61 Chic DIY Crafts for Home Decor (Dollar Tree Craft Ideas)

Do you love doing crafts? I sure do!

When I was pregnant with my twins I knitted day and night.

I knitted a ton of hats and I made scarves for my family and I just kept on knitting.

For me, creating crafts calms me and mellows me out as as work at home mom.

And what’s cool about DIY crafts is that you can use them for you home OR sell them for other people’s homes.

Win-win for sure!

So, if you want something to do at night, during nap times or on the weekends for a little me-time, try these DIY crafts for your home.

Dollar Tree DIY Crafts

With some simple items from the Dollar Tree you can make stunning and chic home decor crafts!

Let’s check them out.

1. DIY Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

Mason jar crafts are my jam for sure!

I use old spaghetti jars or buy a set and get to town. I love this Dollar Tree craft using simple things around the home.

Spend the afternoon making these mason jar crafts.

These jars add a such a nice touch of rustic charm and can be used in so many ways around my house.

I love placing a few on the kitchen counter filled with fresh herbs or using them as vases for seasonal flowers on the dining table. They also look adorable on bathroom shelves, holding cotton balls or bath salts.

2. Dollar Store Gold Frames

How chic is this craft idea for your home?

And they don’t look difficult to make either.

Get these at the dollar store and jazz them up for your living room or bedroom.

You can also place them on your coffee table as a centerpiece or on your bedside table for a touch of elegance.

They also look fantastic on a mantel or bookshelf, bringing in flair and personality. The best part is, you can customize them to match any decor style, making your home feel uniquely yours.

3. Dollar Store Hanging Basket

Wouldn’t this just look darling in the bathroom?

I love this unique idea to create a hanging basket for INSIDE the home.

This clever addition brings a touch of whimsy and practicality to your decor.

Whether you use it for small towels, toiletries, or even a few potted plants, it’s sure to make a delightful statement.

Plus, it adds a bit of nature indoors while keeping things organized.


4. Dollar Tree Succulent Craft

My daughter is OBSESSED with succulents and you know what?

Her love of succulents has passed on to me! I can’t get enough of these cute office decor

And with this DIY home decor craft project, you can sport it in your bathroom, office or living room.

5. Beautiful Dollar Tree Centrepiece Craft

This DIY project is perfect for your mantle.

Doesn’t it scream chic and modern?

It adds a stylish touch to your decor, blending seamlessly with any design.

Add candles, small plants, or seasonal decorations to make your mantel a standout feature in your home.

Love it!

6. Turn Dollar Tree Frames Into Lanterns

I had no idea you could use Dollar Store frames to make this!

This budget-friendly project adds a unique and creative touch to your decor.

Arrange the frames in a gallery wall, use them to showcase favorite photos, or create a chic organizational board.

It’s a great way to enhance any space with style and personality.


7. DIY Faux Topiary

This is such a cute home decor craft you can do with your children.

It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and create something special for your home.

These crafts add a personal touch to your decor and provide a fun activity for you and your kids.

Plus, they make for lovely keepsakes that you can cherish for years to come.

I know my daughter would love to make these with me!

8. Confetti Bowl

What a unique idea for a bowl!

Use it to keep your keys organized, store small toys, or hold craft supplies.

This bowl not only looks great but also helps keep things tidy and easily accessible.

9. Wooden Tiered Tray

My MIL loves tiered tray and I know if I made this for her for Christmas she would go ga-ga over it!

I love the rustic look to it but it’s also very chic too.

10. Rustic Window Frame

If you have farmhouse decor this rustic window is perfect for your home decor.

I like how easy and simple this is to make too.

It adds a charming, vintage touch to any room and complements the farmhouse aesthetic beautifully. Hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

This piece is not only stylish but also a breeze to put together, making it a great addition to your decor.

11. Rope Vase

Is this something you would buy at Pottery Barn?

Creating high-end looks on a budget is so satisfying.

It’s amazing how you can achieve that Pottery Barn style with a little creativity and some affordable materials.

I love dupes like these.

12. Plate Decor

My kitchen is a bit farm house and a bit vintage.

This DIY plate decor craft for the kitchen is perfect for my decor!

It blends seamlessly with both styles, adding a charming and nostalgic touch.

These plates are an easy way to personalize your space and enhance the cozy, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

13. Pizza Pan Wreath

How neat! From a simple pizza pan to a home decor project!

This creative idea transforms an everyday item into a stylish piece for your home. It’s an innovative way to add a unique touch to your decor, making it both functional and highly fun to look at.

Love it!

14. Enamel Mug Organizer

I love quirky home decor crafts like this one.

It’s such a fun and practical way to repurpose items you already have. This organizer adds a unique charm to your space while keeping things tidy and accessible.

Perfect for a kitchen counter, office desk, or craft room!

15. DIY Farm Decor

To really create that farmhouse look, try these farm decor ideas.

These projects add a rustic charm to your home, enhancing that cozy, farmhouse feel.

They look simple and easy to make too.

16. Jewelry Organizer

My daughter has started wearing jewelry and I know she would like something like this to store her jewelry.

This stylish and practical organizer is perfect for keeping her accessories neat and accessible.

It’s a beautiful addition to her room and makes it easy for her to find and display her favorite pieces.

17. Succulent Planter

Succulents again? Gotta love it.

This is such a cute DIY craft for my home office!

These little plants add a touch of greenery and life to the space, making it feel fresh and inviting.

It’s an easy and stylish way to brighten up your desk and create a more pleasant work environment.

18. Industrial Style Bin

How chic is this Dollar Store craft idea?

I can’t believe you can make this just from items from the Dollar Store!

19. Pebble and Succulent Wreath

This wreath is rustic and beautiful.

It’s a versatile decor piece that adds charm to any space.

Whether you hang it on your front door or inside your home, it brings a cozy, welcoming touch that complements any style.

20. DIY Tea Towel Pillows

I’m always on the hunt for pillows for my couch.

They add a charming and unique touch to any living room. Plus, they’re an easy and affordable way to update your decor.

These tea towel pillows are perfect!

Fall Decor Crafts

Fall is my favorite season of the year!

I actually wanted to get married in the fall but you know what? I have seasonal allergies.

While I enjoy the colors and the cool air I couldn’t stand the watery eyes and asthma feelings.

But if I’m inside I’m enjoying fall so much. So with these fall decor crafts I can enjoy my home even better!

21. DIY Rope Pumpkin

What a cute rope pumpkin craft idea for the home!

These charming decorations add a cozy autumn vibe, making your space feel warm and inviting. They’re an easy and creative way to celebrate the season.

Make a few of these and spread them out in your living room to instantly give it a fall look.

22. Fall Shadow Box Craft

Shadow boxes are so fun to look at! I love this idea of making it fall themed.

These seasonal displays add a touch of autumn charm, making your home feel warm and festive. They’re a great way to showcase your creativity and celebrate the fall season

Put it on your mantel or on a table in your living room.

23. Dollar Tree Grapevine Wreath

For a rustic home decor item, try this grapevine wreathe.

Use items from the Dollar Tree and there ya go!

This budget-friendly project adds a touch of natural charm to your home. It’s an easy and stylish way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside, perfect for any season.

24. DIY Farmhouse Bucket

Doesn’t this look like you could’ve bought this?

Well, you can DIY it!

This project is not only stylish but also surprisingly easy to make. It’s a great way to create high-end decor without the high-end price tag.

25. Acorn Tree

This looks cute but I couldn’t make this for my home because we have a cat.

And well, my cat would get tangled in that!

But, it still looks cute.

26. DIY Welcome Sign

Welcome signs are soo popular where I live.

They add a warm, inviting touch to any home. Creating your own allows you to personalize it to fit your style perfectly.

And they are easy to make too.

27. Quick DIY Fall Subway Art

Subway Art is such a hit in my neighborhood. And it’s super easy to make too.

This project brings a cozy, festive vibe to your home.

Plus, it’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your fall decor.

28. DIY Pumpkin Spice Candle

Candle projects are all the rage around here. And they’re incredibly easy to make too.

These candles fill your home with the warm, inviting scent of fall. It’s a simple yet delightful way to bring the cozy autumn atmosphere indoors.

29. DIY Fall Sign

Creating a DIY fall sign is a fantastic way to welcome the season. They’re easy to make and add a personal touch to your home.

These signs instantly bring a cozy, festive atmosphere to any room.

It’s a fun and simple project that helps celebrate autumn in style.

30. Pottery Barn Knock-Off Metal Pumpkin

These are surprisingly easy to create and add a stylish, festive touch to your home decor.

Perfect for your mantel, entryway, or as a centerpiece, they bring a touch of sophistication to your fall decorations. Get creative with paint and finishes to match your style, and enjoy the satisfaction of a beautiful, budget-friendly home accessory.

31. DIY Fabric Tape Pumpkins

Using various patterns and colors of fabric tape, you can transform plain pumpkins into charming, personalized pieces that fit perfectly with your home’s style.

They’re great for adding a cozy, handmade feel to your mantel, coffee table, or porch. Plus, they’re an affordable and fun project that you can enjoy making with family or friends.

32. Hanging Mason Jar Craft

You can hold candles in this cute mason jar craft for a cozy glow, displaying fresh flowers, or even storing kitchen utensils.

Hang them in your living room, kitchen, or patio to add a unique and personalized touch.

The combination of simplicity and style makes hanging mason jar crafts a perfect project for anyone looking to enhance their home with a bit of DIY creativity.

33. Beaded Pumpkin

Beaded pumpkins are incredibly chic and add an elegant touch to your fall decor. The intricate beadwork elevates the look of a traditional pumpkin, making it a standout piece in any setting.

They blend sophistication with seasonal charm, perfect for your mantel, dining table, or entryway.

They’re an excellent way to introduce a bit of glamour to your autumn decorations while maintaining a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Plus, beaded pumpkins are versatile enough to complement both modern and rustic decor styles.

34. DIY Fall Book Covers

What a fun DIY craft project to make!

These book covers can be customized with fall-themed designs, patterns, and colors, making your home feel warm and inviting. They’re perfect for adding a cozy, personalized touch to your living room, bedroom, or study.

Not only do they protect your books, but they also serve as an elegant decor element that celebrates the beauty of the fall season.

35. DIY Music Sheet Watercolor Fall Leaves

This home decor craft project is chic and artistic way to bring the beauty of autumn into your home.

Combining the elegance of vintage music sheets with the vibrant hues of watercolor, these leaves make a stunning decor piece.

36. Knock-Off Coffee Table Basket Tray

Such a creative way to craft this!

They’re perfect for organizing and displaying items on your coffee table, adding a touch of rustic charm and elegance.

Whether you use them to hold candles, books, or seasonal decor, they instantly elevate the look of your living space. The combination of functionality and style makes these basket trays a versatile and stylish accessory for any room.

37. Rustic Twig Candles

How stylish! Love these candles!

You can arrange a few on your dining table as a centerpiece, surrounding them with seasonal foliage or small pinecones to create a rustic and inviting look.

On your mantel, mix these candles with other natural elements like dried flowers, small branches, or acorns for a cohesive display.

They also look wonderful on coffee tables or side tables, paired with a wooden tray or burlap runner to enhance their rustic appeal.

38. Dollar Tree Braided Pumpkins

How cute and chic are these little pumpkins?

Place them on your mantel alongside fall foliage and candles to create a cozy, seasonal display.

They also make a lovely centerpiece for your dining table; simply arrange them in a decorative bowl or basket with pinecones and small gourds.

For a welcoming touch, scatter a few braided pumpkins on your entryway table or bookshelf, pairing them with rustic elements like burlap or twine.

39. Cricut + Dollar Tree Mug

How fun to use your Cricut machine for a project like this!

In your kitchen, these customized mugs can be displayed on open shelves or a coffee station, adding a unique and stylish element to your decor. They are perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or tea with a personal flair.

40. DIY Leaf Stamped Napkins

This project is perfect for bringing a bit of the outdoors inside, especially during the fall season.

These napkins look great on your dining table for everyday use or special occasions, adding a unique and stylish element to your decor. They also make wonderful handmade gifts that friends and family will appreciate.

With minimal effort and materials, you can transform ordinary napkins into charming, nature-inspired pieces that enhance your home.

Other DIY Crafts for the Home

Are your creative juices flowing? They are for me!

So much wonderful craft ideas for the home!

If you still haven’t find the right home craft idea, check these ideas.

41. Watercolor Paper Leaf and Branch Mobile

Mobiles aren’t only for your nursery you know!

Decorate your home with this beautiful and easy watercolor paper leaf craft.

The delicate watercolor leaves, combined with natural branches, create a beautiful, whimsical display that adds a touch of artistry to any room.

Hanging this mobile in your living room, bedroom, or even a nursery brings a sense of calm and nature indoors.

The soft, flowing colors of the watercolor leaves catch the light beautifully, creating a serene and picturesque scene.

It’s perfect for enhancing a cozy reading nook or as a focal point above a mantel.

42. DIY Flannel Coasters

These coasters are perfect for protecting your furniture while adding a warm, rustic vibe to your living room, kitchen, or dining area. Simply cut the flannel and felt into squares, sew them together, and you have a set of stylish and functional coasters. They’re not only practical but also make great handmade gifts for friends and family, especially during the holiday season.

43. Neutral Acorns

Their subtle, muted tones blend seamlessly with any style, adding an elegant and natural element to your space.

These acorns look beautiful arranged in a decorative bowl or glass vase, making a stylish centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. You can also scatter them across your mantel or shelves for a touch of rustic charm. The neutral colors complement any season, making them a versatile decor piece that you can use year-round.

44. Fall Door Mat

There’s no need to buy an expensive fall door mat! Make it yourself!

Making these are a fun and creative project that adds a festive touch to your entryway. This easy DIY allows you to personalize your decor with autumn-inspired designs and welcoming messages.

45. DIY Scarecrow

A cute and charming way to add a touch of autumn whimsy to your decor. This project is fun for all ages and brings a delightful, festive feel to your kitchen or living room.

46. DIY Leaf Bowl

These have an expensive and elegant look that adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor. Despite their high-end appearance, they are surprisingly simple and affordable to make.

47. Fall Leaf Garland

A garland is a must-have for adding a touch of autumn elegance to your home. This simple yet stunning decoration brings the beauty of fall foliage indoors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

48. Acorn Garland

And his garland is a cute variation that brings a delightful and rustic touch to your fall decor. This charming garland is easy to make and adds a whimsical, natural element to any space.

49. Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkin Topiary for Front Porch

This is a simple and budget-friendly project that adds a charming touch to your front porch. This DIY decoration is perfect for welcoming guests with a festive fall vibe.

50. DIY Fall Leaf Topiary

This looks expensive but isn’t, making it a perfect project for adding a touch of elegance to your fall decor without breaking the bank. This beautiful topiary is ideal for enhancing your front porch or any area of your home.

51. DIY Fall Planters

These home decor craft ideas are a quick and easy way to bring a burst of autumn color to your front porch or garden. These planters can be made with minimal effort and materials, yet they add a vibrant and festive touch to your outdoor decor.

52. DIY Fall Quote Banner

What a fun project to do!

This is a simple and elegant way to add a touch of seasonal charm to your home. This project is easy to make and can be customized with your favorite fall quotes to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

53. Easy Fall Wreath that Looks Gorgeous

This is a simple and elegant way to add a touch of seasonal charm to your home. This project is easy to make and can be customized with your favorite fall quotes to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

54. DIY Pumpkin Vase

I love this DIY project!

This is beautiful and easy-to-make. It adds a unique and festive touch to your fall decor. This charming vase can be used as a centerpiece for your dining table or as a decorative accent anywhere in your home.

55. Chalk Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

This adds a sophisticated look to your fall decor. This DIY project is simple to create and adds an elegant touch to your dining table, mantel, or entryway.

56. Dollar Store Leaf Pillow

This is cute and budget-friendly way to add a touch of fall to your home decor. This easy project can be done with minimal supplies and effort, resulting in a charming accent piece for your living room, bedroom, or porch.

57. Fall Pallet Sign for Front Porch

Doesn’t this sign look expensive to make? It’s not!

This is a charming and rustic way to welcome the autumn season. This project is easy to make and adds a personalized touch to your outdoor decor.

58. Fall Window Box

How grand does this look? I love it!

This window box is a beautiful and festive way to enhance your home’s exterior decor for the autumn season. This easy-to-create project adds vibrant colors and seasonal charm to your windows, making your home feel warm and inviting.

59. Fall Mason Jars

I love this mason jar craft!

They are a delightful way to bring the autumn season into your home with a touch of rustic charm. These versatile jars can serve as centerpieces, vases, or simple decorative accents.

60. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

What a fun and creative way to repurpose mason jar lids into charming fall decor. This simple project is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home.

61. Beautiful Tea Towels

What a wonderful way to add a touch of personal charm to your kitchen or to give as thoughtful handmade gifts. This simple DIY project allows you to customize tea towels with your favorite designs and colors.

Can You Sell These DIY Projects?

Yes you can!

A lot of crafts you can make and sell on marketplaces, on your blog or over on Etsy! You decide!

I hope you found a DIY project!

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