How to Easily Repurpose Content to Save You Time as a Mom Blogger

It’s been FOREVER since you last wrote a blog post.

I’ve been there, done that and am doing that right now on my other blogs.

Coming up with blog topics is super challenging, especially if you have more than one blog or you also have a podcast and YouTube channel.

As a blogger, there’s more to blogging than finding topics to blog about.

You need an arsenal of content ideas for your social media platforms, email list, sales page, and landing pages.

But, what if you’re a mom blogger? How do you grow your blog and still have time…to blog?

I’m going to share with you a secret that has enabled me to make thousands of blog posts over the years for all my blogs and for all my freelance writing clients.

You Can Save Time or Save Money Blogging

You can look at blogging in two ways – how can I save time in my day so that I can actually have the time to blog AND how can I save as much money blogging before my blog starts making me money?

In the beginning, I’m sure you will be bootstrapping your blog until you see it grow. But, to help your blog get off on the right foot, you need time.

Especially if you’re a mom blogger.

Time management is our saving grace!

And one easy content hack to give you more time is repurposing content.

If you don’t have the time to read my blog post, make sure to check out my YouTube video on repurposing content!

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is the idea of taking one piece of content and using that for another purpose.

I find the best way to use content repurposing is by changing the format or medium like from a blog post to a video.

The purpose or result of content repurposing may differ from the original content you repurposed.

For example, you may use Facebook lives for brand building, but you may want to repurpose your lives as a freebie for your podcast course.

You might be thinking,

But Elna, won’t my audience see that I’m just recycling the same content all over the place?

No, they won’t!

I know for a fact that not all my email subscribers Liked my Facebook page or are in my Facebook group.

I also know that many people in my Facebook group haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel.

So, you can see that as you grow your audience and promote your blog on different social media platforms, you will see that not everyone will follow you on every social media platform.

A simple repurposing strategy is by choosing one piece of content like baby sleep hacks and sharing that on all your social media platforms in different ways to engage different audiences.

For example, you can create a Facebook poll to see what the popular baby sleep hacks are for your audience.

Similarly, you can create an infographic of your baby sleep hacks post and share that on Pinterest.

But, why repurpose content?

Benefits of Repurposing Content

There are three main benefits of why you would want to repurpose content.

Saves You Time

The most obvious is that this saves time in your content editorial calendar.

Imagine being able to write blog posts every day or twice a week?

You can easily do this if you repurpose content.

Helps Grow Your Brand

Imagine being on all the social media platforms churning out consistent content. You may only focus on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, but that’s okay.

You can be “everywhere” with fresh new (repurposed) content.

Helps Grow Your Traffic

Finally, repurposing content can help grow your blog traffic!

Whenever you write a blog post, think about how you can repurpose this into different forms of content.

So, let’s look at three clever ways you can repurpose existing content.

1. Use Old Email Freebies That Aren’t Converting

Do you have an old email freebie that doesn’t align with your blog?

For example, maybe you started a lifestyle blog and have a freebie on toddler snack ideas.

But, you found over time that your pregnancy blog posts are resonating much better than your parenting posts.

And your toddler snack freebie just isn’t converting.

So, you take your toddler snack ideas checklist “off the market.”

Well, why not use that as a blog post idea or Facebook Live idea?

Even though it doesn’t holistically align with your blog niche, you can still use it for your blog content or email newsletter as it broadly applies to your audience.

When using this strategy, make sure to look at the original pieces and update any old information to make it more relevant.

As well, don’t just copy word-for-word your email freebie if you decide to use it as a blog post.

Instead, add new information and make it a valuable blog post.

2. Use Old Course Lessons

While this tactic for repurposing content won’t apply to all bloggers if you have an old course idea with course lessons, why not recycle that?

At one point, I had drafted a blogging course, but in the end, decided not to offer this as a course.

What’s cool about this strategy is that your old course lessons will be highly valuable, and highly niched and this can help you rank in Google.

Once I found out that my repurposed course lesson blog posts were ranking in Google, I latched on to this and started creating more repurposed blog posts.

3. Use Old Emails as a Springboard to Longer Blog Posts

Are you struggling to write a blog post?

Maybe you only have 500 words written and just can’t think of anything else to add.

Why not look at past emails you sent and see if you can find content there to repurpose on your blog to make your blog post longer?

You don’t have to share the exclusive content you share with only your email subscribers, but you can share snippets of other types of content in your email like stories and general tips that can be applied to a blog post.

I have used this strategy the other way – by using snippets of old blog posts to create a new email newsletter – so you can use this strategy that way too.

How to Turn One Piece of Content Into 6 New Pieces of Content

The ideal method of repurposing content is to have one piece of content and generate multiple pieces of content.

Here is a simple repurposing content strategy:

  • Create a Facebook Live
  • Create a YouTube video – the Facebook live you created can now be turned into a YouTube video
  • Transcribe into a blog post  – Turn that YouTube video into a blog post (ahem like I’m doing right now)
  • Give snippets in an email – Take snippets of the blog post you created and use that for an email
  • Create several graphics for Pinterest and Instagram
  • Share the tips from the blog post you created in a guest post or podcast opportunity

There ya go!

An easy way you can write more simply by repurposing the content you already have!

Tell me in the comments if you repurpose content and your favorite way of doing that!

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I like this idea. I have several new posts in the works, but repurposing old content is a great idea, especially if it’s something that didn’t fly before.Reply to Connie
Hi Connie, YASS! I wish more mom bloggers would know about repurposing content. I think many are afraid that they are just putting out the same content and everyone will lose interest. But, that’s simply not true! I repurpose all the time and I love it! Saves oodles of time for me and so happy to hear you are taking advantage of repurposing content!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, I’m so glad you mentioned using failed freebies as blog post, because I recently did just that and felt weird doing so since people had signed up for. Would those people feel ripped off for giving me their email to something I published for free? I went ahead anyway, and as a post it’s doing really well. Blogging is such trial and error, isn’t it? I’m curious, how long do you wait before switching up a freebie that’s not converting well? A few weeks, a month, or more?Reply to Harmoni
Hey Harmoni, I doubt it. The freebie was free after all, so posting it on your blog shouldn’t be a problem! For me, the time for switching a freebie to a blog post is around 6 months to a year personally!Reply to Elna
This is such a smart idea! Coming up with post ideas is already so hard. Thanks!Reply to Breanna
Hi Breanna, Thank you so much! Glad you found some ways to repurpose content! It WILL totally save you time!Reply to Elna