17 *More* Places for FREE Styled and Chic Stock Photos

Hey everyone! I have more free photos to share with you.

Over two months I ago I shared 18 Places For Free Girly Stock Photos and it was a major hit for this blog! That post has received over 2k shares and over 70 comments.

I know I’m not the only one who goes ga-ga over images. If I could, I would stare at images all day, but I can’t!

But in the last two months I’ve been visiting more sites and seeing so many awesome free chic and feminine photos.

So, I’ve rounded up 17 more places to beautify your blog for free! Yes, these are all free (but some require an email from you).

Let’s get to it!

1. Oh Tilly!

Jana is a photographer and was gorgeous rustic and naturalistic photos. She also offers video tutorials on using Photoshop which totally rocks because I use Photoshop for my images, yet don’t know how to really use it!

I find her images very elegant and chic!

Grab free photos here.

2. Shafaq O.

Shafaq is a freelance web designer and her blog and images are amazing. If you subscribe to her list, you get a bunch of free stock photos every two weeks! Ah-mah-zing!

3. Katie Harp

Grab 50 cute stock images from Katie Harp! They’re styled and great for your blog posts and social media posts!

Cute stock photos!

4. Kaboompics

Kaboompics isn’t from a solopreneur like all of these places, but I do LOVE their photos. They’re a little dark, but they are creative and great for business type blogs for entrepreneurs. No need to sign up to a list; just download the ones you like.

Download free stock photos

5. atelier21

Atelier21 is from Ingrid, a brand stylist who helps women entrepreneurs grow their business through branding. She’s put together a free resource page and has included images for your landing pages and freebie incentives.

Get free photos here.

6. Creative Market

I love Creative Market. You can get fonts, images, templates, mockups and more! If you sign up to their email list, you’ll get free goodies like these free stock photos!

7. Hello You Designs

Hello You Designs has some awesome stock photos and Instagram photo templates all for free! Grab them here.

8. Gold and Berry

Gold and Berry is a lifestyle blog and has a ton of freebie image resources. Check out her freebie page and download any image you want. You don’t need to sign up to her list to get them either.

My favorite are:

Free Minimalist Style Stock Photography (6 free photos)

Styled Stock Photography in Pink and Gold (1 photo)

Free Styled Stock Photography Gold, White, Pink Styled Desktop (1 photo)

Free Styled Stock Photography Elle Decoration Polska (3 photos)

plus more!

9. Reneé Dolling

Reneé has a blog full of helpful tips for entrepreneurs and bloggers. She also has a photo pack with 10 free stock photos you can use.

Plus, check out this post for even more free photos.

10. Pixabay

Pixabay is the biggest place to get a lot of free stock photos in any category. From food, to beauty, to health, business and blogging. You can find some styled photos too.

11. Julie C. Butler

Julie is a photographer and has some beautiful brand stock photos on her site. Just sign up to her email list and you’ll free photos!

12. Delia In a Nutshell

Grab your free styled stock photos. I love Delia in a Nutshell’s blog! Her photos are cute with a natural style!

13. The Stock Boutique

Alisha is behind The Stock Boutique. It’s a place for creative passion for women entrepreneurs. Alisha provides free stock photos on her blog so check out her blog for some chic photos.

14. Pexels

Pexels is one of the biggest free stock photos catalogs online. They have images for all types of niches and it’s quite easy to download photos – one click and done!

15. Aminta Demandura

Aminta Demandura has some gorgeous desktop flatlay photos. Sign up to her list and get free photos.

16. Pixi Stock

I love Alicia’s photos. I actually have a subscription to her photos. But, you’re in luck – she does have a pack of free photos.

So make sure to grab them!

17. Unsplash

Are you going ga-ga over these? I love Unsplah. They have thousands of free stock photos and many of them are lifestyle stock photos that you can use for your blog and other marketing materials.

The Best Free Feminine and Chic Photos Here

There ya go! I’ve rounded up 17 more places to grab some awesome free girly and styled photos. With my other post, you have a bunch of places to find free stock photos for your blog. Pretty awesome right?

Have fun looking at these photos and designing them! Oh, and be sure to grab my guide on creating the perfect Pin!

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Thank you for the excellent resources Elna! I wanted to let you know that you misspelled the word (subheading) Pexels on #14 (you wrote Pexles instead).Reply to Chris
Hey Chris, Thanks for the error. I had to update my free stock photo blog posts while minding my twins I’m sure! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
I’ve been thinking for a while that I should take a couple more of these but I never get to it. I should put it on my to-do list for these coming months. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog!:)Reply to Delia
Hey Delia! You’re welcome! Love me some free stock photos!Reply to Elna
You are so amazing! This seriously saved me so much time! Thanks Elna!Reply to Kai
Thanks Kai! Glad you liked the free stock photos!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much!Reply to Tasha
Oh hey, that’s me!!! Thanks for sharing, Elna! And holy crap, I just found a BUNCH more places to get stock photos. I totally thought I’d already found them all 😉 Thanks, love!Reply to Miranda
Hey Miranda! You’re welcome. Glad you found some more places!Reply to Elna
I love that all of these stock photo resources aren’t your typical sites that so many bloggers share! And they’re all so pretty!Reply to Cole
Hey Cole, I know right? I love these photos too and am using them still!Reply to Elna
Thanks so much for including me. I can’t wait to check out all of the others 🙂Reply to Scarlett
Hey Scarlett, No problem! Love the photos and love that you are a Canadian girl like me. I used to live in Vancouver 🙂Reply to Elna
There are a bunch of places on here that I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing this awesome list! I will be bookmarking this post to reference later when I am making graphics 🙂Reply to Addi
Hey Addi! Thanks so much. Glad you liked the free stock photos 🙂Reply to Elna
Probably not enough to add to the list, but I have a small pack of office photos 🙂 to Jess
This is awesome! This photos are so pretty thank you!Reply to nicole
Hi Nicole, So glad you like them! I love looking at images for my blog.Reply to Elna
You’re my favorite!!!! Ahh!! Thank you. 🙂Reply to Emily
Hey Emily, Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the images here! They do rock.Reply to Elna
Yay! LOVE this! 🙂Reply to Renee
Yay! So happy you like these images. They are awesome I think!Reply to Elna
Thanks so much for these,good quality photos are hard to find that portray the image us girlies are looking for, feminine and sophisticated. These cover all the above.Reply to Sally
Hey Sally, I know what you mean. These are some pretty nice and chic stock photos and I’m glad I found them!Reply to Elna
These are really good suggestions with great quality. Thanks for the post!Reply to Amber
Hi Amber! Happy to hear you like these styles. I LOVE looking at images for my blog.Reply to Elna
These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! xo, @mylifebeingrenewed.blogspot.comReply to Melinda
You’re welcome Melinda! So happy you like them.Reply to Elna
Elna – im in love !! Thank u so much hun!Reply to Shafaq
Hey Shafaq, Love your images and blog girl! Spreading the love.Reply to Elna
Haha I noticed you used them on this post and your webinar post. I was on cloud 9 😀 – hy fy babe!Reply to Shafaq
Yup they are absolutely GORGEOUS girl!Reply to Elna
Thank you! It’s like coming across a treasure trove of amazing photos. Very helpful and inspiring too 🙂Reply to Trish
Hey Trish, So happy you found some more photos for your awesome looking blog! Thanks again for visiting and commenting.Reply to Elna
Good to know. I’m changing the style of my blog and this will come in handy.Reply to Patty
Hey Patty, That’s great! Creating a brand is a process and even I am still growing my brand.Reply to Elna
Web designing and branding is a never ending process!Reply to Patty
More great sources! Will never get enough of free stock photos. Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.comReply to Alix
Thanks Alix, So happy you like them and can’t get enough of stock photos like me!Reply to Elna
Yay! More stock photos. Excuse me while I am on a download frenzy lol.Reply to McKinzie
Hey McKinzie, Glad you liked these styled free stock photos.Reply to Elna
Fabulous list as always, Elna! Thanks for sharing! I’ve bookmarked for later reference.Reply to Bren
Hey Bren, Good to know and thanks a bunch for bookmarking this post 🙂Reply to Elna
Elna, Thanks for putting in all the time to research these and find such great FREE resources for all us newbies. It is hard to find quality stock photos for free. These all have such great color to them and really stand out! Love it! Thank you!Reply to Amelia
Hi Amelia, Happy to hear you are happy and like this post 🙂 I love giving free guides and resources to new bloggers. The blogging community is the best 🙂 Enjoy!Reply to Elna
This is very helpful to a newbie such as myself, good information and tips. Thank you!Reply to Mariam
Hi Mariam, You’re welcome! I know for a lot of newbie bloggers they have no clue where to find free stock photos. I know I didn’t when I first started. Have fun exploring.Reply to Elna
thanks so much for sharing all of these! I’m always looking for new places to find stock photos 🙂Reply to Tianna
Hi Tianna! You’re welcome. I love posts like these and that’s why I wrote another one 🙂Reply to Elna