What 3-Year-Old Twins Say to Each Other

I have twins (a boy and girl) and they are my only children.

So, I really know no different. I learned how to feed twins at the same time, rock one twin while the other twin was in my Moby wrap and practically woke up every 45 minutes for the first year of their lives.

What 3-Year-Old Twins Say to Each Other

My twins are three years old and I’m finally now figuring it all out.

I often feel I’m the mom that never got the notice to bring snack to the library. Or the mom that always forgets to bring toys when we go to a restaurant.

L. and A. playing Rescue Bots. There’s a “fire” on the easel.

Personally, I love three-year-old kids. I use to teach special needs children and most of the kids I taught were between 2-4 years old.

During this time children’s imagination are big, they start to listen to you and they develop higher level social skills.

And with twins, many start to develop a special bond. While my twins don’t speak their own language, I love hearing their mini conversations and rationalizations.

Here are some snippets I’ve caught between L.– my daughter – and A. – my son. Some conversations are with me too!

Enjoy and let me know if you want more of these types of posts.

By the way, I “cleaned” up some of their words as my son doesn’t yet have all his hard consonants.

Pee Talk

L.: I have to go pee…. do you have to go pee pees?

A.: …..yeah

L.: Let’s go pee. C’mon let’s go pee. Do you want to go pee with me?

A.: …..yeah

One Track Mind

It’s bedtime and I’m tucking them into bed:

L.: Can I bring fluffy and bun bun to Gran and Grampas?

Me: Yes

It’s morning. First thing she says when she woke up in the morning:

L.: Am I going to Gran and Grampas?

Me: Yes

L.: Can I bring fluffy and bun bun to Gran and Grampas?

Me: yes.

A.: Can I bring froggy?

Me: yes.

A.: okay.

More Potty Talk

Me: What are you doing?

A.: I’m moving my potty

Me: Where are you moving it?

A.: Here (in the hallway)

L.: A., I’m going to put my potty next to yours

A.: Okay. L., we can go pee together

Me: Okay (moving on…)


Me: A. what are you doing?

A.: anything

Me: okay


A.: Mommy, where’s my chumchus?

Me: L. what did A. just say?

L.: He says where’s my compass?

Me: Oh, how’d I miss that?

Grammar Gone Wrong

A.: Green grapes are better than purple grapes. I like green grapes.

Me: Well, I like purple grapes.

A.: I too Mommy! I too!

What She Said

A.: iPad! iPad! iPad!

Me: Ask nicely

A.: Okay… iPad?

Me: May I please have the iPad?

A.: Yeah! (jumping up and down with a big smile on his face)

My Day Is Never Quiet

Sometimes I can’t hear myself think. My daughter is screaming, “mommy! mommy!” while my son is saying, “Mommy, can I have iPad? Mommy, I’m thirsty. Can I have water?” And of course, my husband is screaming above it all asking me, “Did you remember to sign their soccer forms?”

That’s a typical lunch hour 🙂

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my children and cherish each moment I have with them. While there are days I want to pull out my hair, there are more days where I think, where did the time go?

Over to you – do you have any fun and cute children moments? Share them with me, I’d love to hear them all!

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So I’m sitting in Mc D’s reading this post while my 3 year old twins are running and playing…. and I make that crazy little snort that one makes when she’s laughing out loud, but trying not to let the whole world know she’s laughing?!? ?. This is hilarious!! I had to share it. My five year old (boy) runs to the bathroom yelling “babies who wants to watch me go poop?!?” And the twins run after him telling “meeeee!!” But to be Fair, he was instrumental in potty training them!! (The twins are boys too).Reply to Shannon
Hilarious!! Kids are soo funny eh? And when they’re twins it’s just double the laughs!Reply to Elna
I love this post! I have boy / girl twins too that will be 3 in July. They are just starting to have the hilarious conversations with each other. My daughter is very bossy and they both tell each other off when they’re up to something they shouldn’t be!Reply to Laura
Ha! That’s such good news that you have twins also. I’m not sure if I knew this already or not, but either way, I’m happy to know we are both doing the same thang here! Right now, they’re into teasing each other. My son will take a favorite toy of my daughter’s and chuck it somewhere and then watch as his sister cries and whines about where her favorite toy is. Needless to say, I have to stop a lot of fights! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Kids are so fun aren’t they? My son is 5 and heavy into talking about his, uhm, farts. No idea why. Oh and when he discovered the hole in the front of his underwear … I only have sisters and my older child is a girl. Boys are a whole new ball game for me. Your kids remind me of mine at that age, where my daughter was so articulate at 3 and my son barely talked. Now he doesn’t ever stop talking. How I long for the days of just, mama, more and milk.Reply to Corinne
Hey Corinne! Yes, kids are fun and funny to have around 🙂 Ha, potty talk is the best. Yes, L. is very articulate and inquisitive. My son, could care less and only wants his Rescue Bots or big tools. He’d rather do chores than play! Aww! I know I have to be present more because they are only 3 once right? That’s why I wanted to create posts like this on my new blog; it will be fun to look at this post a year or five years from now! Thanks!Reply to Elna
LOL! Thank you for the good ‘chuckle’ this morning! (Sorry that some of it is at your expense. 🙂 Hang in there, Mommy. I know EVERYone says this, but indeed… this time will end before you realize it.Reply to Anita
🙂 Thanks. I know I have to cherish each moment I have with them. My twins are soo awesome and funny. It’s been a while since I heard 3-year-old reasoning and justifications.Reply to Elna