Upgrade Your Blog Comments By Doing This One Traffic Generating Tip

Do you have a new blog?

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Upgrade Your Blog Comments With This Traffic Generating Tip

You’re putting out all this great content, you’re involved in Facebook groups, Twitter and Pinterest and still no one is coming to your site.

How come it’s easier for other people? They start a blog and in three weeks they have 100 subscribers and about a million comments. What gives?

TwinsMommy is a new site for me. I have another blog where I’ve built a good following, but I wanted to create TwinsMommy so that I can learn how to make money blogging – and also teach others.

I’m a freelance writer so I never went the whole affiliate marketing/ads/sponsored posts route. I figured I can give that a go on this blog. You can follow my blog growth if you want!

But, wait! Do you have a blog?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this post, if you’re reading this and don’t have a blog, but want to start one, I have an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog using Bluehost!

Even though I have a following, my target audience on that blog isn’t the same target audience for TwinsMommy so I had to develop a new strategy for generating traffic.

One thing I started doing – which I haven’t done in a while – is blog commenting on blogs in my niche.

Why Blog Commenting is Important

If you have a new blog then no one knows you exist! If you want to build a strong network and connect with other bloggers in the same niche, you need to make it a habit to comment on their blogs.

I started going to other mommy-business blogs or money-making blogs to contribute to the discussion and hopefully bring traffic back to my site.

Some of the blogs I’m going to are:

At first nothing was happening.

All that work I did commenting on 5 blogs a day wasn’t bringing traffic back to my site. Some had CommentLuv, others used Disqus, but still no traffic.

And it wasn’t like I was leaving a comment like,

What a great post. I’ll have to bookmark it for the future.

A comment like that can be cut and pasted to any blog post. It’s not personal or relating to the actual post.


I write comments like this:

The blogger responded to my comment, but no traffic resulted from that comment. Now, I know not EVERY comment you write will result in traffic, but I found one easy way that increases your chance by up to 500%! I know…I’m being dramatic here.

It’s Not CommentLuv

What’s great is that this traffic generator tip works for commenting systems without CommentLuv!

See, before I started TwinsMommy and started my other blog, I only commented on blogs that had CommentLuv.

I figured it was a sure way to bring traffic back to my site. And it is! I mean I have this plugin for TwinsMommy too!

But, for some reason, many of these mommy/work-at-home type blogs don’t use CommentLuv.

I needed to find another way to pique a reader’s interest enough to click on my name and go back to my blog.

And you know what? It was staring me right in the face.

Moms Comment Differently

I’m a freelance writer. Most of the blogs I go to are blogging or writing sites:

And you know how “those” people comment?

Nothing fancy. It’s all business and nothing more.

So, when I started going to work-at-home blogs I started noticing that these ladies jazzed up their blog comment.

Here’s Sarah Brooks from The Frugal Millionaire’s comment on Embracing Simple Blog:

And here’s Jenn’s comment on a mom blog:

It wasn’t until I noticed something on these “mommy/work-at-home” blogs that I’ve never seen before.

Can you spot it out?

The One Simple Thing to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

These smart cookies are putting their blog in their name!

So, it looks like this:

Elna @ TwinsMommy

Or I can do:

Elna | TwinsMommy

or even:

Elna at TwinsMommy

I don’t suggest you put the “.com” in the name as this can trigger the spam filter and you don’t want your comment going there now do you?

I would also suggest to keep it as short as possible. If your blog name is four or five words long, consider a shortened version.

How easy and simple is that?

What’s great about doing this is people are more interested in checking you out when they actually know what your blog name is.

If you only used your name and nothing more, then you’re banking on people reading your comment. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t read everyone’s comments before I comment.

I’m sure the blog owner is about the only one that will read anyone’s comment, right?

But, if you were scrolling the comments and saw a URL next to a name, wouldn’t you want to see what their blog is all about?

Once I put two and two together, I started adding my domain name when I left a comment.

And you know what? It worked. Here’s my analytics for referrals.


I don’t know about you, isn’t that awesome for a new blogger?

Okay, the numbers aren’t huge, but still. All I did was put TwinsMommy in my name when I left a comment and people clicked on the link and went to my site.

What’s nice is that these people – whether it’s the blog owner or visitors – are my target audience.

I’m not going to just any old blog and leaving a comment. I’m strategically going to blogs in my niche and now that I know certain blogs – Single Mom’s Income and Embracing Simple Blog – generate traffic, I’ll be commenting on those blogs more.

What About Disqus?

Disqus is a popular commenting system many bloggers use. You can create a profile with Disqus or just log in with your social media information.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of blogs that use Disqus. For some reason, I have a hard time commenting on them!

I’ll type up my epic comment then fill in my login info, hit submit and my writing disappears!! grr…That’s happened to me more than I’d like to admit.

But, it doesn’t discourage me too much. I still visit blogs that use Disqus.

Since they use your social media login info, how can you add your URL to your name?

I found some people use a signature when they leave a comment  on Disqus.


So, I’ll be sure to do this next time I run into Disqus!!

Did I Blow Your Mind?

🙂 Maybe I didn’t. Maybe this “trick” is old and nothing new. But, for me, it’s totally new. I’ve been blogging for over a year and I’ve NEVER seen this.

I suspect you see this in the lifestyle/mommy niche. But, that’s not to say you can’t use it on a blogging site or a food blog!

Before you send off your next comment, put your URL in it! I’m sure you’ll get traffic back to your site. And if you want to capture this new traffic, make sure to have a lead magnet or content upgrade!

Over to you – do you have any other blog commenting tricks to generate traffic? Share them here!

And remember to Pin me!

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Thanks for the great tip. I am new to blogging and am devouring all you information. Trying it here…let’s see if it works. I know we are not in the same niche.Reply to Isabel
Excellent article! Will try out these traffic boosting tips.Reply to David
What a wonderful tip Elna! I never thought to put the blog name in the name section of comments. I don’t have a blog up yet, but I will definitely be utilizing the tip when I get it up and running.Reply to Sasha
Thanks for a really comprehensive blog post that I found very helpful. I am going to put several of your tips into practice. Thank you!Reply to banarasi
Hi, That’s awesome! Good luck with growing your blog traffic!Reply to Elna
Elna, thank you so much for your helpful tips on how to leave insightful comments on other blog posts. I just started blogging myself, I do this pretty regularly. I have never heard of putting your @ in your name though, I am going to start doing that every time I comment. Thanks againReply to Tahila
Thank you for the great tips that you have shared! I agree with your point regarding the importance of blog commenting.Reply to Susan
Hi Susan, Glad you found this post helpful! I love blog commenting so much! Have fun!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Thanks for the great post! This is super helpful. As a new blogger I am always researching and finding ideas to get my site out there. Thank you again!Reply to Leah
Hi Leah! Glad you found this helpful! Love your blog name!Reply to Elna
Elna, thank you so much for your helpful tips on how to leave insightful comments on other blog posts. As a blogger myself, I do this pretty regularly. I have never heard of putting your @ in your name though, I am going to start doing that every time I comment. Thanks again.Reply to Nicole
Hi Nicole, Awesome and thanks for commenting! Love your blog name!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Thank you for such an in depth article on this! I was feeling completely lost with setting this up and I am so glad I came across your post. Thanks for always posting such useful information to help new bloggers like myself. I am giving your tips a try here as a test to see if I understand it right 🙂Reply to Karisa
Hi Karisa, Your comment worked for me! I saw it and wanted to check out your blog! I love your design and color choice. Keep blogging and helping people as much as possible! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank you for your article. I am new to blogging and I don’t have comments for my articles, do you recommend enabling comments? What is the benefit? You have so many comments! I can’t believe you have responded to them all. Wow. I also wanted to check, did you comment on any blog in your niche, or were you more strategic? Thank you. TaniaReply to Tania
Hi Tania, For me, I love connecting with my readers, so I do my best to respond to each comment I receive. I still think having comments on your blog is a good thing. It can help with SEO and it shows your audience you are engaging and reciprocal. I would just be careful with comments. Use a plugin like Akismet to flag spam comments! But, don’t forget to comment on other people’s blog too (as this is what the post is about!). Have fun!Reply to Elna
This is such a helpful post, thank you! I have been blogging for years, but am just starting to get serious about it. You talk about CommentLuv and Disqus; I am wondering which (if either) you use on your site because I love the clean format. I have recently redesigned my WP site and am trying to only include necessary plugins to optimize speed, but also want to ensure I am maximizing traffic and engagement too. So many things to keep in mind! 🙂Reply to Marcy
Hey Marcy, I would never use Disquis. I have used CommentLuv and loved it but it’s not supported so I no longer use it!Reply to Elna
Thanks! Yes, I noticed that it’s no longer supported, which is why I was wondering!Reply to Marcy
Man I’ve been commenting on blogs for two years and NEVER thought of adding my blog name to my name. It’s so funny how something soooooo simple can have a big impact! I’m trying it here for fun (*wink wink). Thanks for always giving such helpful tips!Reply to Heather
Hey Heather, I know right? I never knew for a long time either! Glad to see your blog name!Reply to Elna
This is a great post, I had no idea why people sometimes signed comments like that, it makes so much sense now (I’m gonna try it here for the very first time!)Reply to Donna
Hi Elna , I have a baby blog but i didnt keep commenting option. Now i understood that it was a great mistake for me. Commenting options is much inportant to connect with other bloggers and it increase authority. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice idea.Reply to Nicula
Hi Nicula, So glad you figured that out! Yes, I love to comment on other blogs and start that conversation!Reply to Elna
You’re amazing for putting such great tips out there for us new mom bloggers. I am now going to be searching out some great blogs in my niche to leave comments for. Your website is actually the reason why I started a mom blog in the first place, so thank you for that inspiration.Reply to Nicole
Hi Nicole! Thank you so much! So happy to hear this 🙂 Congrats on your new blog!Reply to Elna
and for some reason I was thinking I had to change my gravatar name and profile name on my blog but that didn’t work for the above comment so now I realize I just have to change my name for each time I make a blog comment. I’m obviously still learning everything lolReply to Nicole
Thanks for this insightful tip, Elna. We just started a blog a few months ago and are always on the lookout for new ways to boost traffic — and you’re the first person we’ve seen to suggest this idea! Trying it out for the first time in this comment!Reply to Colin
Hey, Awesome that you started a blog! Yes, boosting traffic is my jam! You can check out my course if you want to ramp up your new blog – Ready Set Blog for Traffic!!! 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, thank you so very much for pointing out this tip. Such a great reminder for this little hack. Because I’ve shied away from leaving comments ever since some top blogers mentioned that it’s not something worthwhile. But really, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Not to mention the reason for leaving the comment itself. I will surely try your tip.Reply to Devy
Hey Elna! This is a really good tip, but I have a couple of questions. Where are we leaving these comments? Pinterest? Facebook? Instagram? A lot of the blogs I am visiting don’t have a comment section. I also have been trying to comment on Pinterest but it just keeps spinning.Reply to Lauren
Hey Lauren, These comments are on blog posts like the one you just commented on my blog post! Yes, some blogs don’t have a comment section. If that’s the case, don’t read that blog. Go to a blog that has a comment section. Yes, it’s cut-throat but for ME, I’m not reading blog posts for fun; I’m networking, learning and thinking how to better my business.Reply to Elna
Wow! This isn’t really good info. I just started my blog about a month ago and had no idea this was a thing. Like even commenting on other blogs. I’m going to try it! Thanks so much for sharing this info!Reply to Jenelle
Ooh, so helpful, using it for the first time to comment here in your blog! I’ve been binge-reading how you grew your twinsmommy site and it’s so addicting, thanks for sharing!Reply to Julie
I love this post. I’m a beginner and this is just what I need. Thank you so much!Reply to Wendy
Hi Wendy, You’re welcome! So glad you started a mommy blog!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I have never heard of this tip before. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am a new blogger and it is indeed not so easy to get traffic! I will make sure to follow this tip from now on and start commenting on my niche-related blog posts from other bloggers.Reply to TheYpsilonBlog
That’s great to hear!Reply to Elna
What an incredible, insight post. Hopefully this helps with some of my SEO! Thank you so much for being a great resource for us all!!Reply to Ayana
Thank you for this Elna. I had a blog many years ago that seemed to easily attract comments and I remember how fellow bloggers would generally always reply to my comments and visit my blog to reciprocate. These days I’m surprised if I get a reply to my comment let alone anything else. Do you think this is because of social media? That’s my take on it. I’m still persisting with my new blog but it definitely doesn’t feel as dynamic or “fun” as it used to be. In any case, thank you for this great post. I love reading your blog and it has been very useful in my blogging journey.Reply to Mei-Ling
Hi! Yes, I’m noticing that trend as well, but I think if you cultivate a strong email list of raving fans you will get comments on your new posts! This is what I am doing so try starting an email list if you haven’t already!Reply to Elna
Like others who have commented, I’ve recently started a new blog. Your tips on commenting seem to still hold true for generating some secret sauce, even though I read somewhere that it doesn’t any longer. Obviously you are proving this wrong. After reading your tips on Pinterest, I have some work to get to. Thank you for sharing so much detail. It’s very helpful for those of us needing some SEO help, for sure!Reply to KP
Hi! Thanks for commenting! Yes, it is a secret sauce for sure and it DOES still work!Reply to Elna
I have just added that great tip to my task list. I have read a few of your blog posts, and they are really great. Within the last 30 min I have added 10 tasks for me to-do list 😉 I have just one question, I noticed this post is from 2018, do you still highly CommentLuv or is there another plugin that is doing a better job?Reply to Naama
Hi! CommentLuv is still around but it’s not as popular on blogs anymore! But having your blog’s name is probably the best bet! I don’t know of another plugin like Commentluv!Reply to Elna
Many thanks for the quick reply 🙂Reply to Naama
Wow, useful advise. I hope my mom blog turns out as great as yours one day 🙂Reply to Francinah
Hi Francine! I’m sure it will! Create unique and original ideas and you will build a strong community!Reply to Elna
I am fairly new to blogging and I feel like I have learned so much from you already. I’m really enjoy blogging, but I get discouraged because I am not getting much traffic. Thank you for posting this helpful tip, I never would have thought of it!Reply to Katie
Hi Katie! Hang in there! Thanks for commenting! Gaining traffic takes consistent content! So keep publishing content every week and promote it on Pinterest heavily! You’ll get readers soon enough!Reply to Elna
I am a really new blogger looking for ways to grow my blog so this guide has been incredible! I already have a list of things to do, number 1 on the list being to comment on this page 🙂 Thank you for such an informative article.Reply to Kie
Hi Kie, That’s fantastic to hear! Have fun growing your blog traffic and reading other people’s blog posts!Reply to Elna
Wow! This really blew my mind. I will surely start using it, starting with this comment here.Reply to Ijeoma
Hi Elna! I’ve just read several of your posts and they are all so helpful! I’m implementing your advice starting here by adding my blog name:) There is so much to learn for a new blogger like me and I’m really thankful I found your site with so many helpful tips. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Kris
Hi Kris, Thanks so much for being a loyal reader of Twins Mommy! Love your blog name and happy to see you are using this tip!Reply to Elna
And here I thought blog commenting was no longer the thing to do! I have no idea where I got that idea. I’ve started a list of things I can do just from reading this post. I’m ready to go out and comment! I’m not a mommy, but I’m a new blogger. Found your site this weekend and I’m learning so many practical things I know I can do. Thank you!Reply to Caryn
Hey Caryn! So happy you are using this tips! It really got me curious about your blog! Thanks for commenting!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna – I’ve been wondering how to reply to comments on my own blog. Right now I’m writing book reviews and short stories (realized I didn’t say that before – I’m new at this!) and it’s great when people post positive things about my writing, but I’m not sure what to reply back. It’s hard to find any posts talking about that aspect of blog comments. Do you have any tips? Thank you!Reply to Caryn
Hey Caryn, What you can do is at the end of each blog post post a question and encourage discussion in your comments. Since your blog is mostly reviews, you may not get a lot of discussions in your comments. So I would reply with a Thanks for reading and leave it at that!Reply to Elna
Hello. This is great information and I greatly appreciate it. I just started blogging and haven’t done much, but this is something small that I am able to implement quickly.Reply to Seun
Hi! That’s awesome! So glad you read this post and you are commenting with your blog name! Way to go!Reply to Elna
You’re right, that does kind of just smack you in the face! I’d never made that connection before. I’ve included my website but unless someone hovered over my name with their mouse, they’d never know it was linked to a site! Thanks for the tip Elna!Reply to Olivia
Thank you for this information! Are there any paid apps or things such as commentluv that you do use – I know you don’t use that one. Great to have you as someone I will follow.Reply to Suz
Hi Suz, I used to use CommentLuv and blog still use this option for sure! Not sure about any other tool though!Reply to Elna
This is definitely a great trick that I hadn’t thought of yet! I’m going to try it out right here and now 😆. Great post Elna, you sure know how to write an easy read.Reply to Lisa
Hi Lisa, Wow! Thanks! Glad this post was easy to read.Reply to Elna
Rebecca | RestyledHomes Hey Elna, I started blogging just a few months ago and have stopped by your blog often due to your thorough research and good advice. You my friend are the real deal. Thank you 🙏Reply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much! So happy you started your blog 🙂Reply to Elna
Very clever indeed. No matter how long you’ve been blogging for there is always something new to learn. What a great piece. Thank you!Reply to Dela
Hi Dela, You’re welcome! Glad you found this blog comment trick useful!Reply to Elna
Great tip – some blogs I go to would prefer that you don’t pop your blog name in there attached to your name. However, I will test it wherever I can. Thanks for the tip.Reply to Becca
OMG Elna.. I never though of putting my URL in your name as you suggested. I will be trying it out NOW. Your blogs are always awesome and helpful. Great way to spread Love to other bloggers and writers. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Beverly
Hey Beverly! Awesome you are using this tactic! I saw your blog name and it got me intrigued!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the tip, Elna. I’ve blogged in the past and stepped away for a few years, but just jumped back in recently. It seems to be much harder work than it was nearly a decade ago! So much more to learn about social media and traffic – it is all quite overwhelming. I stumbled across this post today, a day when I was feeling rather defeated, so thank you for the tip! It will definitely be put to use.Reply to Tina
Hi Tina, Yes, blogging can be overwhelming but take it one day at a time and don’t try everything at once 🙂Reply to Elna
This is an interesting idea. I’ve heard conflicting opinions about blog commenting but I think it is a great way to connect with bloggers. Hey, even it if does nothing for you, it helps to connect you with your blog 🙂Reply to Marlena
Hi Elna, you are so right. I’ve been doing blog commenting to drive traffic to my blog site. But before that, I did Quora. It gave me traffic but not that high compared to the blogs I’ve commented on. Thanks for showing some samples of the comments you found that are very useful.Reply to Valerie
Hi Valerie, Thanks for that tip! Yes, Quora is a cool place to gain authority and clicks to your site, but you do have to look at the quality. Is Quora traffic your ideal audience or are the people reading similar blogs as your blog niche more your audience?Reply to Elna
Elna, this tip is fantastic and so easy to implement! I’m sort of an introvert so networking has been tough for me but I am struggling to get traffic so i need to start commenting more. Your approach is so simple! Love it.Reply to Amy
Hi Amy! So glad you found the blog comment tip helpful! It is a great way to up the curiosity factor when you comment! It made me want to see what your blog is about 🙂Reply to Elna
Girl! I’ve been blogging for a year and have had some trouble with consistent traffic. These simple tips are ah-may-zing! Thanks for taking the time to share them. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me around your posts! See ya later, MalloryReply to Mallory
Hey Mallory! Thanks girl! Glad you enjoyed this post and like my blog!!!!Reply to Elna