How to Do a Facebook Live for a Complete Beginner (and When You’re Scared to)

Want to know how to do a Facebook Live?

Let me guess –

You’re on Facebook and suddenly you see your favorite blogger doing their latest Live.

You stop and listen because it’s about something you want to learn about.

I don’t know about you, but I love watching Facebook Live sessions and I love DOING Facebook Live sessions.

But, it wasn’t always like that.

See, I’m a complete introvert. I don’t like the spotlight. But, I knew that if I wanted to reach my audience and connect with them better, video was the way to go.

If you aren’t sure what a Facebook Live is, it’s a live video that you can do on your Facebook profile, Facebook page or Facebook group that allows you to interact with viewers.

These videos can only be a few minutes long or a couple of hours long. It’s up to you really!

Do you want to try doing a Facebook Live?

In this post, I’ll help you get started on how to do a Facebook live!

And, even if you’re totally scared about it, I hope I can walk you through this (holding hands with you) and encourage you on every step so that when you take the plunge it will be a fun an amazing experience!

Why Facebook Lives Are Great for *New* Bloggers

I started Facebook Lives about a year ago, but my first video was done in my private Facebook group of freelance writing students.

I felt that THEY wouldn’t make fun of me or tell me I’m horrible because they paid for my course and value me as a person.

Here is what I looked like in my first Facebook Live video.

The Live was only 32 seconds!

I was nervous, scared and as you can see, had horrible lighting (because I was BEHIND the light) and created a green halo. But the video was just an introduction to a challenge I started and my course students were excited to get started.

If you’re not sure about doing Facebook Lives, here are four reasons why you should start tomorrow!

1. You Get a Snapshot of Your Target Audience’s Problems

If you’re new to blogging, one of the biggest insights you can have is what your audience is having problems with. Once you understand that, your blog can help them solve those problems.

Doing a Facebook Live often means people commenting – during the Live or after in the replay – and you can get a glimpse of their needs.

You can help them on the spot or note that challenge and write a blog post or create an email for your subscribers. It’s a great way to get some blog topics for sure if you’re in a rut!

2. Your Blog Will Have a Face

I know what you’re thinking – ahh!!! But I don’t want to show myself!

I get you!

If you don’t want to get in front of the camera, you can always show your screen. There are tools – that I will tell you about soon – that will just show your screen. So it’s almost like doing a video lesson!

In either case, getting on camera, hearing your voice and seeing you are all great things for your blog as a whole. More and more bloggers will remember your blog when they can tie it to a face.

And this is important if you’re a mom blogger. There are a TON of mom blogs out there and you have to stand out to get noticed. An easy way to do this is through video.

The way you talk, move, laugh, and look will all be cues for others to remember you by and make it easy to remember your blog.

I’m the first to say that I’m not perfect on video. I say the wrong words ALL.THE.TIME (and I remember too. For one of my Facebook Lives, I was talking about affiliate marketing. I wanted to say that I’m one of the top referrals for Tailwind – BUT I ended up saying I’m one of their top referees!).

But, that’s okay. People are mostly nice and want to hear from you and don’t mind mistakes!

3. Facebook Lives Can Help With the “Know, Like and Trust” Factor

It’s a fact that people will buy from you only if they know you, like you and trust you. If they don’t, then they probably won’t follow you, read your blog much or have any solid interest in you.

Creating that “know, like and trust” factor can be done with your blog posts – but that takes a long time.

Video, on the other hand, creates that factor much quicker.

Why is that?

Because people get to see the real you. Well, the un-edited you. At least with your blog post, you can hit back-space, but not on your Lives!

So this really shows how authentic you are, and many people gravitate toward that authenticity when following a blogger.

4. It Can Help You Make Sales

One of the great perks about a Facebook Live is that it can help create income for you. If you have a product like a course or eBook out, you can promote that in your Facebook Live.

There are different ways to do this – in the description, in your Live, or as a link in the comments – and it can be an effective method to grow your income and credibility.

I wouldn’t make every Facebook Live a way to promote your products. If you end up doing this, you will lose the trust of your followers. Instead, if the topic naturally comes up, you can mention it in your Live.

I try to make each Live filled with valuable tips to help bloggers with a challenge instead of trying to promote my courses.

Okay, so now we know why doing a Facebook Live is a great thing. Now, let’s go into tips and tricks for your first Facebook Live.

Tips & Tricks for a Stellar Facebook Live

1. Practice With a Secret Facebook Group

I have a “practice” Facebook group where I make sure my mic is working, the camera angle is not cutting me off and I can run through what I want to say for my Facebook Lives.

Here I am testing where I’m sitting and how I sound in a secret Facebook group.

This will help you get used to YOU on camera. A lot of people don’t like the way they sound or look on camera, so doing this dry run will make you get used to it all and tweak your presentation.

2. Start Small

Think of a quick tip you can give your followers as your first Facebook Live. It can be less than 5 minutes and you don’t even have to show your face! Some ideas can be:

  • One tip to help your newborn self-soothe
  • A quick tip on increasing engagement on your Facebook page
  • One thing that helped your toddler listen the first time
  • One fashion tip for when company comes over
  • A Pinterest tip
  • A blogging tip
  • A great alternative ingredient in cooking
  • A simple hack for organizing

3. Find a Place With Little Visual Distraction

This can be hard if there is no place except your kitchen or living room. For most of my Facebook Lives, I did exactly that. But, I found if I butt myself against one of my only white walls in my house, my Facebook Lives look better.

But, having a nice office or a nice background is also very eye-pleasing. Check out these attracting backgrounds:

If you don’t have a nice background for your Facebook Live, that’s ok! I started in my kitchen (with bananas as my background!) and did a whole bunch of Lives that way!

4. Find a Place With Natural Light

The best looking Facebook lives are during the day with natural light. At least that is what I have found.

But, I can’t always do a Facebook Live during the day and for many bloggers, they get the biggest turn out for live viewers at night.

If that’s the case you can use special lighting. I’ve been eyeing this ring light for a while, but I’m starting to like day Facebook Lives.

5. Have Notes During Your Live

It’s okay if you read off your notes. This is exactly what I did – and am still doing – and it will help you stay on track, keep focussed and not have to worry about blanking out!

You can mention that you are using notes in your Live – that’s what I sometimes do!

Remember, you want to be natural and authentic in your Lives and notes can help you stay grounded!

6. It’s Okay to Say You’re Nervous!

Don’t feel like you have to keep your nerves from your viewers! Quite the opposite. You want to appear personable and relatable and if you are doing your first (or tenth!) Facebook Live, tell your viewers how you feel.

This also increases your “know, like, trust” factor and can help you grow your brand as a trusted brand.

Okay, now that we went through some tips to help you get started, let’s look at the equipment for a stellar Facebook Live.

Best Tools for the Perfect Facebook Live

I’ve done Facebook Lives using different devices and apps, and I finally have a system that works for me. Now, as a complete beginner, it isn’t necessary to have these items. All you need is your phone, laptop or tablet and the native Facebook app to start recording.

But, like I said, using these tools upped the professionalism of my videos, which can translate into a credibility (and income) for you.

And these tools can be used for more than just Facebook Lives!

1. Blue Yeti Microphone

I LOVE my Yeti! It’s what helped me make my first video course! To date I have three video courses and two masterclass videos.

Thanks Blue Yeti!

Many pro bloggers recommend the Blue Yeti as the mic for podcasting, video lessons and Facebook Lives.

I totally agree. The only drawback to using the Yeti is how sensitive it is to noise. Sometimes my laptop’s fan gets hot, making a lot of noise during my Facebook Live.

The mic picks up that noise if I’m not sitting close enough to the mic and speaking directly into the mic. But, typically, I can place my mic next to me and it picks up my voice perfectly and audibly.

I tend to sit as close as I can to my mic so that the sound is crisp. If you don’t like having to sit that close to a mic, this may not be the best investment for your Facebook Lives and course creations.

2. Logitech HD Pro Webcam, C920

My husband gave me this Logitech webcam for Christmas and I LOVE it so much!

It’s super easy to use; you just plug it into your laptop or computer, set you lighting and you’re good to go.

If you use Facebook to start your Facebook Live (and not use an app like I do), both your mic and camera will have to be selected before you start your Live.

What I like about the camera is how I look using it vs. not using it (the image on the right is with the Logitech webcam).

My face looks more “real” I guess. And when I can adjust the lighting with my Logitech webcam, it makes a great looking Facebook Live!

3. eCamm Live

eCamm Live is an app that you can use to quickly set up a Facebook Live.

The reason I use it is so that I can do picture-in-picture easily.

I pay for using this app (it’s very budget friendly for the new blogger) because of how incredibly easy it is to do picture-in-picture and set up my Facebook Live.

This means having a little preview of me in the corner and viewers see my screen.

It looks like this when I use eCamm Live:

eCamm Live also lets you create a title and brand your video with your name and URL.

These two things make it easier for scrollers to see if this Facebook Live is for them and it’s a bit more professional when you can show a slide show while you talk (and if you’re scared about it all, doing this is perfect for you! Viewers will be looking at your slides!).

When you do your Facebook Live you aren’t in Facebook; you are using eCamm. The app shows comments and shows any text slides you are using.

eCamm Live is for Mac users only (sorry!) and they do offer a free trial!

How To Do a Facebook Live!

Is one of your blogging goals to grow your blog and get noticed? Try Facebook Lives! Your followers want to SEE you and HEAR you! It’s a great way to engage with your target audience.

You can start small and simple and as you get used to doing Lives, you can try some cool tools to up the look and feel of your Lives!

Please pin me!

Tell me in the comments – have you done a Facebook Live? Do you want to do a Live? Tell me!

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I like the app you mentioned. I will have to get that when I can. I was wondering if that was possible. Thanks! And I do hope to get a mic. I have a lighting tool and my first two lives will be in the kitchen. My manager just changed the light recently and I know it won’t look lovely but hopefully my lightening fixture helps.Reply to Ashley
Hi Ashley, That’s great to hear! I’m sure you’ll do great for your first Facebook Live!Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna, great tips. Def answer ed some questions ive been wondering about with fb lives and being able to have a little box with me in it so im able to share my screenReply to Courtney
Great tips, thank you for sharing. I also am pretty nervous about being on a Facebook video let alone doing a Facebook live video..Reply to Ava
Hi Ava, Thanks for stopping over! Yes, doing videos is tough but you can always start with sharing your screen and go from there!Reply to Elna
Great advice Elna, I must admit, Facebook lives terrify me! I’m super confident behind a keyboard, but put me infront of a camera and my mind goes blank. I hadn’t thought about doing a dry-run in a secret group, great idea 🙂 Can I ask, is the app that you use lighter on CPU usuage than the OBS open source software? (I’ve noticed with some software, when making videos, they can be real CPU hogs).Reply to Zoe
Hi Zoe, I’m no pro at video either! I look at other Youtubers and how great they are on camera and I doubt myself…but I know I’m helping others and other people see value in my videos so I continue to do them. Not sure if it’s lighter than OBS!Reply to Elna
Elna…such great tips! I’m scared of the whole FB live idea! But if I want my biz to do better than I need to try it! I found that if I do a video of myself it makes me get more comfortable with the idea of FB live! Keep up the great tips!Reply to Adella
Hi Adella, Yes, I totally understand! I was super scared and nervous to do Facebook Lives but just dive in and over time you’ll get used to it! Good luck and have fun!Reply to Elna
Amazing tips Elna for facebook users to telecast live. Recently my friends stop working facebook app and cannot live I searched over internet and tried many websites to find out a solution for my friend’s Phone. Finally I found your page to solve the problem and tried your tips to handle the problem. know the phone o friend working fine with your tips to solve facebook problems. Thanks for sharing such a good post about facebook live problem solution. Thanks for starting such a great blog for me and the World.Reply to Birchi
Hi Birchi, That’s great to hear. So happy you found my Facebook Live tips for new bloggers helpful!Reply to Elna
Awesome article. It is very scary to put yourself out there. I have struggled with going in front of the camera but your article is very encouraging. Just what I needed for my business. Thanks so much. Would love to connect with you and have you guest blog on my blog.Reply to Kym
Hi Kym, You’re welcome! So glad you found this helpful. Love your blog! Would love to.Reply to Elna
Great read! I think this is a great way to connect with people in what feels like a more real way.Reply to Kim
Hi Kim, Thanks so much! Yes I love doing Facebook Lives now. I get to connect with my audience and get to know them on a whole new level!Reply to Elna
Super awesome post, Elna!! I have been thinking for the past week about starting Facebook live, and my biggest issue was the technical part – how to actually do it. I love your idea of trying it in a private group first! That’s genius. Thanks for the awesome info 🙂Reply to Kelley
Hey Kelly! Love your blog btw!! Yes, having that secret FB group really saves my sanity. I have to SEE and hear me before I do an actual live. But even then, I still ask my viewers if they can see and hear me when I start my Lives! Ha..I have to stop that!! Good luck trying some FB lives!Reply to Elna
Elna, you are just killing it with your content! I will definitely have to try Facebook Live sometime. Did you start your Facebook group right away when you started your blog or waited awhile and then start it? to Sophie
Hi Sophie! That’s awesome! Have fun doing your Facebook Live! As for my Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group, I DID NOT start it when I started Twins Mommy. It was almost a year later that I did.Reply to Elna
Elna, This is great! I love how you showcased screenshots of your first lives compared to what you’re doing now! I completely remember when you used to say you didn’t want to get on video and now I love watching you videos. Screen-sharing or even holding the phone and looking at something else while talking about something is useful too. I like to tell people to start with where you are comfortable and then work up from there. Back-linking this to my post on livestreaming here: p.s. I’m sure no one even noticed the bananas in the background and if they did it humanized you and helped them know that it’s okay to have bananas in your shot! ? cheers! LindseyReply to Lindsey
Hi Lindsey, I LOVE your videos and that is a great tip! Can’t wait to read your post!!!Reply to Elna
This is actually something I’ve been meaning to do. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful tips! ?Reply to Sara
Hi Sara! You’re welcome! So glad you found some tips to help you start your first Facebook Live!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna Excellent post as always. I think structure of content is invaluable in a live. Too many lives are full of hmm …. er… er and can be most annoying for the viewer. The best thing for me about Facebook Live is that you can save it and watch them later and if you want to over and over again. It is a great way to acquire a new skill. While Facebook Live is not for me, I salute you Elna for your mastery of the medium.Reply to Poovanesh
Hi Poovanesh! I hope my videos don’t annoy you then! I tend to say “umms” a lot!!!! Yikes! I’m getting better though! Confidence and practice help for sure.Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Such helpful tips for Facebook Live videos! I’m not a big fan of going live but I know it is super beneficial when you are building your brand and blog online. One thing that I have learned, though, is that your videos on Facebook will not benefit you in the long run. Meaning that once your video is done, you no longer get traffic. So, it’s like an on-time type of deal. What I would recommend, and this is something I have learned from the top bloggers in this industry, is to upload a copy of your video to Youtube. Your video will do much better in the long run in Youtube. Gotta be a smart internet marketer! 😉 Thank you for sharing your tips! Best regards! 😀Reply to Freddy
Freddy that’s a good point about YouTube… YouTube videos do best when they are optimized for YouTube. Another cool thing that you can do is embed your Facebook video directly in your blog post as well. Then you can test it out and see which works best for you. ?Reply to Lindsey
Hey Freddy! Thanks for your input! I didn’t go into the post about repurposing your content to help you grow your traffic! I do repurpose my Facebook Live to YouTube and create a new post on my blog!!! Great ways to get traffic for sure.Reply to Elna