65 Mason Jar Crafts to Sell at Home

Usually on the weekends, I love going on Pinterest to only search for mason jar crafts.

These are budget-friendly, easy to DIY and the perfect crafts to sell if you’re a stay at home mom!
In a previous post, I gave you 87 craft ideas that you could make and sell as a stay at home mom.

Now, I want to give you even more ideas. But, this time, I’m going to focus on one specific craft:

Mason jar crafts!

There are so many things you can make out of mason jars, giving you plenty of product ideas you can make and sell.

From candles to gifts to home storage ideas, there’s no limit to what you can make out of mason jars and sell to make some extra cash from home.

To help you get started with selling mason jar crafts, I’ll go over the most popular platforms to sell your crafts, mason jar craft ideas, and other moms that are selling mason jar crafts!

How to Make and Sell Your Mason Jar Crafts

While turning mason jars into beautiful crafts may come easily to you, selling them may prove to be challenging.

Luckily, there are many ways you can try out to sell your crafts online and make some easy money!

Here are some ways you can sell your mason jar crafts:

Sell Mason Jar Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is a website that allows users to sell handmade items and offers personal storefronts for sellers to list their goods.

Creating the storefront is free but you do have to pay $0.20 per listing and Etsy claims 5% of the final sale price – these fees are billed to you once a month.

However, by the end of 2018, Etsy connected 2.1 million sellers with 39.4 million buyers.

It is a popular platform for both those who sell handmade items and those who seek them.

To set up an Etsy shop, you just need to visit the site and register for an account.

From there, you can customize your shop by choosing a shop name, shop banner and specifying how you prefer to take payments.

Once you add some items and set up your billing information, you are ready to open your shop!

Set Up an Online Store on Your Blog

Instead of using online marketplace services to sell your crafts, you can also set up your own online shop through your personal website or blog.

You will need a self-hosted plan for your blog as opposed to a free blogging platform. Unfortunately, you can’t run a business on a free blog.

Once you have set up your self-hosted blog, you can use a free WordPress plugin called WooCommerce to sell your mason jar crafts online.

Listing and selling your crafts is an easy process – simply follow the plugin’s installation wizard. It will walk you through adding your product image, giving a description and entering your price.

By far, the best option is to have a blog with a shop page. Many moms who sell crafts online have a shop page on their blog as well as an Etsy shop.

Make sure to take my totally free course to start your own blog for selling mason jar crafts!

Create an Artisan Profile on Amazon Handmade

Amazon offers the “Handmade Store,” which offers an opportunity to sell handcrafted products to the millions of Amazon customers who use their service.

They use an application process to add new Artisans to the Handmade category. These applications are reviewed by a member of their team before being accepted (it can take about 4-6 weeks to hear back from them).

Amazon’s fees are a bit higher than Etsy’s. They charge a 15% commission and $1 referral fee on items sold.

So why would you pay more to sell with Amazon Handmade?

Besides their wide reach to a larger customer base, Amazon offers a service called “Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)” which provides storage, packaging and shipping assistance to sellers.

To sell on Amazon Handmade, you have to fill out an application form with your details as well as examples of your handmade products.

It may take a while to hear back from them but, if you are, you will receive an invitation to join Amazon Handmade along with further instructions.

Look for Local Marketplaces

You don’t even need to sell your mason jar crafts online! You can also consider selling them locally.

Facebook Marketplace is a popular place for people to buy and sell local products. Many people go to Facebook Marketplace in order to purchase local and handmade products.

Okay, so Facebook Marketplace is still an online entity, but the exchange of product and money is done face-to-face.

Using Facebook also gives you an opportunity to share your products on your profile (and hopefully other people share it to theirs).

It’s kind of the best of both worlds – you benefit from the reach of an online platform yet you get to meet your customers in the real world.

Another option is to look into local craft fairs.

Many schools and community centers use these events for fundraising – especially around Christmastime.

Lastly, most communities also have local farmer’s markets during the spring and summer months.

These events are a go-to for those seeking local and handmade products.

Privacy and Disclosure

With any business online – on your blog, website or on your Etsy page – you need to be legal.

You can do this easily with having a privacy and disclosure documents or pages on your blog or marketplace page.

There are many free generators online that can create a privacy and disclosure page, but these aren’t considered legal.

To be safe, I strongly encourage you to use professional legal templates for selling your mason jars online.

Finding Mason Jars for Cheap

Many containment stores will sell a flat of mason jars during the fall for jam and pickling season.

So keep your eye out around town for these deals.

If you want to get started quickly, however, you can always get great deals on Amazon. Here are a few of my favoriate mason jar bundles.

1. Mardash 8 Pack Mason Jars With Handle Lids With Chalkboard Labels

These mason jars are perfect for teacher gifts and for wedding decor.

2. KAMOTA Round Mason Jars 12 oz With Regular Lids and Bands

These round mason jars are beautiful and can make your candles or scrubs look professional.

3. Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars (16 oz/Capacity) [12 Pack]

These a typical mason jars you would see at the store or containment stores. They are hardy and can be spruced up easily to make them more valuable.

Mason Jar Crafts That Make Money

Now that you have an idea of how to set up your shop, here are some amazing mason jar craft ideas that you can sell to make money online:

1. Candles (1-5)

A very popular use for mason jars is to turn them into beautiful candles. However, the process is a bit involved so most people won’t bother. Instead, they’ll want to buy them from someone else!

Once you get the process down pat, you’ll be able to quickly make multiple candles that you can sell online.

Here are some mason jar candle ideas:

2. Candle Holders (6-11)

If you’re not interested in the process of creating your own candles, you can always make candle holders. With a candle holder, you can choose to use tealights or battery-operated candles.

Here are some mason jar candle holder ideas:

3. Cookies in a Jar (12-19)

How awesome would it be to just dump the contents of a jar in a bowl, throw in an egg and some water, and make some delicious homemade cookies?

Cookie mixes in a jar are extremely popular as gifts and party favors!

Here are some mason jar cookie mix ideas:

4. Body Scrubs (20-29)

You can sell luxurious homemade body scrubs in a mason jar. Just keep in mind that using fresh ingredients means that the product will likely have to be refrigerated and will not last forever.

Here are some mason jar body scrub ideas:

5. Emergency Kits (30-35)

Not only are these small and convenient emergency kits extremely useful, they also make great gifts. People will buy these up to give to brides, teachers, moms and more!

Here are some mason jar emergency kit ideas:

6. Home Decor (36-44)

For those who love a rustic look for their home, mason jar décor is perfect for this type of style. Some of these decorations require a little woodwork or special materials but remember that the more you invest your product the more you can charge!

Here are some mason jar home decor ideas:

7. Valentine’s Day (45-48)

You may not be able to sell holiday-specific mason jar crafts all year round, but why not take advantage of holidays such as Valentine’s day to sell these super adorable love-themed jars?

Here are some mason jar Valentine’s day ideas:

8. Halloween (49-52)

Again, you can focus on holiday-themed mason jar crafts and sell to those who enjoy decorating for Halloween.

Here are some mason jar Halloween ideas:

9. Christmas (53-57)

Christmas-themed mason jar crafts not only appeal to those looking to decorate for this time of year but also for those who like to give festive décor as gifts.

Here are some mason jar Christmas ideas:

10. Home Storage (58-65)

It’s true that you can take a mason jar and use it to store all kinds of things. The difference with these mason jar crafts is they are made specifically for different storage needs and beautifully decorated to add some style to the home.

Here are some mason jar home storage ideas:

Moms That Make Mason Jar Crafts to Sell

You’re going to find that many moms who sell mason jar crafts online are not focusing solely on mason jars. They are using mason jars to showcase their handmade products.

That being said, you could absolutely center your products on mason jars and find success in selling them online!

Here are three moms who are selling handmade products and using mason jars to do so:

Canada Rock Engraving

Amanda Verkade of Canada Rock Engraving is a mom and entrepreneur from Canada who specializes in engraved glassware, dishes, candles and more.

She uses sandblasting to cut her designs into her products and offers a few etched mason jars in her Etsy shop as well as on her company’s site.

Amanda also works as a nurse – which goes to show that you can be a mom, work and make some money selling mason jar crafts online!

You can check out an example of her work here.

Country Barn Babe

Country Barn Babe is an online company run by a mom and her husband (who actually quit his day job to join in her entrepreneurial endeavor!) that focuses on rustic and handmade items and products.

Together they create beautiful handcrafted products primarily made of wood. However, she does offer mason jar décor.

She sells her products through her company’s website as well as through her storefront on Amazon Handmade.

Check out her mason jar décor here.

Nilly’s Country Candles

Nilly’s is a mother-daughter team that makes and sells vegan soy wax candles. They’ve just recently added a soap line to their company.

To keep in line with their vintage, yet slightly modern, aesthetic, Nilly’s often uses mason jars for their soy candles.

You can find their store on the Zibbet Marketplace (another platform for selling crafts) and an example of their mason jar candles here.

65 Mason Jar Crafts to Sell at Home

Mason jars are easy to come by and can easily be transformed into beautiful products that you can sell online!

For busy moms, this can be a lucrative business. Once you choose the products you want to make, and get into the swing into making them, you can produce a ton of products while also taking care of your parental responsibilities.

Setting up shop through sites such as Etsy and Amazon Handmade, or starting your own blog, makes selling your mason jar crafts super easy!

What do you think? What kinds of mason jar crafts can you see yourself making and selling?

Let me know in the comments!

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