I’m Scared for My Twins

2021 has been a crazy and horrible year for the world.

The Delta variant is on the cusp of wreaking havoc where I live and my twins desperately want to go to school. They did remote learning last year for grade 2 so they haven’t seen their friends for almost two years now.

How can I deny them going to school?

How can I tell them again that they can’t attend birthday parties, go on field trips and have pizza parties?

I’m secretly dying inside and not many people are on my side.

One of my recent entrepreneur friends started sharing how she doesn’t use masks, doesn’t feel the COVID-19 vaccinations are effective or safe and that she will not send her daughter to school with a mask.

All in my local Facebook group the moms are desperate to send their kids to school. Many of them blame remote learning and how their kid is dumber now. Or that they don’t have the bandwidth for their 4 kids to do remote learning.

Or the hundreds of dollars for printer ink.

I don’t know if our situation was different, but my twins rarely printed anything and they learned so much that they are reading chapter books on their own, doing mental math and telling time. And they are 8 years old.

I’m sure moms who read this either feel the same way or don’t. I understand, this is my situation, my experience and my life that I share online.

Right now, my twins are registered to go back to school in September and right now – today – there are 3 active COVID-19 cases in town.

But, next week the government is opening the borders to the States. What I see in Toronto will come to our city in 6 weeks time.

My twins aren’t old enough to get vaccinated and every day it’s leaning towards remote learning…again…

But, I’m scared for my twins. I’m scared of what will happen to them emotionally and socially if they do another year of remote learning without friends, without parties, or without play dates.

I’m scared for sending them to school unprotected (i.e. without a vaccination), worried that the parents of the children in my twins’ class are hopefully vaccinated, worried that my son – if he does get COVID-19 will be gravely sick because any sickness he gets ruminates in his chest.

I’m just scared about the choice my husband and I have to make and disappointing my twins, hearing the judgement from my MIL since she thinks we are crazy for still doing Instacart for groceries, still not going places and just saying put.

We are fortunate that my husband and I are able to work from home indefinitely and that my twins do well with online learning.

I have a feeling we will be pushed by family to send them to school and I really do want to. If the cases in town remain low then they can at least go to school for a few weeks and see their friends and learn in a classroom.

I hope, I pray, I wish, I want….

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I know how you feel Elna. We are worried about different things – like your friend, I’m concerned about the vaccinations for children not being safe. I also wouldn’t send my son to school wearing a mask (we have had lots of Covid outbreaks here but the kids have never been affected) – but either way it’s not a nice situation to be in worrying about our kids. I do understand your worries; my sister took her daughter out of school because she has an underlying health problem. I completely appreciate why she did. Right now, there’s a lot of division happening and I wish there wasn’t. I think as parents, we should be allowed to make our own minds up about our children. And I wish that everyone could respect each others’ decisions.Reply to zoe
Hi Zoe, Thank you so much for your kind words. I know each person has their own views and I totally respect that. If my son didn’t have asthma they would have been in school last year and in September this year. I am worried about the vaccination being safe for kids but we are cautious and waiting for the results. It seems the outbreaks here in town are low and as a province, Ontario is doing well…so if they don’t get the vaccine because it’s not safe, then we will put them in school 🙂 Hoping for a smooth return!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I totally appreciate why you’ve kept them out of school up until now. If my son had asthma, I’d have done the same. Just a thought…. maybe you could get some play dates with other homeschoolers in your local area, who are in your same boat (being cautious), for the social side of things? That way, you won’t be worrying about your kids mingling with children who come into contact with everyone. That’s what my sister does 🙂 In the hope that it gives you some reassurance, if your kids do go back to school, my friend has two children with asthma and they’ve been back at school for around 5 months (we’re in the UK) and they have been fine. That said, I don’t think remote learning is all bad. It doesn’t work out for a lot of parents, but my son’s grades went up after I homeschooled him! Anyway, sounds like you have a good plan! Hope it all goes smooth for you 🙂Reply to Zoe
Hi Zoe, Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t know anyone in my situation in my neighbourhood. I’m the anomaly here! I tried asking some of the kids in their online class but it never panned out. Not sure why! I’m happy that they have each other though! I’m hoping to put the kids back into school soon!Reply to Elna
Elna, you absolutely said word by word what we are going through. We still shop through Instacart and our kid is still homeschooling. I can see she wants to go out and play with other kids. I totally agree with you on “I’m secretly dying inside and not many people are on my side”. If everyone uses safety measures, we can beat this disease in a matter two weeks. I also shared it on my Facebook page.Reply to Mary
Hi Mary, Thanks for your story. I just got a big blow when my MIL suddenly came over to take the twins to a park with no masks. My husband was soo shocked but my MIL just brushed it off and said they won’t go if there are people there. I’m beyond mad that no one listens or understands. I understand COVID will STAY with us probably forever but I want my twins to be vaccinated. Once they are, they can go out with masks and be safe. This is a losing battle and I fear for their lives. And I agree about if everyone uses the safety measures of wearing a mask in public and being vaccinated then the virus won’t replicate and change and make it even WORSE then what it is now. Sorry for my rant. The twins have been gone 20 minutes and I’m still stewing….Reply to Elna
Everything you said. It’s on our hearts too. People are polarized about so many things and that keeps us divided. Thanks for being honest about all the concerns.Reply to Grammye
Hi, Thanks so much for your support! It’s a big challenge for sure to be a mom in this pandemic time. With the government and politics and scientists clashing it’s just hard to know the right thing! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna