Growing My Blog and Income for 2017: How I Grew By 10k Pageviews in 1 Month

Hey, mamas!

It’s a new year, and even though my blog is in its ninth month, I want to start a new traffic and income series. I’ll still relate back to my older traffic series and tell you all about my eighth month since I didn’t publish a report for that month.

Aaah! This month was amazing for blog growth…and I made money!! Stay tuned…

For those of you who are new, my name is Elna Cain, and I’m a blog & biz strategist and a mama to twins (they just turned 4-years-old!).

I started Twins Mommy back last year as a way to engage with a new audience of mommies.

It wasn’t until April that I really wanted to grow this blog.

I wanted to start a new blog and grow my traffic, list, and income and share my story because I know a lot of you are struggling to grow your blog too!

Blogging just for the sake of blogging isn’t going to earn you income. Turning your blog into a biz and then monetizing your blog, well that’s where all the money is. And I’m chronicling that journey with you!

**If you want to start a money-making blog, check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog in only 10 minutes!**

Before I get into my traffic and income report, I just wanted to give you a little snapshot of what happened last year. I started with 0 pageviews, and within three months, I tripled my traffic, subscribers, and followers!

My email list took off during that time, and after 7 months of trying to grow my list, I had over 2,000 engaged subscribers!

This leads me to my eighth month of trying to grow my blog on Twins Mommy – December 2016. If you look back, I never did a traffic report. Why?

December Recap – Eighth Month Blogging

Well, for the entire month of December, my whole family (and I) got the stomach flu, regular flu, colds, fevers, and a whole bunch of other sicknesses too.

We missed a lot of the holiday activities like visiting Santa and our Santa parade in the city.

Because of this, I wasn’t focusing much on Twins Mommy. I had to focus on my family.

My traffic suffered. Here is a snapshot of my traffic for December.

Most of my traffic didn’t grow much after the summer.

While my email list subscriber rate kept growing as well as my Pinterest followers, I needed to do something.

So, I decided that I wanted to do a 12 Days of Giveaway series in December. For 12 days straight, I would write a blog post about some amazing freebies. Luckily I wasn’t really sick when I did most of these blog posts!

I created holiday inspired pins for the 12 days and scheduled them in Tailwind.

Then, I had a brilliant idea!

I decided to make a lead magnet based on these awesome freebies.

190+ FREE Resources to Grow Your Blog's Traffic, Income and List...Like a Weed

I then changed the holiday images and wiped out the “12 Days of Holiday Freebies” on the images, so that it can be an evergreen series. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Christmas rolled around, and during this time I didn’t blog on Twins Mommy after the series ended. So, when everyone was finally better, and I could actually focus in an upright position I made a new strategy for Twins Mommy.

So, let’s see how I did for January.

January Traffic and Income Report


My Big (hairy audacious) goal for traffic is: To get 100,000 pageviews by the end of 2017 – ON TRACK

At the beginning of January, I was at around 24k pageviews.

By January 31st I grew by 10k pageviews! Wh-what?

34k pageviews! This has NEVER happened to me on any of my blogs. I’m shocked!

How did this happen? Well, I have some ideas.

1. I Started Putting my Updated Date on My Blog Posts

Have you ever noticed that when you go to some blogs, instead of it having the date it was published, it has the updated date?

It looks like, “Last Updated 1/12/2017.”

I wasn’t sure why bloggers did that until I did it myself. I started adding the last updated date on all my old blog posts, and soon enough I was getting traffic and comments to my old posts.

It also helps with your Google traffic since the last updated date shows that your blog post is fresh and new.

2. I Joined More Pinterest Group Boards

I belonged to over 60 before I started to join more group boards. That’s a lot mamas! But, I felt I was sort of in a rut and pinning to the same audience over and over again.

I thought maybe that was one reason why my traffic wasn’t growing. So, I decided to join more group boards and have noticed that I’m reaching a bigger audience. I even created a new group board!

While my “new visitors” from December to January is about the same (23%), I am hoping to see the percent increase next month.

I’m also using Tailwind Tribes and trying to schedule my pins on relevant tribes. This does take a little more time out of my schedule, so I pin to my tribes when I’m scheduling my pins, and I try to go into Tailwind Tribes to pin other people’s pins.

Finally, I updated my Pinterest title and changed up my boards!

3. I created multiple Pin images

Goal: I’m going to try to create up to 10 pin graphics for each post – FAIL!

I didn’t create ten graphics for each post last month, but I’m working on it! I have about 5 for my popular posts and will continue to make new images for them and my new blog posts.

When I work on graphic pins a lot, I get RSI (repetitive strain injury), and my hand and wrist hurts. I have to lay off the mouse and change up my task like typing instead of using my mouse. This leaves me less time to create graphics and makes it hard to batch all my graphics for a post.

As for the alternate pins, I’m using different sizes and sometimes a different font. Here is a snapshot of some alternate pins I recently created (the first two are long pins):

I don’t want to go too much out of my brand, but it seems like my alternate pins are picking up. I’m also playing around with my headline and seeing if one type of headline gets more traffic than other types.

I think those four ways – BoardBooster, updated old posts, Pinterest group boards and alternate Pin graphics helped me grow my traffic this month.

There are three more strategies that will help me grow my traffic: guest posting, my Facebook group, and blog commenting.

Guest Posting

Goal: Guest post/podcast on 2 blogs – Partial SUCCESS!

In January I guest posted on a mom blog, and I was featured on another blog. I consider that a partial success! I do have more guest posts, and podcasts lined up for the next couple of months, so hopefully, that will help me reach a new audience of moms that want to be successful mompreneurs.

My Mom to Mompreneur Facebook Group

I’m so happy that my FB group is growing. When I took over the group, there were around 300 members. We almost have 950 members and it it’s only been a month!

Because of the rapid growth, I changed our promo schedule to one day a week instead of twice a week. I just found more promotions on the feed than questions and helpful advice. Both Miranda and I have some plans for the group and can’t wait to tell everyone in the group about it! Make sure to check my sidebar to get access to the group!

I also have a Facebook page, and that’s growing for sure. This isn’t a goal of mine, but reaching more people is. I have noticed that bloggers that do a Facebook Live on their FB page reach a much bigger audience than doing one in their group.

I have two FB pages – one for Twins Mommy and one for Elna Cain – and I’m thinking about doing some live sessions for Elna Cain to funnel more sales of my course (and upcoming course for freelance writers).

Blog Commenting

Goal: Comment on 10 blogs a week – Partial SUCCESS

I finally have a system in place to comment on at least 10 blogs a week – more like 6-8 blogs. I find one day a week (mid week) and spend around 40 minutes checking out mom blogs, reading their posts and commenting on them.

I have a list I go by, but I also go to Pinterest to check out some pins on my downtime!

Making Money With My Blog

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to generate at least $1k/month from promoting products by April 2017. – GETTING THERE!

My mini goal for reaching my BHAG is to convert at least 1% of visitors that come to an affiliate post. So did I accomplish this goal?

January 2017 Income:

  • Affiliates: $217

Total: $217

January 2017 Expenses:

Total: $167

Mamas! I made over $200 this month!

My mini-goal is to convert 1% of my visitors into sales. Right now, I have one affiliate post (for SiteGround), and the bulk of my sales comes from that post.

I generated 4 sales, so I had a .4% conversion rate for that post. – But this is raw traffic. This just means people were looking around my blog and not necessarily interested in how to start a blog.

When I go into my affiliate platform, I can get a better picture of my conversion rate overall. Since SiteGround is my biggest affiliate commission this month, I’ll dive a little deeper into this conversion rate.

For the month of January, I sent 75/1304 people to my start a mom blog post. Of those 75 people, 4 of them converted to a sale. So, I’m sending around 6% of my traffic to my affiliate post, and 5.33% of them are converting.

Not bad mamas! I’m hoping to come out with more tutorials for some products that I love and hoping to grow my traffic to convert them.

I know this sounds all technical and a lot about marketing, but when you see the numbers, you can get a better picture of what you actually need to convert to fulfill your goals. And I hope these tutorial posts are helpful to my audience.

I know when I first started blogging, I always looked for tutorials on Tailwind or MailChimp or any tool or service I wanted to learn. I really want Twins Mommy to be a resource for mom bloggers, and I’m excited that it’s turning out that way!

So far I’ve done the following to help me get more eyes on my SiteGround post:

  • Created a sidebar graphic
  • Interlinked to relevant and popular posts
  • Created multiple pins
  • Put a link in my welcome series for my new subscribers

I still want to add a link to my menu, and I might create a video, but for now I’m happy with how everything is going.

My Goals for Last Month:

  1. Become an Affiliate for more products – YES!
  2. Create a “Start a Blog” Post – YES!
  3. Create Tutorials for My Affiliate Products – FAIL! I’m still working on my second tutorial.

Email List

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to grow my email list to 10k by September 2017 – ON TRACK!

My subscribers for December was around 2702.

This month: 1,067 new subscribers!

I can’t believe that – to generate over 1k subscribers for January is insane to me!

Psst…I’m writing a post on the steps to growing my email list, so stay tuned for that.

Let’s look and see if I accomplished my goals:

  1. Create more opt-in forms – YES!
  2. Create landing pages – FAIL! I haven’t had time to create a landing page
  3. Incentivize my affiliate leads – FAIL! I pivoted this goal for now

So the big BIG news is that I moved from MailChimp to ConvertKit! I’m so happy that I did. One of the things about MailChimp is that it’s difficult to create multiple opt-in freebies for your visitors.

It’s great for one lead magnet (or one offer), but creating more means customization and some coding. This slowed the creation of content upgrades that I had for my blog posts (these are within post offers that relate to the post you are reading).

But, with ConvertKit, it takes minutes to create an opt-in form and place it on your blog. So, I’m happy!

I’m generating at least 30 subscribers a day, which is what I need to generate 10k subscribers by September. I plan to create another series, and I may make a new freebie based on that series.

I also created sidebar graphics of my popular freebies, and I created an announcement bar with OptinMonster that shows up on top of my site. I’ve generated 110 subscribers for January from that opt-in form alone.

My plan is to keep making more forms on my blog, find time to create a landing page for my opt-in forms and create more offers.

Recap of January

January was an exciting month for me. I have plans for four courses for both my blogs! I know, that’s a lot but one course is a collaborative course with another freelance writer, and another one is a collaborative course with my husband!

So all month I’ve been looking at course platforms to host my courses. Since I have two blogs with two different audiences, I’m just having a hard time figuring all this out. If I go with a course platform like Teachable, then all my courses will be there, whether they are for Twins Mommy or Elna Cain.

I’m going to have to figure this out soon if I want to have four courses this year!

I’m excited I made $217 this month. I’m hoping to double that next month.

My goal for traffic is to get another 10k pageviews for next month.

For email, I will continue to get at least 30 subscribers a day for next month.

So, tell me mama, how did you do with your blog goals for January? Go ahead follow my goals, and we can do this together!


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Hi! My name is Jael (Pronounced: Jay-Elle), and might I say. I am not a mom LOL! But I find your posts extremely helpful because I am struggling to try to figure out how to gain traffic to my new blog. So thanks for sharing, this helps a lot!Reply to Jael
I know that this is an older post, but I always find new information on your site. Lots of great information! Thanks.Reply to Christa
Great post, thank you for the helpful details! I am curious, what affiliate programs do you use or suggest using?Reply to Lauren
Hi Lauren, Right now I’m promoting ConvertKit, Tailwind, SiteGround and OpitnMonster.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, thank you for all this priceless information. I recently started my own blog – a local business review. So I’m going to apply the valuable information you provided to this blog. Warm regards, Lulu!Reply to Lulu
Hi Elna! I love this post. You seriously motivated me to work on my blog and try all the things that you did to grow your audience. I have been slacking off on my online biz for quite some time and you just gave me a push to get things done. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips. You are amazing!Reply to Tisha
Hi Tisha! Thanks so much! I haven’t updated my monthly traffic reports and income, as I’m running around with the twins! Thanks so much!Reply to Elna
Elna, It’s night time here and had a rough day after a fast but this post and the starts are so motivating. I’m so pumped I’m gonna go back and do some more work on my blog. It’s very encouraging to know the possibility of our blog success esp when it’s zoomed in to every useful step you took. And I have the wrist hurting issue too. I thought how come noone talks about it? Is my hand extraordinary weak?lol Thank you for sharing all of it.Reply to Hena
I am so happy I found your blog. I am relatively new to blogging and I am hoping to be able to make some extra income with it eventually. I am an introvert and have some trouble getting my blog out in front of people largely due to that. I have been requesting adds to many Pinterest groups but most people don’t seem to even see my message about being added. Do you have any tips on how to get on more group boards?Reply to Megan
Hi Megan, Congrats on starting a blog 🙂 I’m a big introvert too but for some reason, blogging is much easier than being in front of people 🙂 I can edit and take my time blogging! Anyways, for group boards, it could depend on the quality of the group board and how your Pinterest profile looks like. If you don’t have many boards and you appear like a new blogger, board contributors won’t add you unless you have a lot of pins, they are great looking pins and if you have something to offer. But, you are more than welcomed to join the Mom to Mompreneur pinterest group board!! I own that board and will let any mama in (as long as the topics are relevant).Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I found your blog through a Facebook Group we are both in and I’m so glad I did! It renews my drive to keep working on my blog when I see others be successful. Thank you for sharing what you are working on to grow your blog. There were a few things I hadn’t heard of that I will have to try. I wish you continued success!Reply to Kelcey
Hi Kelcey, That’s great! I’m happy to hear you found some new tips to help you grow your blog to epic proportions!Reply to Elna
Wow! That’s a lot of (useful) information right there. I’m glad I found your website. This post inspires me to create goals to increase my traffic too. I’m new in blogging / online entrepreneurship that’s why I’m not familiar with other terms, however, your page makes it easier for me. My plan for the coming days is to read every blog you posted. Thank you for sharing!Reply to Sab
Hi Sab! Wow, that’s a lot of reading 🙂 Thank you and I’m humbled that you enjoy my posts, want to read every one of them and found some help 🙂Reply to Elna
Elna, I loved this post. I spent the last hour trying to figure out some PHP so I could have the updated date on my posts. Funny thing is, I only just updated a post today. 🙂 Still, it’s done now and I’m happy about it. Just started my blog in November and I’m anxious to get your kind of growth. It sounds so exciting. I can tell all the things I’m putting in place are working. Wanted to mention, about your wrist, get yourself a copper compression wrist band. They sell them on Amazon for like $18. I have a letterpress business as well and I have to spend time on the press and that and drawing + producing graphics really bothers my wrist as well. I even started getting a cyst! Bought a copper compression wrist band and I wear it at night and if I’m in pain and it’s REALLY helped! Looking forward to more of your posts! xxReply to Kimberly
Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much and I know you’ll kick butt this year 🙂 Growing your blog really is a full-time thing but there are shortcuts to getting there without working so much on it. Thanks for the mention of the compression wrist band. I’ll have to look into it. Fortunately my freelance service isn’t around graphic design!Reply to Elna
Thank you for sharing this, Elna! It’s always intriguing to hear how other bloggers and business owners do. You seemed to have a great January, I hope your February has been as successful. 🙂Reply to Mervi
Hi Mervi! Thanks so much. February is turning out to be a growth month so I’m happy with that 🙂 I appreciate your comment so much!Reply to Elna
So much information here! Thank you so much for doing this and sharing the information with all of us. Question- you mention that you have four courses for this year- are these available? What are they on? Sooo curious. Sign me up! 🙂Reply to Caitlin
Hey Caitlin, My HOPE is to have four courses. I will have two on my Elna Cain site and two here. But it may end up being 3! We will see..Reply to Elna
Congrats Elna! You did really well with your page views as well as your income! I love to see that you are on track with your ‘big hairy goals’ for 2017. I’m thinking of trying board booster to loop my pins. However, my personal boards have an average of 200 pins each. Do you think I should wait to dd more pins to them or is it okay to loop them now? TIA!Reply to Yandra
Hey Yandra, Thanks so much! As for looping, sure get them up and running 🙂Reply to Elna
You are really killing it Elna! I just started using tailwind, I’m going to have to get on board with board booster too. There is so much to learn about Pinterest, and I’m learning it slowly. Congrats on the amazing job you are doing.Reply to Deanna
Hi Deanna! Thanks so much mama! It takes a lot of commitment for sure! But, it all is paying off!Reply to Elna
Wow! Amazing work! Look how many comments you’ve gotten too! 🙂 I’d love to join your Pinterest group if you’re accepting contributors. (And I have yet to figure out TailWind.)Reply to Christina
Hi Christina! Thanks so much. Please email me (if you haven’t already) to ask for an invite. Remember to follow me and give me your Pinterest email 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’m an introvert blogger and usually don’t comment on blogs. Not proud obviously, I’m still working on breaking out of my shell but that’s not why I’m here right now. I just could not leave without congratulating you for the whitespace you have on your blog. I’m working on a post about the importance of whitespace on blog designs and I swear it feels like a breath of fresh air every time I land on a blog that’s not too crowded with funky colors, pop-ups and graphics all in the wrong places. If I feel the need to show someone just how much *Pink* looks normal on a blog design, I will be sure to point them your way. Oh and the font size too! Peace.Reply to Hamz
Hi Hamz, Thanks so much. I’m a freelance writer and I know the importance of whitespace is writing (I teach that in my course). But, I’m the same with you; I like a clean and minimalist look! You can also check out my other blog There’s a lot of whitespace too!!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna – I loved reading this, you are doing amazing! Look forward to reading your post about growing your email list, 1k new subscribers in a month is incredible!Reply to Aly
Hi Aly, Thanks in the works for sure!Reply to Elna
I love your goals. We have a lot of the same goals. It really helps me to see others goals and see if I’m heading in the right direction and my focus is in the right place. Best of luck growing!!!Reply to Dawn
Dawn, That’s awesome. We will keep each other accountable okay? 🙂Reply to Elna
I love seeing your progress! Really inspiring. Some great tips here and I’m always sharing your tips with my audiences and I know they love them.Reply to Rose
Rose! Thanks so much. I appreciate you sharing my tips to your followers. It means a lot to me. Good luck with your blog!Reply to Elna
Congrats! That’s so exciting that you are growing so quickly and making money!Reply to Marcie
I am like obsessed with your blog. I could just sit here for hours and read every single post like 10 times. SOOO much great information and an easy read. Thank you so much for sharing. So excited to keep learning from your blog!Reply to Tiffany
Aww thanks so much Tiffany!! So happy you are finding my posts and it’s helping you! Thanks for following me!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, I’m newbie and I have just reached the 2k to 3k pageviews per month I’m glad to know your stories and yeah it’s really hard job which you are doing. Just subscribe the 190 amazing ways to increased the traffic and start focusing on the image quality for the pinterest.Reply to Junaid
Thanks! I hope you enjoy the free resources even though some are for moms! Congrats on your growth!Reply to Elna
Badhai ho! (This means “congratulations” in Hindi. I’ve been working on my book and only doing sponsored posts on my blog… and learning a few new Hindi words in the process. 😉 Keep up the good work!Reply to Lorraine
Hey Lorraine! Thanks so much. That’s awesome you are working on your book. I can’t wait to see it all finished and done 🙂 I like your strategy of keeping your blog afloat while you take time to write. I’m sorry we haven’t gotten together recently. My plate is getting fuller and fuller and with the twins’ activities (and registering for kindergarten..jeez Catholic school board….) I’ve been busy…we’ll talk soon!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank you so much for the great information, I love your blog posts! I was wondering if you could tell me how you approach joining group boards? I’m having a tough time getting responses from people to join their group boards. Let me know if you have any tips! Thanks, AnitaReply to Anita
Hi Anita! Thanks so much for commenting on my post. If you want to join Pinterest posts, you can grab the list I have on the side bar of FB and Pinterest groups. Just read the write up and it will tell you how to join.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, This is great. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S!! 🙂 You’re doing a hell of a work–Social promotion, Emailing, Writing, e.t.c. So, a million and one pageviews should come as a reward. I love your energy, Elna. And, I must say: You are indeed an inspiration. 🙂 Have a lovely day. You ROCK!!!!Reply to Favour
Hi Favour! Thanks so much! I am doing a lot of promotion, but it’s paying off for sure! I’m excited for how the year will turn out on Twins Mommy! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Elna, What an amazing traffic increase. I’m trying to do more guest posting too. I did 2 in January. Hope to 5 guest posts this month. Great job.Reply to Jenn
Jenn, Thanks so much! Congrats on your guest posts! I have many lined up and I’m worried I’m going to forget about them!!Reply to Elna
such great ideas. I’m doing most of them. But, you gave me a few more ideas. Thank you.Reply to Dawn
Dawn, That’s fantastic to hear! Glad that I gave you more ideas! Yes, typically growing your blog does have some same strategies, but there are always new tricks to check out for sure!!Reply to Elna
Elna, I just adore all your posts as you know – this blog (and your other one) are the only ones that I always read immediately when there’s a new post. And that’s saying something because there are some kick-ass bloggers out there. 😉 I’ve shared this on multiple platforms, such an amazing post. And always so detailed. 🙂 AleeReply to Alee
Alee! Thanks so much! I LOVE my Twins Mommy blog and my Elna Cain blog (I’m a little burnt out with EC and that’s why I haven’t posted much, but I’m excited for more creating more freelancing content soon!). I love reading your blog too! You have such great sound advice for newbie bloggers! Your site is beautiful too and your images totally pop in my feed! You go girl!Reply to Elna
This right here is awesome! I tend to not look at blog reports as I don’t want to compare my middle to someone’s end especially for the really big bloggers but this is something so attainable and I’m glad you implemented changes, saw results, and shared them! You go girl!! I’m definitely going to take some these tips and implement them this month! Jasmine 🙂 colorubold.comReply to Jasmine
Jasmine! I LOVE your photos girl!! I noticed though, that your Etsy photos aren’t like your free ones? I want to have more of your free type of photos like the free pack and GirlBoss pack!!! Show me where to buy 🙂 Thanks for coming over! Yes, I’m still quite new to growing my blog. Twins Mommy is only 9 months old and I’m not like making mad money from my blog! But, I’m over the moon that I earned $200 since my other income reports were like $23 🙂 Yes, steal my tips for sure and grow your blog!!Reply to Elna
Wow Elna! You completely deserve a lot more due to hard work you give to your blogs. Thank you for giving out such in-depth details and how we can try them too to make extra income and particularly, grow traffic.Reply to Arfa
Hi Arfa! You’re welcome. I love reading other traffic reports that are in-depth also!!Reply to Elna
Wicked post. I have no idea what half of these products are so I have lots of reading to do now. Thanks for all these amazing insights. Congrats on hitting those goals. And the graphics are gorgeous.Reply to Angela
Angela! Awww! I’m sorry if I didn’t explain all those tools. That’s why I’m creating tutorials for some of them 🙂 So stay tuned. Thanks for following me and commenting!Reply to Elna
Aww bless. No need to apologise. I am so new to all this so all of your posts are amazing and so helpful! I’ll keep my eye out for the tutorials. 🙂Reply to Angela
Thanks Elna! These are some great tips! I’m still soaking them all in. Lol I love all the care you put into your blog and posts. I’m going to get on the ball with looping in Board Booster. I haven’t done that yet. I’m still trying to connect “get invited” to more group good performing boards. That’s one of my big goals. I’m loving all the connections and friendships that are taking off since I’ve stepped out from behind my blog and started interacting with other bloggers. ?Reply to Brandi
Brandi! Yes, me too in terms of getting invited to better performing groups. I have a couple though! Yes, networking is key to growing your blog for sure! I’ve met so many amazing moms and mompreneurs during this short time I’ve been blogging on Twins Mommy!Reply to Elna
I love that you keep yourself accountable by making these goals, it’s a huge part of your growing success! Thanks so much for sharing and I’m looking forward to watching your blog grow!Reply to Christina
Christina! Thanks so much. I know! Making those BAHG was hard!! They are huge goals in my mind, but they really do make me want to accomplish them!Reply to Elna
I know saying “dang!” isn’t gonna cut it for a comment, so let me add a few more words… Dang, you are rocking it girl! I love how detailed your posts are. 🙂 I actually had to reduce my number of group boards because I find that Pinterest doesn’t seem to like it when I pin too much. Going over 65 pins just doesn’t work well for me. I’m not sure why because so many people do well pinning 100+ pins a day. You will definitely accomplish your goal of 100,000 page views this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if you passed that. Great job!Reply to Tiffany
Tiffany! I love your blog!! And thanks so much! So far, I’m not having problems with pinning 100 pins a day. For a while I was doing 200 pins a day!! But, that got a little crazy so I dropped to 100 pins and now it’s working like clockwork. I’m crossing my fingers that my pageviews keep jumping in increments of 10k, but am not so sure if it will. I’ll be happy with growing by 6k pageviews! I think my blog is aged enough to get ranked on Google so that’s helping a bit too, but the whole social thing is where most of my traffic is!Reply to Elna
That is really awesome work and really helpful info! I’m still learning my way around the blog world, so it really helps to see this type of info. I’ll definitely be back. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Financial
Hi! Thanks so much! Growing your blog and brand is a learning curve for sure!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, You’ve done an awesome job with your blog. It has a spectacular growth graph and I am sure you are going to break your own records and grow it even further. Guest posting is an important strategy and I know I am weak at it. Perhaps I have to work on that part. I could not understand why you are investing on both Mailchimp and Convertkit, I think convertkit is having more features than MailChimp. Congrats Elna on your success I know you have many many more to come!Reply to Swadhin
Hi Swadhin, I talk about why I’m still paying for MC in my upcoming post about growing my list using CK!! Stay tuned..Reply to Elna
This is fantastic! I will definitely have to check out Convertkit and I’m also trying to read more post and comment on at least 5 per week! Congrats and thanks for sharing!Reply to Gretchen
Hey Gretchen, That’s awesome! I’m writing an epic (well sort of epic) post on ConvertKit and how they helped me grow my list!! I’m super excited but it’s taking for-evah!!!Reply to Elna
Congrats on some big achievements this month! I’m always so jealous of your pin graphics and you have amazing content. Looking forward to seeing your progress this year! We’re in the same boat! I’m hoping to crack $1,000 next month!Reply to Julie
Aww, don’t be jelly!!! I love your pins! Congrats on your $1k!! Now I’m jelly!! 🙂Reply to Elna
Congrats, Elna!! That’s so exciting- I’m finally seeing some growth and income too and it’s SO exciting to see the work pay off, and your growth is awesome!!! I love your point about the “last updated” date- I’ve put a focus on revamping old posts. Is there a setting that allows you show “last updated” rather than simply list the new date? On mine, it seems to just have the new date, not note that it was updated. I think I’m missing something obvious! Thank you for your help and congrats again 🙂Reply to Sara
Hi Sara! Thanks so much for your support! As for your last updated trick, make sure you have a Genesis theme! My trick only works for that and there is a Genesis plugin that will list the updated date on your posts!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the info- I’m on WP but maybe there’s a plug in! Thank you 🙂Reply to Sara
You did such a great job in January, you should be very proud! You really got a lot accomplished. I’ve been following you and enjoy seeing your success.Reply to Brenda
Hey Brenda, Thanks so much. I love hearing from my followers and I’m grateful you do follow me. Thanks again!Reply to Elna
Awesome job, Elna! I love seeing how you grow. I think you are a totally addicting writer and love everything you write. I have no doubt that you will be highly successful!Reply to Ashley
Hey Ashley, Aww thanks so much mama! Yes, I love sharing my journey to grow my blog. I love seeing what works and what doesn’t for sure! And of course, I love helping you succeed!Reply to Elna
I am so happy for you, Elna:-). You have such a solid strategy to grow and reach your goals. I am sure you are going to beat your targets in couple of months. I am not sure if I should be creating more than two pins for a post, how many pins do you think we can experiment with?Reply to Sireesha
Good luck Sireesha, but I know your site is doing quite well! Congrats 🙂 You can create as many pins as you want per post, but 10 seems to be a good number. Like I said, I’m at around 6 so adding more pins will be my plan.Reply to Elna
Wow! This is such great information. CONGRATS! Thanks for sharing!Reply to Savanna
Hi Savanna! You’re welcome. I hope you found some helpful tips to grow your blog! Let me know how it goes 🙂Reply to Elna
BOOM! Elna dear! You are such an inspiration! Love your idea on commenting on 10 blogs…will try that too! Wow 4 courses?! Crazy! ? But I believe that you can do this! This week I had an “Aha” moment…and I am going to create a course as well. I will start creating goal posts each month…so I can share the progress with my blog as well ? Thanks for sharing your income report! These kind of posts keep me workin hard! ?Reply to Eva
Hey Eva! Thanks for stopping by and yes 4 courses is a lot. Not sure if I’ll accomplish that. Probably two at the most for sure..the other two are based on the other people I’m collaborating with! Congrats on your project! I know you’ll do awesome!Reply to Elna
You did so amazing in a short amount of time! You have given me new things to try to help my blog grow. Thanks!Reply to Lanae
Hi Lanae, That’s what I like to hear! Use these tips and see if it will help you grow your blog! Then make sure to tell me about it! 🙂Reply to Elna