17 Ways to Increase Views to Your New Blog (That’s Not SEO)

Are you struggling to find ways to increase blog views?

I know for my first blog, it was a slow growth to gain website traffic.

It didn’t happen overnight or within the first week either!

And, with Google just being the bully and knocking down every niche website out there, how the heck can you keep blogging?

If you’ve been trying to rank in Google, find the best keywords and learn SEO as a way to build a loyal audience, you might be putting too much effort into that.


It’s time to diversify your traffic sources.

This is the YEAR to do it. Are you with me?

Let’s look at proven ways to see more views with your content marketing efforts.

17 Ways to Increase Pageviews on a Blog

Let’s look at fifteen key ways to increase views on a blog. These are easy to do and are best for new bloggers who recently started a blog.

Plus, I’ve tried and done every single one of them and they work!

1. Understand Your Target Audience

There’s no way you’re going to hook a reader in if you don’t understand their struggles, problems, aspirations and more.

Bloggers that have successful blogs understand and know their audience inside and out.

One way to see if you’re missing the mark with your audience is to see if your audience avatar is too general.

For example, the term small business owners is general, but mom bloggers with an online business is niched down enough that you can align your content (and your products) to this audience and generate a better response.

Create a survey and ask your email subscribers their problems.

You might learn that a challenge for mom bloggers is balancing home and work.

Time management is a huge struggle for this audience (I should know as THIS is my audience for Twins Mommy!).

When you understand your target audience, you can fit your content for them.

And when the content resonates with them, your traffic will ramp up for sure.

2. Solve a Real Problem

Going back to the mom bloggers example, when you learn about their struggles you can tailor your content to fit your ideal reader.

Take each problem and struggle and turn that into an effective blog post or lead magnet or Instagram live session.

For example, one of my lead magnets is to start a blog.


Because I was attracting mom bloggers, but I was also attracting new people wanting to start a blog.

Plus, the mom bloggers also needed help with creating a successful blog too.

So, my lead magnet of Start. Grow. Earn attacked both audiences!

The best blog posts or lead magnets understands the needs of their target audience and uses that information effectively.

3. Add a Hook to Your Headline

Your headline is the first copy that people will read and decide if it’s worth reading the rest of your blog post.

To boost readership and views, you need high-converting headlines.

One way to create a high-converting headline is to use proven and popular types of headlines and adapt them for your blog. 

For example, How-to’s and list-type posts are considered highly engaging since they solve a problem and have a lot of tips or strategies.

You can also add powerful words that are provoke an emotion for the reader.

You can also use a tool like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to make sure your blog post is appealing and emotional.

4.  Show the Last Modified Post Date

No one likes to think they are reading old or outdated content.

There will be less shares and less comments usually when people read older content.

Revive old posts by showing the last modified post date instead of the published date. 

I started doing this years ago and really helps keep a healthy and updated blog.

To make a bigger impact, also change your headline to include the current year.

When visitors come to your blog post they know that its relevant and current, making them more likely to comment on your revived post. 

5. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Blog posts are there to help people with their problems, motivate them to change or help them learn something new.

While it’s nice that they share your posts, another way to show a thriving blog is to have comments on your posts.

Entice readers with an effective call to action or CTA.

This can be a blurb at the end of your post telling your readers what to do.

There can be more than one CTA at the end of our blog posts – a opt-in form, share buttons and comments.

To help you readers get the comments running, you can ask a question at the end of your post to start the conversation.

Or, you can invite your readers to tell their challenges or wins in the comments.

To keep the comments going, it’s also good blog practice to answer each comment you receive and engage with your readers.

6. Feature Influencers in Your Industry

Blogger outreach is all about networking with entrepreneurs in your niche as well as influencers in your industry.

By collaborating with influencers you have the ability to reach an untapped market of new customers. And to boost views on your blog, you can feature influencers and even invite them to contribute to your content.

This might take some time if you are a new blogger.

Take that time to learn about the bloggers in your space, follow them and get onto their email list.

That way, it will be easier to approach them when you want to ask them to be featured in your blog post.

7. Discuss the Latest News

Having a dynamic blog means have the pulse for latest trends and current news. And while having evergreen content is the best way to have longevity with your blog, having relevant posts about newsworthy content will impact your readers and help promote some engagement.

For example, when AI came into the world of blogging, everyone and anyone was writing about it.

And, when the recent Google Core Update rolled out, bloggers were, you guessed it…blogging about it.

This is just another way to make your blog current and not stale.

To find trends in your industry, use Google Trends.

Pick a category and see what trends are happening currently.

8. Use the Same Language As Your Readers

Blogging is a personal medium no matter if it’s a business blog or not.

You can share behind the scenes of your business, share your blog story and the people that helped built it.

Doing this makes you more authentic and it will help you connect better with your audience.

From there, see how they write their comments and communicate with you.

You can use those ideas, terms and references in your blog posts, emails and eventually to help you find the right digital product to sell.

9. Post Frequently and Consistently

Having a consistent editorial calendar for your blog will help attract a loyal following, but how often should you publish a post?

There is not set rule, but publish a post as often as your audience can consume it.

When I first started Twins Mommy, I blogged 2x a week for 6 months, then 1x week and then a few years later whenever I wanted to!

It’s really up to you how often you want to create content, but try to do more in the beginning.

If you’re a new blogger and once a week is all you can handle, then that’s how often you publish content.

Posts should be highly informative, valuable and help your audience solve a problem to get the maximum engagement.

10. Repurpose Your Blog Posts

Repurposing your content is not only a time saver, but it’s also a way to get your blog visible across different mediums.

Popular ways to recycle content is to take one medium like a blog post and repurpose it into another medium like an infographic.

Other ways to repurpose your content to get more views is to turn your posts into an  email, webinars, lead magnets or as a YouTube video.

I often create Youtube videos from blog posts and blog posts from Youtube videos!

11. Use Your Email List

There’s an audience that’s already warmed and ready to engage.

It’s your email list.

A lot of us don’t realize that your email list drives traffic with intent.

I mean I didn’t when I first started my email list! 

 A good portion of my engagement and traffic on my Twins Mommy blog , comes from my email list of of dedicated subscribers.

This not only drives my traffic, but it also drives sales of my course.

Not sure what type of emails you should send to your subscribers?

A welcome email or email series can introduce your list to your business, products and some informational blog posts that can help them.

Make sure your email is intriguing and full of valuable tips and strategies for your exclusive list.

Instead of sending a newsletter of your latest blog post, use that email to add more to your topic by giving more tips and then linking to the blog post to get the full information.

12. Perfect Your Social Media Posting Schedule

To receive the highest views on social media with your content, pay attention to social media timing.

This means posting when your audience is on social media. But, each social media platform has their unique times when engagement is the highest based on their users.

A tweet’s half-life is only 24 minutes, which means there’s a small window of opportunity to reach the most amount of followers.

Based on Buffer’s data, the best time to tweet is 11 am. Monday and Friday.

For your Instagram posts, post on Friday at 7 am! That’s early.

And for Pinterest? You don’t have to worry because Tailwind figures out when YOUR audience is on the platform to schedule your pins!

Super easy.

Tailwind Schedule

13. Consider Starting a Facebook Group

I started a Facebook group with another blogger several years ago.

I felt it was a good idea since a lot of my commenters came from Facebook and it was a nice platform to hang out on.

So I started the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group.

Over the years, I’ve wanted to archive it because it is time consuming, and I found that a lot of people were transitioning away from hanging out on Facebook and instead, hanging out on Instagram or TikTok.

But, I’ve held on and it’s still somewhat of an engaged group. I renamed it Ready Set Blog for Traffic (Mom to Mompreneur) to more closely align to my brand.

It’s easy to set up if you’re already are on Facebook.

Once you have the group you have to have a plan to market it so that you can get members.

Some popular ways I used:

  • Told my email list
  • Created a landing page and pinned that
  • Shared my group in other Facebook groups if allowed
  • Mentioned it on Youtube

14. Respond to Blog and Social Media Comments

Having a blog with lots of views means building a community or tribe around it.

This all starts with your content and extends to your comments.

When I started Twins Mommy, I made it a point to reply to all of my comments.

It was exciting, fun and helpful in the long run (I could pin point certain challenges my audience faced).

This puts you at the same level as your audience and that helps them build trust in what you share online.

15. Try Guest Posting

Guest posting is one way to reach a brand new audience, grow your email list and help nurture relationships with influencers in your industry.

And, it also brings eyes to your blog!

I took over a blog that had around 400 pageviews and turned it into a contributor blog.

This meant I had guest bloggers write posts for my new blog.

I had dozens of bloggers lined up and all they had to do was sign into the backened of the blog, write the post and submit for review.

In ONE MONTH, I grew the blog from 400 pageviews to 40,000 pageviews.

Whether you guest post or open your blog for guest posters, you will get more views to your posts.

16. Create Alternate Pins

Are you on Pinterest? This is the platform to be on – especially since the most recent Google Core Update.

The thing with Pinterest is that you can create multiple pins for ONE blog post.

That’s right!

You can grab a new audience just by using a different image or word on your pin graphic.

Here are three pins that go to one blog post about laundry room designs.

Alternate pins

For more help, make sure to pick up my eBook, 15 Pinterest Secrets for Bloggers.

I spill the tea!

17. Schedule Your Pinning Process

Look –

I do manual pinning and this WORKS, but I can’t do it consistently.

That’s why I use a scheduler like Tailwind to help me automate my pinning process.

I don’t have to worry about whether or not I published a pin for that day.

I can have Tailwind running in the background and I can crate alternate pins, videos and more and not worry.

It’s Time to Increase Views On Your Blog

There ya go!

I’ve used everyone of these methods to increase the views to my blog and it works! Realize I did not mention SEO at all in this blog post!

There are plenty of methods that don’t rely on Google to get traffic!

Try them out!

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