Never-Ending Blog Ideas for 1,000 Blog Post Topics (Traffic, List Building & Income)

I’ve been blogging since 2014 and, in that time, I’ve had to come up with probably hundreds of blog ideas for my content strategy.

Oh, and I also get paid to write and write articles and blog posts for businesses – so that’s another few hundred post topics there.

And, what does this all mean?

As a blogger and freelancer, it’s my “job” to come up with never-ending blog ideas.

But, there are times when I just can’t – especially for my niche blog where I write about ONE topic over and over and over again.

How do I do it? With practice and a few hacks too!

So, I thought I’d help you if you recently started a blog and have no idea what to write about because all you know is that you want to share your ideas, inspire others and eventually make money!

I got you!

When I was outlining this post idea, I always research Google (which will be something I will dive into later in this blog post), and you know what I found?

Marketing blogs! Business blogs!

Now, I’m not saying these aren’t valuable. They totally are, but I can’t relate to their information as a mom blogger.

I need time-saving help!

I need an all-in-one approach to generating never-ending blog ideas while I have to meal prep, clean the house, do a load of laundry, write for my clients, and manage all my blog sites!

So, that’s why I wanted to share these blog idea tips to help you save time to grow your website traffic, build your list and make money blogging.

This post is split up into two parts – using blog format types as a blog hack to save time and immediately write your blog post – and optimized research tips to find that next post idea.

So, let’s get to it.

Blog Ideas From Blog Format Types

There are hundreds of different types of blog posts you can write.

What I’ve found over the years, is that there are only a few blog types that make for perfect blog posts, and that are easy to write.

I don’t know about you, but if I lean on a blog format rather than a niche topic idea, I suddenly have an angle and an outline for a blog post idea. So check out these blog format types to help you with your next blog idea.

1. SEO Focussed

In year three of blogging, I changed my content strategy to inject more keywords on my blog, and this proved to be a converting plan.

Suddenly, the posts I wrote two years ago were ranking in both Google and Pinterest!

I learned that many of my posts were getting backlinks, and bigger sites were linking to my blog!

And this all started because people could find me ON GOOGLE.

But, I don’t want you to think that all you have to do is put keywords in your post, and suddenly you will start ranking.

There are a few factors at play:

  • The age of your blog – the older your blog is, and the older the content on your blog is, the easier it is to rank
  • The quality of your posts – typically, Google favors all-in-one content. This means everything about that topics is in one blog post. These posts are long-form and informative.
  • How easy it is to rank for a keyword – Not all keywords are easy to rank for. Many are difficult, and that’s because huge brands are ranking for those words, making that keyword highly competitive. As a blogger, you need to find those easy keywords.


So what do you do? Do you even use keywords if there is no chance of ranking?

Yes, of course! You just have to use easy keywords. These have barely any competition and get searched a lot.

In my updated guide of 1120 Easy Keywords for Ranking, I share with you those exact keywords for different popular niches.

I even give you money-making keywords for affiliate-based blog niches! Win-win!

Using this guide cuts your time figuring out what to blog about to absolutely zero. 

It takes me a hot minute to find the best keywords for my blog plan, so I know my easy keywords to rank for guide is a must for mom bloggers!

2. How-To Guides

Google loves “how-to” content. This type of content is all-in-one, exhaustive, and highly valuable.

It also answers the user’s intent when searching for many types of keywords like:

  • How to start a Youtube Channel
  • How to get a good latch when breastfeeding
  • How to use WordPress for the first time
  • How to make coffee with a Keurig

The list can go on and on.

If your blog has a lot of “how to” posts and if they are written as ultimate guides that answer every possible question about that topic, your post will eventually rank.

But, as a mom blogger, these are time-consuming and I want to give you time-saving content.

So my suggestion to save time on these types of posts is to:

  • Write it out partially, publish it and update it frequently. I do this for list posts. I may publish a post of 18 ways and later update to 25 ways and then to 45 ways etc…
  • Hire this content out to a freelance writer. This is an investment, but if that post has affiliate links and is well-written and optimized for an easy keyword, you will get traffic and income, and the post will pay for itself.
  • Spend time writing shorter blog posts – 800 words each – of an idea – for example, writing three posts about latching problems when breastfeeding – and then consolidating them into one ultimate guide – Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Latch When Breastfeeding. I wouldn’t copy all those posts, but I would summarize them and then link to them in your ultimate guide.

3. Gift Guides

Gift-guide writing doesn’t have to be seasonal.

You can create content for any type of gift like gifts for tweens or gifts for new dads.

You can also package this post idea to just be long-form guides or reviews….and you can even include trends or hot topics in the news.

For example, Rachel Hollis is getting a lot of publicity for her recent Instagram posts.

Using an SEO keyword tool, I can see that Rachel Hollis is a competitive keyword and highly searched. However, the related keywords are not competitive.

Rachel Hollis books is an easy keyword to rank for, and it can be packaged up into a review post of her books with affiliate links to help you make money!

4. Comparisons

People who are ready to purchase something usually do comparison-based research.

I know for me, when I was researching the best twin strollers, I checked out a lot of blog posts and Youtube videos on different twin strollers and reading about comparisons between them.

As a mom blogger, some blog ideas can stem from writing about comparisons of products, tools, or services you’re familiar with.

This is a great way to start making money with affiliate marketing. You may not make a lot of sales initially, you can drive traffic back to that affiliate post idea, if you have a Pinterest marketing strategy.

With my blog, I compared using Mailchimp to Convertkit and wrote a review post with my affiliate links to make sales.

In the beginning, it didn’t take off, but with patience and promoting it on Pinterest, Facebook and Youtube, I was able to gain sales.

I average around 20-25 commissions every month.

Convertkit sales

Not every comparison or affiliate post will generate sales, but if you promote it a lot and link to it in your blog posts, you can get people to that page, and hopefully, by that time, they will convert!

5. List Based Blog Ideas

List posts are super easy to generate and gather research for.

The writing though, can take some time. But you can do this in chunks.

First, come up with the idea and the list items – 15 Fine Motor Toys for Toddlers.

From there, do your research on your list items – gather affiliate links, check out other review posts, look around so you can fill the gap (personal experience works well).

From there, 80% of the post is complete! Spend time writing the introduction and if you want, the conclusion also, and over the week, you can do a few of the list items so that your post is done the following week.

It’s better to have a “complete,” highly valuable blog post than one you scrambled to put out.

While consistency is key in the beginning, don’t stress about it. Content compounds over time, so as long as you continue to build your content library, you will be fine.

List posts can be roundups of products or of people or information. I created a huge roundup post on Smart Mom Ideas on 75 Eye-Opening and Revealing Tips for a First Time Mom.

To save me time, I relied on quotes from other moms. I did have to reach out to every one of them to ask if I can use a quote from their blog just for good blogging practice and all of them said yes!

So even though, this post took a long time to put together, I could spend a few minutes here and there each day working on it until it was published.

I do talk more about using this strategy for building traffic and backlinks in Ready Set Blog for Traffic.

6. Opinion Based Blogging Ideas

It’s okay to share your opinion on your blog. It’s yours, right?

I just suggest you don’t make your entire blog about you and your personal opinions. Your blog is for others so others can learn from, be inspired to, and help them with their problems.

But, every now and then, go ahead and share a personal story or opinion. I often share my opinions about blogging in a sentence or two in blog posts about blogging.

If you have an opinion on baby-led weaning, you can pepper this throughout your baby tips content on your blog. This can help build authority around that topic (if you want to be known for that).

7. Create a Playlist of Ideas

While a playlist is meant for music, there is no problem creating a blog post idea around a Spotify playlist. But you can branch out and do other playlists. For example, I have a “playlist” on podcasts to listen to, Tailwind communities to join, Kids Songs on Youtube to watch and more.

If you are stuck on what to write about on your blog, why not create this specialized type of blog idea?

It’s fun to think about and fun to write!

8. Product-Based

You will find that if you want to start making money blogging, affiliate marketing is an easy approach to start.

And an easy affiliate blog post idea is to talk about a product you are familiar with.

For beginners, it’s easier if you actually use that product. For example, I wrote my post on my bullet journal because I own one and use it for my blog content strategy.

With these product-based blog posts, you can gather even more blog topic ideas by writing from a different angle about these products.

For example, I wrote another bullet journal post on maximizing your productivity (rather than talk about how to set up a bullet journal).

So, if you want to write about a non-toxic playmat you can first write about using this playmat – the story of why you chose that playmat. From there, you can write other blog posts ideas like:

  • Comparing non-toxic play mats
  • Play mat ideas to keep your baby busy
  • How to wash and care for baby toys – include your play mat affiliate link

So, you see that by creating one product-based blog post, you generate three more blog posts where you can plug in your affiliate link for that product.

Win-win, and it saves loads of time!

9. Video-Based Blog Ideas

If you really have NO time to sit at your computer, why not do a Youtube video instead and publish it on your blog with a quick outline and bullet points?

Or, you can hire a freelance writer to transcribe your Youtube video.

In either case, you can cut the time of blogging by creating a video first and then writing it up on the blog, as well as embedding the video you did in the post. 

This can keep readers on your blog longer because instead of reading, they are watching, which decreases your bounce rate.

But, many bloggers aren’t using this approach!

For example, Caity of A Little Rose Dust is an eco-friendly, sustainable living 20-something lifestyle blogger, and she has a growing Youtube channel sharing her knowledge on living a zero-waste life.

I noticed she has a blog post on Thinx Period Underwear Review and a Yotuube video on My Zero Waste Period Routine.

If she talks about Thinx in that video (which I’m assuming she does), she should embed that video in her review post as well!

22. Use Google

Google is a great way to find blog ideas for your niche. Oftentimes you can find similar blogs and peruse their blog content to get ideas. For my Smart Mom Ideas, I often do this on big brand sites to see what type of content or angle those sites are doing to help me with my editorial calendar.

Simply plug in your main blog niche and see what results you get. Go to page 3 or 4 to get smaller blogs and check those sites out.

What are they blogging about?

23. Use Google Trends

If you need a specific blog idea, you can use Google Trends. This tool helps you see trends over time.

For example, if I had a lifestyle blog and loved coffee, I could see which topic is more popular or trending: Dalgona coffee or cold brew.

Google Trends

As you can see from the trend over time, cold brew is picking up while Dalgona coffee is trending downwards. For my lifestyle blog, I know that having a post about cold brew coffee methods or ideas would appeal to my audience than one about Dalgona coffee.

24. Use Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is similar to Google Trends, but instead of looking at the trend online, Buzzsumo shows the popularity of a blog post on social media. So, if you really want to gain social media traffic, using Buzzsumo can help you find the perfect blog idea for your content when you start a blog.

For example, if you have a home decor blog, you can check if bathroom remodel is more popular on Facebook or Pinterest.


From the results, it looks like this topic idea would do well on Pinterest and social media in general. This can help create viral pins for your blog too!

25. Use Content Idea Generators

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to research topic ideas or generate blog ideas.

When this happens, why not use a content idea generator?

Portent is a free content idea generator that spits out popular headline formulas for your blog idea. Here are some results from using “puppy training” as a content idea.

Portent content generator

For more blog topic generators, check these out:

26. Ask Your Followers

If you started an email list or have an Instagram profile, you can ask your followers what they want from you.

It can be as simple as that!

Youtube has a Community tab, and I recently asked my subscribers what they wanted from me, and I got a lot of future Youtube ideas from that!

You can apply the same strategy by doing a quick Instagram live of Facebook live and asking your followers what they want to see on your blog.

27. Take Subheadings from Your Posts

A “sneaky” way to find blog post content ideas is to look at your existing blog posts and look at your subheadings.

Can you turn one of those subheadings into its own blog post?

I often write about different work from home jobs on Twins Mommy.

I can take one of those jobs and flesh it out (which I did here).

28. Listen to a Podcast for Inspiration

Instead of sharing your viewpoint from a podcast episode, why not use that medium form as inspiration? 

When I had some writer’s block, I was listening to blogging podcasts and one of them was talking about auditing their blogging business. 

I found this interesting and decide to use that angle for a blog audit idea!

29. Use a Youtube Video for Inspiration

Similarly, why not watch a few Youtube videos in your blog niche and get some blog post ideas out of it?

They don’t all have to be in your niche; sometimes, going outside your blog niche can help you gain a ton of blogging ideas. 

For example, watching productivity videos from other moms helps me tie in that idea when I talk about blogging tips for moms!

30. Flesh Out Another Post

Is it okay to create a new blog post on a topic you already covered? Yup!

I’m doing it RIGHT NOW with this blog post. 

Sometimes the old blog posts you wrote just weren’t….dare I say it? GOOD!

Maybe they were too short, or they didn’t account for keywords or your writing just wasn’t that organized.

Whatever the case is for you, why not create a new blog post on the same topic and make it 5x better?

I do this all the time – I try to up myself – and it motivates me and makes my creative juices flow!

You should try it for your next blog post idea!

30. Use TV as Inspiration

If, you still can’t come up with some blog post ideas after using all of these blog ideas, why not use TV?

Can you tie what you are watching to your blog niche? How Stranger Things is Similar to Blogging.

By doing this, you are using trends, seasonality, and being relatable all at the same time.

Need More Blog Ideas?

I got you!

Check out these other helpful guides for even more blog ideas for when you start your blog!


Tell me in the comments which blog ideas you are going to try this week! I want to hear them!

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Excellent article! Will try out these blog ideas.Reply to David
This article was super helpful. I hadn’t considered using a blog title idea generator. Also, I’m now planning on writing a few how-to guides as well as doing “a day in the life of” video. Thanks again!Reply to Cassie
Hi Elna 🙂 Really like all the ideas you provided, thanks a lot! I’d love to have your feedback on if I should use services like Google Ads (or similar) to generate more traffic on my blog, once I have found my strategy? Looking forward hearing from you 🙂Reply to Liline
Hi Liline, Thanks so much! It’s up to you if you want to use Google Ads. I did have them on one of my sites but it slowed down my site soooo much and I barely made any income. It’s best to wait until you get into Mediavine or a better quality ad agency.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Whenever I get stuck from blogging, I run to your blog and I always find what I need and more. You always share helpful posts and recommendations. I’ve bookmarked Portent. I’d definitely use it this weekend. Thanks a lot. PS. Hope you’re settling well in the new house. Have a great day!Reply to Buayifa
Hi Buayifa, Oh, thanks so much for letting me know! I still get stuck too, even though I’ve been doing this for many years! Sometimes just taking a break or reading other posts can help so I’m glad I could help you with our blog post ideas! Thanks for your warm wishes about my new house! So far it’s all good for now!Reply to Elna