12 Proven Hacks to Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest!

I absolutely love Pinterest. She’s been so good to me! 🙂 It’s my #1 growth strategy and has helped me not only grow my traffic from 0 to almost 50k pageviews in about a year, but has also helped grow my income!

Need tips for blog traffic? Pinterest is the best strategy to grow your blog. Here are 12 hacks to help you grow your blog using Pinterest.

There are so many posts out there on Pinterest. And a few them are on my blog! How do you decipher what is legit tips and unproven tips?

It can be hard. In the beginning, you just want to read anything and everything and try to follow each strategy hoping to grow your blog traffic.

Over time you learn what works and what doesn’t.

To get you on the fast-track to boosting your traffic on your blog, I’ve rounded up the best 12 proven hacks to help you generate more eyes to your blog.

Don’t have time to read the post, check out the video below.

1. Use an Aged Account

Do you have a brand new Pinterest account? I’m sorry but Pinterest isn’t very friendly to new pinners.


Pinterest favors strong profiles. This means it’s established with followers, boards and repins. These are all markers to Pinterest that you are an authoritative pinner.

So, when you have a new account, it doesn’t scream that you have any authority on Pinterest. So, it’s going to take you longer to grow your followers and traffic.

One quick way to start gaining that authoritative presence on Pinterest is to leverage other social media profiles.

I like to use Facebook for this. Facebook groups usually have social media promo days. Use that time to promote your Pinterest profile. When promoting your Pinterest profile, make sure to show the benefits of being a follower.

I like to share who my audience is and the type of content I share on Pinterest.

Now, if you have an old Pinterest account from college or a personal account you haven’t touched in years, go ahead and use that account over making a new Pinterest profile. Pinterest will see that you have an aged account and will favor you more.

2. Sign Up for a Business Account

If you haven’t already, sign up for a business account on Pinterest. It’s free and you get some nice analytics that shows your top pins, your click throughs, and traffic to your blog.

You can use this information to help you which pins are performing better and which boards are the most engaged.

3. Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins allow Pinterest to read your pins better and makes them more valuable. You get a bolded headline underneath your pin. This is an article pin and stands out in the smart feed.

If you don’t know how to enable Rich Pins, I have a video in my course, Ready Set Blog for Traffic.

4. Create Boards for Your Targeted Audience

When you have your Pinterest profile set up, start creating boards for your audience. You want to start attracting your targeted audience so that they love your content and want to click over to your blog.

On my Pinterest profile, I have topics for moms that want to become mompreneurs.

Start thinking about your audience and what they want to know on Pinterest.

For example, if your audience are moms who want to stay fit, you can have board topics like:

  • Yoga tips
  • Quick and easy recipes
  • Exercising with your child

5. Sign Up to Group Boards

Group boards can still be valuable for new pinners.

In the beginning you may just want to go on to any group boards as this will help you boost your authority on Pinterest.

You can use these group boards to help you get onto better group boards.

Why? Well for some group board owners they look at your profile and can see how authoritative you are on the platform.

If you have many followers and are on many group boards, it shows that you are an active pinner with great content.

You can quickly find group boards by going to PinGroupie. Search your niche topic and find group boards you want to join.

6. Don’t Play the Follow Me Game

For some people, one of their strategies is to follow as many people as you can in hopes of them following you back. And when they don’t follow you back, they unfollow them.

Pinterest looks down on this erratic type of behavior.

Instead, don’t play that game and just follow people you want to genuinely follow!

7. Start Pinning Manually

While I do use Tailwind to schedule my pins, Pinterest likes when you pin manually. It shows you are are on their platform.

There is no magic number to how many you should manually pin. Just pin a few at a time every day or every other day.

8. Brand Your Pin Graphics

Creating epic pins can take time. It took me a while to start finding the right brand for Twins Mommy.

I suggest you look on Pinterest for inspiration. Find pins you like and look at why you like them. Is it because of the color, font, picture, headline or overall look?

When branding your pins make sure you put your blog’s name in the pin and you find a signature font for your blog.

* if you are brand new to blogging, check out my free email course, Start. Grow. Earn. With over 93+ freebies + a Canva tutorial on creating the perfect pin, you’ll start growing in no time.*

9. Start Creating Multiple Pins

If you’re a new pinner you won’t have many pins to pin. To pretend like you do, you can start creating multiple pins for each of your blog posts.

Place them in your blog post if you want. Put one pin as the feature and the second one at the bottom. This can help reach more people since different pins attract different pinners.

10. Include a Freebie On Your Pin

Pinners will click to your pin if it’s valuable. And one easy way to show this is by having a preview of your freebie.

This is your lead magnet and will help not only grow your email list, but also your blog traffic.

You can create a preview of your freebie using Canva by saving each page separately.

For me, if I see two pins with the same topic and one of them has a preview of their freebie, I’ll choose that pin and click over to see the post.

11. Create Your Own Group Board

To start growing your followers you can start a group board. And while Pinterest has stated they will deprioritize group boards, I don’t see it so I’m still using them!

If you don’t have a lot of followers, to begin with, it’s going to be a little bit of a challenge to grow your group board.


Because many pinners who want to join a group board are looking for ones with a lot of followers. This shows that their pins will be seen by a lot of eyes.

You can make it a requirement to follow you before joining your board. This can help over the long term.

12. Tag and Follow Big Brands

How does this help you bring traffic to your blog?

If you have an affiliate post on a tool or service like Grammarly, Tailwind or ConvertKit, make sure to tag them on social media.

When connecting with brand they may promote your posts. For example, Tailwind promotes two of my pins and also promotes a post on Twitter.

This can help you boost your traffic every day! If you are already using these proven hacks and still not getting traffic, why not check out my recent traffic course, Ready Set Blog for Traffic?

Tell me your biggest challenge for getting traffic to your blog.

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Wow, this was very informative i learned something from this. Thank you.Reply to Hope
Hi Hope, You’re welcome. Glad you found the proven hacks!Reply to Elna
I didn’t realize it but I have two personal Pinterest accounts, an old one that I use and new one that I haven’t touched. I accidentally started my business account on the newer account. Is it a bad idea to cancel that business account and start a new business account on my older “seasoned” pinterest account? I’ve only had the business account for a week so not much would be lost in terms of pins, followers, etc.Reply to Grace
Hi Grace, I wouldn’t cancel your account; just change it up. Use your seasoned one for your business and leave the other one for something else!Reply to Elna
I never knew that Pinterest favours old accounts, maybe that is why my account isn’t getting a lot of traction! Lucky for me, I just found a Pinterest account that I haven’t touched since 2017 and I’ll be moving there instead! Thanks!Reply to Wilson
Hi Wilson, Great! See if that helps with your Pinterest marketing strategies!Reply to Elna
Hello Interesting, I never knew Pinterest was useful for getting traffic. I created an account to try out some things listed here. Still not sure what I’m doing but learning a lot. Got here from a google search and stayed for the tips. Thanks!Reply to John
Hey John! Wow thanks for letting me know how you found my blog! And yes, Pinterest is a GOLDMINE for blog traffic! I hope you stick with it! Thanks so much for hanging around the blog!Reply to Elna
Hello, to congratulate you on the content of your blog! I’m from Brazil and currently I’m not working. Decide to create a Blog in the Niche of Conferitaria and I am affiliated with some products. I really want to start having an income and power to make my family a better life. I’m a little lost but with the help of your blog tips I think I’ll be able to win! I use google translator because I do not speak English! Thank you … for the rich content on your blog!Reply to Gisele
Hi Gisele! That’s awesome! I like that you are putting yourself out there and using Google translater too! That’s awesome!Reply to Elna
Hi, I love your posts, what fonts do you use for you canva graphics? Anyway keep up the amazing content and keep going strong!Reply to Aaron
Hi Aaron, Thanks! I use Google fonts and Type Kit fonts! I don’t stick to one particular font.Reply to Elna
This is all really helpful for information and I’m going to put some of your advice into action straight away. Thank you for sharing xoReply to Sam
Hi Sam! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear back from you later 🙂Reply to Elna
Such great Tips Elna, I’m inspired to start a group board of my own! Have you used SmartLoop on Tailwind? Is it something you would recommend?Reply to Steph
Hey Steph! Yes I am using SmartLoop on Tailwind for sure! It’s a great thing to loop your pin in some boards for sure!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Great tips and I am finally starting to see more traffic from Pinterest. My account is finally a year old and it definitely took some time to start seeing followers and traffic. I used to think that something was wrong or I was doing something incorrectly. It’s nice to read that Pinterest doesn’t really favor new accounts. I don’t have a bunch of pins, but I am finally starting to take the time to create more pins for each blog post. Thanks for these tips, I’ll definitely start putting them into action to see if I can increase my traffic and conversions. Have a great day 🙂 SusanReply to Susan
Hi Susan! That’s great you noticed an improvement on your Pinterest account as it aged. It’s sad that Pinterest doesn’t favor new accounts, but if you work hard you can get on ‘her’ good side 🙂Reply to Elna
These tips are great! Group boards are truly growing my account by leaps and bounds. Pinterest is the best! Jessica | thevanillamuse.comReply to Jessica
Hi Jessica, Yes, right? That’s how I started growing, with Pinterest group boards and then with Tailwind…but group boards started it all. Good luck!Reply to Elna
I started my blog about a month ago with so much inspiration from bloggers like you Elna, I’ve honestly learned so much from everything you’ve written about and I’m finally ready to start really marketing my blog on Pinterest and these tips are going to help me so much! You’re the best!Reply to taylor
Hey Taylor! Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know! Congrats on starting your blog 🙂 Go get out there now and promote your posts!!!Reply to Elna
This was such an awesome post, Elna! I recently signed up to BoardBooster so that’s helping me pin more regularly, but I love your tip on following and tagging brands in the updates. I’ve never heard of this tip elsewhere before but I’m definitely going to give it a go! 🙂Reply to Elise
Thanks so much Elise! I was surprised too about tagging brands, but the more I talked about them and tagged them to let them know, the more they promoted my content!Reply to Elna
You gave such good tips on growing blog traffic. Many that I have never even thought of! You give a whole new meaning to business plan definition. About to check out your traffic course next!Reply to Dennis
Thanks so much Dennis! Are you on Pinterest?Reply to Elna
Love this! I’m doing a lot of these already but there are a few I didn’t know about. Thanks for the hacks!!Reply to Pollyann
I agree that sometimes by changing the pin photo can determine if readers will click or not. I have noticed on my pins if I saw no click through to my website to change the photo that it helps a lot. I enjoyed this post and would love to see more post like this. Are there different rich pins? Through your course ready set get ready for traffic it mentions in the description access to these Pinterest group boards would you invite people who took the course to those boards or just the URL to ask for a invite. If you pin your pins at once at the same time to group boards instead of spread them out will the pins not show in the feed right or is it better to spread pins out?Reply to Brittany