The Secret to Growing Your Blog That Successful Bloggers Don’t Share

Psst…I have a secret to share.

Not many successful bloggers – including me – have mentioned the one thing that can grow your blog.

If you’re brand new to blogging or you’re interested in starting a blog, you might want to know whether or not blogging is worth it, eh?

Why start something that won’t be successful or profitable?

Why put the effort into starting a website only to have your husband or mom visit it?

A Blog is For You!

When I first started Twins Mommy, I had no visitors.

I tried to use the audience from my other blog (a freelance writing blog) to visit Twins Mommy, but that didn’t work.

I also was writing for the wrong audience and it wasn’t until I was more authentic that I started attracting the right audience.

Now, after a year I have followers, subscribers, comments, shares and now income from my blog.

I figured “it” out and am growing my blog. But, for many new bloggers, their focus gets lost. You’re not growing fast enough or at all. Or, you gave yourself an ultimatum and didn’t accomplish what you set out to do.

I get you.

Blogging is hard, especially if you’re a mom.

You have to contend with your children and a house to take care of and a job if this isn’t your main hustle.

So, we go back to that point of whether or not a blog is for you. Well, it is!

You Can Make Money Blogging

You see other big bloggers making bank on their blog and you want that too. But how can you make money from blogging? Let’s look at the top ways here.

1. Start a Service

This is the first way I started making money blogging three years ago. I became a freelance writer and made money blogging for businesses. I can make up to $600 a post doing this and as a mom to twins, this was easy for me to make a full-time income within months.

To start a service, you need to know the skill you want to monetize. From there you can create a Hire Me page and start a blog focussing on that skill to show your credibility.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The other easy way to start generating income quickly is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service and when someone uses your special link and buys that product, you earn a commission from that.

For example, if you rave about your Instant Pot and link to that from Amazon you can earn a commission when someone uses that special link and buys from Amazon.

There are many ways to promote your affiliate product. One way is to create an income generating post. This is a post that lives on your blog and makes sales every day.

For example, I have one affiliate post on my Elna Cain site that I wrote over a year ago. I don’t even promote it as a blog post. It’s a page on my site that you cannot go to unless you see a link of it on social media or in another blog post.

That little post consistently earns me over $1k a month – on autopilot.

For other ways to promote your affiliate products, make sure to pick up my FREE promotion guide.

3. Create a Product

The final way a new blogger can start earning an income from blogging is to create a product. This can be an eBook, course, printables etc… This is the best way for sustainable income over the long run but can be the most challenging to start and finish this project.

I have four courses divided between my two blogs. For 2018 I plan on creating more courses for both my blogs since this is another way to make sales every day.

So, with a bit of time and effort, you can also start making money blogging.

But before you can even do that, you need that one thing that will ensure you are successful as a blogger.

If You Do This One Thing You Will Grow Your Blog

Blogging takes time and patience. But there’s one thing that holds true for any blog in any niche.

Wanna know what it is that will help your blog grow and become a success?

Do something for your blog every day.

I know that sounds simple, but this is where many bloggers fail.

They neglect their blog, they fail to share their posts and their passion is gone. Is that you? I hope not!

If you fail to do something for your blog every day, your blog won’t thrive. These tasks aren’t always on your blog, but it’s for your blog.

For example, maybe it’s a Facebook Live on your Facebook page or an email you send to your loyal subscribers.

It can be an infographic you post on Pinterest.

Whatever that piece of content is, it’s all for your blog and your end goal. To help you out, I’ll share a weekly blogging schedule that can help you stay focused on your blog and earn you an income.

A Weekly Blogging Schedule to Help You Make Money

On Monday is when I promote my blog posts on Facebook and manually Pin on Pinterest. This is the time where I can network and answer questions from other bloggers in my Facebook groups. I also outline and get started on a blog post or two.

Tuesday is when I draft up my email for the week and answer emails. I reflect on anything that I learned and share any tips I can to help my subscribers grow their blog and income. If you’re struggling to come up with an email topic, check out my post on 8 Emails You Can Send That Aren’t About Your Latest Blog Post.

Wednesday is a home day for my twins. This is my mom day. During this day I do go on social media to post and network. I also focus on answering emails that I didn’t answer earlier in the week. When the twins go to sleep I finish my blog posts and create the graphics.

Thursday is when I reply to any comments on my blog and think about any Facebook Live topics, lead magnet ideas or course lessons. I also work on more blog post ideas.

Friday is another day I promote my blog post on social media. If I’m in course mode I will record lessons. I also work on infographics or alternate Pin graphics.

The weekend is family time and more time to think about more blogging ideas. While I do have my other blogs and clients, I try to do work for my Twins Mommy blog every day.

This propels my blog further, gets more pages on my blog and ultimately more views on my blog, leading to more traffic.

When you’re consistent, you can grow your traffic and generate income from blogging. It is possible!

Do Something For Your Blog Every Day

That’s the secret! Work on doing anything to help your blog inch forward every day. I know it’s easy to make your blog the last thing on your list, but for 2018 change that up.

Look at your goals and see how your blog can help you achieve that.

Do you want to earn more money?

Do you want to create a product?

Your blog can help you do that and more!

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Thank you for the amazing post. I’ve been trying to post every single day I order to get more content on my blog and to grow my audience. It’s hard work but I know that one day it might be worth it. The last 7 months I’ve taken my blog more serious and even though it’s growing slowly I know it will get much larger over time.Reply to Andy
Hey Andy! That sounds great! Good luck growing your blog traffic!Reply to Elna
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with any home business, thanks for the reminder that just 1 thing a day for your blog is progress!Reply to Gabbs
Hey Gabbs, I know! There is so much you can do for your blog that it can become overwhelming. But if you focus on one task a day you should be good!Reply to Elna
Great tips. I learn every day to improve my blog. And love reading your blog. Can ‘t help it but i’m so curious about the blog post with your affiliate. Personally i struggle with using affiliate links in my blog post. Don’ t know how i can do this the right way.Reply to Annemie
Hi Annemie, Thanks so much. Here’s a post about affiliate marketing to Elna
OMG, I actually found this post because another blog linked it and I absolutely love it. I definitely need to have a blogger schedule. I plan on doing that more now. Like a daily checklist ya know. I finally have a consistent schedule so I plan on growing more as a blogger. Love this , thank you !Reply to Terrah
I love this post! You are so right!! I definitely have a weekly schedule for my blog, but try to take Sunday off to spend time with my family! (Although I sneak in about 20 minutes of editing for Monday’s Post)!!! Thanks for ALL of your great tips and posts!Reply to Sarah
Hi Sarah! You’re welcome! Yes, I’m finding now that my twins are older, the weekends are full of their activities. So I only work on the blog when the kids are in bed for the night!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! I continue to learn so much from you. Your info is always so valuable. I am so glad I came across your blog. And I love the way you have stuff scheduled. I need to do that. I work full time on a rotating schedule as a nurse so I can’t really have firm set days but I can try to sort out a schedule somehow. Thank you for the idea. As someone else said you really are my favorite blogger. Every time I read your post I find value.Reply to Jane
Hi Jane! Thank you so much! I’m glad you found some tips in this post. Yes, it’s hard to be consistent for sure. Now that I have several blogs, it’s hard for me to keep the content going for all of them!! That’s when typing fast helps 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Great article. I think the point is, just as one would have to open their (physical) store everyday, one also needs to promote or do other stuff for their blog every day. I believe there is power in being consistent. Would you share what are some good Facebook groups where one can promote their blog?Reply to Sheeroh
Hi Sheeroh! What a great analogy! It’s so true. If you don’t promote your blog some way, people will forget about you! I have a freebie of FB groups and Pinterest groups to help you if you want!Reply to Elna
I think you are my favorite blogger ?Reply to Terra
Hi Terra! Awww!! *gush* *hugs* Thank you so much! You made my day. My RSI hand pain came back and I have to step away from the laptop all day! I took a hot shower and am on just for a teensy bit!Reply to Elna
These are great tips! I really need to make myself a schedule like you have done. I know what I need to do and try to make sure that I get everything done but having specific goals for each day of the week is something I need to work on.Reply to Crystal
Hi Crystal, Yes, that’s so true! I don’t follow my schedule to the t (twins get sick a lot and I’m on mom duty like all the time) but when I do follow it, it really helps run my business more smoothly.Reply to Elna
I admire your tenacity and thank you for sharing such helpful information!Reply to CONNIE
I am loving all of your posts so much, and they just took me on a great rabbit hole! You are doing awesome things & even inspired me to actually be excited for my next newsletter.Reply to Liz
Hi Liz! Aww, thanks so much! I’m glad you found some great posts to read. I love learning from my readers. Feel free to email me anytime! [email protected]Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for these tips. I’m struggling trying to make money from my blog, but I’m going to try this out. It sounds like a winner to me.Reply to Alexis
Hi Alexis, You’re welcome! I’m so glad you found something to help you with monetizing your blog. A blog content schedule will totally help you be focussed on the important things.Reply to Elna
Wow, what an amazing post. I loved your schedule so much! I tend to try to do everything for my blog in just one day & it has become overwhelming. This really helped!Reply to Emily
Hey Emily, That’s awesome! I’m glad you found the weekly schedule helpful. I was going to turn that into a freebie but was too busy!Reply to Elna
This is a great tip! Thank you, Elna! I am almost ready to make my blog go live and I have been a bit overwhelmed by that. I need to remember that it takes time and patience to grow your blog and by doing something every day….it all adds up! Thank you!Reply to Christine
Hi Christine, Thanks so much! So happy that you have a blog to get ready to go live! Yay! I know it can make you overwhelmed by it all but just do one thing for it every day! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thank you! I’m feeling the desire to blog but trying to decide the purpose & if it worth the time. This has given me things to think about.Reply to Melanie
Hey Melanie, Thanks so much for coming over! Yes, knowing the purpose and why is important. Once you figure it out, you’ll have the tools to get started! Yay!Reply to Elna
Love, Love, Love the honesty! You definitely know how to think outside the box all while sharing what you learn with everyone. For someone just starting out, this advice is so helpful since getting stuck on the wrong things could delay your blog growth. Thanks for saving new bloggers time with this valuable information.Reply to Lorin
Hi Lorrin, Thanks so much for coming over to my little blog! Yes, doing something every day for your blog is the best tip to help grow your blog! Good luck!Reply to Elna