How to Make Money Blogging On a New Blog

Hi, mamas!

I’m Elna, and I started Twins Mommy as a passion project over eight months ago. I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I started this blog!

How I'm Going to Make Money Blogging on a New Blog

You might be wondering, how to make money blogging.

I’m so happy that I did start a blog. I absolutely LOVE blogging, and that’s probably why I’m a freelance blogger! If you’re new to Twins Mommy, then you may not know that I’ve been chronicling my blog’s growth since last April.

Part of that growth was trying to monetize this blog. I had a plan to grow my traffic and list first and then try my hand at affiliate marketing.

But, I failed.

I have a lot on my plate as a freelance writer and of course I have my twins to take care of. They aren’t even in school yet!

But, this is a New Year with a brand new spanking plan. I have a new focus for Twins Mommy. It’s becoming more and more of a business for me instead of a weekly passion project.

And for a lot of mom bloggers out there, I’m sure you can relate. You’ve started a blog, wrote some posts and even probably signed up for some affiliate programs, right?

But, it’s been several months, and you feel like a failure. Please don’t feel like that! Everyone has a different journey to monetizing their blog or just trying to get some cash with this side hustle. And you know what? It never works on the first time!

Every blogger – even those big bloggers you read about – failed a hundred times or more before they “hit it big.”

So, even if you feel like you’re not making any headway, turn that into a lesson and learn from it. Find out what isn’t working and change it.

That’s what I’m doing with this new blog plan. While last year I was focusing on growing my blog, this year I’m focusing on profiting from my blog. Don’t get me wrong; I still have to grow this blog, and you’ll see that in this new plan.

If you’re still new to blogging, go ahead and use the same plan as me to monetize your blog! We are all doing this together, and I love helping out other bloggers! What’s great about sharing my plan is showing my success and failures so that you can avoid the things that don’t work.

Before I get into my epic big plan, if you’re reading this and you don’t have a blog, but really want to start one, I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog!

Okay, let’s get to it.

How to Make Money Blogging

1. Traffic

My Big (hairy audacious) goal for traffic is: To get 100,000 pageviews by the end of 2017. As for January 2017, I have around 24k pageviews.

*2019 update – Twins Mommy’s traffic is at 100,000 pageviews (95,000). I know for some bloggers, they achieve this status in a few months, but it took me longer. Fortunately my other two blogs have also generated 100,000+ pageviews!

Boy, oh boy, that’s a monumental goal, but I like to aim high. I believe I can hit that goal (or close to it) by December. There has to be a lot of focus and a great marketing plan to see these results.

I’m working hard on that focus right now. Since Twins Mommy isn’t my only blog, I do have to divide my time between this blog and my established blog that’s already monetized.

So, what’s my plan to reach that goal?


I whole-heartedly believe that Pinterest can help me grow my traffic. It’s already my #1 source for traffic, and I know the traffic that comes from Pinterest is my target audience.

They convert into subscribers, which is part of my goal and plan for this blog. I’m going to attack Pinterest by using group boards, honing my descriptions – and make sure they have focused keywords – and play around with new graphics.

I recently unveiled some new Pinterest graphics for my latest blog posts:

If you notice, there’s more white space on these images, and I am using a new font that’s bolder, and I’m also making it bigger. Below are my typical pin graphics.

These pins have small fonts and the white box inside, and it may be hard to read in the feed (well at least for me it sort of seems that way even though these pins get thousands of repins). With my new Pinterest graphic template, it looks like it stands out a bit more.

I’ll see if this new template will generate more click-throughs. I’m also creating alternate graphics for the same posts, and that’s been working for me to get more traffic to my site. I usually make three graphics total for one post, but with this new plan, I’m going to try to create up to 10 pin graphics for each post!

As for pinning, I’m still using Tailwind. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there that absolutely LOVE this automation pinning tool because it has helped them explode their traffic. So, I’ll keep using it.

Currently, I schedule 100 pins a day using Tailwind, and I’ll continue to keep this schedule. I’m pinning around 80% mine and 20% of others. Sometimes I pin more of my things, but overall it’s between 80-90%.

*2019 update – Right now I’m scheduling around 30 pins a day – up to 95% mine and the rest 3rd party pins.

I’m also going to dig more into Tailwind Tribes. I belong to a lot of them (well under 12 I think), and I view these tribes as sort of like an exclusive group board. Since tribes are smaller – fewer people – it’s more likely that your pin will be repinned – and I’m banking on that factor.

Right now I have over 6k followers (and I’m following less than 200 people). My goal has always been to gain 1k followers every month, and I will keep that goal.

*2019 update – I have reached 30,000 followers! Yay! The growth on my Pinterest profile has been explosive. When I I first started sharing my Pinterest profile with Twins Mommy, I didn’t know how fast that profile would take off.

I had to move my original blog I was sharing (Elna Cain) to a new Pinterest profile.

Guest Post

I recently started guest posting. While guest posting does take a lot of time, I know in the long run it will help me reach more people.

My goal is to guest post or be invited to do a podcast at least 2x/month. For me, podcasts are a much better time saver for me since it only takes under an hour to do a podcast and up to three or more hours to write a stellar guest post.

I don’t have a requirement for guest posting, but they do have to be in my niche. Ideally, if they have more traffic than this blog, then I’m more likely going to pitch a guest post.

I typically find guest posting opportunities by Googling my niche + “write for us.” I’ll also see where other mom bloggers are guest posting and pitch to those blogs as a way to save time.

I’ve already lined up a guest post for January and I have my podcast about email marketing in February! So I’ll have to drum up two more guest spots to fit my goal.


I have a new Facebook group for moms that want to be mompreneurs. One of my goals for this group is to drive traffic to this blog.

I will do that by doing Facebook Live sessions and linking to a freebie to get on my list. I’ll also use our promo days (Tuesdays and Saturdays) to promote my content.

I’ll also make sure to promote my blog posts on other FB groups and try to add my help to other people in those groups. I totally believe that to get noticed you have to be helpful. I’m all for giving as much help as I can to anyone who asks 🙂

I also have a Facebook page and right now I don’t have anything big planned yet. I might try to do some affiliate marketing on my page, but not entirely sure.

I’m going to also be a bit more strategic. I believe I belong to a lot of FB groups, but Facebook only shows some groups on my feed.

I’m going to leave groups that won’t help me reach my traffic goal and stay on ones that have promo days and ones I can participate in. I’ll make an excel sheet and make sure to hit ALL promo days on ALL FB groups I belong to.

Right now, I’m probably only promoting on around 60% of Facebook groups that I have.

*2019 update – I have over the year or so removed myself from most of the Facebook groups I am in and only promote my content to other Facebook groups sporadically.

I’m finding that my Facebook page and group are all I need to help me grow my blog!

Blog Comment

I’ve mentioned in my blog recap post that I had a big fail on this task. I’ve always had blog commenting as a goal of mine (comment on at least five blog post a week) but never accomplished this goal every month.

But, I know how important it is to reach a new audience as well as connect with other bloggers. And, it’s a fantastic way to grow your traffic too.

So, I’m going to carve out time during the day to visit blogs and comment on them.

My goal is to comment on ten blog posts a week. I know, if I can’t do five a week, how can I do ten a week? Well, hopefully scheduling some time to do this will help me achieve this goal mama!

This week I’ve commented on at least five already (mostly from the promo days on my FB group).

2. Affiliate Marketing

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to generate at least $1k/month from promoting products by April 2017.

*I accomplished this goal the following month!

Right now I make less than $30 a month on this blog barely promoting my two affiliates – Tailwind and OptinMonster. I’ve mentioned before that affiliate marketing wasn’t something I was focused on since I was  – and still am – generating income on my other blog.

But, I want to diversify my income and eventually make more money blogging or with my product(s) than with my service based business.

Now that my twins don’t nap anymore, I have very limited time for any side hustle and writing (i.e. my client work) takes up a lot of my time (which leaves me little time to blog).

So, what am I going to do differently to make money blogging?

Convert 1% of My Traffic

To achieve $1k/month from affiliate marketing, I need to convert at least 1% of my traffic into money. So, that means I need at least 100 visitors a week to come to certain blog posts that have affiliate links.

This gives me a focus because when I was using my affiliate links on my blog before, I didn’t have a metric to go by. I didn’t know how many visitors I needed or even how much money I wanted to earn.

Now, I can focus on the numbers, which will help me figure out what I need to do more of to reach my goal.

Become an Affiliate For More Products

This time around, I’m going to promote more products. This includes:

  • Siteground for hosting – Anywhere between $50-125 per sale
  • ConverKit for email service provider – $9 /month recurring
  • Thrive for conversion focused software (not currently accepting affiliates)
  • Tailwind for automation pinning – $17 when I sell an annual subscription
  • OptinMonster for email capture software – Anywhere from $21-$69 per sale

I’m bummed that Thrive isn’t accepting any affiliates into their program. I’m hoping that they will soon so that I can promote Thrive’s products since I’ve used them in the past on my other site and love how easy it is to use.

I may become an affiliate for more products in the future, but for now, I’ll focus on these.

Create a Start a Blog Post

I get a lot of emails from my subscribers telling me that they don’t yet have a blog but are going to start one soon. Other people ask me for help in starting their blog.

This tells me that I should probably have a resource on my site about starting a blog (cue D’oh moment). Since a lot of other bloggers have a post like that, I have to make sure that mine stands out a bit more so I’ll have to think about how I will market this post to appeal to a lot of people.

In this post, I’ll have a link to Siteground as a way to monetize that post. I may put a link in my navigation bar or side bar to promote this post since I won’t be having this post on my blog (it will be on a page on my site since I don’t want to flood my blog with affiliate posts).

***Update: I do have a tutorial on how to start a mom blog! Yay!***

Create Tutorial/Guides for My Affiliate Products

A great way to promote your affiliate links is to write about that product. People may not have heard of what you are promoting or may not know how to use that tool or software.

By providing an in-depth guide or tutorial on using your affiliate product, it’s more likely you’ll get a sale. So, since I don’t have any tutorials or guides on any of my affiliate links, this is something I’m going to create hopefully in January and February.

3. Email List

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to grow my email list to 10k by September 2017. As for January, my list size is 2702.

*2019 update – My email list is at around 17,000 for Twins Mommy. I didn’t reach the 10,000 mark on September 2017. I don’t remember the month, but it was in 2018.

My original goal was to reach 10k by April (that would have been a year since starting Twins Mommy), but I have a feeling that won’t happen that fast. That’s why I am saying by September I can grow my list to 10k.

This means I need 7298 subscribers by September. To break that down even more, I need around 912 subscribers every month, or 30 subscribers a day.

Looking at my conversion rates on ConvertKit, it looks like I’m consistently hitting that mark since the holidays.

I’m ecstatic that my list is growing so much since I moved to ConvertKit. While I love MailChimp and I’m still using them for my other lists, my Twins Mommy list wasn’t growing that fast.

Part of that reason was challenges of creating a content upgrade or a new incentive opt-in freebie to grow my list. I needed help from my husband to create new lists and groups and tags, and since my husband runs his own business, it was not on his list of priorities.

Now, that I moved to ConvertKit, however, I can easily create multiple free incentives to grow my list.

So, what’s my plan to grow my list to 10k subscribers by September?

Put More Opt-in Forms on My Blog

I’m sure you’ve heard the most recent Google Update about mobile popups. If not, Syed, creator of OptinMonster, tells you exactly what it means for your blog. Go check out that post before January 10th when this rule comes into effect.

To break it down, Google wants a nice user experience for your blog on mobile (and desktop, but they are specifically targeting mobile with this announcement). They want to make sure that when people visit your site on mobile that they aren’t being distracted by interstitial, scroll mats, time-triggered popups, or things taking up (or over) the whole screen.

This also means any huge opt-in forms on the top of your blog that would take up the whole screen on mobile aren’t recommended under the new update.

For example, my big blue opt-in form for my Mom Boss Vault takes up the whole screen on mobile. This means I should move it down the page, so content shows up first (or at least make it much smaller) when people visit me from their smartphones.

So, for me, I’m going to move my images down or make them smaller for my mobile visitors.

But, what about all my popups? If you click on my content upgrade in a post (they look like this):

When you click on the image, a popup form comes up. This is okay in Google’s eyes because it’s user initiated. Google just doesn’t like popups that are delayed or pop up at a certain time without a user imitating it.

Recently, I put an announcement bar – or some people call it a hello bar – at the very top of my site. Announcement bars like this that slide down when you visit a site is considered intrusive in Google’s eyes. Under the new rule, you can have an announcement bar, but it has to be more fluid on your site.

For now, for mobile users, with OptinMonster, however, I can set display rules to only show this announcement bar on desktop and not on mobile.

In OptinMonster, under Display Rules, you can set that rule for each opt-in form you have on your blog.

For my new blog plan, I want to add more ways for people to join my list. Since I’m also using ConvertKit, I can use their opt-in forms at the end of my blog posts, which is easy to do. This means I can have dozens of opt-in forms on my site if I decide to put a form on every blog post (or a content upgrade).

I’m also going to create pages for each of my incentives (like this one), so I can pin that and promote that on social media.

Create Landing Pages

I’ve been blogging for over two years, and I haven’t used a landing page on any of my blogs, and I have no idea why! I know how powerful a landing page is to help you grow your email list.

Now that I can create landing pages easily on my own, I’ll experiment with some on this blog to help me grow my list. Landing pages can be shared on Pinterest too, which I think will totally help me reach that 30 a day subscriber goal.

Incentivize Potential Affiliate Leads

Part of my money-making plan is to create big guides for my affiliate products. I’m hoping I can convert them to purchase what I am recommending. But, what if they don’t?

One way to keep these people warm is to funnel them into my email list. I can create a separate list just for affiliate leads and develop email sequence that will lead to a sale.

I’m not sure what or how I’ll go about that, but that’s my plan to grow my list and to make more sales.

4. Product Creation

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is launch one course by April 2017.

*2019 update – Yes! I created two courses (but then decided to close one course) and I’ve created a Pinterest masterclass and a Blog Content masterclass!

Okay, mamas! It’s finally here 🙂 For the longest time, I was drawing a blank whenever I was thinking about creating a product for Twins Mommy.

So, instead I tried my hand at creating a planner (but that never came about), and then I decided to do some Pinterest marketing, but that failed too.

So, when I thought about creating an eBook or course, I still had no idea what to focus on. My blog’s niche is a demographic niche, which means I speak to a demographic – mom bloggers or those starting an online business.

So, my blog helps these moms with growing their traffic, list, and income. I just couldn’t think what to focus on that could help people and that people would want to pay for.

But, just recently I finally figured out a topic/theme, and I’ll probably do a course. I have some ideas on two other courses too.

This course will be totally perfect for moms that want to get their blog (and business) noticed. It will cover the best strategies to help you achieve that so you can build a successful blog and earn some sales.

I know. That’s a bit vague, but I don’t want to mention too much in case I pivot and create something totally different!

5. Help

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to hire a VA by April of 2017.

*2019 update – I have not hired a VA, but I do hire writers to help me with my blog content on all the blogs I own.

I’ve wanted to hire a VA for some time now, but my family has been sick, and I’ve been preoccupied. But, for the New Year, I know I’ll need to hire someone to help me with outreach and miscellaneous tasks like managing guest contributors and my Facebook groups (so I’m not distracted by FB all day!!!). I also need a VA that understands how to use various tools and software like ConvertKit, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, Asana, Google docs and more.

Right now, my husband helps with the behind-the-scenes things and the web development and integration for my course. His goal is to remove himself from these tasks to focus on monetization strategies for our business.

How to Make Money Blogging – My Plan

I’m gearing for a fantastic 2017 for my business and family. Right now my family is recovering from a month long of sickness and colds (flu up in here). My twins’ birthday is later this month, and they’ll be four so I’m hoping that by that time, our family will be well and we can hit the ground running!

Now tell me mamas, what is your blog-mazing goal for the year?


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Honestly, you shared a great article. I love your truthiness. Although most of the other blogs write without giving some great information, but in this case, you are different. I can follow your tips. Wish me well.Reply to Linda
Hi Linda, Wow, thanks so much for saying that! I love how you can find some actionable tips in this post!Reply to Elna
I love how honest, straight-forward and overall very useful is this post! Although I’ve been monetizing my own blog for several years already, this has been very helpful and motivational. Thanks!Reply to Ieva
Hi Leva! You’re welcome and thanks for that kind feedback! I love helping others navigate this road to making money at home! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
I love this post!! I’ve read a lot of your posts before(good job on the keywords!) and I find them so helpful. I have my own blog and my dream is to one day work from home and blog full time with other things I enjoy. I’m not a mom yet but in the next couple of years…that’s the plan. <3Reply to bailey
Hi Bailey, Thank you so much! So glad you found some great tips to help you with your own blogging journey. Enjoy the time you have now before you become a mom because time goes out the window with a newborn!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I loved reading this post. I appreciated reading about the “plan” to monetize. I’ve started a blog about 3 months ago (first and only) and even though I’m always learning new things and moving along slowly, it’s really hard to know where to prioritize. I know I need a plan, and would love to use yours as inspiration. Are there things you would do or did do differently to achieve your goals? Thanks!!Reply to Ilana
Hi! Thanks so much! Congrats on starting your blog 🙂 I followed my goals in the beginning and doing good now! My goals have since changed to focus on my other sites but I enjoy helping and serving others!Reply to Elna
What an incredible post! I happened to stumble upon this post, a little too late. 2017 is long gone, and you have accomplished so much over the past year. A big congratulations you to and your blogs Elna 🙂Reply to Saranya
Hi! Yes and thank you so much! It’s fun to look at what I proposed a year ago. I suppose I should do an update? Ha…thanks for the blog post idea.Reply to Elna
Reading this post and seeing how far you have come and all that you have accomplished in the last year is seriously so inspiring. It’s so easy to get discouraged as a new blogger, but your posts always motivate me. Thanks for being awesome as always!Reply to Halie
Hi Halie, Thanks so much! I didn’t accomplish all my goals but at least my income has past much from my initial goal!! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! You truly are an inspiration to all who want to start a blog. I have been following you and done most of your free courses? and I truly feel tha t I am ready now for this new journey into freelance writing. Thank you!!Reply to Elzaan
That’s awesome! Thanks for being a loyal subscriber! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Wow!!! i have been inspired not to give up, Thanks ElnaReply to Francis
Me too! 🙂Reply to Lucy
Hmm, this is my first time of visiting your blog and also commenting. You really have a great blog with articles foe moms here. I’ll say you should keep doing your best here. EmmanuelReply to Emmanuel
I absolutely LOVE that you broke everything down into easy, manageable goals! This post was beyond motivational! I would love to be able to grow my blog this year. I’m in the car business and have INSANE hours, meaning limited family time. Growing my blog would mean the world to my family because I could be home more. Thanks for the motivation!Reply to Shauna
Hi Shauna! Thank you so much! I wanted this post to help others manage it all as it is possible to grow your blog. It’s not difficult; it’s just time-consuming. Use what limited time you have and start slow. You can still build a successful blog if it takes years. My Elna Cain blog is finally paying off after almost 3 years! So, success comes at different times!Reply to Elna
Hi.. I love your writing and it’s very helpful. Thank you so much… I need your help please… I recently came to know about affiliate marketing and i search about it and decided to join Amazon affiliate marketing as I have a Facebook page with over 1 million likes and i am from india. Now my issue is that I received an email from Amazon saying that I will be benefited only when Indian buys a product through my affiliate link. And I check on Facebook page that only 36% members are from india on my page.. It’s on number 1 but I want you to help me.. Is there any other way for me. Any suggestions. Please.. I am a new here and I hope I get a help.. Please tell me what should I do now? Please I will be very thankful..Reply to Owais
Hi Owais, Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with your question since I don’t do Amazon Affiliates. I suspect you can still market your affiliate links on your Facebook page and blog so go for it!Reply to Elna
Elna, Would you be my big sister blogger? You are going to kill it this year! I even have a girl that’s almost 4 lol. Seriously, you provide so much value to your readers, I want to BE you in every way (well, except the creepy way. That’s one step past the line!) I am currently on maternity leave (Baby boy is due in 2 weeks WAHOOOO!). I don’t plan on going back to work when it’s up next December (Yay Canada!). I so desperately want to take blogging from passion to income. I’ve blogged on and off since 2006 (mostly just for funsies)! This month I started getting serious about it and made some goals. January’s goal was to get 1,000 page views and earn my first $1 through affiliate marketing. I’m pleased to say that tonight I FREAKING ACHIEVED BOTH! And I’ve basically read and re-read your posts to help me get there. I think I’m hooked. Anyway, this gushing I think is getting embarrassing for the both of us. Keep on kicking butt and doing what you do- IT’S MAKING A DIFFERENCE!Reply to Terrin
Terrin! My guilty-pleasure blog 🙂 Love it.. Thanks so much for commenting and of course I can be your blog sista! We are going to kill it!! So happy you met your goals 🙂 I don’t set monthly goals but quarterly or yearly goals..ha..My only goal is to grow!! 🙂 Congrats on the new baby. Not sure if you’ll have time to blog and comment, but when you’re back, I’ll be here!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna dear! 1st of all…I want to thank you from my heart making the interview on my blog! :* For me…you are a super model as a mom of twins…and making it online! That’s JUST AMAZING! I LOVE your plan! I think I will try to create a similar plan like yours for my blog 😉 I would love to see if I can be your VA! 😉Reply to Eva
Hey Eva! Thanks so much. At the moment I’ll think about you being a VA thanks so much!Reply to Elna
AWESOME! Thanks!Reply to Eva
Elna, you are amazing! This list is super inspiring. It’s funny, I was totally wishing you had a course that could walk me through building my blog traffic. I need serious hand holding, talk to me like a baby ha ha ha. But seriously, I can’t wait to see what you have in store.Reply to Deanna
Hey Deanna! Thanks so much for your support. And yes, I’ll be doing a course to help you boost your traffic 🙂 hush hush…it’s not defined quite yet since I’m still figuring it out but the goal is to grow your blog mama so you can get ready to get some cash…Reply to Elna
I only stumbled on your blog a few days ago and I’m HOOKED! Love your content. Love your branding. Love your advice. Totally blog crush anyone? Anyways can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2017. I’ll definitely be reading. You go girl!Reply to Dana
Hey Dana! Aww thanks so much! So happy you FOUND me and that you think my content is valuable! 🙂 I love connecting with my readers (and subscribers? crossing fingers…) 🙂Reply to Elna
Love all of these goals! You’ve clearly thought all of this through… Hope you have a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to reading how you make all of this happen.Reply to Nicole
Hey Nicole, I do too! I’m looking forward to see if it will happen. It does put a fire under my belly though! Thanks for the support.Reply to Elna
This is a great really detailed plan. I’ll be following how you get on because I started a new blog last year, but struggled to do as much as I planned on it with still doing the same amount of work on my first blog. Hopefully I’ll gain some tips (and get on with writing some more content). I’ve found Pinterest has been working better than I expected for that blog (it’s very niche), but I’ve not been able to find any groups boards that could be relevant to join, so I may have to rethink and see if I can link up with any other niche bloggers to create one and share posts.Reply to Emma
Hey Emma! Here’s my Facebook and Pinterest group promo list for mom bloggers: Take a look if you want 🙂Reply to Elna
Aim high, the sky is the limit! I love your pinterest graphics- they caught my attention and I have several pinned to help me as I start my new blog.Reply to Sarah
Hey Sarah! Thanks so much! I LOVE creating images for my blog. I do use Photoshop and not Canva but I know Canva does rock since I have used them before!Reply to Elna
Wonderful breakdown! I definitely need to refine my Affiliate Marketing strategy for 2017. Do you recommend one affiliate program over another, especially for those just starting?Reply to Becky
Hi Becky! For me, I’m sticking with mostly digital products for my affiliates. I haven’t really looked beyond that! I would stick to your hosting company and then the tools and products you used 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, As always, this is a great post and very detailed. I have no doubt you’ll smash your goals this year. Thanks for sharing your game plan. I know there are a lot of new bloggers out wondering how they’re going to make money with a new blog and you’ve definitely given them a great starting point. Wishing you an awesome 2017! Passing this along. 🙂 CoriReply to Cori
Hey Cori! You’re pretty amazing too mama! I’m sure you’ve made your goals and you’ll also smash them too 🙂 You’re a force to be reckoned with! Thanks as always for your support on both my blogs!Reply to Elna
Your new Pinterest images have definitely been standing out. They’ve been making their rounds on Pinterest, and I always notice them! I’ve also been working testing out different graphics for my account. I thought 2 images per post was a lot of work, but 10… you’re amazing! Can’t wait to see what great things 2017 brings to your blog!Reply to Tiffany
Hey Tiffany! Thanks so much for letting me know they stand out. It’s hard coming up with a strong brand and the changing it all around! Creating 10 new images for one post is a lot of work and not sure if I can fulfill 10 for each far it’s more like up to 5..but little by little I’ll add more! Now, I’m going to go to your blog and see what it’s all about 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Sounds like you’ve got an amazing plan for your blog 🙂 I might have to borrow some of your ideas 😉Reply to Cath
Hi Cath! Thanks so much. Go ahead and steal away!Reply to Elna
Love your goals, Elna!! With the super helpful content you give, I am sure you are going to reach all your goals. Wishing you all the success:-)Reply to Sireesha
Hi Sireesha! I love your blog. You provide such helpful posts for moms trying to make money! Thanks so much!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! All the best to you as I know you’re going to blow 2017 out of the water. I hope to be moving along right with you. I have amazing ideas for ebooks, free email courses, and paid course this year. I also have similar plans to yours in growing my email list and Pinterest account. Though my numbers are way lower than yours, I’m excited about moving along in this process and watching you grow. I can tell you’re an amazing business woman and most of all wife and mommy. Take care and I’ll be supporting you all the way!Reply to Natasha
Thanks so much Natasha! So happy you have goals similar to mine and I know you’ll achieve them. I’m still battling colds and sickness in my house so I’m hoping the rest of Jan will be filled with healthy people in my family!Reply to Elna
Awesome Elna! Can’t wait to see where 2017 takes you! I’m just launching my first course and I am so nervous. It is an overwhelming task for sure. Reach out if you want to bounce any ideas off of me 🙂Reply to Emma
Hey Emma! That’s super awesome! Love your blog so much. I know you’re going to rock it mama!Reply to Elna
OMG! Love it! You go, girl!! I’ve set all my blog goals as well and I’m so excited to see where this will take us!! I can’t wait to see a year from now where you are going to be! Well done with your plans.Reply to Ana
Hi Ana! Thank you so much! I’m typing this with a serious head cold and client work up the wazoo!! I just hope I can meet these personal blog deadlines I’ve set for myself! So happy for your blogging goals and I know you’ll smash them this year!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’ve been following Twins Mommy pretty much since the beginning, but never commented until now. I just used your tutorial to create a gravatar, and I wanted here to be the first place that I use it! You are one of my main sources of inspiration. I’m still working out my blog goals for 2017 (probably not nearly as ambitious as yours;) but I finally took the plunge and bought my domain name! Can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thanks for all the great info you provide for moms like me, who just wanna make some side income to stay home with their littles. You rock!Reply to Natasha
Natasha! OMG! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you finally commented 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from my readers and subscribers. I’m humbled that you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning. I can’t believe that, but thanks so much. I know this year will the year for you. You’ve already took the first step by getting your own domain! If you every need help just email me!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Some great goals for 2017. We share the same traffic goals. I’m at around 37K monthly page views and I hope to hit 100K in 2017. I have a new blog too, ah. And I want to start 2 more. I’m so crazy lol. It helps that my little guy is in pre-K and therapy during the week, which frees up a lot of my time. Good luck. You can totally do it!Reply to Jenn
Hey Jenn! That’s fantastic! So happy your blog is growing. I love your blog. You want to create two more blogs! Yikes! Let me tell you, it’s hella hard. I’ve neglected my other blog for like two weeks and I have to get back to blogging on that blog. But, I have big plans for this blog too!! grr…no time..Reply to Elna
So encouraging to read your goals, many of which are similar to mine. Thx! Congrats on realizing you want help on planning for it. Now is a great time to create your Dammit List of all the things you’d like to hand off because they frustrate you or you don’t have nterest or skills. That way your search will be better informed and you’ll have a list readyReply to Dina
Dina! Thanks so much. Yes, that sounds perfect..the Dammit list 🙂Reply to Elna
You have some awesome goal! I love your blog and I’m totally gonna follow to see how you do. I have some pretty outrageous goals in 2017 as well! Let’s do it!Reply to Jen
Jen! That’s fantastic and thanks for the support! I know you’ll kick butt too!Reply to Elna
You are indeed an inspiration. I am glad that I am part of your community. Looking forward to learning more from you, Elna!Reply to Lorna
Lorna! Thanks so much! I’m excited to smash these goals this year!Reply to Elna
Love love love the way you wrote up your goals, the reasoning behind them and the transparency of not reaching some previous goals. My family has been sick and I have been preoccupied with the holidays. Reading this post has encouraged me to write down some of my goals for my blog (still in planning mode) and to finally stop being in compare mode and launch the darn thing! I hope you meet and exceed all of your goals in 2017!Reply to Ianthe
Thank you so much mama! I love posts like these too that are transparent and that really tells you everything! I hope I can help others and I’m so happy to hear that you are writing your goals down for 2017! This is YOUR year!!Reply to Elna
Thanks for putting all of my goals down on paper for me- haha! As a new blogger, this really helped me see everything that I need to work on to be successful! Thanks so much for sharing- your posts are always incredibly helpful!Reply to Andrea
Andrea! Thanks so much! I’m so happy when I hear that you learned some things to help you with your blog! That’s exactly why I blog – to help YOU!! Thanks and good luck on reaching your goals!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thanks for the detailed post. It’s inspiring to know about your goals. One of my goals is to increase traffic and make $1k by June 2017. RohitReply to Rohit
Hey Rohit! That’s awesome! Good luck on achieving your goals!Reply to Elna
I love how detailed this post is, very motivating to a newer blogger like myself. Excited to see the final course you put together, your current topic idea has me intrigued.Reply to Bernadette
Hey Bernadette! Thanks a bunch! I hope I’ll reach my goals and I and I know you’ll blog will succeed!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Great post as usual! I love the goals and your plan of attack! Best of luck!Reply to Alexis
Hi Alexis, Thank you so much! It means a lot when I hear that other mamas enjoy my tips! Yes, I need all the luck I can get 🙂Reply to Elna
Great breakdown of how you are planning it. I might be “stealing a few” of these! 🙂Reply to Callie
Hi Callie! Thanks for commenting! And yes, steal these strategies for sure! I’ll be working hard to see if these will help me achieve my goals!!Reply to Elna
This was amazing! I’m sure that you’re going to achieve these goals because you give so much value! I’m always sharing your stuff with others because I really enjoy it and believe that they can benefit from it. I’m sure that there are a bunch of others who do the same. I wish you the best this year and I’m looking forward to seeing you grow! You’ve read my goals already. I also started working on building an email list as you mentioned after reading them. I don’t have a plan laid out for my list just yet, but it’s something that I’ll be putting together in the near future.Reply to Productive
Hi mama! Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot when I hear you share my content and think it’s valuable for others. Good luck building your email list! My FB live session talked about the awesome things you can grow your email list!Reply to Elna
I love this list! It helped me realize that my goals are definitely not big enough. I’ve been dreaming about a course on self-care for work-at-home moms, but haven’t done anything with it. I think 2017 is the right time!Reply to Carrie
Hi Carrie! Thank you so much! I think that’s a great course for WAHMs. I know I neglect my self-care a lot!! Good luck and yes, 2017 is the time for us!Reply to Elna
Thank you for being so transparent, this is SUPER helpful and inspiring!! My prayers are up for you (and all of us) in 2017!!!Reply to Xani
Hi Xani! Thanks so much. I hope your 2017 is filled with success too!Reply to Elna
I also like the format of your post, showing how you’ll reach your big goals. I’d love to hear how your new images work out, the white space makes them easier to read. Thanks so much for sharing, here’s to a fabulous 2017!Reply to Lisa
Hi Lisa! Thanks so much! I love reading other blog plans or traffic/income reports that are detailed. I like seeing what is working and isn’t and I’m happy that others like my format with these posts! Thanks and I know you’ll have a fabulous year ahead of you!Reply to Elna
Once again, such an awesome list! I love how you broke everything down from hairy goals to manageable monthly goals! 😀Reply to Amy
Hey Amy, Thanks so much. I’m exited to tackle these goals I’ve set out! I have a feeling I’ll be smashing them too!Reply to Elna