18 YouTube Niche Ideas For Your New YouTube Channel

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel?

Do you dream of getting millions of views?

I have two Youtube channels and I’m working on monetizing my Twins Mommy channel!

Before you start posting videos, it’s important to pin down your niche.

A YouTube niche is a topic, interest, or area of expertise that your channel focuses on.

Most of the time when people go to YouTube, they are searching for something specific.

Choosing a niche will help you attract viewers who are interested in what you have to offer!

But if you’re a mom blogger, don’t you already have a niche?

That’s true, but within your blog’s niche, there are sub-niches you can explore as well.

So even if you don’t see your niche on this list, think about ways you can incorporate your niche into these ideas.

Let’s get started – from faceless YouTube channel ideas to the hottest niches, I’ve got you covered!

Best Niche Ideas for YouTube

The thing I love about YouTube is that it offers a huge range of opportunities because it welcomes a huge range of interests and passions.

So no matter what you’re passionate about, there’s a niche for you!

Check out these YouTube video niche ideas for your new YouTube channel.

1. Beauty and Makeup Tutorials

Beauty and makeup tutorials focus on teaching viewers how to use makeup, skincare routines, and beauty tips.

This niche is super popular – I’m sure you’ve seen tons of these videos on YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, , Instagram, and all over social media.

A popular Youtuber in beauty is Nikkietutorials with over 14 million subscribers!

Her channel helped her start her self-made makeup brand Nimya.

How cool is that?

Many viewers use YouTube to learn new makeup techniques, discover new products, and stay up-to-date on the latest beauty trends.

And there’s so much you can do with this niche!

You can create in-depth tutorials by demonstrating techniques step-by-step.

Or you can do something more unique, like telling personal stories while you apply your makeup.

I’ve seen some YouTubers who talk about true crime during their makeup tutorials.

So they’re drawing in two audiences!

You can also do skincare routines tailored to different skin types, product reviews, and makeup challenges.

2. Fitness and Wellness

The fitness and wellness niche focuses on promoting physical health, exercise routines, nutrition advice, and overall well-being.

Nowadays, it seems like more people are gravitating toward healthier lifestyles, making this a great YouTube channel niche idea.

Just look at Brittany Lupon’s fitness channel. She has over 190k subscribers  and joined the Fit Body app as one of the core trainers.

Viewers are drawn to YouTube for workout inspo, fitness challenges, and guidance on achieving their health goals.

The best content in this niche would be videos like workout routines that target different muscle groups or fitness levels, meal prep ideas, motivational videos, and wellness tips.

You can also share your fitness journey, progress, and struggles to inspire and connect with your audience on a personal level!

3. Vlogging and Lifestyle

Another great niche for creating content is vlogging and lifestyle.

This involves documenting your daily life, experiences, adventures, and interests.

I started following Cathrin Manning for her Youtube tips but she slowly transitioned into a lifestyle vlogger and is now a new mom!

People flock to vlogs because they want to see authentic and relatable content.

Vlogs offer a glimpse into the creator’s world, and viewers feel like they are part of the journey.

The best vlogs capture genuine moments, share interesting stories, and show unique experiences.

If you want to create content in this niche, you can do things like travel diaries, challenges, Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes to engage your audience and connect with them.

4. Cooking and Food

Cooking channels on YouTube have been popular for years, and they’re not slowing down!

I LOVE watching cooking tutorials on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok!

And one channel I LOVE is Julia Pacheco’s. She’s so down-to-earth and shares SIMPLE recipes. I love it.

She even created an eBook of her favorite recipes all thanks to her growing Youtube channel!

This niche features recipes, cooking techniques, meal ideas, and culinary inspiration.

When it comes to having a cooking and food channel, the audiences are pretty dedicated.

They’ll keep coming back for recipe tutorials, cooking hacks, and meal prep tips.

If this is the niche for you, you can post content like recipe demonstrations, restaurant reviews, and food-themed vlogs.

Show off your passion for food and share stories to connect with your audience.

5. Cleaning

From minimalist moms that love to purge to moms who love to organize, the cleaning niche on YouTube is thriving!

The content usually revolves around showcasing their home and how they keep it tidy and organized.

For me, I always love watching the Clutterbug from Cass.

I used to follow her when she ran an in-home daycare, then transitioned to home cleaning.

She then got a show on HGTV called Hot Mess House!

And now? She moved into a gorgeous home and through all this created a podcast, has books out and even had weight-loss surgery!

Viewers turn to YouTube for styling tips, fashion hacks, and new styles.

Popular fashion YouTubers post content like outfit of the day (OOTD) videos, season fashion guides, and closet tours.

As a fashion and style content creator, you can share your fashion journey, your favorite clothing pieces, and provide easy styling advice for different occasions and body types.

6. Personal Development

Content in the personal development niche focuses on self-improvement, goal setting, mindset shifts, and achieving success in different aspects of life.

A lot of people need guidance and motivation to unlock their full potential, and YouTube videos have become a popular way to find personal growth strategies.

Just look at Ali Abdaal’s growth! He has over 5 million subscribers and has a New York Times Bestseller book!

Popular content in this niche includes motivational speeches, goal-setting workshops, and success stories.

People want to see that it works, so you can share your own experiences and struggles to inspire viewers to take action and pursue their goals with confidence.

7. DIY and Crafts

DIY and crafts are all about creating handmade projects, upcycling materials, and unleashing creativity through different crafting techniques.

When people want to learn a new crafting hobby, some home decor ideas, or DIY hacks, nine times out of ten, they are looking for a YouTube video.

This is a MASSIVE niche on Youtube. 

When my daughter had Youtube she would watch slime videos, painting videos, water craft videos and stuffy videos. It was crazy!

One popular channel with over 2 million subscribers is SuperRaeDizzle.

The best content in the DIY and crafts niche are step-by-step tutorials, budget-friendly DIY projects, crafting challenges, and seasonal decor ideas.

You can use your YouTube channel to share your passion for crafting, experiment with different materials and techniques, and encourage viewers to explore their creativity.

8. Home Decor & Organizing

Nowadays, people are gravitating toward minimalist living, so they are always on the lookout for the best storage practices and ways to organize their small home.

Viewers use YouTube to find how to organize under the kitchen sink, cleaning hacks, and eco-friendly product recommendations.

Kallie started her Youtube channel But First, Coffee and shares her hacks for storage and organizing – all in the pursuit of saving money.

You can post unique content like organizational lifestyle guides, sustainable cleaning product hauls, and DIY upcycling projects.

Show how your family reduces their clutter with challenges and tips.

With a home decor YouTube channel, you don’t have to focus on renovations. Simply sharing ways to be more organized can help lots of people who struggle with stuff.

9. Financial Tips

Finance is all about saving, reaching goals, and mastering financial literacy.

This niche draws in people who want to become debt-free and take control of their finances.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s daughter’s channel, Rachel Cruze. She shares financial tips for beginners.

Viewers turn to these types of videos for saving money hacks, reduce debt strategies, and managing your money tips.

You can really make the best of this niche by making videos about productivity routines, goal-setting workshops, time-blocking tutorials, and productivity app reviews.

Share actionable advice, productivity experiments, and personal stories to help your audience accomplish more in their lives.

10. Product/Trend Testing and Unboxing

Product/trend testing and unboxing are still a huge thing on YouTube right now. These videos involve showcasing and talking about products or trend while removing them from their packaging.

There’s something very appealing about this.

People want authentic reviews, and watching a YouTuber open the package makes the experience more real and relatable.

I love watching Rachel’s channel RachhLovesLife (she has several other channels too). She tests overly sponsored products and a lot of food products and she’s super funny too.

Creators in this niche have to gain the trust of their audience by giving honest opinions, demonstrations, and comparisons between different products.

In a market saturated by influencers, people are now more keen on getting genuine information about a product.

You can do this by giving thorough product evaluations, unboxing experiences, and going through the pros and cons of the product.

YouTube Niche Ideas Without Showing Your Face

I know that a lot of creators show their faces in their YouTube videos. I also understand that a lot of people aren’t comfortable doing this.

And that’s okay!

There are still tons of niches you can get into on YouTube if you’d rather not be on camera.

Here are some YouTube channel ideas without showing your face:

11. Book Reviews

Book review videos are all about sharing opinions, summaries, and recommendations for different books, novels, and literary works – and you don’t have to show your face on camera!

This niche is popular among book enthusiasts and people who don’t have a lot of time to read but want to commit their time to a good book.

As a book review YouTuber, you can make videos that delve into the plot, characters, themes, and writing style of the books you review.

Instead of showing your face, you can make videos that feature the book covers, graphics, and relevant images.

12. Education and Tutorials

Education and tutorial videos teach viewers different skills, subjects, and concepts through instructional content.

This is a very versatile niche because you can teach anything you are knowledgeable in and passionate about!

You can make step-by-step tutorials, educational lectures, how-to guides, and skill-building workshops.

To make your videos visually appealing, you can create slideshows or use screen recording software. You can also use animated videos and voiceovers to help your viewers learn.

13. Home Improvement

More and more, people want to do their own home repairs to save money. If you know your stuff when it comes to home improvement, you can start a channel in this niche!

Home improvement content includes tips, ideas, and tutorials for renovating, decorating, and upgrading – and you don’t have to show your face to do this!

You can demonstrate DIY projects by showing only the process and the result or show off before-and-after transformations. You can also make videos that provide budget-friendly DIY hacks and room makeover ideas.

14. Home Organization

In the home organization niche, content creators share tips, hacks, and strategies for decluttering and organizing their homes. Sometimes people just need some inspiration to tackle their clutter!

If you want to start a YouTube channel in this niche, you can make videos that show organization hacks, decluttering challenges, storage solutions, and room organization ideas.

You’ll probably get more viewers if you show your home and the strategies you’ve implemented, but you can easily do this without showing your face.

15. Money and Budgeting

If you’re good with money, you can create videos in the money and budgeting niche. This niche focuses on managing money and achieving financial goals.

Everyone can use a little help with their money, so tons of people are looking for videos about budgeting, saving, and investing.

In this niche, you can make content like budgeting tutorials, saving hacks, investment tips, and money-saving challenges.

You can share your financial insight using slideshows, infographics, animations, and screen recordings.

16. Self-Care and Stress Management

You can also start a YouTube channel without showing your face in the self-care and stress management niche.

This niche focuses on mental and emotional well-being through things like mindfulness exercises, self-care routines, and stress-relief tips.

The best content includes videos of guided meditation sessions, self-care product recommendations, stress management techniques, and mental health discussions.

17. Podcasts

Did you know that you can post podcast episodes on YouTube?

Many podcasters create a YouTube version of their content to reach more listeners. All you have to do is record your episode, pair it with a graphic, and upload it to YouTube!

This is a great way to start a YouTube channel without showing your face.

When it comes to your podcast episodes, you can include interviews with experts or guests, storytelling, or panel discussions. Focus on interesting topics and engaging narration.

18. Tech and Gadgets

If you’re into technology, you can start a YouTube channel in this niche by reviewing, testing, and discussing devices, software, and gadgets.

Just like any product, people want insights and recommendations – especially when it comes to stuff that costs big money.

You can create videos that focus on features, performance, usability, and value for money. You can give reviews, compare with other products, or even create troubleshooting guides.

Kickstart Your YouTube Channel With the Right Niche!

By establishing a niche for your channel that matches your interests, expertise, and passion, you can become a successful content creator on YouTube!

Just remember to stay consistent, create high-quality content, and engage with your audience.

But most importantly – have fun! This is an exciting medium to get involved!

Now it’s your turn – which YouTube niche are you pumped about? Let me know in the comments!

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