opportunities out there.