4 Amazing Hacks to Create New Content When You Don’t Have Any Ideas

Raise your hand if you’re a new mom blogger and it’s been months since you last updated your blog.

I know!

When you have a little one to take care of – or twins in my case! – trying to find time to blog means doing the best writing at the crack of dawn or after a long day of caretaking and chores.

I don’t know about you, but my creative juices aren’t running during those times! So, how can you grow your blog when you’re tired, stressed, overworked and in mom mode every minute of the day?

How I Started My Blog When I Already Had One

I’m a serial entrepreneur! I have several blogs that I manage or write on. My main blog before Twins Mommy was my freelance writing blog – Elna Cain.

For a a long time, I was able to blog once a week consistently on my freelance writing blog. But I got busy with client work and creating courses that weeks would go by without me writing a blog post.

But, of course, with the shiny object syndrome I often get, I decided to start a new blog. For me, starting a new blog gives me a boost in creativity, which allows me to enjoy what I’m doing and continue to pump out content for all my blogs and my clients.

Now, with all my blogs and projects, I have to come up with content for:

  • My main blogs – that’s three blogs I have to maintain (the others I have guest posters)
  • My Facebook page
  • Pinterest – creating new pins for old posts
  • My two YouTube channels
  • My clients
  • My email list – I’ve recently beefed up my newsletters filled with some amazing blogging and Pinterest tips
  • My course lessons
  • When I blog comment
  • When I post on social media

Phew!!! That’s a lot mamas!

So, how can I do this when I have twins to take care of too? Yes, they are in school now, but I never have a full day of work, and sometimes I don’t touch my laptop until 8 pm.

I’m all about being efficient with content. You have to make your content last as long as possible by stretching it, adapting it and using it in different ways.

And when you do this, to everyone else – your readers and other bloggers – it looks like you’re creating brand new amazing content (but, really you aren’t!).

Because there will be days or weeks when you just can’t get to your blog, so when you do, you have to make that time count – even when you have no idea what you want to blog about!

That’s okay mama! I’ve got your back! Here are four super cool hacks you can use to look like you’re creating brand new content when, really you aren’t!!

1. Repurpose Your Content

Man, if I only knew about repurposing when I first started blogging. I had no idea as a new blogger that you can use existing content to make new content.


It wasn’t until my clients asked me to write about repurposing content that I said, hey, I can do this on my blog!!

Repurposing your content means taking one of your content pieces like a blog post, email newsletter or Facebook Live and turning that into another form of content.

My best way of repurposing content was turning my 12 days of freebie series into a 190+ Freebie Resource guide to grow my email list!

My second way of repurposing content is to turn a blog post into a Facebook Live AND THEN create a new blog post from the REPURPOSED content! Bam!!!

Sometimes, if I don’t create a new post based on the repurposed content, I update the post I used to make the Facebook Live with the YouTube video I created from the Facebook Live.

So, I’m freshening up an old piece of content, which can help bring life to that blog post from Google and Pinterest!

The easiest way to repurpose content is to use an old blog post and make an email newsletter from it. The second is to create an email incentive from a blog post or series of blog posts.

2. Create a New Pin for an Old Blog Post

Are you on Pinterest yet?

If not, go sign up for your Pinterest business account now! Pinterest is an amazing platform to help you increase your blog traffic like bananas!!

One of the things Pinterest LOVES is new content. These are new pins on Pinterest. But, you know what? You can LOOK like you are creating all this brand new content for Pinterest just by creating new pins for old blog posts.

I create new pins for the posts that are doing well or need a boost in traffic.

When creating multiple pins for the same blog post try to:

By creating a new looking pin for an old post, you can reach a new audience that might be attracted to this new type of pin of yours. This can help grow your Pinterest followers and blog traffic.

Now, while you aren’t putting a new piece of content on your blog, new people will be coming to your blog, and that’s all that counts, right? New people means more traffic, new comments, and more email subscribers.

3. Create a Similar Post That You Already Wrote

A lot of my freelance writing clients ask me to write about Pinterest:

I also guest post (or podcast) about Pinterest tips:

  • 3 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Email List on Pinterest
  • How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog- with Elna Cain
  • How To Use Pinterest for Business Growth with Elna Cain

And can you guess that I also write about Pinterest on this blog, Twins Mommy, too?

I have learned how to spin the same type of topic in multiple ways and make it look like fresh new content (but in reality, a lot of the same information is presented in these types of content).

It’s okay to share similar strategies from an old blog post. What I tend to do is share fewer tips – or more tips – and add any new information I learned since writing that old blog post.

4. Do a Roundup Post

Roundup posts are the best types of blog posts to have for a new blog. Why?

The first reason is that roundups can grow your audience. If you feature other bloggers or blogs in your roundups (and notify them you featured them), those bloggers will share your post to their audience.

You can effectively grow your traffic, email list, and income with roundup posts.

The second reason is that they are easy to create since you aren’t really creating any content – just curating content.

So this frees up time for you as a mom blogger but also helps create fresh content for your blog. The only thing you need to do is:

  • Come up with a blog post idea
  • Create the email template
  • Come up with a list of blogs or bloggers you want to feature
  • Email the bloggers
  • Write a quick intro and format the post
  • Email the bloggers after you publish the post

That’s basically it! No writing for you and possibly no editing either!

Some great ways to create a roundup post is to ask one question and get a whole bunch of bloggers to answer that question. I did that for this post.

And the more bloggers you ask – as well as encourage longer answers – the more content your post will have. And Google likes long-form content with over 2k words.

My biggest roundup is 12k words!

Create New Content from Existing Content

There ya go! These are some of the ways I can create a lot of content for all my blogs without spending hours creating that content!

Try these hacks out mamas and let me know which one you are excited to use!

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Hi Elna: I like the round-up post ideas and I’ve written one or two, but the trouble I have with them is….where do I find the writer’s email address? I know that may be a silly question, but not all bloggers have their email addresses on their post like you do. So, I was just wondering if there is a secret passage somewhere to find this information?? Thanks CherReply to Cher
Hi Cher, You may have to sign up to their email list or use their Contact page or just hit them up on social. I had to do that for a mommy post. I contacted everyone on Facebook!Reply to Elna
Great article Elna. I am very surprised by your content. I kept about half an hour browsing your blog!Reply to Francisca
Hi Francisca, Wow! Thanks so much! <3 I love helping new bloggers make money blogging and grow their traffic 🙂 I hope you found some amazing hacks for creating some new content on your blog!Reply to Elna
Hi , This is very nice article and useful . keep doing good work. Thanks for sharing this amazing post and helpful information.Reply to Bloggerzune
Hi Elna! I always like your blogs whenever I get to read it. These are some very good and quick ways to create a content. I also loved the idea of making a live sessions into YouTube videos. I will try to use your ideas, as I have a toddler who keeps me busy all day.Reply to Roslin
Hi! You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Thanks for the awesome post! I’m going to create some roundup post! Thanks!Reply to Inu
I absolutely love creating roundups! I think Pinterest loves roundup posts. But hey, 12k words… that’s fantastic!Reply to Alina
Gotta love a good repurpose Elna. I do it frequently with my videos. Rocking post buddy.Reply to Ryan
Hey Ryan! Yeah, repurposing is a great thing for sure 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, thank you for this helpful post! A quick question on creating roundup post, do you have to ask permission from other bloggers you’re going to include in the post before publishing ? or do you only need to inform them you’re featuring them ?Reply to Jane
Hi Jane! No you don’t need to email them if you are going to feature them. After the post is published, though, you can tag them on social! The only time you ask permission is if you use their images or you want them to contribute!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for this! I have shiny object syndrome as well… and my child is only 10 months old, so I’m still getting into the swing of things. The struggle is real! I’ve been writing a lot for content mills, which honestly SUCKS. But when you talked about how you only thought of repurposing content after one of your clients asked you to write about it – I realized that I’ve learned a lot from my work as a writer as well. It’s informative being an insider of sorts. I get to see the type of content being requested and read through briefings where some get very specific on what they expect in the piece. Thankfully, through my newly launched design business, I’ve shifted away from the content mills. But I do log in now and then to generate ideas when I’m running dry. I didn’t know you had a YouTube channel! Subscribed. 🙂Reply to Ciara
Hey Ciara! Thanks for stopping over! And that’s good you have moved away from content mills. That is not a great way to make a living writing 🙂 Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Do you have any ideas where to source non-feminine stock photos or images? Thanks in advance.Reply to J.R.
Hey JR, You can try Pexels or Pixabay!Reply to Elna
As always your posts are full of great and actionable information. I love this one especially as I am a mom with two young children and sometimes it can be really challenging to find time to create content. Thank you for this awesome post!Reply to Mandy
Hi Mandy, Yes, I know the feeling. My twins are home for the summer! And it only seems I can blog is if they are eating or in the bath! Ha, I’m right there with them typing away! Oh well, that’s the reason I started my blog in the first place – to be with my family 🙂 I hope you found some great tips to create new content when there’s no time!Reply to Elna
You are amazing. I see that you have replied at everyone every time, very inspiring. As always your tips ate spot on and I learn so much . Thank youReply to Donna
Hi Donna! Thanks so much! So happy you enjoyed this post and found some good tips to help you create content fast as a mom blogger! Good luck increasing your blog traffic!Reply to Elna
Great post, full of inspiration. I could spend all day reading your posts Elna. They inspire and they inform and educate. Thank youReply to Jane
Hi Jane, Aww thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE writing and sharing tips to you!!Reply to Elna
I’m planning to start a blog soon; it’s a little overwhelming, but I’m psyched! Thanks for the tips 🙂Reply to Audrey
Hi Audrey, Yasss!!! Blogging is so much fun. If I could, I would blog all day, but that’s unhealthy! And I have twins too (which are super fun too). 🙂 If you need ANYTHING just email me!Reply to Elna
Loved this post!! I’m marking for future reference because it has so much info!!! I’m also a twin mom and all the things plus blogging!!!! Ahh!Reply to Layne
Hey Layne, Hey twin mama! Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed my post!Reply to Elna
This post has given me sooo many ideas! I’m still in my first year of blogging but I defeinitely will be giving this a try. It’s a great way to keep linking to all your posts as well! Thanks for the great tips and insight! Nicole | Bad with DirectionsReply to Nicole
Hi Nicole, You’re welcome! So glad you found some great tips to create more content when you have no ideas!Reply to Elna