7 Strong Methods for Promoting Content As a New Blogger

Isn’t it exciting?

You just started a new blog, and all those blogging ideas are coming to fruition.

You also created an editorial content calendar and know what blog posts you’ll be writing and how often you will publish them.

But one thing is missing.

You don’t have a plan to promote your content. Sure, you know you’ll share it on social media and let your IRL friends know about it.

And that’s it.

There was no thought into the exact strategies you can use to promote your blog posts as a way to get some mega blog traffic.

So, what can you do if you have a new blog with new blog posts and you want people reading it?

In this post, I’ll share why it’s important to promote your content the right way and then give you seven strong methods you can start today to share your latest blog post.

Finally, I’ll share with you my new blog post strategy so that I get the most views on my post within the first 48 hours.

This is the Reason No One is Reading Your Blog Post

When I first started Twins Mommy, I was sure it was going to get a lot of readers.

After all, I had an established blog already for people interested in freelance writing.

So, after I published my first blog post, I emailed my freelance writing list telling them about my new blog, Twins Mommy.

And guess what?

Only 3 people came to my blog! Out of an email list of over 1,000 subscribers.

Yup! #bigfail

But, from this fail, I learned something important –

It doesn’t matter how amazing your writing is or how sure you feel your tactics will help your readers. What does matter is knowing where your audience is online.

While I teach bloggers how to attract traffic, in the beginning, you’re going to have to go where the traffic is.

With this little switch, you’ll soon see:

  • You’ll get more people to your blog post
  • The people coming to your blog post will be the right audience (or mostly the right audience)
  • More conversions like email list sign ups or clicks on your affiliate links

But, for many, getting to this point can take time.

Not anymore! With these strong and proven methods, you can gain some clicks to your blog post easily.

Let’s go over a strong blog promotion strategy that works for getting your blog in front of many new readers.

 Blog Promotion Strategy

You might be thinking that to make this work and get globs of blog traffic, you need to spend most of your time promoting.

Yes and no.

You DO need to spend a good chunk of your content strategy on creating highly valuable content.

But, once that blog post is published, now comes the work to promoting it across various social media channels and mediums online.

And, over time, you will see the Pareto Principle in effect:

Eighty percent of your efforts to growing your blog will only come from 20% of your work.

This is true for many bloggers – only a handful of their content is bringing them the MOST income, traffic, and/or subscribers.

And, for this to happen to you, you have to consistently create content and consistently promote it.

You can’t have one without the other, and I feel promoting it is almost more important than the content.

(But really, to gain a tribe and hardcore followers, you need to provide the best content out there, and yes, content does win).

Here are seven strong methods you can start using to share your latest blog post.

1. Get on Pinterest

Pinterest is a-changing, but hands down, it’s still highly useful for new bloggers.

I recently started a new project in the health niche. The first thing I did once I had new content was to start a Pinterest profile.

I created boards and started pinning my content. I was able to get some traction to my blog doing this simple pinning strategy.

But, once I started creating alternate pins and I joined only ONE Pinterest group board, my click-through rate exploded!

For most niches, Pinterest lends well for blog traffic. Later in the post, I’ll share with you my new blog post strategy using Pinterest.

2. Start an Email List

One of the best things you can do to help grow your blog is to start an email list.

This is a group of brand ambassadors, die-hard readers, and true followers you can serve the best.

Now, I’m not going to say that you should share your latest blog post in every email you send.

There are many other things you can share in your newsletter.

But, if you worked hard on a blog post and you KNOW it will help your email list, then, by all means, promote it in your latest newsletter.

Doing this one thing can boost your blog traffic that day!

3. Feature Other Bloggers

Networking isn’t a hot topic to blog about, but I know for a fact networking has been responsible for helping me make a six-figure income from blogging.

No doubt.

Networking with other bloggers in your niche, other bloggers in similar niches and influencers in your industry can help bring new traffic to your blog.

And, one simple thing that I teach in Ready Set Blog for Traffic is to feature other bloggers in a blog post. This would be a round up of the best – blog sites to make money, books written by bloggers, recipes, DIY crafts, parenting tips etc.

I did this early on when I started Twins Mommy and featured many bloggers I followed and many influencers I’ve connected with.

I would then email the bloggers I featured to let them know what I did and asked them kindly if they would share it with their followers.

4. Get on Social Media

Besides Pinterest, you should also promote your content on social media.

My favorite platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

For my business blog, I primarily use Twitter and LinkedIn, and for my other blogs, Facebook and YouTube really help with engaging with my audience and gaining more views to my latest blog post.

If you just started a blog, do you NEED to be on all these social platforms? No.

I would pick 1-2 like Pinterest and Facebook to start your promotion strategy.

Over time, you can add YouTube or Instagram and go from there!

5. Guest Post

Guest posting is a fun way to network, meet new people, and boost your blog traffic.

Now, the traffic you receive from guest blogging may not be huge or happen overnight – but that guest post you wrote will live on that person’s blog, and if that blogger shares your posts on social it has the advantage of being seen by a bigger audience.

And that will help grow your blog.

I don’t know how many times I have read blog posts and was amazed by the writing to learn that it was a guest post from a new blogger.

I would immediately click on their links to learn more about them and sometimes hire them for my writing! Win-win!

The trick is to get on a popular guest platform where you can add an author bio and drop your link there!

6. Create a Video

Do you do Facebook Lives?

If not, you should!!

It’s a fantastic way to get to know your audience and connect with them on a whole different level!

Or, if you are into video, start a YouTube channel and create video content. From there you can then place those videos in your blog post.

And some bloggers change their whole strategy and ONLY focus on YouTube. They learn that their audience is THERE, so they serve their strategies more on that platform than on their blog.

So, make sure to go where your audience is and serve them!

7. Repurpose Content

Did you know that not everyone will read every single thing you put on your blog or in your email or on social media?

Some people are worried that if they repurpose an old blog post into a video or email that someone will “oust” them.

It won’t happen – trust me!

I have two email list, and several blogs, and I love repurposing content! It’s a time-saving hack for sure!

If you don’t know what that is, repurposing content means recycling content you already have into a different form of content.

This can be:

  • A blog post into an email
  • An old freebie into a blog post
  • An email into a Facebook live
  • A blog post into a YouTube video

The list can go on and on!

There are also many different ways to repurpose one piece of content. Sometimes I consolidate many different blog posts to create an email, for example.

Other times I take the main points from one blog post and turn that into a Facebook live.

And still other times, I turn a Facebook Live into a YouTube video and THEN, create a blog post where I embed the YouTube video!


This saves hours in my promotional strategy for growing my blog!

My Secret to Getting Tons of Traffic to My Content Within the First 48 Hours

For any new blog post I create I use a simple strategy as a way to get more eyes to that piece of content.

And this relies on Tailwind – a social media automation tool – and Pinterest to get my traffic boost.

The thing I do is pin my latest blog post to a relevant Pinterest board of mine.

I also ensure that my Pinterest description is set and that I have relevant hashtags too.

From there, I schedule my pin to Tailwind Tribes.

From there I schedule my pin to my boards.

And wait.

For some pins, they “take off” while others take a bit more time.

At this time, I also share my latest blog post on Facebook – to my page or my Facebook group.

Then I monitor my latest blog post to see if people are viewing it.

If I find that my pin for that post is slowly taking off, I will create an alternate pin.

Here’s an alternate pin I made after the first alternate pin took off for this blog post.

And that’s about it!

I keep on monitoring and keep on creating alternate pins if I see that pin taking off. If not, I wait it out longer and move on.

I don’t share my latest blog post multiple times on Facebook – just once a week or every other week.

And usually doing this method gives me traffic in the first 48 hours of publishing that piece of content.

Over time – months later – I will update the content to ensure it’s relevant and I may repurpose it or create a video out of it!

Don’t Make It Hard

In the beginning, there is a lot that goes into writing a blog post and then promoting it.

And if you’re new to Pinterest and have a small email list, you won’t get many eyes to your post. But, keep your head down, churn out content, and keep the same strategy and over time you will see traffic.

Especially if you rely heavily into Pinterest in the beginning!

Over to you – how do you promote your latest blog post? Share your strategy in the comments!

Please remember to pin me!

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This is great Elna! I learned some new things but also realized some things I was already doing are the right things. I also promote a lot on Instagram. It seems a lot of my audience is there because it is working to drive traffic. Thanks again!Reply to Jenn
Hi Jenn! That’s awesome to hear! Glad you found some new things and noticed the things you are doing is right! Great! Good luck with your blog!Reply to Elna
Dear Elna, thank you for the great post! I just relaunched my book-blog on a new domain and turned it into a science blog about humanities research and blogging. My audience changed completely and I feel like starting at zero. I have a very well thought of social media strategy including Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. But I was completely surprised that, while Pinterest and Instagram still take time, Twitter is really bringing me traffic. Before I thought, this network might be outdated or not really eager to bring a lot of traffic. But I think it is exactly as you wrote it here: you have to go, where your audience is. And as it seems humanities science fans are mostly on Twitter. Once again thanks for sharing your insights and all best to you, MareikeReply to Mareike
Hi! Sounds great! Yes Twitter is a great platform to grow your blog! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Great tips and tools to promoting blog posts! Finding different methods to optimizing your blog + increasing traffic can be overwhelming but with this post you made it simple and easy to do. Will be implementing your techniques to my blogging strategy. I am hopeful I will see an increase in engagement and traffic. Thank you for sharing!Reply to Sandy
Hey Sandy, Thanks so much for coming over! Glad you enjoyed this post on promoting your latest blog post! Yea, these tips are great tactics for new bloggers because they aren’t so overwhelming!Reply to Elna