27 Clever Facebook Group Games to Help You Grow Users

Do you run a Facebook group?

I do!

Are you having trouble getting members to post and engage?

Some people join groups to gather information, which is totally fine.

However, having members post, comment, and share is key to increasing your group’s visibility, reach, and overall success.

It also creates a sense of belonging and connection, helping you to build trust with your audience.

So, how can you increase engagement in your group?

With fun Facebook group games!

By hosting interactive games and activities, you can create a dynamic environment where your members actively participate.

Let’s get started! Here are some of my favorite Facebook group games.

Fun Facebook Group Games


Engaging your members will create a lively atmosphere and encourage interaction within the group.

Bring your group to life with these fun Facebook group games:

1. Caption This

You can engage your group with laughter by posting an amusing image and asking members to write witty captions.

This is a super easy game to add to your group since you can use virtually any picture related to your niche.

2. Emoji Story

Post an emoji story and see if your members can guess what it is! Again, you can really do anything related to your niche.

Here are some related to blogging:

  • 📝🌟💡💭✍️ – “A writer 📝 had a brilliant idea 💡 for a blog post 💭. They brainstormed 🌟 and then began typing away ✍️.”
  • 🚀🌐💻🔍📈 – “The blogger 🚀 launched their website 🌐 and started writing 💻. With research 🔍 and dedication, their blog began to soar 📈.”
  • 👩‍💻📅📈🔥💻 – “The blogger 👩‍💻 planned their content calendar 📅, aiming for growth 📈. With consistency and effort, their blog caught fire 🔥.”

Have fun getting creative!

3. Flashback Friday

Instead of the tired Throwback Thursday, why not have a Flashback Friday? Get your members to share old pictures or share pictures of yourself.

People love nostalgia and this will really encourage some storytelling and engagement.

4. Trivia Time

Host a trivia session related to your niche or a game that covers all kinds of topics.

Announce your trivia game and its theme then ask members to submit their answers in the comments.

Reward the correct answers with points and announce the winner at the end!

5. Guess the Object

Post a close-up photo of an object and ask members to guess what it is. Award points to correct responses and special shoutouts to the funniest guesses.

Just make sure you reveal the answer later on!

6. Polls and Surveys

Using polls and surveys as Facebook group games is a great way to boost engagement. Create a poll with different options related to a specific topic.

You can engage members by asking them to leave a comment explaining their choice. Later, share the results to spark more discussion.

7. Weekly Challenges

Introduce a new challenge every week related to your niche or your members’ interests or hobbies.

Encourage them to participate by completing the challenge and posting their entries in the comments.

For example, you can do a “Take a photo of your favorite view” challenge. Acknowledge and celebrate everyone’s contributions at the end of the week.

Facebook Group Engagement Games

Do you really want to get your members talking?

Here are some Facebook group engagement games that will spark discussions and encourage members to share your posts:

8. Tag a Friend

To engage your Facebook group members, create a post with a description or scenario that they can relate to.

Then, encourage members to tag a friend in the comments who fits the description—this may also attract new people to your group!

9. Share Your Wisdom

While you probably share a lot of your own wisdom in your group, you always post a question related to a specific theme or topic and ask your members for help.

People love to be helpful, and your members will likely share their tips, advice, or life hacks in the comments.

Respond to their comments and ask them to explain how their wisdom has helped them.

10. Advice Column

You can also flip the script and create a post inviting members to ask for advice on a specific topic.

Have them comment with their questions. Other members can reply with supportive advice or solutions.

11. Share Your Playlist

Start a thread where members can share their favorite songs or playlists.

Encourage them to comment with their song recommendations and why those songs are meaningful to them.

12. Story Time

Start a post with a sentence and get members to continue it to create a story. Didn’t you love playing this game as a kid? I did!

This Facebook group game can easily take a hilarious turn, and people will love contributing to the story.

13. Weekly Wins

Create a weekly post where members can share their achievements or positive experiences. Invite them to talk about their weekly wins, whether big or small.

This will also encourage members to celebrate and support each other’s successes.

Funny Facebook Group Games

Using humor is a great way to get members to engage with your group. Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

Check out these funny Facebook group games:

14. Meme Wars

To increase engagement in your Facebook group, you can always have a meme competition!

Encourage members to share or create funny memes related to a theme, and set a deadline for submissions.

Once the submissions are all in, create a poll and have members vote for their favorite meme. The meme with the most votes wins!

15. Pun Battles

Get members to compete to come up with the best puns related to a topic or image.

Create a post announcing the pun battle topic and rules (encourage your members to keep the puns lighthearted and fun).

Members can comment with their puns related to the topic. You can declare the winner based on community engagement or have a poll like with the meme war.

16. Pet Photo Showdown

A pet photo showdown is a competition where members share, you guessed it, photos of their pets!

You can host a “Silliest Pet Photo” content where members share photos of their pets in amusing costumes or situations.

Encourage reactions and comments from other members and have everyone vote for the best picture.

17. Fake News Headlines

Another fun Facebook group game is Fake News Headlines.

This game involves sharing outrageous or absurd headlines and having members come up with even funnier stories to go along with them.

For example, you can share a fake headline like, “Aliens Land in Small Town, Demand to Try Earth’s Cuisine,” and see what kind of humorous stories your members come up with!

18. Ridiculous Rumors

You can play this Facebook group game by asking members to share the most absurd rumor they’ve ever heard (with bonus points for creativity).

Get them to comment on their rumors and encourage members to react to them. Award bonus points for the most creative or entertaining rumors.

19. Emoji Pictionary

I love Emoji Pictionary! It’s a little different than emoji stories because it uses emojis to represent popular phrases or even movies and shows.

Here are some of my faves based on movies:

  • 🚗👩‍🚀👽🌌🛸 (E.T.: The Extraterrestrial)
  • 📚🔮⚡️🧹🧙‍♂️🦉(Harry Potter)
  • 🌊🗡️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️🦑🦈🚢 (The Little Mermaid)
  • 👸🏰👑🍎💤(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🕌👳‍♂️🐪💫(Aladdin)

You can even encourage members to post their own Emoji Pictionary puzzles and see how many people can guess them correctly.

20. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a popular game on and off Facebook for getting to know people.

Have members share two true statements and one false statement about themselves. Other members have to guess which is the lie.

After a set period, get your members to reveal their lies and see who was right!

Popular Facebook Group Games

If you want to attract new members and maintain your group’s relevance within the FB community, you need to spice things up! Here are some of the most popular Facebook group games that people go nuts for:

21. Name That Tune

Challenge your group’s music knowledge with short audio clips of songs and see who can guess the title and artist first.

It’s a fun way to engage members and test their familiarity with different music genres.

You can even offer small prizes for the quickest correct answers to add some excitement!

22. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Invite members to explore their surroundings and capture photos of items or scenarios from a provided list.

It encourages members to get creative and observant while sharing snapshots of their everyday lives with the group.

Awarding points or recognition for completing the scavenger hunt can motivate participation and foster friendly competition.

23. Word Association

To get your members engaged with your posts, you can start a word chain where each member responds with a word related to the previous one, creating a fun and interactive game.

It’s a simple way to spark conversations and connections within the group, and the word chain can lead to unexpected and entertaining tangents as it grows longer with each comment!

24. Bucket List Challenge

Encourage members to share their aspirations and dreams by posting one item from their bucket list.

It’s an opportunity for members to learn more about each other’s goals and interests while providing support and encouragement.

Plus, discussing bucket list items can inspire others to pursue their own dreams!

25. 30-Day Challenge

Launch a monthly challenge where members commit to completing a task or activity each day for a month.

It’s a great way to promote personal growth, accountability, and positive habits among group members.

Whether it’s a fitness challenge, a gratitude journal, or a creative project, people love participating in challenges.

26. Book Club

You can also start a book club and have your members read a book related to your niche. This will spark some thoughtful discussions and help your members discover new books and authors.

27. Recipe Exchange

Even if you don’t have a food-related Facebook group, you can still start a recipe exchange!

For example, if you run a mom group, you can ask members to share their favorite drink recipes for relaxing.

Sharing recipes is as old as time and creates a sense of togetherness between people.

Get Your Facebook Group Talking!

Getting your Facebook group members to engage with you and each other is key to creating a thriving online community.

By using fun and interactive games, you can encourage conversation and connection and transform your group into a vibrant hub of fun!

Now it’s your turn—how do you get your members to post and comment? Which game are you excited to try? I want to know!

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