Ultimate Guide to Finding Endless Blog Post Ideas

Blog post ideas for any blog niche!

Let me guess:

When you first started your blog you had passion, spunk, creative juices flowing all day and about a million blog post ideas brimming and fighting their way to be THE ONE you publish next.

Three months later and you haven’t a clue what to blog about. You’ve lost the love and feeling and now your blog is a complete chore.

After writing that, I HOPE it’s not!! Blogging is a creative way to show people your passions and what you stand for. You can connect with others that are similar to you and even help people! That’s power and amazing mamas!

Even if you haven’t lost the passion of blogging, having to come up with endless blog posts ideas is hard. I run several blogs and I write for a living so it’s literally my job to come up with blog post ideas 🙂

Needless to say, I have some tricks up my sleeve when my juices run dry and I need some blog ideas quickly.

If you’re still at the start a blog stage, I have a easy step-by-step tutorial on how to start a mom blog.

If you just started your blog or it’s been a while and you need some help coming up with what to blog about, here are 24 ways I come up with topics quickly. And what’s great is that these are SEO friendly post ideas too!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the post, I have a handy cheatsheet of all these ideas so you can use it when you do your next blog post!

These ways can work for any niche so no matter if you blog about homeschooling, baby led weaning, blogging, or painting, check out these ways to come up with blog post ideas and as a by product, get more traffic too!

24 Blog Post Ideas

1. Facebook

I can bet that a lot of your audience (or most) hang out on Facebook. I mean that’s where I hang out throughout the day and a lot of my subscribers are on there too.

So, why not see what your audience is asking on Facebook? How do you do that, you ask? By searching in Facebook your niche or keyword.

It’s that easy. Go into a Facebook group that your audience hangs out in and see what types of questions they are asking.

For example, if you blog about momming and being a mom to a toddler, you may search for, “picky eating” to see what challenges moms are having.

The first result is a great blog post idea because it’s specific. What do I mean by that? It’s not just food ideas for picky eaters (there’s a million blog posts about that topic), but it’s dairy free snack ideas. BOOM! A unique blog post that you can put your spin on.

You can also find topics on some Facebook threads like a coffee talk discussion or ask-me-anything thread. Darci Lopez does a “Ask Me Anything” thread in her Facebook group.


From here you can see what types of questions people are asking Darci and use that as inspiration for your next blog post. In many ways Facebook is a great place to find a lot of topics either in group discussions, Facebook Lives, Facebook threads and just searching for your keyword.

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that shows the most popular posts based on the keyword you input in the search field. For example, here are the popular posts for, “wardrobe capsule” you can see popular content ideas:

From here, you can devise some blog post ideas and niche them down so they fit your audience. And what’s great is that many of these ideas are SEO friendly.

3. Competition

Looking at your competition is an easy way to gauge which blog post ideas are engaging if you take a look at blogs from your competitors. The only thing to remember is that if your competitors are also your audience, you don’t want to poach their ideas. Just use them as a springboard for your ideas.

For example, I can look at The Official CEO Mom blog and look at her content. I love Kristie’s blog, podcast and Facebook group and I’m one of her target audience for sure 🙂

I can peruse her blog and look at some topics she’s been writing about:

  • Instagram
  • Batching
  • Branding
  • Being a better Mom boss
  • Losing email subscribers

From these topics I could come up with my own ideas such as:

  • 5 Ways I Used Instagram to Grow My Email List
  • The Way I Use Batching to Make More Money
  • 3 Fatal Mistakes You’re Making With Your Brand (And How to Fix Them)

Those aren’t posts on Twins Mommy (and I doubt I would write those posts), but I COULD! 🙂

4. Look to Influencers

Do you read popular blogs? Money Saving Mom or Work From Home Happiness? Those sites are in my niche, but for your niche you may have other popular blogs (or influencers).

You follow them, are probably in their Facebook group, Pinterest group and on their email list. Use this knowledge to find blog post ideas on their blogs when you are running dry with ideas.

For example, Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog has a lot of home decor topics. You can draw from her personal blog posts about designing her home and create blog posts to help others design their space.

You may think it’s wrong to “steal” other people’s ideas, but it’s not. There is no copyright on blog posts ideas (think about it: how many posts about Pinterest are there? I personally have written five different Pinterest posts for clients and for my blog). You can steal blog post ideas, but don’t steal the angle (that would be plagiarizing). Make your own ideas and points in your post.

5. Blog Headline Generators

If all else fails, use a headline topic generator! Headline generators use a keyword and come up with a couple (or more) headline ideas.

While the headline ideas aren’t unique (they are given to others who visit the same generator), they can help you with thinking of some ideas or at least get a new perspective on your niche.

A cute and cool headline tool is the Impact Blog Title Generator. When you go to the site, it has a keyword already displayed, but you can change that to your own keyword.

When you put your keyword (saving time) in and hit the Next button, you get fill in the blank titles:

You can have fun with this headline tool!

Another tool is Tweak Your Biz title generator. It’s easy to use; just put in your topic or keyword and TweakYourBiz gives you a hundred or more headlines! It’s insane (but not all are relevant or would work for your blog). Here is the result for productivity:

There’s more too! While not every headline makes sense, you can use this result to help you come up with ideas for productivity for moms or for your child or for work.

6. Use Email Newsletters

I love getting newsletters, especially for my free stock photos every month!! I love reading newsletters about mom bloggers I’m following and influencers I admire.

One way to get endless blog post ideas is to see what topics are in other bloggers’ email newsletters. Not every newsletter is a link to their latest blog post; there are strategies, tips, case studies and more that bloggers share.

For example, for my subscribers on my Twins Mommy email list I shared the behind-the-scenes of my freelance writing business. I wrote about my recent relaunch for my Writeto1k course and offered some tips to help other mompreneurs with their launch.

A subscriber could read my latest newsletter and get inspired to write about their upcoming launch or maybe write about tips to make a launch less stressful.

7. Use Alltop

Alltop gathers the stories from top news websites and blogs in any niche. You can quickly use this tool to find top stories in your niche.

For example, if I pick the letter P I can click on Parenting and see the top stories from various popular websites:

I circled topics that I could use if my blog centered around being a smarter mom or parenting. Give Alltop a try!

8. HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator is a free keyword suggestion tool for SEO friendly blog post ideas. Just plug in three nouns around your blog niche and you can get more related ideas.

For example, if I had a blog about tips to help new moms I can plug in: breastfeeding, new mom, time management.


As you can see there are some great blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing for sure! You can write a post about the problems with breastfeeding or some quick tips for time management or the best blogs to follow about being a new mom! Those are all great ideas for a parenting blog!

9. Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest! I’m sure you go on Pinterest late at night looking at all that eye candy eh? Well, I do 🙂

Pinterest is a visual search engine and people use it to find products, services and answers to their current problems. You can use Pinterest to also find ideas for your blog post.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Search a keyword in your niche

I searched for, “spring cleaning” in Pinterest and this is what I get:

Step 2: Click on More Ideas

From here, I can look at the results in the feed to get ideas, but I can take it a step further and niche down this topic. So, if I pick, “spring cleaning bedroom” I get more ideas:

Step 3: Niche Down As Much as Possible for Topics

And for some options, I can keep niching down. If I pick, organization, I get these:

  • Cleanses
  • Tips
  • Wardrobe

From here you can look at the results and get a better idea of a blog post that’s niched down and can help your audience.

Another way to use Pinterest (on the go) is to create a secret swipe board file and any blog post topic you see that is interesting, you put in that secret board. At the end of the week, you have a swipe file of potential ideas.

10. Use Your Comments For Blog Post Ideas

One of the best ways to create content for your audience is to see what questions they ask in their comments! It’s easy to do since you read your comments and probably respond to them.

This was exactly what I did and that results in this blog post!

11. Use Other People’s Comments on Their Blogs

Similarly, you can visit other peoples’ posts and see what type of questions their readers are asking. For example, Cath’s of CatherineOneissy, has a post about generating more traffic to your blog. Here is one of the comments:

I can look at the responses to this post and see if there are any questions that I could answer with a blog post. This commenter wants a strategic method for selecting group boards. This is a post I could write.

So, don’t be afraid to look at your competitor’s posts and comments! There are blog post ideas to be had.

12. Use Quora

Quora is a question and answer site. Just type in your keyword and see what questions people are asking about that topic. For example, I could type in, freelance writing, to get ideas of questions for my my Elna Cain site.

Quora is a great place because these are real people with questions and your blog posts can help them. And what’s better, is after you publish your post, you can answer these questions and link to your post! BOOM! More traffic and a new audience.

13. Use Podcasts to Generate Ideas

OMG! I am loving podcasts lately. I listen to them as often as I can and I can’t get enough. If you’re stuck for content ideas, then you can look to podcasts to help you with generating content.

For me, it’s better to generate blog post ideas using a different medium (videos, podcasts, infographics) because you can truly make it unique.

For blogging ideas about….blogging…I could visit the ProBlogger Podcast and quickly find a ton of ideas for Twins Mommy.

14. Use YouTube for Blog Post Ideas

Before I was a professional writer, I used to follow a lot of YouTube moms. I was breastfeeding and pumping so I would sneak in some videos here and there.

But, now that I’m a writer and blogger, I can see the potential for content ideas with YouTube videos. Again, it’s a different medium than blog posts so it’s easier to “take” from that platform and use it to help you with ideas.

For example, Allison Lindstrom is vlogging more than blogging and has some awesome video content that I like to watch when I can (twins are noisy!).

I can peruse her vlogs (watch them to!) and get a ton of new blog post ideas, not only from the title, but also what she says in her videos.

15. Use AMA (Ask Me Anything) in Google

A cool trick to get more ideas is to search for AMA topics in Google. By searching for “ama (your topic)” it does pull up different resources than if you just searched for your keyword topic.

I searched for “ama toddler teething” and found some great topics. I also searched for “toddler teething” and found more! So, try this trick to get more out of your keyword.

16. Use Suggested Terms in Google

Another way to squeeze more ideas from your search results is to look at the suggested terms at the bottom of your results. Here are the suggested terms for, “stay at home mom make money:”

As you can see, you can create more blog posts in that “make money at home” niche and help your audience too!

And when you use Google you know people are searching for these terms!

17. Use FAQs page on a Website

Another easy way to find topics fast is to visit FAQs pages on other sites related to your niche. In Google type: intitle:”(keyword) faq.”

So, if I wanted to search for potty training, I would put this in Google: intitle:”potty training faq” (with quotations too).

Click on any of those links and get a ton of questions that you can create blog posts out of! Win-win!

18. Use Amazon Book Chapters

Amazon is a great place to find a lot of inspiration in your niche. There are a lot of books on freelance writing. I can pick any one of those books (that I can preview) and see their table of contents to get ideas.

I do this often for my Elna Cain site and have a running list of ideas that I know are popular and interesting for new freelance writers.

19. Ask Your Email List Subscribers

Why not ask the people who follow you? Perfect, right? Ask your list what they would like for you to write about next. You will get a lot of great ideas and really learn what your audience craves.

You can also do a survey too to help you gauge what topics your readers want.

20. Use Google Analytics

If you look at Google Analytics, you can find the popular content on your site and use that as inspiration to create more content in that area. It doesn’t always work (you may have created a blog post that really doesn’t align with your niche or your affiliate posts are your popular ones), but it’s worth looking at.

For my blog, people enjoy posts about boosting your income and helping moms with working from home. Since I knew that before, I started creating more content in that area, but my entire blog isn’t about making money, so I mix it up too!

21. Use Hashtags on Twitter

I automate my Twitter marketing, but every once in a while I go into Twitter and search for hashtags in my niche. I can get a general idea of blog posts when I see the hashtag results on Twitter. Using the hashtag #mompreneur I see a ton of ideas:

  • Delegating tasks for mompreneurs
  • How to be productive when you work from home
  • Tips and tricks to making working from home easier

I can search different hashtags to get ideas easily.

22. Create a Theme on Your Blog

If I’m running dry on blog tops, my first strategy is to come up with a core theme and then create content around it. I noticed Jen Snyder of Women Winning Online does themes for her blog. I think her theme for January was better blogging tips and she created content around that as well as her income report for the month.

Based on your niche you can come out withe some themes for your calendar. For example, if your blog focuses on smart organizing ideas for moms you can do themes around: spring cleaning organizing (April), dive deep into kitchen organizing (May), get your backyard organized for summer (June) etc…

23. Create Seasonal Content

For a lot of blogs, seasonal content is what makes them thrive. People from all over visit their blog for Easter activity ideas or Christmas decoration ideas or anything related to holidays.

Since my blog is more evergreen, I still did some seasonal content over the holidays with my 12 Days of Holiday Freebies. I since changed all those graphics and posts to just be Freebie posts (I want them to be evergreen so they are relevant all year-round.).

24. Create a Series on Your Blog

Another way to bulk up your content and have a lot of great ideas is to create a series on your blog. I’ve done this a lot on Twins Mommy. First with my Blogging Basics, then with my Growth reports and now with my Ways to Make Money online series.

It’s a great way to include round ups too and get more traffic and a new audience!

There Ya Go!

Phew…there it is mama! You can bookmark this post or download the free handy cheatsheet below that has all these ideas!

So, tell me what your favorite ways to find blog posts are!

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Hey Jennifer! Wow! Thanks so much! Glad you found this helpful! Yes, the headline generators are awesome when you’re stumped for a title! I use them occasionally and mostly for my client pieces!Reply to Elna
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Great list Elna. I love using Google’s “suggested” topics, but never knew about that AMA trick. Another one of my favorite sources especially for content to add to autoresponders is You type in a topic like ” Pinterest” and it gives you a list (or fun web) of questions people are actually typing into search engines about that topic. Like ” Pinterest for Men,” “What goes viral on Pinterest?” “How to log into Pinterest without Facebook” He can be a bit crabby (you’ll see what I mean) but it’s really interesting . Bringing up questions you’d never think of. Time to pin this bad boy. Later days.Reply to Kate
Hey Kate! What a great suggestion! Thanks so much. For me, I go in spurts with my blog content schedule. I have a long list of topics, but half the time something out of the blue captures my attention and I end up writing about that!Reply to Elna
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Hey Kristie, Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing it on Facebook!Reply to Elna
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Oh, great! I was just about to brainstorming few ideas for my next month content and this list helped. Thanks Elna for introducing few new tools like Alltop. Well, Quora really helps in generating new content ideas that actually help readers. And, I love using it.Reply to Arfa
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Awesome post as usual! I love how you support your fellow womenpreneurs and bloggers/vloggers. Thanks for the great ideas!Reply to Natasha
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