Twins Mommy’s blog growth has truly been a humbling experience for me.

I’m a mom to twins and Twins Mommy originally started as a passion project for me. I wanted to connect with other work at home moms.

But, you know what ended up happening?

I started connecting with moms that wanted to start a blog and making money doing it!

This was my tribe!

At that point, I moved away from blogging about work at home moms and started focussing on helping moms start a blog and grow a blog.

I thought the best way was to chronicle my blog growth.

I’ll be the first to say that I lack time management and I didn’t stick with chronicling my first year, but I do have a solid foundation for the first 9 or so months.

I then wrote about my income reports for the new year.

If you just started a blog and need a blog plan on how to start a blog and how to write a blog, check out my traffic reports.

Click below on any of my reports!

How I'm Going to Grow TwinsMommy – From Mom to Mompreneur
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Month 4 Blog Growth Update : How I'm Trying to Beat the Summer Slump + My First Income Report
Month 5 Blog Traffic Report – From 0 to 1200+ Subscribers
6 Month Blog Growth Update: Where Am I With Pageviews, Subscribers and Income?
Month 7 Blog Growth Update: How I Gained 642 Email Subscribers in One Month
How I'm Going to Make Money Blogging on a New Blog