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17 Ways Mommy Bloggers Can Grow Their Email List Overnight


17 Ways Mommy Bloggers Can Grow Their Email List Overnight

Now, I know many new mommy bloggers aren’t even THINKING about an email list. There’s just too many other things to focus on like finding your niche or how to promote your post.

I know! It’s lots.

But – and this is a big ol’ but – you should also work on starting and growing your email list.

Especially if you want to monetize your blog and eventually make a living from blogging.

So, how do you grow your email list? If you already started, then maybe you have a subscription box on your sidebar to join your email list. Maybe it looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.05.48 PM

Uh, no.

This is not a good way to grow your email list.

Are you in shock right now? I know I was when I started learning about list building strategies.

You want to know something about your audience? They’re not totally hooked on you or your blog yet.

Sure, they visit your blog from Pinterest or see your tweet, but if they only visit your blog once or twice a month, having a box that says “join my list,” won’t entice them enough to give up their email address.

But, maybe you already know that.

I didn’t start growing my Twins Mommy list until I decided I wanted to monetize this blog. See, email list and making money from your blog sort of go hand-in-hand.

Why Having an Email List is Important


I don’t know about you, but one of my most favorite tasks of the day is checking my email. I LOVE getting emails.


Because it makes me money! I get notifications all the time of when people buy my freelance writing course or fill out my coaching form.

But not only that, having an email list let’s me connect with my tribe. I want to grow a tribe of loyal followers that want to learn from me, enjoy what I put out and feel that I’m helping them transition into something bigger and better. And the best way to do that is through emails.

Email is personal.

When someone gives up their email address to join your list, you should treat that blogger like gold!

I get emails all the time of new bloggers telling me their story and I absolutely love it.


I always take the time to answer each question and try to help bloggers who contact me. It’s part of growing your blog, biz and list.

So you see, creating an email list for your mommy blog will help you eventually make money, but the best thing is that you get to know your audience on a different – more personal – level.

If you want to make a business from your blog, an email list is one of the first things you should have. After deciding that, you should start thinking about what you want to offer to entice visitors to sign up to your list.

Just telling them that when they sign up to your list they’ll be notified of your next blog post, isn’t valuable enough to visitors. They want MORE.

And you know what? I have 17 ways you can grow your email list practically overnight. I’ve used a lot of these list building strategies with this blog, but there are a lot I haven’t, and I’ll either will use them or want to in the future.


1. Create a Lead Magnet


Oh, snap! What the heck is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is your main free item you give away in exchange for someone’s email address. People call it an opt-in bribe, freebie or incentive.

For example, an old lead magnet was The Mom Boss Vault. It’s a resource library of downloadables and webinars.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.54.58 PM

It converted well. How do I know? Because of my analytics that my list building tool, OptinMonster, provides for me.


Right now I’m at around 74% conversion rate which is great for a lead magnet.

Okay. So now that you know what a lead magnet is, what types of lead magnets can you create for your mom blog? Here are a six ideas that you can swipe right now.

1. Checklist

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.01.40 PM

Checklists are the easiest way to grow your email list. Caitlin Bacher’s lead magnet is a Facebook groups checklist. It’s a simple checklist to help Facebook group owners have a lively and engaging group.

If you have a dead and silent Facebook group, then this checklist would definitely appeal to you.

Creating a checklist only takes minutes and it’s totally easy to do. My first freebie for this site was a Checklist to Grow Your Blog.


I created this document in Google Docs and my cover image in Photoshop (but you can also use Canva to create a cover image).

2. ECourse

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.21.15 PM

Everyone loves free courses. With so many paid courses out there for bloggers, creatives and freelancers, it’s nice to come across a course that’s actually free and totally useful.

Take Monica’s lead magnet from Redefining Mom. It’s a 7-day busy moms building online businesses course. Her course covers seven days of training moms to start an online business. From identifying your audience to putting together a business plan, Monica’s free course packs a ton of useful information.

Remember that visitors that come to your blog aren’t going be willy nilly and give up their email address. You have to give them a reason and the more your lead magnet is full of valuable tips, tools and strategies, the more likely they will subscribe.

And free courses usually are seen as highly valuable to bloggers.

Usually, doing a email course means you need to automate your lessons. If you’re using or going to use MailChimp, you’ll have to pay for automation, but it’s totally worth it since it’s cheaper than using other email service providers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.42.15 PM

For my free courses, I usually have an introduction email that explains what you will learn in the next few days. After the course I usually have one or two emails – depending if it’s part of my sales funnel for my paid product – where I pitch or offer more resources.

3. Videos

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.53.00 PM

Providing videos as your lead magnet can totally help you grow your email like wildfire. Watching a webinar or video training is considered a very valuable freebie you can offer.

Candis, of Smart Mom Blogger, decided to offer 10-minute webinars for a lead magnet. What’s so fitting for her choice of lead magnet is that her audience are time-starved moms. We just don’t have time to watch hours and hours of webinars – although we’d like to!

So Candis decided to offer short webinars that moms can watch while they fold laundry or load up the dishwasher. And you know what? I’m in one of her videos.

If you want to do a video series or webinar as your lead magnet, the best and free way to do it is with YouTube Live.

Here’s a quick guide to using YouTube Live.

You might also need a slide deck to show your webinar. You can use Keynote or PowerPoint to create those slides.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.05.36 PM

Your webinar is connected to your YouTube account, which means you can now repurpose it for your lead magnet.

4. Printables

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.10.39 PM

Don’t you just LOVE printables and templates? I sure do. They are awesome. Well Joanna from Mums.Kids.Jesus has a great lead magnet. It’s the Cultivate Love Challenge full of 50+ ideas and printables!

If you have a knack with creating printables with InDesign or even Microsoft Word, then you can create lovely printables to give away to your subscribers.

And for mom bloggers there are a ton of ideas for printables. Recipe cards, food and meal planning, a cleaning plan and so much more.

5. Tool Kit

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.21.21 PM

If you’re new to doing something, having the right tools handy can totally help you out. Well, it’s no different online. If your audience are moms running their own business, then something like McKinzie’s Mompreneur Tool Kit is perfect for them.

Depending on your niche, find some tools that helped with your growth and use that as your lead magnet. And you know what? This can also help grow your income.


Well when a subscriber receives your tool kit, you can place affiliate links in your resource and if a subscriber clicks on those links and ends up buying, you receive a commission! Easy as pie.

6. Guides/Workbooks/eBooks

Guides, workbooks and eBooks are fabulous resources for your audience. They are seen as highly valuable because usually these guides show you a step-by-step approach to helping you out.

I created a video training and added a workbook with it. I find that adding additional resources to your work book like a video training helps with increasing conversions.

Creating worksheets, lessons or guides is easy. You can draft your guide in Google docs or Microsoft Word, create a PDF and upload it to your WordPress backend.

2. Create Content Upgrades


Did you know that I didn’t have a lead magnet for the first four months of starting this blog? Yeah, I couldn’t figure out what my target audience really wanted.

It’s also partly due to switching niches and content early on. I decided to move away from working at home moms and start helping moms who want to become mompreneurs.

In doing this, I had no idea what a good lead magnet would be so I decided to create content upgrades.

These are within-post freebies that are directly related to the post you are reading. Content upgrades are highly effective. My highest conversion rate is 85%.


Why are these effective? Because the blogger is already primed. They are reading a post about the same or similar topic to the freebie. This makes it easier for a visitor to subscribe because they read the post and want to learn more.

While I can’t go into detail about creating and delivering content upgrades – my latest webinar covered a lot about that and I am planning to do a post/video on this – I can give you an idea of what I do to create a content upgrade.

1. Write the document in Google Docs

2. Create a cover image in Photoshop

3. Add my content upgrade graphic to my Pin image

4. Create a graphic with a button for my post

5. Upload my Google doc to WordPress

6. Create a new automation for my content upgrade

7. Draft an email with the link to the free content upgrade

8. Link my content upgrade to OptinMonster

9. Make my within post graphic linkable so that readers can click on the graphic and enter their email address

So, how can you make a content upgrade that your visitors want to devour? By making sure that your freebie upgrades your post.

What I mean is that your content upgrade should act as an extension or supplement to your post. The wrong way to do content upgrades is to write a post with 20 tips, but only offer 10 tips in your blog post and the other 10 in your content upgrade. This will annoy your visitors.

Your content upgrade should also be easy. Checklists, guides, worksheets all work fantastic as a content upgrade.

Most of my content upgrades for Twins Mommy are checklists or guides. I know they were highly effective because within four short months I grew my email list from 0 to over 1,000 subscribers – and I only used content upgrades.

Personally, I feel they are the MOST effective strategy to grow your email list.

3. Guest Posting


Is guest posting on the top of your to-do list for your blog?

I know it is for me!

If you’re not sure what guest posting is, it’s when you have a blog post published on someone else’s website. Usually it’s a more popular and highly trafficked site.

A popular site that a lot of bloggers want to guest post on is Huffington Post. This site has a ton of traffic and pretty much every blogger knows about it.

I recently landed a HuffPo contributorship and am crossing my fingers my post will be ready soon.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.27.13 PM

But, why would I want to guest post on HuffPo or some other popular site like Scary Mommy? Because of one thing: your author bio.

Your author bio is a little blurb about who you are (your credibility), what you do (what you offer) and where people can find you (your social media links and blog).

Here’s my author bio for my Twiniversity post on picky eaters.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.17.55 PM

Depending on the blog you guest post, you can be playful in your author bio or more professional. As a contrast from my funsy Twiniveristy author bio, here’s my standard bio for my freelance writing clients.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.20.56 PM

Having an author bio can help you bring traffic to your blog, but it can also help you grow your email list. My freelance writing author bio links to my free email course. When people click on that they are directed to my site an they can sign up to my free course and be placed on my email list.

And, not only can your author bio help you grow your email list, but your post can too. Depending on which blog you guest post on, the blog owner might be okay with you promoting a freebie in your post.

For example, Jackie Jade of Jade&Oak guest posted on Mariah Coz’s blog, Femtrepreneur. Her guest post was about the legalities of running a joint venture webinar.

In her post she offers a freebie – a JV Webinar Contract Checklist.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.41.48 PM

When you click on this button, it takes you to Jade&Oak’s landing page. Jackie made sure to personalize her landing page by mentioning Femtrepreneur.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.43.48 PM

And you know what? You can even put content upgrades in your HuffPo article! I know!

I had no idea.

Check out Candis from Smart Mom Blogger and her freebie on one of her HuffPo posts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.48.32 PM

So, guest posting can totally help you grow your email list by putting a link to your lead magnet or other freebie in the post or in your author bio (or both).

And what’s awesome is that you can even get paid to guest post. So, get to it mamas!

4. Host Webinars



Maybe you’re afraid to actually host a webinar, but mamas! let me say that webinars are totally awesome, fun and can help grow your email list (as well as make you some money!).

My first webinar was for my freelance writing site. It was on landing gigs with job boards. Since it was my first, I had no stinking idea what the heck I was doing. But you know what?

I sold like almost $1000 worth in courses! Wha-what? For my FIRST ever webinar? I couldn’t believe it!

So, when I started Twins Mommy, I knew I wanted to try webinars again. Since I don’t have a product to sell….yet… my webinars are totally pitch-free and full of valuable information.

And that’s okay. A lot of big bloggers host webinars pitch-free. It’s one of their ways to grow their list, brand and followers. People who see your webinars become invested in you. They want to know more about and will become loyal subscribers.

This can help you grow your income in the future when you decide to launch a product or service.

So far I’ve done two webinars and I will continue to do more – both solo and joint – as I want to help a lot of mama bloggers become mompreneurs!

5. Use a Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet


What the heck is a landing page? I’ve sort of been talking about it already, but I haven’t really explained it.

If you’re unsure what a landing page is, it’s just a page on your site that is free of distractions and usually only has one call-to-action.

You’re only giving your readers one choice on your landing page. So, for example, if you want to sign up to a webinar, the link you click usually takes you to a landing page where you sign up.

You can do the same thing for your lead magnet.

Some people set their web address to a landing page. For example, Brie Beeks of Blissful Bosses has a landing page of her lead magnet set to her homepage.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.11.03 PM

While this is a great way to land new subscribers, if you think this is too forceful, you can create a landing page on your blog and then just link to it on your blog.

6. Pin Your Lead Magnet on Twitter


Do you have a Twitter account? You should! It’s just another platform to grow your brand and tweet out your posts multiple times a day.

One way to grow your email list is to just pin your lead magnet to your profile. For example, here’s Kelly from Take Action WAHM’s pinned tweet on her profile.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.09.39 PM

People who view her profile will immediately see this tweet. It’ll send you to her lead magnet and when you fill out your name and email, you get sent this awesome checklist.

To pin your lead magnet, create a tweet and then click on the three dots of your posting. It will open up a list of options. Choose “pin to profile page.”Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.16.03 PM

7. Promote Your Freebie Daily on Twitter


What’s so great about Twitter is how frequently you can post. It’s no problem to post multiple times a day. It’s actually encouraged because if you don’t tweet multiple times a day, your audience isn’t seeing your lovely tweets.

But wait, you definitely don’t have time to tweet all day. I mean who does?

Instead, use an automation tool to schedule your tweets throughout the week. You can totally use Buffer or Hootsuite to do your tweeting for you.

But, it’s a pain in the butt to have to re-do it every week. So, you can use another tool to help you loop your tweets.

How? With IFTTT. This tool lets you connect two apps or tools to work together. For me, I connected Buffer with my Google Calendar. I created a recipe that said if Google sees an event called, “Buffer this,” then to send a tweet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.40.47 PM

When I go to my Google calendar I can see the events IFTTT created for me.


I scheduled my free course for freelance writers to tweet every day at the same time. This helps me gain more subscribers to my list every day. You don’t need to tweet your lead magnet three times a day, but doing it every day won’t bother your followers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.46.16 PM

I also use IFTTT to schedule posts on my Twins Mommy blog and my other blogs. It’s totally been a time saver for sure!

8. Pin Your Landing Page on Pinterest


Did you know that if you only had one platform to grow your email list, you should choose Pinterest? Pinterest is an easy and free way to grow your email list.

Hands down.

Pins last more than a tweet or Facebook message.  According the the Tailwind blog,

Perhaps due to the news feeds cluttered with irrelevant information, the lifespan of content on Twitter is only 5-25 minutes and Facebook content only lasts 80 minutes. The lifespan of content on Pinterest? More than one week.

Yes, a freakin’ week! I still get saves on pins that are months old. It’s amazing! So, just imagine your pin of that fabulous lead magnet of yours circles around Pinterst and Pinterest groups for weeks or months?

And then imagine those pinners actually click on that pin and sign up to your list? BAM! Every day that can happen.

Here’s Summer Tannhauser of Ladyboss League’s pin of her lead magnet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.06.04 PM

This takes a pinner right to her landing page with her lead magnet. Doing this is highly effective because once a pinner lands on that page, the only option is to sign up to grab that list or to close their browser tab. It’s very cut an dry and makes it easy for the pinner to decide.

To accelerate your email list growth, you can make multiple pins for your lead magnet, making them look different from the original.

Then you can use an automation tool like Tailwind to schedule your lead magnet to pin multiple times a day to multiple group boards.

9. Link Your Freebie in Your Pinterest Bio


One of the first things I did when I decided to grow this blog was to optimize my Pinterest bio. For my bio, I placed a link to my free email course on my other blog. Now Pinterest doesn’t do live links in your bio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your URL in your bio.

When pinners read your bio you can let them know of your awesome freebie!


10. Incentivize Your Pins


You see how Pinterest can totally grow your email list? There are so many ways to use your pins and profile to grow your list. One other way is to incentivize your pins.

What the heck does this mean?

It means that you add a little graphic of  your freebies. So if you are using content upgrades or want to promote a webinar, you can create your pin for your post and then add a graphic of your freebie that you’re offering with the post.

It looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.01.46 PM

You can use Canva to add these arrows and pages of your freebie. Personally, I just take a screen shot of my Google doc pages and I create a cover image with Photoshop. Then I group them all together and create my graphic.

Before I started Twins Mommy, I didn’t incentive my pins at all. But, as soon as I did, I started to grow my email list overnight. And it continues to grow.

11. Add a Sign Up Button to Your Facebook Page


Do you have a Facebook business page? You might want to consider having one to help you grow your followers, brand and subscribers.

There’s a sign up button on your page that you can link to your lead magnet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.23.43 PM

It’s highly prominent and can help you grow your list on auto pilot.

12. Add a Visual Call-to-Action on Your FB Daily Prompts


Do you have a Facebook group?

I don’t…yet, but want to once I find some time! I do, however, have a paid Facebook group for my students of my freelance writing course.

But, if you are thinking about hosting a FB group, one thing I recently learned from Caitlin Bacher, is to add a visual call-to-action to your daily prompts.

Usually a FB group has daily discussions like Motivation Monday or Throwback Thursday. Well, you can add your freebie to your daily prompt graphic! Ingenious. Here’s Caitlin’s image and visual call-to-back for her Facebook group.


13. Host a Giveaway


Don’t you love getting free stuff? I do. That’s why hosting a giveaway can not only satisfy your readers, but it can also seriously grow your email list.

Over at Brilliant Business Moms, Beth Anne and Sarah hosted a giveaway and gained 5,000 targeted subscribers in 1 week!

Whoa! That’s right. Giveaways have the potential to grow your list exponentially. But, if you decide to do a giveaway, what sort of things do you actually give away?

It all depends on your target audience, but try to find things that will help your audience to move to the next level or give them that upper edge to succeed in what they’re doing.

So, those can be courses, eBook, subscriptions, tools, apps and more. Okay, but where do you get these items to give away? Do you have to buy them?

If you have an established connection with brands you can reach out to them and ask if they are willing to give away a free trial or product.

And, if you have been diligently networking with other mama bloggers in your niche, you can always ask them if they are willing to give away a seat in their course or give you an extra copy of their eBook.

Once you have a nice bundle of awesome goodies, you can start creating promotional graphics for your giveaway. You can do a blog post about it and start promoting it all over social media.

While Beth Anne and Sarah paid for some of their traffic, you don’t have to do that. You can do a giveaway for free and pick up a couple hundred subscribers doing it!

14. Place Your Lead Magnet in Your Header


One of the easiest ways to start getting subscribers is by placing your lead magnet graphic on your header. This is exactly what I did once I finally had a stinkin’ lead magnet!

Placing your main freebie at the top of your site can totally help you generate more subscribers than if you placed it on a sidebar or somewhere else.

And the bigger it is, the more prominent it is, making it easier to grow your list! This is what I do for Twins Mommy and it helps grow my email list every day!

You can’t miss what she’s promoting (which is her paid course, Fab Facebook Groups)

15. Place Your Lead Magnet at the End of Your Blog Posts


So you have your lead magnet on your header, another place you can have it is at the end of each blog post. And since most people from social media will be directed to a blog post, it only makes sense to promote your main offering there, right?

But, why the end of the blog post and not the side bar?

Besides the fact that practically every one has banner blindness and sees nothing on the sidebar, having your lead magnet at the end of your blog post reaches your target audience.

Those are the readers that actually read your post! If they finish it, they’ll see your opt-in form and most likely sign up!

16. Offer Multiple Lead Magnets for Your Audience

One sure way to grow your email list fast is to offer multiple freebies. That’s why content upgrades work so well. But, if you aren’t doing content upgrades, you can just create multiple pages for your multiple lead magnets.

Jennifer Snyder of Women Winning Online offers five different lead magnets on her blog.


Wha-what? Yeah, five freebies that all lead to a landing page. She can promote each of these freebies all over social media and land a whole lot of email subscribers.

What’s also great about creating multiple freebies is seeing which ones are converting better. Maybe one of your freebies is a flop and barely anyone subscribes.

That’s okay! You have four other ones to promote.

Doing this doesn’t have to be fancy either. I created pages for my two popular content upgrades and while I don’t have a link on my site to those pages, I do have pins of them, which help bring in subscribers daily.

17. Add an Author Bio to the End of Your Blog Posts


One of my pet peeves is going to a blog, reading an awesome post and when I comment on the blog I have no idea who wrote it.

There’s no author. So, I have to hunt. I go to their About page, but they don’t say their name there either! I look on the side bar, nothing there.

Finally, I look at a old blog post and see the bloggers response to a comment and that has their name (but sometimes that doesn’t work because the blogger uses the site’s name instead! Grr….).

A way to help your readers know who the author of the blog post is and see your face is to have an author bio at the end of your blog posts. It not only tells your name and shows your face, but it also tells a new reader who you are and what your credentials are. And, if your savvy enough, you can even promote your lead magnet too!

Krista Rae does a kicks ass job with her author bio at the end of her posts. She has a nice graphic under her little bio telling readers to sign up to her free course.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.57.18 PM

 Get Ready

Wow! You made it to the end!

*happy dance*

Really, I don’t set out to write epic long blog posts, but I LOVE me some digital marketing topics and I can write forever! Growing my email list is something I enjoy doing and love to help other mama bloggers do the same.

Have fun using all these different ways to grow your email list!

Let me know in the comments which strategy you’re going to use (or, already using)!

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Thanks for this post, you always offer helpful information! I put off growing an email list because there is just so much to do. I should have started earlier because I know how important it is. Since I started getting serious about it, two things have worked the best for me so far. I added a free printables library to my site for subscribers only, and a free Pinterest pin tracker for bloggers. I have to come up with some more ideas and this post will really help!Reply to Alice
Hi Alice, Those sound like great freebies! I wouldn’t put yourself down for not starting a list sooner! As long as you start you can only go up! 🙂Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for these great ideas. I have recently joined the mommy blogging community and I am still trying to figure everything out. Since I’m not exactly “successful” yet, I think the best choice for me would be checklists or something like that. Once I get to where I want to be though I will definitely be using my experience will all the different blogging tools as a lead magnet of some kind. I am having a hard time getting everything needed on my blog with everything that needs to be done in order to be successful. If you have any suggestions for me or a link to a post of a blog checklist of some kind could you help me out? I will be subscribing shortly. Thanks again!Reply to Chelsea
Hi Chelsea, That’s great you want to get started with email marketing. My Youtube channel has some videos about the tech behind email services so make sure you check those out @twinsmommyReply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and can’t get enough of it! I had a question about mailing lists that I was hoping you could help me with. I’ve changed a few things on my blog recently and have been steadily growing my email list. The issue now is.. I don’t know what to email! Would you recommend using it to notify them of new posts? I have a craft/printable blog and I feel like I would be annoying my subscribers if I emailed every time I post something new. If you have any thoughts or articles you have about that topic I would really appreciate any help! Thanks so much, hope you’re having a great weekend!Reply to Kelly
Hi Kelly! Figuring out what to email your list can be a challenge too! I do have a post on exactly this subject: to Elna
Oh perfect! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much, I’ll go check that out now!Reply to Kelly
This is a great, detailed post about email marketing. I have started my blog, and I am struggling on how to start up my email campaign to bring in subscribers. I started with a lead magnet, but not sure where to go from there. Thanks for the ideas!Reply to Julie
Hi Julie, You’r welcome! I love email marketing and love to help mom bloggers ramp up their list! A lead magnet is awesome. From there I would develop even more incentives to offer! The more the better and faster your list will grow! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Lots of actionable and helpful tips for newbie bloggers like me. Glad to find this blog and this entire community. Thanks for sharing…Reply to Nitha
Hi Nitha! So glad you found this post helpful for list building tips for bloggers!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna I am working on featuring my mom blog on my businesses website. Not sure if I will have too much going on but I have a kids rec center and I’m looking to feature my blog on the site and use it for e-commerce as well. I happen to be dad though breaking into the mommy blogging since they are my target customer. Any advice? ThanksReply to Jason
hey! Sounds great! You have to try it out first to see if it’s successful! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Ive been reading your blog posts for days. I am totally engulfed in all of the valuable information you have to share. I still haven’t officially started my blog yet but I have written my first blog post (i think) and now my head is spinning with what to do with it! I am sure I will find my answers as i continue to read all of your great content!Reply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca! That’s great to hear! I feel the next step is to start your mommy blog!!! You can publish your post and go from there!Reply to Elna
Hey, Elna. This is a great, practical, super-jampacked post. My current lead magnet isn’t working, so I’m working on some new ones. This post was really helpful and gave me some new ideas. I’m curious if there is a plug-in for the author bio that you mention at the end?Reply to Sandi
Hey Sandi! Thanks so much! As for an author bio plugin I don’t know what I’m using but if you Google it I’m sure you’ll find some good ones!Reply to Elna
Elna, great go-to list. I have been blogging for about two years. I am having a considerable traffic both to my blog and the company website I am working on. I will put Guest posting and webinars on my to-do list. Thanks for the tips. And I would like to invite you for an interview on my company website. Please let me know if you are interested.Reply to Joanna
Hey Joanna! Thanks for thinking of me! Just email me more info and we can talk then!Reply to Elna
I know most of these (well, they’re in the back of my head) but I love reading these tips over and over again because of the way you write your posts and the beautiful way you illustrate your examples. So neat. So perfect. All the time. 🙂 Not to mention, I just discovered some great bloggers with this list. I’m going to create an email course and offer it as a freebie along with a few little freebies like wallpapers and checklists. I’m so excited! 😀 Thank you Elna. I just subscribed. Looking forward to reading all your emails. P.S. Not to be a huge bother but your Privacy Policy and Disclosure has a teeny tiny typo. (DIsclosure instead of Disclosure)Reply to Angela
Hi Angela Thank you so much for your compliment! I’m blushing and humbled by it all! I LOVE writing and I LOVE helping so blogging is so perfect for me!!! (and for others). Thanks for letting me know about the typo!!!Reply to Elna
No problem, Elna. It is an absolute pleasure to read your blog. <3 Warm regards, AngelaReply to Angela
Thanks, Elna! It is the most comprehensive list I have read so far.Reply to Sara
Hey Sara! That’s awesome to hear! Glad you found some list building tips as a blogger!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Amazing Blog! Thank you so much for all your helpful hints and valuable content! Thanks for so many useful tips and for the inspiration! I will definitely be using some of your great ideas on my SeaHouse Imagery online store.Reply to Deb
Hi Deb, Thanks so much! Glad you found some ways to grow your email list for your business! Good luck!Reply to Elna
I just wanted to let you know that your website is my go to place for learning how to start a new blog! Everything you post is so helpful, and I will be forever grateful for your insight.Reply to Priscilla
Hi Priscilla! Aww! That is so nice to hear. You just made my month!!! Thank you so much. I hope my future blog posts are just as helpful!Reply to Elna
Whew! That’s a lot of tips. What do you mean by ‘you can make multiple pins for your lead magnet’? Do I have to create more than one graphic for my freebie? I’m sorry if it’s a dumb question, I’m not familiar with pinterest yet. Thank you for your posts, it makes blogging sounds easy to do. ?Reply to Sab
Hi Sab, You can have one freebie graphic on a landing page. But, you should create different types of pins that direct to that freebie. I hope that makes sense?Reply to Elna
Great ideas!!! I already changed my Pinterest bio. Thanks for so many ideas to work with.Reply to Margaret
Hey Margaret! That’s awesome! Have fun!Reply to Elna
Hi, just read through your tips! I’m researching on starting up, you have lots to offer! Thank you!Reply to Jen
Thank you so much for all of your helpful content! I’m always looking for new ways to grow and improve my blog and email list. You’ve given me a ton of great stuff to work with!!Reply to Kaitlin
Another great post! I never thought about posting daily to twitter about my lead magnet. I def. plan on doing that! Thanks!Reply to Amy
LOVING The Mom Boss Vault!! It is so helpful and such a great idea. Thank you so much!Reply to lauren
Hi Lauren! Oh thank you so much!! I’ve never had a vault before and I’m so glad readers are using it!!Reply to Elna
This is a fantastic post!!! ThanksReply to Marlena
Hi Elna! This is an amazing post full of useful info! Wow, actually, all your posts are amazing, I just found you via Pinterest a couple days ago and am learning a ton from you! Now to go figure out the best lead magnet for my site, thanks for the inspiration!Reply to Vicky
Hi Vicky! Thank you so much. So happy that you found some useful tips to help you grow your blog 🙂Reply to Elna
Wow! Elna! So informative! Thank you for your concise format and simplicity. Bookmarking this for future reference! I am slowly getting into my email list and working on a freebie. Thanks for the information!Reply to Sarah
Hi Sarah! Thank you so much! Thanks for bookmarking this for later! Good luck growing your email list!Reply to Elna
HI Elna! OMG I just read a few of your posts from Pinterest and I am not ashamed to say I am hooked! I just recently launched my blog which is the first college blog in Kuwait. I read your ConvertKit post (about how to use it) and it was so informative. I am using MailerLite and I haven’t sent out any emails yet but I plan to soon. I just have one small question- after a person subscribes to the list for a specific freebie, how do I send it to them? Should I add an automated email for each opt-in separately along with the link to download the link? or do I individually send them the freebie each time I get a new subscriber (that would be too much work!)? I love, love, love your posts they’re so informative and I might have kinda-sorta subscribed to every opt-in that was visible to me on your posts ! 😛 Thank you Elna!Reply to Halima
Hi Halima, That’s awesome and thanks so much for your comment! I’m so humbled 🙂 As for your question, with ConvertKit, you can set up you opt-in form to direct to a thank you page (and on that page have the freebie to download) or give them the link right then and there (when they get the email after they sign up, there will be a button to confirm and download the freebie). I hope that makes sense!Reply to Elna
Wow! This is a great post with so much information! I plan on reading it again and saving it! I am working on some freebies for my blog right now that I just started and I learned many things from this post that I didn’t realize. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us newbie bloggers.Reply to Tiffany
Tiffany! I love hearing that. Thanks so much. Super excited for you about getting your freebie up and running! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thank you Elna. Can’t wait to get started and use these tips.Reply to Tiffany
This is a really extensive list. Thank you for putting it together. I’ll be studing it for a while lolReply to Melissa
Hi Melissa, You’re welcome. I’m happy to hear you want to grow your email list for 2017! These list building strategies will totally help you! Good luck!Reply to Elna
What a great list. I’m not a Mom, but I can see how the items here would be useful for any blogger. I have to admit though, looking at the list all at once is rather overwhelming. So I’ve bookmarked it so that I can refer back as needed. Thanks!Reply to Ola
Hey Ola! Thanks so much for bookmarking this post! Yes, there’s a lot of ways to grow your email list for sure.Reply to Elna
These are some seriously great ideas! I am just starting to grow my email list (Like today actually!) do you have any tips on what you use for your email list? Do you use Mailchimp or something else? As a new blogger the blogging world seems so overwhelming, but your blog has helped me tremendously! Thanks again!Reply to Leigh
Leigh, I would recommend MailChimp since it’s free for the first 2000 subscribers. 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna. I super love your blog (very helpful) especially your graphics! Would you mind sharing what font size do you use?Reply to April
Hi April, I’m not sure what font size I use! My scrips is like 150 and my other font is maybe 80.Reply to Elna
I love these ideas!! Thank you for sharing, and I will utilize some of these, now!Reply to Tyane
THere are some great suggestions here! some which i already knew about others which i am going to be trying. I cant wait to see more of your posts!Reply to heather
Hi Heather, Thanks so much! Have fun trying out these awesome ways to grow your email list.Reply to Elna
There is so much great information here! Creating a lead magnet has been on my mind and unfortunately, on the back burner, for too long. My goal is to create my magnet and get it up on my site this weekend. Thanks so much for all these great tips! – – Rachel@Tidy&TealReply to Rachel
Hey Rachel! I like your site and can’t wait to see your lead magnet! Thanks so much and I’m glad you found some inspiration to get your freebie up and running!Reply to Elna
I am so glad I came across your blog this morning because it has sparked an idea for me. I have been struggling with getting people to even see my blog. I knew about the lead magnets, but I thought it had to be something more elaborate. I have read so many blogs giving the same advice on growing your blog, but the advice given didn’t benefit me much. I am thankful for your suggestions and also the examples you gave. Hopefully these changes will help grow my blogReply to Whitney
Hey Whitney! Thanks so much. So glad this post will help you with growing your email list and getting a lead magnet! Good luck!Reply to Elna
WOW. Thank you so much for this epic post. I’m a new blogger and have so much to learn. I’ll make a little progress, then get bogged down on what to do next. After reading this, I can see that content upgrades are probably a good idea for me, and I’ve got to get a lead magnet in place! So much work to do – thanks for all the info to get me on track for what to do next 🙂Reply to Heather
Hey Heather! Thanks so much! I’m so happy to learn that you found some great tips to help you grow your email list. Yes a lead magnet will help you grow your email list every day! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Elna! Quit making it all seem so easy! Oy vey…. you make my head spin! These are all super awesome tips! So awesome that I’m saving them so I can continue to refer back. I still don’t know how you do it all. Thanks for sharing these tips! BrenReply to Bren
Hey Bren! Ha…yeah there are a bunch of ways to grow your list and this is just the tip! I hope you actually READ each one 🙂Reply to Elna
This post is SO helpful – definitely bookmarking it and will refer to it often. One thing I’m surprised you didn’t mention, that you clearly do a TON, is linking out to other bloggers in your post and then contacting them to tell them in hopes that they’ll either refer readers to your post or return the favor sometime. I imagine a lot of your new subscribers have come from that? Love your blog and how readable it is 🙂Reply to Coco
Hi Coco! Thanks so much for stopping by and good to know you will refer to this in the future. I have tagged people I linked to in my post on Twitter! Thanks for the tip though.Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, this is a great post! Really awesome tips. Bookmarking for later!Reply to Jenn
Jenn! Thanks so much. Enjoy reading it with your morning coffee 🙂Reply to Elna
Wow!!! Thanks for all the info!!! I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years at various blogs and have never started a e-mail list. *hangs head in shame…* I just started a new blog and want to do things right this time. I know I should offer something for free, but I’ve been having trouble coming up with an idea. Thanks for all the advice! 🙂 LynnReply to Lynn
Hi Lynn, 🙂 No need to hang your head in shame. You are now ready to start positioning your blog for income! That’s great!Reply to Elna
There is so much useful info here! Thanks Elna 🙂 I am bookmarking this so I can come back to reference it! Thanks for sharing!Reply to cristina
Hey Cristina! Thanks so much. Glad you found some great strategies to grow your email list 🙂Reply to Elna
Wow! This is so helpful! I’m still just getting started on my blog, so it’s overwhelming sometimes. But I’m loving your posts! Thanks so much!Reply to Liz
Hey Liz! Thanks so much. I’m excited helping moms become mompreneurs! Mom Boss RULES!Reply to Elna
Chocked full of useful information. I loved this article and pinned for future use.Reply to Clearissa
Thanks so much Clearissa! Glad you found some good strategies to build your email list.Reply to Elna
Such a great resource post.. I’ll definitely be saving this for later. Thanks!Reply to Tatyanna
Hey Tatyanna, That’s great! Have fun looking it over.Reply to Elna
Elna, my favourite kind of post! Love these tips. I need to step up on IFTTT. I know I HAVE to do it but it’s just finding the time! Arrgghh… And I love how petty your stock photos are. Are they haute chocolate by any chance? Off to share this! 🙂Reply to Meera
Hey Meera! Thanks so much. Yes, I recently found out about IFTTT and I am in LOVE with it. It’s on autopilot and it’s doing all my social media marketing 🙂 Well the posting part that is. As for my photos, they are all stock and some are from Haute Chocolate. I have two posts on where to find girly and chic stock photos.Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Thank you so much for the feature, I really appreciate it! There are so many great ideas here, many of which I haven’t tried myself (like adding the course opt-in to my bio, genius!)… Awesome article as always!Reply to Monica
Hey Monica, You’re welcome. I signed up to your eCourse and loving it! You’re blog has changed a bit since I was last on it a few months ago. It’s looking good!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Great list of actionable tips, as always! I really need to get on it with a few of these, I’ve been avoiding it. Now to find the same to get it done! Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll be saving this post to our group board. 🙂Reply to Terryn
Hey Terryn! Thanks so much. Your blog is gorgeous by the way 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you found some inspiration with this post. Starting an email list is important if you want to monetize your blog so the sooner the better!Reply to Elna
You’re wonderful Elna! What a surprise I got when I saw The Cultivate Love Challenge mention in this post. Thank you so much. I’v e had a complete break from blogging this summer (with a big country move) but looking forward to getting back into it soon. You are an inspiration as always. Love this post xxReply to Joanna
Hey Joanna! Thanks so much for stopping by and you’re welcome! I loved your guest post over at Brilliant Business Moms. And I love your printables 🙂 So cute. I see you are using Convert Kit and Leadpages on your blog! You go girl! I’m not even using those! You are truly becoming a mompreneur 🙂Reply to Elna