11 Tailwind Communities for Mom Bloggers to Explode Their Traffic

Hi there mamas!

The holidays are here and I thought I’d do something fun and festive. This time of the year is notorious for spending money, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get something free for once and not spend any more?

11 Tailwind Tribes for Mom Bloggers to Explode Their Traffic

For the next 12 days I’m going to share a list of freebies mama bloggers or stay-at-home moms can grab. They’re perfect for this time of the year when you’re gearing up for the next year.

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Who’s in love with Tailwind?

I certainly am. They are probably the #1 reason why my traffic has exploded for this new blog so early on. And just recently I discovered something even more awesome – Tailwind Communities.

To me, Tailwind Communities are like another Pinterest group, but it’s all in Tailwind and they are exclusive, meaning you have to be invited.

When you are a part of Communities you can share your pins and save other pins in your niche. So, just being in one Community can boost your re-shares and traffic. And if you are 10, 20 or more? Phew! Hold on mama!

This is my re-shares, repins and my reach (that’s the important number) on just one Tailwind Community:


Not bad eh?

So, I’ve scoured the internet and checked a lot of blog posts talking about Tailwind Communities and gathered up 11 Tailwind Communities just for mom bloggers.

1. Blogger’s Chalkboard from This Mama Learns

Blogger’s Chalkboard Community is about everything to help bloggers – blogging tips, social media tips, monetization methods, email list building..

Cath from This Mama Learns created this awesome Community.

2. Blogging Tips by Practical Mommy

Blogging Tips Community is a place for all your blogging, social media, traffic, affiliate marketing tip pins. Please only pin blog posts, no product pins.

Kristen from Practical Mommy created this great Community.

3. What Matters to Mommy Community by Michelle

What Matters to Mommy Community is a community for friends of What Matters to Mommy. Share anything related to making money, saving money, losing weight, working from home, or parenting. These things all Matter to Mommy!! 🙂

Michelle of What Matters to Mommy created this mommy community.

4. Blogging Friend’s Pins by Learning 2 Bloom

Blogging Friend’s Pins Community is a community about blogging friends promoting each others pins.

Laurie of Learning 2 Bloom make this community for bloggers.

5. Mom Blogs by Mama is Happy

Mom Blogs Community is about Anything of interest to Moms (family, kids, recipes, budgeting, finance, making extra money, saving money, etc.).

Cynthia of Mama is Happy created this Tailwind Community for mamas of all types!

6. Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Amy of Freedom Moms has a great Tailwind Community for entrepreneurs, and that includes you mama!

7. Oh, Baby, Baby! By All Babied Up

Oh, Baby, Baby! Community is for new mommies with babies. It’s created by All Babied Up and is a nice looking site!

8. Life Solutions for Mom Community

Valerie of Project Mommy has a great Mom Tailwind Community you can join!

9. Mama Style Bloggers by My Kind of Sweet

Mama Style Bloggers is for stylish mamas out there with lifestyle blogs.

Suzanne of My Kind of Sweet created this chic community.

10. Simply Hip Savings

Shauna of Simply Hip Savings has a Tailwind Community of the same name to help with fugal living.

11. Inspiration & Motivation for Homeschool Moms

Ann of Homeschool Cheer has a great Tailwind Community for homeshcool moms!

Bonus! 12. Mom+Tot+Blog by Bernadette

Mom+Tot+Blog Tailwind Community is a new community from Bernadette of Mom+Carrot. Her board is about all things for kids ages 0-5: Parenting tips and tricks, breast feeding, meal plans, routines, sleep schedules, organization, learning games, preschool, discipline, gift guides, product reviews, introducing a new sibling, etc. Posts about WAHM and SAHM life with babies or toddlers are also okay to include. Basically anything about life with a kid under age 5 is A-Okay!

There Ya Go!

Enjoy the Tailwind Communities and remember to share other pinner’s posts and repin them too! If you have a Tailwind Community for mom bloggers please feel free to share it in your comment!


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always love reading your posts Elena they are so helpful to new bloggersReply to kenzie
Hi Kenzie! Thanks so much!Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna, I’ve just created my own tribe called productivity for Entrepreneurs if anyone wants to join. to Amy
Just when I thought I was getting comfortable with blogging and Facebook groups, I opened up Tailwind for the first time… yikes! It’s so overwhelming, but at least I am already a part of some tribes thanks to these links you provided. Thanks for this great post.Reply to Jenny
Hey Jenny! Yes, Tailwind is a BEAST for sure! That’s great you are in some tribes! They really do help with distributing your pins out to the masses!Reply to Elna
Great info as always Elna! Tribes are the one thing I have to focus more on. Thanks for the insight. ?Reply to Nataly
Hey Nataly! Yay! That’s great. Lovin’ tribes a lot.Reply to Elna
Awesome thanks Elna! I’m so glad I came across so much useful information you have provided! I accidentally stumbled across your blog again and I am so happy I did!Reply to Jeannie
Hey Jeannie! Thanks! Glad you re-stumbled onto my blog 🙂Reply to Elna
Elna, you rock and I love you! You’re such a big help, I really needed something like this. 😀 Keep being awesome girl! XoXo, MissJessReply to MissJess
Hi! Aww! Thanks so much! Glad you found some good Tailwind tribes for moms!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for this list! I just launched my blog,, and needed some Tailwind Tribes to join to start promoting! Great post and very helpful!Reply to Katie
What a cute blog! Love your colors in your brand. So nice to meet another twin mama! Your daughters are gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Thanks so much! You are too kind!Reply to Katie
This is exactly the post I needed to read ! I am new to blogging and tailwind and am very excited to get started. Thanks for the great information!Reply to Heidi
Hi Heidi! You’re welcome. I love Tailwind Tribes! Have fun joining them and sharing your pins!Reply to Elna
Hey there Elna, I compiled a list of Tailwind Tribes for Creative Bloggers and linked back to this post. You can read all about it here: Hope you’re having a great day! cheers! LindseyReply to Lindsey
Hey Lindsey! Thanks so much. Love your post and I’ll be sure to share it with my audience!Reply to Elna
Hi thank you for posting this! I’ve been looking for a tailwind tribes more specific to mom bloggers and not just entrepreneurs. This is exactly what I was hoping to find.Reply to Stephanie
Thanks for this super helpful resource Elna! I’m new to tailwind and already loving the tribes feature. It’s nice to be able to share pins that you know lead to great content.Reply to Nicole
I am part of most the tailwind tribes you mentioned 🙂 They are definitely some of the best tribes I ever joined. The traffic I am receiving from Tailwind is great. I am always looking for ways to improve my blog and posts, and the information in these tribes have helped so much! Thanks again!Reply to Amy
Hi Elna! Thanks for putting together this list of Tribes. They’re sort of like a secret society right now so I’m always on the lookout for new great tribes to join :). I recently started a tribe for Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs to share Tips, Ideas, & Resources on all things Blogging & Creative Online Business. You’re more than welcome to join us! I’d love if you could add this tribe to your list. Thank you! to Alyssa
Thanks! I’m always looking for more tribes!Reply to Elna
Elana, Thanks for this list of tribes. I was looking for some new tribes to join, so this really helps!Reply to Tamara
Hi Tamara! You’re welcome! Glad you found some good ones to join!Reply to Elna
Hey there, nice list of tribes. I’ve got one if you update the list. It’s Secular Homeschool Happy Stuff. All things homeschooling. Thanks so much, Ann I’m wondering if you would be willing to share my tailwind tribe on your post. It’s for Secular Homeschool Happy Stuff – Here’s the link. Thanks so much for your consideration. Ann to Ann
Hey, Elna! Great list of Tailwind Tribes here! I appreciate the time you took to compile and check all the links. 🙂 If you ever decide to do a more broad list of Tailwind Tribes, feel free to include mine. It’s for any bloggers using high-quality, vertical imagery. Bloggers Killin it on Pinterest: to Jennifer
Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much. Loving Tailwind Tribes a lot!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Great post! I’ve been using Tailwind for a little while and am loving it. I just started my own Tailwind Tribe (Mommy Bloggers) for all things mom! My personal aim for sharing is to share each pin in at least 2 different relevant boards. Of course, I only require that members share 1 pin for every pin they leave. 🙂 I’m currently working on a starting a mom blog challenge and want to incorporate my tailwind tribe into it. You can join the tribe here: to J.
Hey! Thanks so much for giving your Tailwind tribe! I’ll make sure to include it in my resource guide!Reply to Elna
Thank you for adding our Oh Baby Baby! tribe! Love your site and all of the great tips!Reply to All
Thanks so much! I think though, my link is not the right one. Do you mind providing a join link for your tribe? I have the accept link. ElnaReply to Elna
Hey Elna, Thanks for featuring my Tribe 🙂 Tribes are a fantastic way to share your content with other bloggers (though for anyone joining, please make sure you read the tribe rules first!) If anyone’s having trouble joining Bloggers Chalkboard, here’s the link to Cath
Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with some of the links. I am updated and have contacted the bloggers associated with the tribes. Thanks!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thanks for letting me know that there is a glitch happening. I thought maybe it was just me 🙂 I wonder if Tailwind is making changes. Anyway, I am excited to have your join my tribe, and it would be so great for you to add it. I will email you the details. Thank you!!Reply to Bernadette
Hey Bernadette, I added your tribe and I’m working on the other tribe links!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Great post. It is hard to find Tailwind Tribes to join so this list is awesome! But, when I clicked on a few of the links to join, I do not see the tribes show up in my list? Is there a waiting period? Do you have to be approved first? This is all new to me. Thanks! PS: As part of trying to figure all this out, I just created a Tailwind Tribe for mom bloggers who write posts focused on kids under age 5. It is call Mom+Tot+Blog Tribe. I am happy to have anyone interested join.Reply to Bernadette
Hey Bernadette, Yeah, I know there is a glitch happening with the Tailwind tribes, so hopefully you’ll get added soon, but not sure. Would love to join your Tailwind tribe and I can add it in here too! Thanks!Reply to Elna