14 Free Courses to Earn More Income as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Hi there mamas!

Today I thought I’d do something fun and totally free! Don’t you just love free stuff? I know I do. If I can bootstrap my biz then I will for sure! I only pay for certain things for my biz that I know will grow my biz for sure.

12 Free Courses to Earn More Income As a Stay-At-Home Mom

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Who’s ready to get their learning on? As a new blogger, learning is the foundation to having a successful blog, right?

But, it’s totally OK to start a blog and know nothing about your niche. I know! That sounds scary but that’s exactly what I did when I started my freelance writing blog. I blogged as I was learning.

And I know every one of us is trying to find ways to earn more money as a mom blogger! So, I’ve rounded up some awesome free courses to help you earn some income. Yay! Lovin’ freebies. These courses offer services as well as ways to make money on social media and on your blog.

1. Start. Grow. Earn – Start your blog, grow your blog, earn from your blog

This is my free blogging course for brand new bloggers. In this 6-day email course, I share with you how to start a successful blog. I also give you 93+ freebies too including a video tutorial!

2. Ultimate Freelance Guide

Micala has a great free course for moms that want to start a freelance business at home. Learn the five essentials to get started today!

3. Get Paid to Write Online


If you don’t already know I have a free course to help you get paid as a new freelance writer! As a mom to twins, freelance writing fit it perfectly in my schedule.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find your writing niche
  • How to set up your portfolio
  • How to grow your social media
  • Where to find jobs
  • And more!

4. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

This affiliate marketing FREE course will help you get started on learning about affiliate marketing.

5. Email Lists for Newbies

Meera Kothand is the woman to learn about email lists and email marketing! Grab her totally free email course on email lists!

6. Become a Proofreader Course

I’m sure many of you are longing to stay home with your little ones. Working from home is the best solution and while you can make money with your blog, there are other ways like offering a service.

Here’s a course to teach you to be a proofreader. Even if you have no clue what it is, this course will tell you that and more.

7. The Facebook Ads Course

The Facebook Ads is a free video course offered by Leadpages. This will help you grow your email list as well as attract more leads for your business by using Facebook Ads.

8. Learn WordPress


If you get stuck with WordPress, or you want to start a blog and confused about using WordPress, Blog Biz Boss has got you covered with this free WordPress course!

9. Grow Your Email List 3 Day Training

Kate Doster is an amazing email marketing blogger and mom! She has amazing courses and this free training will totally help you grow your subscribers!

10. Niche Authority Hacker

Chelsea has an awesome course to help you refine your blog niche in her free Niche Authority Hacker course. Make sure to check it out!

11. Start a Profitable Blog

Allison Lindstrom has a great course for new bloggers. If you have a blog that’s doing nothing, her course, Start a Profitable Blog, can turn that around and help you make it profitable.

12. Legally Blog Course

This is a free Teachable course to help you stay protected legally as a new blogger. Make sure to take this free legal course!

13. Create an Engaged IG Following

Are you on Instagram like every day? Why not learn how to use that platform to make money by converting your followers into clients and more? Masha Goins is a mom influencer and  has an awesome free video and cheatsheet to help you understand Instagram marketing for your blog and business.

14. Design Training Course

Do you love looking at Pin images and design elements on sites? I do!

The only thing is that I’m not the greatest at design. If you feel the same way I do, check out Apple Cart Lane’s amazing free design training course on Teachable!

Make Money on Your Blog

If you noticed a lot of these courses offer a service for your blog. This is because I believe the fastest way to make money is to offer a service.

Check out these courses to help you get your blog and biz up and running!

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Hi Elna, I just came across your website as I’m in the process of starting up my own new blog. I’m excited for beginning this new journey as well as scared of the unknowns. Thanks for all your content and support. I’m going to sign up for your ready set blog for traffic course.Reply to Janine
Hi Janine, Thanks so much! Glad you found these free courses helpful and thanks for signing up to Ready Set Blog for Traffic!Reply to Elna
Wonderful freebies! I’m grinning like a little child with her hand full of candy. I’m definitely checking out the free affiliate marketing course. Thanks, Elna. You’re my blogging superhero!Reply to Jennifer
Hey Jennifer! You’re welcome! I can visualize that right now 😉Reply to Elna
This is fantastic! I’m newly full-time blogging, and I’m not a mom, but I think these posts will be incredibly helpful in helping me develop my online business into something even greater! Thank you for sharing these, I’m going to start working my way through the list. 🙂 – Daynna Hartjes http://www.adaynnalife.comReply to Daynna
Hi Daynna, That’s great! I’m so glad you found this helpful! Enjoy the free courses!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for this post. I am currently checking out a few and will give some feedback in time.Reply to Erica
Hi Erica! Great and have fun looking at these free courses!Reply to Elna
Thanks for compiling this list! Am checking out several of these now. 🙂Reply to JoDitt
Hey Jo! Thanks so much and so happy you enjoyed this post 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I got interested in hiring a VA recently. I subscribed to Vidya’s course to know a little bit more what can be asked, and how it works in general.Reply to Jean-Christophe
Hi Jean-Christophe, That’s great! Vidya’s blog is awesome and she seems like a great VA!Reply to Elna