What 4-Year-Old Twins Say to Each Other

It’s back!

Ha! Last year I wrote a post about what my 3-year-old twins say to each other and it was a hit in the Pinterest twin community! I even got an editor to inquire about my freelance writing services based on that post!

So, I thought, why not do another one?

My twins turned four years old in January and the things they say….literally have me rolling on the floor laughing. They are so innocent, cute and darn hilarious (well I think they are).

I have boy/girl twins (and NO! they are not identical! I swear, I get asked this ALL.THE.TIME) and they couldn’t be more different from each other. My son loves Rescue Bots, dinosaurs and reading informational books like books on alligators or lizards and romping around.

My daughter loves painting, drawing, coloring, dancing, jumping and reading anything about unicorns, horses and girls in pink.

L. coloring as usual and A. attempting a somersault on the couch!

They really are night and day.

Now that they are 4-years old, I’ve noticed a lot of cognitive changes. For example, they are enjoying “secrets.” They like telling a secret to us or telling one to each other. They are starting to develop a connection as a twin and it’s neat to see that.

Here are some snippets of the conversations (these are legit and real mamas!) I’ve heard between the twins and me or other people. Enjoy! Note: L. denotes my daughter and A. denotes my son.


L: Dad, do you remember that one day I was hot?

Dad: Every day you say you are hot.

L: Yeah, but you remember that ONE day I was hot?

Secrets Gone Wrong

A: L, I have a secret. C’mon, let’s go to the bathroom.

L: Okay!

A few minutes later (and me thinking what they could possibly be doing in the bathroom)

A: I have a secret and I can’t tell you mom!

L: I have a secret too. My secret is I want to play hungry hippos tonight.

A: L!!!! (upset)

Me: (trying not to laugh…)

Bed Time Talk

It’s bedtime. I tell them they can talk for a few minutes before bed.

L: A, mom says  we can talk for only two minutes.

A: What do you want to talk about?

L: I don’t know, but 2 minutes isn’t enough time.

I’m Reading, Mom!

I put the Trolls movie soundtrack on for them to dance to while I clean up in the kitchen.

I see my son, instead, pick up a reptile book and start looking at the pictures.

A minute later:

A: Mom! Can you please turn down the music? I’m reading!!

4-Year-Old Logic

Me: This is all inside out (referring to a dinosaur costume)

A: That’s because it was under a bucket.

Me: Oh (?)

Read and Count Everything

I’m reading a book about chickens to the twins. I come to a page that says chickens lay 350 eggs in one year (with picture of 350 eggs)

L: Let me count! Onnnne…..Twooooooo…..Threeee…….

Mom: (thinking: Oh boy!)

Any Minute Now

L: When is supper ready mommy?

M: Any minute.

L: I pick that minute!

Update – 2 Years Later

My twins have grown up soo much in the last two years! Since this last post, they have started Kindergarten and will soon be in Grade 1. I’m amazed by how much they are learning, reading and enjoying school (for the most part!).

I caught this cute and funny conversation the other day from my 6-year old twins:

My Twins Are Growing Up

It’s amazing the conversations they are having now. Dinner time is spent talking about their day and answering wild questions. My daughter is definitely the innocent and sweet one. The things she says and does! 🙂

My son, on the other hand, likes to rile things up, be more mature than what he really is and wants to be independent.

It’s never a dull day at my house!

Over to you – do you have twins? Are they the best of friends or can’t stand each other?

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I have 4 year old B/G twins as well. They are hilarious and their personalities are completely different. The questions the ask blows my mind. The other day, my son asked me “Mommy, how does water run! It doesn’t have legs”. I must admit, that question threw me for a loop and I spent about 30 minutes googling and trying to find a way to explain it to him. My daughter just looked at him, shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t know. It just does”. Their bond is beautiful. They love secrets as well!Reply to Tye
Hi Tye, That’s too funny! Thanks for sharing!Reply to Elna
This is so cute! I love the one where they said 2 minutes isn’t enough time to talk! My daughter is 2.5 and I’ve started to write down the funny things she says.Reply to Alexis
Hey Alexis, That’s cute and thanks for coming over!Reply to Elna
This is too cute! Kids seriously say the silliest things. I can’t imagine having twins and hearing all of the outrageous and fun things they say together. They sure do sound like the most adorable little team!Reply to Cameryn
This has really made me smile. Today’s been a tough day and this has really lifted me up 🙂Reply to Zoe
Hi Zoe, I’m so glad it did! My twins are six now!!Reply to Elna
My twin girls(identical) are now 7yrs old..and they are more matured than I they are girls, they talk non stop …so I tell them please stop talking I m doing my work. My twins replied: When you and daddy talk are we shouting that please don’t talk we are doing homework??? ?? Kids are adorable and twins are like mini gang. They will fight with eachother but reunited if you tell them anything.Reply to Arti
This is too cute. Especially the part about talking. That was us too growing up. Though we spent all day together, we never seem to be able to stop talking at night and fall asleep. Twins rule!Reply to Twinning
I have 7 yr old twin girls. They look and act nothing alike and I love that! They are the best of friends and worst of enemies. I love that they each play off the other’s strengths. One is more dominate at home and the other while out in social settings. Their conversations and playtime is so entertaining. I have 4 girls total (14, 12, and the twins) so life is never boring here. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Leslie
Hi Leslie! I love hearing from other twin mamas. Especially those that have older twins! It’s such a challenge with these two! Ha.. but yeah life isn’t slow or quite in this house!Reply to Elna
I absolutely love you for this! I have 4 yo fraternal b/g twins, and it still today baffles me how a boy and girl could ever be “identical” when people ask me if they are. (“umm… no” lol). Kids do say the darndest things, but when its two of them life is so much more fun. LOL enjoy your journey sister, and we’ll be sending up prayers for peace and blessings from my family yours 🙂Reply to January
Hi! I know right?!! Ha…b/g twins and people ask if they are freakin’ identical.. I mean COME ON!! They hear twins and think that…ALL. THE. TIME 🙂Reply to Elna
My identical twin girls are now ten. I also have a son (13) and daughter (14). My older two were planned but my twins were a surprise. Having four children 4 and under was crazy time lol. The conversations are so funny, even now. One of my twins is more confident and dominating over the other. They have a lead/follow type relationship I’ve heard this is normal with identical twins although as they grow their independent personality shines. One thing I still find funny is that they read to one another while taking a shower. When they were little I used to read to them while they bathed. Now they like showers and I can hear one reading to the other at the top of her lungs over the shower and then they switch places. My older two laugh at them often 🙂Reply to Deanna
Hey Deanna! Wow, that’s amazing and crazy! LOL… Yeah, my daughter is a bit more social and dominating…my son defers to her only because if she doesn’t get her way, boy oh boy she throws a big tantrum..I’m working hard on curbing that! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
This is so cute! It’d probably make a funny video haha Sincerely, Thivy Michelle http://www.thivymichelle.comReply to Thivy
Thanks Michelle! Yes, this year is a fun year for me!Reply to Elna
I love this! Thank you! I have 2 1/2 year old twins. The things they say is really priceless. They adore each other and wouldn’t know what to do without each other but if you put one toy between them, they will fight till the death! 🙂 Here’s my latest conversation with my daughter: L: Mama… my tummy hungry?” Me: What do you want to eat? L: What are you cooking? Me: What do you want? L: Hmmm…. let me think.Reply to Marianne
Hi Marianne! That’s so cute! I love capturing these conversations and, now that I have a blog, I have a home for them!Reply to Elna
I have fraternal seven-year-old boys. You’re right, fraternals are entirely opposite! Your examples here are extremely typical, as far as I’ve seen in my house. The hiding in particular (and yet they know Mom sees everything!). The conversations can be very colorful. 🙂 But being opposite can lead to conflict, and then I often see them figure things out to a reasonable conclusion (with some extremely patient help). And that has made them very close friends. I’ve pointed out to them that they are best friends. They don’t see it that way yet, but they will. What I find interesting is that they don’t have the “twin thing” going on. I can only assume it’s because they’re fraternal and not identical. Are you noticing that too? I mean, I, basically, had two separate pregnancies at the same time, so why should they be the same? It changes the dynamic of things, and it’s hard to explain when 99% of the time people assume the “twin thing” is going on when it’s not. One kid couldn’t care less if the other is around at all. And, yet, they are best buds. It’s a beautiful relationship, and I’m so blessed to watch to them blossom and grow.Reply to Gina
Hi Gina! Thanks for your insights into the future! My twins are totally different, but I often think that’s due to their gender. But, my daughter is leaning towards more masculine play like dinosaurs and Rescue bots at times. She does adore creativity, the color pink and lots of stuffies around her. I feel they have developed some kinship to each other. I’m not sure that when school starts, if one is sick, if the other would want to go to school that day? I will have to find out! Thanks for your comment.Reply to Elna
I love the conversations kids have! Great post, lots of chuckles 🙂Reply to Emma
Hey Emma! I know, right? So innocent and funny. I love this these years for sure 🙂Reply to Elna
I love little kid conversations! I always enjoy trying to figure out how their little minds are working things out!Reply to Vicki
Hi Vicki, That’s soo true! It’s amazing to see how they see the world and try to figure it out! ha..Reply to Elna
Adorable! Reminds me of my 4 children at that age…I miss those days! Guaranteed smile, no matter how stressful the day! Thanks for sharing!Reply to Angel
Hi Angel, Aww! Yes, I cherish these times for sure!Reply to Elna