Month 1 Blog Growth Update: 4,000 Pageviews Later

Hi There!

Welcome to my series, Mom to Mompreneur Blog Growth Update! Wow! that was a mouthful.

Month 1 Blog Growth Update: 4,000 Pageviews Later

For those of you who are new, my name is Elna Cain and I’m a freelance writer and a mama to twin toddlers.

I started TwinsMommy back in March as a way to blog some more – because I just love blogging 🙂 – and engaging with a new audience.

It wasn’t until about a few weeks later that I really wanted to grow this blog.

I wanted to start a new blog and grow traffic, readers and income and share my story because I know a lot of you are struggling growing your blog too!

I also want to help mamas go from being a mom to being a mompreneur.

Blogging just for the sake of blogging isn’t going to earn you income. Turning your blog into a biz and then creating products, well that’s where all the money is. And I’m chronicling that journey with you!

If you’re reading this and don’t have a blog, but want to start one, I have an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog using SiteGround!

Are you with me?

Last month I gave you my analytics and plan to grow my blog. Let’s see how I’ve done.

1. On My Site

Yikes! I can’t believe this happened in only 30 days!

This is what my pageviews looked like last month:


And that was after a month of blogging! 7 pageviews 🙁 I know, it’s depressing right?

So you can see that when I checked my analytics for the end of this past month, I was floored!

four thousand page views

Over 4,000 page views! How the heck did that happen?

Before I get into all that, let’s see if I accomplished what I wanted to do for my site:

  • Decrease my bounce rate with a related post plugin – I did put in a related post plugin, but my bounce rate is still a high as heck! Not sure if it’s because some of my posts have been stumbled on StumbleUpon or people aren’t reading my posts (which I doubt due to all the comments on my posts). It could just be I don’t have enough posts on the site for people to go to!
  • Optimize my sharing buttons to only have three options. – Yes I did this and it’s working well. I’ve been getting more pins and even Facebook shares.
  • Put in CommentLuv – Done!

During this month I updated my brand and included a secondary image – a teal blue color. I wanted to symbolize that I have girl/boy twins!

As for content, this is where it gets good.

After my grow your blog post, I surprisingly created some popular posts. A few of my posts received high shares and people enjoyed it so much that they commented and even subscribed to my list!

These are the posts that generated a lot of “buzz” on social media:

Another cool thing that happened was that I have been asked to be an affiliate for two products. The first is from a feminine photo site and and the second is Kristen from Practical Mommy for her new and awesome course for moms who want to start a blog.

I declined both of these offers, but that doesn’t mean I’m NOT going to be an affiliate one day. Just not right now. I really want to grow my traffic organically and build a tribe of followers first before I monetize my blog.

Having list posts and content that’s relevant for bloggers helped me increase my traffic overall.

But, maybe you’re wondering, well I’ve published posts like these and I never got that many comments, shares or pageviews? What gives?

It’s all in where you promote your content my friends!

And this is where it gets interesting. I mentioned I’m working on a Pinterest marketing strategy to help me grow my blog. But I found another way to grow my blog.

But, before we get into that, here are my goals for my site (you can adopt these goals too!):

  • Continue to write two posts a week of at least 1,000 words
  • Create more round-up posts, but have collaborators too
  • Talk more about TwinsMommy on my other blog to extend the reach

Now, let’s talk about Pinterest.

2. Pinterest Marketing

One of my goals was to increase my followers to 1,000.

When I started I had around 600 followers.

A month later + 1 day and I reached my goal. I have 1k followers 🙂


What did I do to gain around 400 followers in 30 days?

  • Started using Tailwind (I used up my free trial and now have a monthly plan) to schedule my pins – I generated tons of repins and generated more followers. I first started with scheduling around 30 pins a day, but soon moved that up to 60-80 pins a day.
  • I have a group board and in the write up added, “to join this group you must first follow me.” This helped add more followers to my list.
  • I made sure to follow people who repinned my content as long as they were in my niche.
  • I added my Pinterest profile on Facebook social media threads.

I know that the number of followers doesn’t equate to more traffic. Monthly audience views tells you how big of a reach your pins are generating. When I started I had around 60,000 monthly views.

A month later, it’s around 90,000! Not bad.

90,000 views Pinterest

I am a bit concerned at how long it took me to gain only 400 followers. I hear stories of gaining 1k followers in a month so my small number doesn’t seem to be a big accomplishment. But I’m still stinking happy about it.

I have a feeling , though, the low number might be due to the fact that I’m sharing my Pinterest profile with my other site. This can be confusing to people – it’s confusing to me now!

I might end up making a whole new account and starting fresh, but not sure if I’m going to really do that and, if I do, which site to start over with.

Another goal I set was to be more pin-centric on my blog. I feel I’m accomplishing this, but a commenter pointed out that they had a hard time sharing my pin image so I made it easy by putting a Pin-it button on the image. It’s stationary so that mobile users can pin it!

Next Month Goals (feel free to steal these goals too!)

My goal is to generate at least 1500 Pinterest followers and 200,000 views.

I’ll continue to schedule my posts and drop my Pinterest link on Facebook groups that have a share your Pin profile day.

I’m also toying with the idea of using two images for the same pin. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do this – including Alexa from Single Mom’s Income and Ashlee from Work at Home Happiness.

They make two images on pins that have high repins as a way to generate even more pins.

Pinterest Isn’t Generating Much Engagement on My Blog

Pinterest is my #1 referral for traffic.

Pinterest became my #1 referral easily since I have Tailwind doing all my pinning. Some other things I did to bring traffic to my site are:

  • Enabled rich pins. This made my pins appear more credible and they stand out in the smart feed.
  • Joined a TON of group boards. Before I started my Pinterest marketing strategy, I was probably on less than five group boards. Right now, I’m on 56 group boards!

While Pinterest is my #1 referral, it isn’t my number one source for engagement, i.e. comments.

I started joining more Facebook group boards as a way to tell everyone about my pretty awesome new site here as a way to drum up more engagement on my blog.

I found the more Facebook groups I joined, the more opportunity I had to share my posts on promo days.

What I didn’t know, though, was that the bloggers in these groups were super supportive and totally engaged on my blog.

These kick-ass bloggers would come to my site, read my post, comment and then go back to FB, tell me and then say how great the post is!

I was shocked by how awesome everyone is in these groups are!

So, even though I’m focusing on Pinterest to really help me generate the most traffic, I have a feeling Facebook may help out a lot – or at least, generate a loyal tribe of mamma-bosses!

3. Growing My Email List


Last month when I started growing my blog I had 0 subscribers.

It’s been 30 or so days and I currently have 54 subscribers and I still don’t have a lead magnet!

But, let me tell you, getting to this point was extremely frustrating.

I’ve been using MailChimp for the longest time. I use it for my other blogs and really haven’t had much of an issue with it, but I had to rely on my husband to help me.

When I started TwinsMommy, I figured I would try ConvertKit. I keep reading about how great it is and practically every blogger’s list I opt-in uses ConvertKit.

So, I signed up and I’m testing it out.

How did I grow my email list from 0-54 subscribers in 30 days?

I haven’t put up a lead magnet yet. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a free incentive you have on your main page of your blog and maybe in your side bar. It’s the one thing that your blog is known for.

Instead, I’ve been using content upgrades to grow my list and it’s working. Actually, for most of the month I’ve only been using one content upgrade – the grow your blog checklist.

Once I found that a post of mine had over 100 pins, I immediately put my content upgrade in that post, but I treated it like a lead magnet and just tacked it on the end of the post.

It looks like this:


From that point on, I started putting it on practically any post I had.

I also updated the graphic I used for the post. Originally it looked like this:






As soon as I changed it to what it looks like now, I immediately got four new subscribers! I knew my new graphic converted much better than my old on and it’s gonna stay!

While this is awesome news, it’s not on target to reaching my goal of 10,000 email subscribers in a year. I would need at least 800 new subscribers every month! While I don’t want to call it quits on this, it will just make me work harder!

Next Month Email Goals (join me and set your own goals or copy mine!)

  • Create more content upgrades and create pages for each of them so I can promote them on social media. I will be able to convert more people if I direct them to a page that just talked about the freebie in the content upgrade.
  • Create specific pins for my content upgrades as a way to generate more subscribers.
  • Create a lead magnet or pool my content upgrades and create a library + private FB community (maybe wait until I have enough subscribers to unlock community).

5. Blogger Outreach

Some pretty amazing – excuse my word here – shiz has happened with blogger outreach.

In the beginning of the month, I wrote down all the sites I wanted to leave comments on and whenever I had a chance I would leave a comment.

This sparked a traffic generating tip and now I’m using it all the time whenever I comment.

Because of my commenting and joining Facebook groups, I was asked to collaborate on some blogs!

  • Laura from The Bad Business Mum invited me to contribute to her post on 9 Things that Will Surprise You When You Start a Blog.
  • Alissia Haggard of the Stay at Home Mompreneur does regular contributor posts and I’m on her list for future contributions!


another amazing thing…

The editor of Twiniversity contacted me to be a writer for their blog! She saw my post on what 3-year olds twins say to each other on Pinterest and immediately contacted me!


If you don’t know, Twiniversity is THE site for anything twin related. They have over a million annual visitors and gains an average of 400 new Facebook followers a week!

This is perfect exposure for TwinsMommy and I can’t wait to start writing for them.

Goals for next month (if you’re a mommy blogger, comment and I’ll be sure to check you out!)

  • Continue to comment on blogs related to my niche
  • Join more Facebook groups and Pinterest groups to extend my reach
  • Ask other bloggers to contribute to a round-up post or two

Is This Success Attributed to My ElnaCain Platform?

My other site, ElnaCain is more established than TwinsMommy. I have all my social profiles linked to ElnaCain.

When I started TwinsMommy, I decided to piggyback on my social profiles for ElnaCain.

Now, I don’t know if this is the reason why I had a pretty good first month growing my blog or not.

I suspect not. Why?

  • There is practically no overlap between my TwinsMommy subscribers and my ElnaCain subscribers.
  • The commenters on TwinsMommy aren’t freelance writers (that I know of).
  • The audience of TwinsMommy comprises mostly moms, mama-bosses and other creatives/freelancers. ElnaCain mostly has aspiring writers and freelance writers or bloggers interested in freelance writing.

I actually think using my social profiles for my other site to promote TwinsMommy is hurting my traffic and growth.

In any case, I’m totally shocked and happy about the growth of TwinsMommy!

Follow my growth month-to-month here!

Now, I hope I didn’t discourage you by telling you all this! My hope is to inspire you and get you motivated. I want you to try the tips I explained here and see if it will help grow your blog.

I’ll be doing blog growth reports every month and eventually when I monetize my blog, I’ll be sharing my earnings in income reports.

Over to you – what things are you doing to grow your blog? Share your tips and support other bloggers!

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Hi Elna! I enjoyed this post. It gave me some great ideas on how I can begin to get some traffic to my new lifestyle blog. I am in my first month so have just started, but you have inspired me to set some goals and renewed my motivation! Looking forward to reading more from you.Reply to Kae
Hi Kae, That’s awesome to hear! Yes, that first month blogging was so exciting and I’m so glad I chronicled it to help bloggers like you! Good luck blogging!Reply to Elna
Elna, thanks for sharing! I’m in my second month of actually promoting my new mommy blog, so this is helpful. I think my big takeaway is to promote my Pinterest on my site and open up a group board for contributors. I’ve been leveraging my older blog’s Pinterest to help drive traffic, but I want to build an audience specifically for my mommy niche. My situation is interesting in that I’m nearly 100K pageviews/month, but I only have 46 followers so far. I’ll need to set a goal for next month and track what works. Thanks again.Reply to Fo
Hey thanks for sharing a post i just started a blogging again after failing one time i just moved to wordpress from blogger hoping for best this time any other tips for newbieReply to Roshan
Hi Roshan, That’s great you are still committed to blogging still! Keep it up and don’t give up!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna, When you was starting out and posting your two blog posts each week did you worry much about your Yoast Seo report on the posts? I can’t seem to get all or mostly green ALL I get is mostly red!!! So, with that being said l don’t hit publish. Thanks for your time, KimberlyReply to Kimberly
Love reading all your tips! I’m a mommy blogger who is always looking to increase views while running around after my toddler. Your tips have been so helpful to me and I learn so much from you. Thank you! *SamanthaReply to Samantha
Hey Samantha! That’s great to hear! Yes, having a toddler (or two in my case) is challenging when you blog, but it can be done!!!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, and congratulations. I am the proud father of two boys (9 and 7 years old now). I feel a little bit like you. When my oldest kid was 3 months old, we went to the doctor and he calculated his percentile using a ruler and a printed chart. I decided then to make a website dedicated to calculate child percentile. 9 years later and a lot work after that, my site ( receives around 50000 visits every month. It seemed that I was not alone on this 🙂 Anyways, I’ve got a lot to learn from people like you, since I haven’t done anything on social networks. Still learning and learning…Reply to Santiago
Hey Santiago! There are REAL people behind sites like yours? Amazing 🙂 I always go to measurement sites like that and often wonder who the blogger is behind this one pager. Nice 🙂 Thank you for commenting and sharing your blog and story! I love it!Reply to Elna
You mentioned that one of you posts gained a lot of traction after you shared it in a facebook group. As a lifestyle blogger I have trouble finding like-minded facebook groups. I write productivity, goal setting, and organization tips for moms with young kids. Most of the groups I find with that demographic are either blogging related or they just want to talk about rashes? How can I find my tribe?Reply to Lamora
Hello Elna, I’m a 28yr SAHM of two boys. My oldest is about to be 6 and my youngest is almost 9 months. Recently became a sahm again and I would love to keep it that way! I just entered my 3rd month as a new blogger and i must say i do love it! I’ve been doing so much research and I’m happy to have come across your blog post. It has def. inspired me and I intend to keep pushing forward. Love your tips and tricks and look forward to reading more of your posts! Thank you for sharing this! I’m ready to learn and grow in this blogging biz ?Reply to Courtney
Hi Courtney! Wow thanks for commenting mama! I love your blog (I just took a quick look!). Blogging is fun but yes, it’s HARD! Blogging is a learning journey and the best way to get a handle on blogging is to learn from those that have already done it! Thanks for stopping by and make sure to join us in the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna! I’m a thirty-six stay- at- home mommy of three boys and a baby girl on the way! I started my health and fitness blog about 4 weeks ago. I have primarily gotten my subscribers from facebook page likes and a few others from search engines I suppose. I’m up to 108 followers on facebook. Does this count as subscribers if they liked my page and recieve ask my new blog post? I’m just beginning to learn Pinterest but did just get rich pins enabled and got on a few boards. There’s so much to learn I feel overwhelmed! I want to do everything I can to grow and eventually monetize. In your opinion as a blogger, to a new blogger, where should my focus be this early in the game to set my foundation. I want to make sure I’m optimizing my time the best I can. Thank you so much for this inspiring article and I’m going to join your facebook group!Reply to Rachael
Hi Rachel! That’s awesome you started a health and fitness blog! Getting Likes on Facebook does NOT count as subscribers. Subscribers come from joining your email list (not joining your blog in WordPress). You need an email service provider like ConvertKit to start an email list But, since you’re new I actually wouldn’t worry about starting an email list until a little bit later. I would focus on creating highly valuable content and then promoting that on your Facebook page, in Facebook groups and on Pinterest! This post may give you some direction: to Elna
Hi Elna, I am 2 weeks into launching my site and so far my analytics are abysmal! I did see a little boost in traffic but so no comments or subscribers. I only have 4 posts up so far so my goal is to write more engaging content based on your blogging basics series. Also join some Facebook groups and more Pinterest group boards. I’ll have to see what works!Reply to DeShena
He DeShena, Yes, churn churn churn content and create more pins and you should see more traffic for sure!Reply to Elna
I love reading your tips and posts! I’m 3 months in and am going to upgrade my site very soon and I’m so excited. I wanted to get the hang of things first and research A LOT and I always find myself on your pages, I’m also member of you FB groups. I’m definitely putting these practices in place. I’ve worked hard this month and hearing you talk about 5000 views monthly makes me excited, I just might make it there this month, eek.Reply to Brigitte
Hey Brigitte! That’s great! Thanks for joining us in the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group! Such a great community of mom bloggers! I know you’re reach your traffic goals!Reply to Elna
This is a great post and very insightful. Thank you for writing it! I’m a newish blogger and I get a ton of traffic from Pinterest…but a bug fat ZERO in engagement. So this was really enlightening!Reply to Aly
Hey Aly! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, that’s true… Pinterest is great for traffic ONLY…but Facebook is awesome for engagement!!! So get on some Facebook groups to build that engagement up!Reply to Elna
Elna!!!! Thank you again for an inspiring post! This is the 3rd one I’ve read today. I am super new to blogging. So new I’m fact, I only have 2 posts ? I’ll get there and I love step by step how to grow your blog! Thank you again!Reply to Jenna
Hey Jenna! Thanks so much! Glad you found some marketing and promotional tips for your blog! Increasing blog traffic is a high priority I feel for new bloggers. Have fun growing your blog!Reply to Elna
Thank you for all the great tips! I recently started a blog and am still learning all the different ways to drive traffic and get more page views 🙂Reply to Britney
Hi Britney, Cute blog! I love it. I think I used that same theme when I first started Twins Mommy too 🙂 Good luck with blogging and come join us in Mom to Mompreneur or Like my Facebook page @twinsmommyblog to get some free traffic tips!Reply to Elna
This is so impressive growth in a 30 days short period. It is incredible. I am also going to try converkit now.Reply to Farukh
Hi Farukh, Thank you so much! I’m glad you found tips to help you grow your pageviews quickly!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Your results are spectacular, not deceiving. The truth is most of beginners will not get such results in first few months. And while is inspiring seeing others results, when you don’t get similar results in longer periods of time, well, that can become deceiving. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂Reply to Lorraine
Thanks for referring me to this post, Elna. I can see exactly why my site isn’t growing as fast as I would like now (definitely not enough content). I’m also reminding myself to savor those wins (like growing my Pinterest reach by over 1000% in less than a week with your Pin Promote Planner). This month, I’m going to copy those goals that you listed above. I’m excited to work towards building my site. Thank you again! Your content has been so helpful!Reply to Jenny
Hey Jenny! Thanks for coming over! Cool that you’re going to copy the blogging goals to help you grow your pageviews on your new blog. It’s a challenge for sure and I know there are other new bloggers that got way more pageviews in their first month. So it’s all relative of course and if you reach 1k that’s a success!!! Crossing my fingers you reach 10k!!! 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey there! Love your post.. I have a question though. In tailwind, when you started with 30 pins a day. Was that your own pins only or were the majority your pins? What was the ratio that you used? Thanks a ton for sharing 🙂Reply to Annie
Hi Annie, Thanks so much! The 30 pins a day were only my pins. I still pin my pins mostly but am doing other pins too a bit more.Reply to Elna
Thanks for your inspiring post 🙂 It’s always nice to hear of bloggers that achieved results a bit quicker and how!Reply to Giulia
Hi Giulia, Thank you! Not sure if my results were that quick, but I was shocked when it happened to me! 🙂 If you need any help, just let me know!Reply to Elna
Okay, so I read the first post and now this one. Sharing them both to refer back to within the month of July. You are very detailed, and it really helps us new bloggers out! My goals for the month of July are to reach 2k page views, 1k Pinterest followers, 50 subscribers, and connect with other bloggers within my niche. Once again, I’m so thankful for your post! Right now I am doing about 60% of the things you mentioned. Tailwind has been a huge help for me and made Pinterest much easier to use. I will be back for the next post once my goals have been met!Reply to Taylor
Thanks Elna for this great post. I have a new(ish) blog that I’m trying to grow and these tips are great. I am going to be trying all of them. Thank you again. LynneReply to Lynne
Hi Taylor! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear about your blogging journey!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Thank you for this post! I’m new to blogging and am trying to work on more content while trying to get more traffic. It’s all a bit overwhelming but this post helped alleviate some of that. It’s hard to know if I chose the wrong niche, social media, or content problem. Any advice? Thank you! -RichardReply to Richard
Newbie blogger here! Thanks for the tips, reading over ALL your resources right now. My niche is geared more towards single parents and people living wit depression, sub niche parenting. Just looking to connect with more women like myself. Been doing a ton of research to reach more people so thank you!Reply to Daisha
Hi Daisha, That’s a great honed niche! I’m sure Facebook has some great groups for your audience. Thanks so much for stopping by!Reply to Elna
This post is awesome! That ‘s for sharing so many real life practical tips …I’m definitely referring to this post in the coming weeks!Reply to Brenda
Hey Brenda! Aww! Thanks so much. Please share your blogging journey with me too!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, sorry I’m not a mompreneur, I’m not a mom, I’m not even a she… may I still comment ? Well, I’m commenting anyway 🙂 I have two questions regarding Pinterest : I tried to join Pinterest groups, by following instructions in the group, but no one ever answered me. Do you think that admin filter on follower count (mine is still very low) ? Second question : Do you have a separate pinterest account for twinsmommy or only your personal one ? I have two, one personal and one for my business. As I want to promote my business, I’m tempted to use this account, but I have the feeling that it is easier to attract followers when you have a real-human account. What’s your advice here ?Reply to Jean-Christophe
Hi Jean-Christophe, Of course you can read my blog and comment! You don’t even need to have twins either! Great questions btw. Here’s what I think: When trying to join Pinterest group boards remember to follow the instructions entirely. When emailing your request it’s a good idea to supply your site link, Pinterest profile link and the email address you use for Pinterest (your Pinterest email). Admins probably are looking at your content, blog’s design, your Pin images and your Pinterest profile. All of these metrics do help. I am actually sharing my Pinterest profile with both my blogs Twins Mommy and Elna Cain. It’s not the best thing right now, but there’s nothing I can do since I’ve built up my audience. I changed my personal account into a business account instead of opening up another account. Remember your target audience and create boards around their interests. Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the reply Elna 🙂 I’ll keep you posted about the results.Reply to Jean-Christophe
Im a little late to the party but this is SO helpful thank you! What blogging platform do you use? I love the layout and colors on your site! Fun but simple!Reply to Kelly
Hi Kelly! Thanks so much. I’m using WordPress and my husband helped me develop and design this site!Reply to Elna
Thank you! Just a few minutes before your reply came in I found the resource library and have gotten them all. I appreciate the reply. I also sent you an email just in case you missed the comment lol. So I guess you can disregard it now. 🙂Reply to Shonna
Hey Shonna! So glad you got into the Vault! I did get the email, just been busy to respond so I just used the comments to answer you 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi, Elna! I am loving your blog as I am in the beginning stages of creating a blog/mompreneur business. Thank you for creating this. I also have clicked to subscribe and get 2 of your content upgrades but I haven’t gotten them yet. I checked my spam folder and they aren’t there. Thank you for all you do for mompreneurs who are up and coming.Reply to Shonna
Hey Shonna! Thanks so much for letting me know about my email situation. I’m working on fixing it 🙂 You’ll get your freebies! Once you opt-in to one freebie you will eventually get access to the resource library or all freebies including webinars. Have fun!Reply to Elna
I realize this post is a few months old, but it is amazingly helpful!! So many of my “how the heck do i” questions have been answered. Girl you rock, twins and 2 booming blogs? Good for you!! I can’t wait to catch up with current situation ?Reply to Jennifer
Hey Jennifer! Ha! Sorry about that. Pinterest circulates old pins so for some it’s a bit disappointing since they’re like, aw man, I have to catch up on all this!! Ha.. Thanks so much. My first month trying to grow my blog was insane and I can’t believe I had 4k pageviews!Reply to Elna
Hey lady! So, I just found TwinsMommy a week ago on Pinterest but, I already have a bookmarks folder on my browser for all of your awesome posts 😉 My fav so far is the “Best Types Of Posts To Have … ” – I’m slowly checking that one off one at a time! I had some time today and read some of your other posts and found the ‘blog growth’ series. I just started my blog on Sept 1 so, I’m loving this series because it gives a nice metric to shoot for. Thank you for everything you’re sharing … keep doing what you do!! – MReply to Marie
Hey Marie! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my posts. I’m glad you found my posts useful! Good luck growing your blog and if you need some help just email me!Reply to Elna
This was such an amazing read! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and your goals! As a blogger starting out, this was pretty fantastic!Reply to Victoria
Hey Victoria! Thanks so much. Yes, growing a blog takes a lot of time and commitment I’m learning. I’m also learning that traffic goes down in the summer. Bummer. But summer is closing and that means more blogging!! Yay!Reply to Elna
Wow! Elna, I absolutely love all of your content. You give so much information. I hope to one has have much success as you and hopefully from my blog(s) using all of these strategies. I found you through Miranda Nahmias and House of Brazen – 2 other faves! I have 3 kiddos. 4, 3 and 1 and my goal is to be able to have a thriving business by the time they are all in school.Reply to Yami
Hey Yami, Yes, I saw your wonderful webinar with Miranda! It was awesome and thanks so much. You’re a natural speaker. I hope I become better with that 🙂 Wow three kiddos! You sure have your hands full. Congrats on all your accomplishments. Thanks for subscribing and reading my posts!Reply to Elna
It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I am so happy I found your website via Pinterest this morning. I am pregnant with my first child. I really want to be a stay at home mom. Creating a lifestyle blog is so exciting for me. Not only talk about my own personal transformation, being a new mom, but I am also heavily into interior design and web design. I have so much knowledge to share. Thank you for your wisdom! xo SieReply to Siedah
Hey Siedah! That’s so great. Staying home and taking care of your child and running a home-based business is challenging but so worth it in the long run! So happy you commented 🙂 A lifestyle blog sounds fun but be sure to find a niche that you can eventually profit from!Reply to Elna
This is so inspiring. I’m just getting my blog started and I’m so glad to see that all of the hard work does eventually pay off! I love how detailed you are in this post. I’ll be sure to use some of these strategies. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Eva
Hey Eva, Thanks so much. Yes, I actually LOVE writing my blog growth updates. This is the first time EVER that I’ve done these types of posts. So happy you are starting a new blog. I’m sure these tips will definitely help you grow your blog! Keep me updated!Reply to Elna
Thank you for this meaty post! The hardest thing for me is writing lengthy blogs posts. I don’t want to ramble, but I don’t know how to elaborate. Do you have any tips on that? I recently started using Tailwind for Pinterest, but I’m interested in how to write better descriptions. I’m trying to generate traffic to old posts right now since I’m in a writers block.Reply to Gina
Hey Gina! Yeah writing blog posts is a learning experience for sure. I think for you, maybe you can add more images and offer more tips. So maybe focus on list posts? That way you are naturally writing more? You can also take a look at blogs that have long content like Melyssa Griffin. I just think being natural, fun and adding some conversational nature in your posts can also make it longer. Good luck!Reply to Elna
Wow, you are doing great. What an inspiring post to read! I’m still struggling with the growth of my own blog’s reach but I’m gonna try a few of your tips.Reply to Mandy
Hi Mandy, So happy you are going to try out some of these strategies. I’m gearing up to write my month three blog update and it’s all on the up and up! So, I know this will help you grow your blog too!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, I am a new Blogger. I moved to the U.S. 5 months ago and my blog is mainly about lifestyle, daily life as an expat and girl stuff (I am a soon-to-be mommy 🙂 Thank you for these amazing tips. I immediately signed up for the group from Melyssa and Laura! My Blogs Pinterest is 2 days old and so far I have 1 subscriber. I wrote down a couple of goals for July and I really hope to reach at least one 🙂 xoxo JuliaReply to Julia
Hi Julia, Congrats on joining the mommy club 🙂 Happy to hear you are expecting and that you’re a new blogger. Good to know you are signing up to FB groups to market your posts and network with other bloggers. Good luck on growing your blog and email! If you need any help just email me 🙂Reply to Elna
Loads of fab info. Can I ask how and where do you get enough images (50+) to post on Pinterest everyday using Tailwind. Scheduling seems like the way forward but I would only have enough images of my own to last me 1 week at that rate. Do all your pins link back to your site? Thanking you in advance! KateReply to Kate
Hi Kate, You don’t need a lot of images/posts to schedule on Tailwind. I usually pin up to 5 images at a time. The thing is having lots of boards to pin it to. The more boards you have, the more places your pin can be seen. Makes sense? All my pins do link back to my site, except for the ones that I pin from other sites 🙂 I hope that makes sense. A lot of bloggers only schedule one or two highly popular pins because those pins create the most traffic back to their site.Reply to Elna
Got it, thank youReply to Kate
I absolutely love this post. I am a new blogger and will be using this as a way to help myself gain a wider audience. I want to be successful and hope others like you have. I hope my blog, My Crazy Life and How I Love It will be just as popular as your someday.Reply to Theresa
Hey Theresa! Thanks so much for coming to my blog. I’m happy to hear you’re a new blogger and a mom like me 🙂 If you need anything just email me.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! I just responded to a comment last night in one of the Facebook blog groups about your new social media header (I was the one asking how you balance social media accounts with 2 blogs), then you popped up in my Pinterest suggest pins today. Wanted to say great job kicking butt with this blog. Loved all your Pinterest tips. Keep up the good work!Reply to Jenna
Hi Jenna, Yes, thanks for stopping by! Yes, managing two blogs is a lot of work! I have no clue how I’m doing it all 😛 Having a supportive husband that works from home as well as in-laws that help watch the kids totally helps. Anyways, that’s cool that Pinterest suggested my pins!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the tips, Elna! I’m working on growing my blog and these are super helpful! So glad I found your blog – I’ll probably be on here for hours tonight reading all these articles! Lauren alsoknownasmama.comReply to Lauren
Thanks for your support! I’m working hard on growing this site and providing posts that y’all want to read!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, I’ve been running into your posts all over Pinterest, and each time a new one pops up, I read it. This post was truly jam-packed with information and really great suggestions! Being about a month old now, I’m definitely going to taking these suggestions and running with them! Starting with this comment! Reaching out to people is definitely out of my comfort zone, but this article has really pumped me up about getting out there and just doing it! I’m not gonna get anywhere without anyone knowing my blog exists, right?! So, thank you, for posting this, and honestly I probably will adopt some of the goals you have listed here because they are really great goals to have! I look forward to following you on your journey! HeatherReply to Heather
Hey Heather! Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s people like you that makes me love this mommy blogger niche! Thanks for letting me know you saw my posts on Pinterest! Looks like my strategy is working 🙂 Happy to hear you are getting out of your comfort zone and networking! Rooting for your blog!Reply to Elna
Thanks for your inspiration tonight! I was having my very own pity-party, thinking I will never be successful at blogging. I decided to hit Pinterest, which is where I was inspired to start this journey, and came across this post. I am brand new to all of this, and I’m sure that I have A LOT of lessons ahead of me. If you have a chance, I’d love for you to check out my website,, and share your thoughts on ways to improve. Good luck with your goals for the month and I look forward to your feedback!Reply to Angel
Hey Angel, Thanks so much! Glad you found some great tips to help you with your site. I love the colors on your site! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi ladies! Check out my neww blog!! And let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks! blog post on how to eliminate anxiety & sleep deprivation. Maybe if you like it you can mention it in a post to help others, nakedvibez.comReply to Halima
Hi Elna, I’ve been reading a few posts of yours for the past hour or so. Super interesting! I noticed that your links throughout your posts don’t open up in another tab. Is there a reason why? I always select links to open up in another tab, even if it’s to another post of mine on my site. I do this because otherwise you can get lost in surfing and jumping from one website to another. If the reader didn’t take the blog’s name down or doesn’t remember they sometimes can’t go back to pin the initial article…. Maybe I’m going wrong about this though? What do you think? Thanks, ValerieReply to Valerie
Hey Valerie, Thanks for your insight. I think it’s on default to do that! I’ll make sure to open to a new tab for links! Thanks so much.Reply to Elna
Wow! This post is VERY informative! I have read many “blog growth update” posts from various sites and this is by far the best one I have read. I learned a LOT! Although I am not a mom (24 and single haha) and therefore my blog’s target audience is not mom’s, I still found a TON of information and inspiration from this post. Thank you for sharing! I am pinning this for future reference. I am so inspired now!Reply to Lauren
Hey Lauren! That’s so rad you came to my site even though you’re aren’t a mama! I want to help all bloggers, but of course, have a connection with mommy bloggers and mompreneurs. Thanks so much for your insight. I haven’t read many blog growth reports (just income) so I wanted to lay it ALL out there. I’m never sure if it’s too much or too boring or if people really like it. But from the comments it seems like you all do! Thanks for stopping by 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Wow! Now that a heap of information! I am a new blogger and this is SO, SO helpful! Thank you very much! I will be going through this post inch by inch when I have time to sit back and take notes. This is so thorough and appreciated tons. I look forward to seeing more from you . If you ever get the chance to look at new blogs and provide feedback, I would love it if you took a peek at mine . Remember though, it is new but I welcome any advice, tips, kudos……..everything! Thanks again and nice to meet you!Reply to Raynee
Hi Raynee! Thank so much. I’m super happy with my growth and I’m crossing my fingers it continues to grow. It’s a lot of hard work though. Writing and promoting. I’m wondering when the time will come when I don’t have to do as much promoting or writing…that people will come and find me anyways! Is that a pipe dream? I don’t know!! For now, I can keep up with this content schedule but it’s getting hard and harder. I’ll be happy to look at your site 🙂Reply to Elna