Growing My Blog and Income for February: From $200 to $2000 in 1 Month

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Elna Cain, and I’m a blogger, freelance writer, and a mama to twins.

I started Twins Mommy back last year as a way to engage with a new audience of mommies.

It wasn’t until April that I really wanted to grow this blog.

I wanted to start a new blog and grow my traffic, list, and income and share my story because I know a lot of you are struggling to grow your blog too!

Blogging just for the sake of blogging isn’t going to earn you income. Turning your blog into a biz and then monetizing your blog, well that’s where all the money is. And I’m chronicling that journey with you!

**If you want to start a money-making blog, check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog in only 10 minutes!**

Before I get into my traffic and income report, I just wanted to give you a little snapshot of what happened during my first year growing Twins Mommy. I started with 0 pageviews, and within three months, I tripled my traffic, subscribers, and followers!

My email list took off during that time, and after 7 months of trying to grow my list, I had over 2,000 engaged subscribers!

So, let’s get to it!

February Traffic and Income Report

My Big (hairy audacious) goal for traffic is: To get 100,000 pageviews by the end of the year

Here is January’s traffic:

Here is February’s traffic:

As you can see although I did go up in pageviews by over 1k pageviews, it did not help me reach my goal to get 100,000 pageviews by the end of this year.

The calculation for that is every month I need to hit AT LEAST 9,650 pageviews every month.

I sort of knew this wouldn’t happen since I only published 3 blog posts for February.

From December to January I grew by 10k pageviews and a big part of that is content.

I had more blog posts during that time than now.

While I would like to create more content, I know that I don’t just want to put out fluff content; I want to provide the best tips and strategies to help mompreneurs in the making.

One other thing I focused on in February was income. Out of those three blog posts, two of them were affiliate type posts.

Usually there isn’t a lot of engagement on affiliate type posts and it totally showed with the lack of new pageviews for my blog.

As far as what will I do to gain more traffic, I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing but I know making more posts will ultimately help me grow my traffic.

I will also add more descriptions to my pins that are optimized for SEO. This means adding keywords to my description and ensuring the pin image title shows what the pin is about.

Let’s look and see if I accomplished my goals:

Guest Posting

Goal: Guest post/podcast on 2 blogs – SUCCESS!

February was the month of podcasts! I’m starting to really enjoy speaking on podcasts. While I’m not a refined speaker and I am an introvert, I love sharing tips and my story into entrepreneurship.

Here are the podcasts I did:

  1. Martine Ellis, the Creative Me podcast – Episode 33 Writing for the Web with Elna Cain
  2. Learn to Love Email Podcast – Episode #7 How to Build Your Email List with Elna Cain

Making Money With My Blog

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to generate at least $1k/month from promoting products by April. – ACCOMPLISHED!

My mini goal for reaching my BHAG is to convert at least 1% of visitors that come to an affiliate post. So did I accomplish this goal?

February Income

  • ConvertKit, SiteGround, Tailwind, BoardBooster, OptinMonster – $ 2044.70

February Expenses

Net: $1867.20

Wow! I can’t believe my blog made more this month than last month – practically 10x more!

I accomplished my BHAD goal!! ( I will still keep this goal as every month will be a new month to try to hit that goal)

*Update: I have successfully have made at least $2k every month since. Some months up to $6k/month!*

Before I go into my ideas of how this happened, I want to preface this by saying you can do this mama!

I know you may feel defeated and frustrated that what you are doing isn’t working.

I want to share my income reports and strategies to help you become a successful mama!

February really was spent working on affiliate posts. I made two posts – one for ConvertKit and one for Tailwind – and made sure to make pin-worthy graphics for them.

I also made sure to put a link to my start a mom blog post on old posts that made sense. For example, I realized that this post was getting a lot of visitors and repins.

I decided to add my affiliate link as well as create a mini tutorial on that post.

I also added a link to my welcome email series for new subscribers.

So, to recap:

  • Created more affiliate based posts
  • Added affiliate links to relevant posts
  • Added a mini tutorial on a similar post with high shares
  • Added my affiliate link to my welcome series for new subscribers

One of the things I wanted to do when I started monetizing this blog this year was to have more affiliate products to promote.

Well Thrive opened up again, but it’s pretty exclusive. You have to apply and ensure that you can sell 10 times a month and have enough traffic. I didn’t get accepted. They felt my audience wouldn’t yield those numbers.

I’m a bit upset by that since I’ve used Thrive for my other blog, love it and it’s a better option for mom bloggers who want to do really nice landing pages and opt-in forms.

For now, I’m happy with the affiliates I have now, but know that I don’t want to rely on all my income with one income stream.

Goals from last month:

  • Add “start a blog” link to menu – FAIL
  • Create a video – SUCCESS (I did one for my ConvertKit post!)
  • Create tutorials for my other affiliate products – SUCCESS

Goals for March include creating a free email course to prime my audience, get going on making my course (got Teachable for my other blog’s course but will use this platform for my upcoming TwinsMommy course) and promote on my FB group (but strategically).

Email List

My Big (hairy audacious) goal is to grow my email list to 10k by September – ON TRACK!

February was a short month, which means lower email subscribers in the month.

I needed around 850 subscribers for February but I’m still calling this on track since last month I made over 1k subscribers (so I can shuffle some for February).

I did not do many list-building tasks this month. Since my focus was on affiliate marketing, I decided to let growing my email list go on autopilot.

I’m in the process of creating another epic freebie but this will take some time to get the content.

Until then, I have to create more pins that show my freebies (which I’ve been neglecting), share my freebies on FB list-building threads and create dedicated pins for my freebies.

Goals from last month:

  • Making more opt-in forms on my blog – FAIL
  • Find time to create a landing page for opt-ins – FAIL
  • Create more offers – FAIL

Ouch, that looks bad. Yeah, I just wasn’t focused on list building this month. But, I’m hoping March will generate more subscribers.

Recap for February

Overall, I’m still growing in all places – my traffic grew by 1k pageviews, my email list grew by 850 subscribers and income grew 10x from last month!

I will continue to try to generate at least 10k pageviews, 30 subscribers a day and $1k a month.

Over to you mamas – did you smash your goals for February?

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So amazed to see your success and wishing to duplicate the same for me:) But seriously, I am not able to reach 10k views per month ( its 8-9k), it’s hard. Can you help me with starting an email for my blog? Like which email facility to use and what should be the frequency of email and any other tips… Thanks for amazing information in your post!Reply to Deepti
Hi Deepti, I use Convertkit but Mailerlite is also a great email service provider for bloggers!Reply to Elna
Just starting out! Decided to take a 2 day break because I’m so frustrated. Back at it tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation.Reply to Renee
Thanks for the tips! I started my blog last month and am not exactly the patient type… so it is encouraging to see you had success so quickly!Reply to Jess
Thank you for sharing your tips. I am new to the blog industry and doing some research. Also, thank you for the reminder and motivation to stick to it.Reply to Anna
So nice. I started my blog last year, but wasn’t consistent but now, I have decided to put more effort into it, and monetise it too. I hope to get this amount of traffic to my blog soon too.Reply to Emmanuella
Hi! That’s so great to hear! Yes, blogging is a journey and sometimes you need to take a break, pivot and go from there! Good luck monetizing your blog.Reply to Elna
I am ready to start a blog and have so many ideas for blog post. I want to start the right way but the more I read the more I worry I am going to mess up. The month by month list is really helpful so I don’t have to feel like I have to do it all at once.Reply to Charity
Hi Charity, That’s great to hear (the list part I mean). It’s okay if you feel you messed up in the beginning. The great thing about blogging is you can change your strategy and sometimes you just have to. I pivoted Twins Mommy early on and I’m glad I did! So it’s okay if for the first YEAR you just spend the time learning to blog and then in year 2 you do all the right things!Reply to Elna
So inspiring! Thank you for sharing beautiful Elna 🙂 I’ve started my new blog and venture 2 months ago and have a little one on the way. So the “pressure” is on to monetise my blog. My BHAG was to make my first affiliate sale before the end of Jan 2021. After reading your post I’m feeling inspired to write more affiliate posts and take my time writing a really good one (rather than feeling like I have to write it in one day). We’ve definitely connected before, I think you were part of my FB group at some point? Thanks, KrisReply to Kristin
Hey Kristin, I am in your FB group? What’s it called? I’m intrigued! That’s awesome you got inspiration to do more affiliate marketing. It really is a fun way to make money!Reply to Elna
Great blog post, I hope I can grow my blog like you. I am in my 3rd month of blogging. . I would love it if you could take a look at my site any advice would be a great help. Thanx in advance.Reply to Anjali
Hi! Love your blog name! Take it one day at a time and learn about blogging and SEO 🙂 Good luck!Reply to Elna
Very informative and interesting post. I am a new blogger and I am sure your post is going to help me tremendously. Thanks and regards.Reply to Malati
Can you please do maybe a blog series on what you do during the day, your schedule or something? I’m just curious to know how much time is spent writing vs. marketing vs. research. I actually subscribed to your mailing list the other day and then found this blog on a completely separate hunt for info so you have a really impressive reach btw.Reply to Robyn
Hi Robyn, Every day for me is different. I do have a few posts that list out my day. This one might help: to Elna
Great blog post, I hope I can grow my blog like you. Thanks for being transparent, honest, and real. Truly inspiring!Reply to Rodney
I got to your blog from the Buzz Feed post about bloggers. Maybe that article will give you even more traffic. Keep up the great work!Reply to Stacy
Hey Stacy! Thanks so much! Yes I was featured in Buzzfeed!!! Glad you came over 🙂Reply to Elna
Super inspirational! I am hitting around 3,000 pageviews a month, so I am awaiting the days I can see numbers in the 10s of thousands. You keep me inspired! I am only in my second month of blogging, so I think I am doing okay 🙂Reply to Alexandra
Hey Alexandra, I’m curious as to how your blog numbers look now after two years 😀Reply to Robyn
Alexandra! Those are great numbers for a 2 month old blog! Congrats 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Ahh your so good at this blogging thing! I have been at it for 4 years and still not monetised – you need to teach me your ways.. I would love if you could take a look at my site any advice would be amaaazzzing!Reply to Kumba
Hi Kumba! Thanks! I’m still learning this all 🙂 Making money with your blog is a challenge for sure!Reply to Elna
I love reading your blogging income reports and your blog in general I always find useful information here. So much so I literally take notes on your post about blogging so I can improve myself and my blog. Great post.Reply to Brittany
Hi Brittany! Thank you so much. So happy you are finding good info for your blog! I love hearing stories like this 🙂Reply to Elna
Elna, I’m blown away by your success. I find blogging very difficult. I’ve only been blogging for 6 months and although I’m ptetty happy with my page views and number of followers, I feel I’m not growing as afast as I’d like to. I did start my email list but am going to read about your tips on how to get more. I’m struggling with not having a vision of future income stream from by food, diy, and travel blog. I just don’t know what products to sell to people. I hope to get inspiration from you. You really seem to know HOW to do things and why.Reply to Joanne
Hi Joanna! Thanks so much for your comment! It’s still a struggle for me 🙂 It takes a goal and vision for sure. For the longest time I was struggling with the same problem you are having with finding a product for your audience. What I did was look at my audience and thought of a simple thing rather than this complicated course or eBook. I hope that helps?Reply to Elna
Yay, such awesome growth! Congrats on all of the progress and success you’re achieving with TwinsMommy! Everything you post is so inspiring, helpful and relatable. And no doubt your increase in income is a reflection of that. Pinned! 🙂Reply to Rebekah
Hey Rebekah! Thanks chica! Love your blog and Pin graphics! So pretty 🙂 Thanks for coming over 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank you so much for sharing your journey, it is so inspiring! And you’re doing an amazing job, juggling all those projects. Do you ever sleep?? I read some posts about Pinterest on your blog. Am I right and do you focus mostly on email and Pinterest? Do you recommend others using these too? I just don’t really understand Pinterest… Love to hear your opinion about this!Reply to Nanouk
Very good. Thank you for sharing your experience. This year even my target is to do affiliate promotions more and make a earning for taking care of my mom and for our living. I am blogging from 6 years but since from then I am not getting to concentrate on my blog due to personal problems(as my parents were not well,my dad passed away 4 years back and 6 years my mom is paralyzed and after his death she staying with me as my brother doesn’t want to take care of her.Reply to Smita
Hi Nanouk! Yes I primarily use Pinterest to drive traffic and Facebook for the engagement and sharing. I have an email list, but I’m just nurturing that list and notifying them of some blog posts I have! Thank you so much!Reply to Elna
This gets me so energized!!Reply to Maheshwari
Wow this is awesome advice! I am going to have to come back and dig more into this later. March was my first month of REALLY committing myself to my blog and posting daily. There is SO MUCH to learn about monetizing so I feel like I am just starting to really get into it. I hope I can find success in blogging like you did too 🙂Reply to Abbey
Hey Abbey! I know what you mean. I still don’t know everything about affiliate marketing. I’m still learning 🙂 Thanks for commenting!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Wow! Major congratulations to you and your amazing progress in just one month! I always love following along with your journey. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! By the way, I love how you refer to your goals as BHAD. It’s perfect. Sometimes I find that my goals aren’t, ‘BHAD’ enough. I need to learn to push myself a few steps further to keep me on my toes. Love this about you! Great job, Elna! EdenReply to Eden
Hey Eden, I always see your pins on Pinterest! You have a great blog and course!! Thank so much for following my journey!Reply to Elna
PS – totally meant BHAG haha 😉 You know what I mean!Reply to Eden
This is so inspiring! I love reading income reports but lately, all I’ve been seeing are the super big bloggers making insane amounts of money. I’m so thankful you’ve shared this Elna because it really helps encourage me to stay on track. You’re where I want to be 😉Reply to Amanda
Amanda! I just LOVE your site! So beautiful and fun! Thank you so much. I was worried this income report was too unrelatable. I don’t want to give a false impression that it was easy to get to this point! I failed numerous times and even now, my income for April is lacking (but that’s something I will share with my audience). Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Congratulations on your accomplishments!! That’s so exciting to see (and inspiring!) I love that you are so honest about what didn’t go so well for your goals as well- because that’s the life of a busy mom, right?! I’m looking forward to summer when my teaching job can take the back seat to my blog and I can really focus on growing my list and getting my name out there! I look forward to your next post!!Reply to Michelle
Hi Michelle! Thanks! Yes, there are a lot of things I try to do, but not all my goals are accomplished! I do have epic fails a lot of the time! I know my March report will take a hit…but I’m still doing what I have to do!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, First of all, I want to congratulate you on your success. I’ve been following your blog for a while and always find really good stuff. Wish you all the best for your future. Thanks!Reply to Mahesh
Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed my posts 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Congrats!! You are rocking it, I am so looking forward to your future income reports:-).Reply to Sireesha
Hey Sireesha! Thanks so much! I know YOU are rocking it too!! Wow, such growth and income for your blog! Congrats yourself! 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! You are my spirit animal! Thank you for sharing all that you do. As I am trying to monetize with affiliates and get my portfolio together for freelance writing, you truly are inspiring. It’s rewarding to know that this is possible.Reply to Susan
Susan That’s great mama! Love that you are freelance writing 🙂 My sweet spot for a service on your blog!!!Reply to Elna
I love your amazingly informative, yet to the point posts! I find your blog so valuable. Thanks for writing this post!Reply to Anita
Hi Anita, Thank you so much! I’m so humbled hearing this 🙂 I love writing on Twins Mommy but have a hard time finding time!! But, I’m hoping to turn that around this month at least! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Great post Elna! I appreciate you breaking down each section so we can get a good grasp on what you did and didn’t do. Thanks for the encouragement! I know I can make an income happen for myself. I just need to do those things that I have planned.Reply to Natasha
Hi Natasha! Thanks for stopping by! I hope my income and traffic reports can help new bloggers. It’s hard to grow your traffic and monetize your blog so seeing how others do it or fail is helpful 🙂 I know you can do it!!!Reply to Elna
Congrats! You’re an inspiration and I always love your content!Reply to Niki
Hi Niki! LOVE your blog’s name!!!! Thank you so much and I hope this post inspires and not hinder your goals!! 🙂Reply to Elna
Congrats, you’re such a rockstar! I love that you had such a solid foundation in place that you were able to monetize so quickly. I think one of the great things you do is write really long, juicy posts, so you’re always sharing valuable info and not pushing products. That’s why I keep reading!Reply to Emily
Hi Emily! Thanks so much! I love blogging and sharing EVERYTHING!! It gets tough though, to think about creating a course or product 🙂 :-)…ha…Reply to Elna
Amazing job Elna! I’m still working on so many of these things. One day I’ll get there… love the inspiration you give all of us. Pinned and thanks 🙂Reply to Nicole
Hi Nicole! Thank you so much. I was hesitant to publish this post because I don’t want people to be upset about their own journey. It almost took me a year to make that on this blog…right? I made some mistakes and didn’t optimize my blog for income growth until just recently…you will definitely get there!! Can’t wait to hear about it!Reply to Elna