5 Blogger Tips to Give You a Huge ROI

You’re new, struggling and finding it all challenging as a blogger.

I get you.

The blog tips you may hear aren’t helping you increase your website traffic or it’s not even helping you grow your followers on social media.

When you decided to start a blog to make money, you didn’t realize all the possible ways you can make money blogging or how difficult it can be as a new blogger.

But, I want to change that for you!

When I started a blog, I was able to grow my income in 2 months! From there I found other blogging tips to make money. I want to break this down into some easy blogging tactics that will give you a huge ROI at the end of the day.

Because I know – as a mom blogger, we just don’t have the time to do the big tasks you may have set up as a blogging goal. Instead, I want you to focus on ONLY the blogging tips that can give you more income, more subscribers and more website traffic.

Blogger Tips To Give You a Big ROI

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1. Spend Time Creating Multiple Pins For Certain Posts

Look –

With the new Pinterest marketing tips you’ve probably been hearing, the main takeaway from this is that Pinterest is enjoying fresh new content.

While it’s best to have a brand new blog post with a brand new pin, you can’t simply write a blog every day!

Instead, you can still grow your blog and your Pinterest profile with creating multiple pins.

Now, to get the biggest ROI from this, spend most of your time creating multiple pins for:

Do you have a blog post where you promote one of your Amazon marketing products? To drive more conversions, start creating different types of pins for that blog post.

The same goes for your email freebies you have. If you created a landing page for your email freebies, you can create pins for that landing page.

What I like to do, is create the pin on Pinterest! First I use Photoshop or Canva to create my pin, download it to my computer and then drag it to Pinterest to make a new pin:

You can add the URL, choose the board and set the optimized keyworded description.


To save even more time, I would go to Pinterest and check your pin’s metrics to see which income generating pins or landing page pins are getting the most engagement.

For example, this pin for Smart Mom Ideas is an Amazon affiliate pin. It’s getting a lot of clicks back to my blog.

I can create more pins for this blog post with this information.

2. Create One New Email Freebie a Month

This blogger tip is a hard one for me! I go in spurts with creating more incentives to grow my email list.

But, as the saying goes, the money is in the list.

Having an email list is also a great way to serve your audience and understand their needs much better.

My Smart Mom Ideas blog doesn’t have an email list, so the content I create is based on my niches and Google Analytics.

This is fine, but I have no idea who is reading my content or if it’s truly helping them since I don’t have many comments either.

So, an email list is really a great asset to have and nurture.

And statistically, the larger the list, the larger the conversions. It’s a great thing, then, to focus on growing your email list as a blogging goal.

When creating a freebie, you want to make something that’s a quick win and easy to implement for your readers.

For example, if you have a family travel blog, your freebies can center around having a stress-free vacation.

So maybe having a bundle freebie of great things like:

  • KonMari packing guide
  • Vacation hot spots + kid friendly restaurants
  • List of plane/car activities for toddlers

Having a “bundle” with multiple problem solving guides looks like a great freebie and something many moms will give their email address in return for this freebie.

The format of your freebie can also help convert readers into subscribers faster.

For example, having a free video course seems much more valuable than a checklist.

Or having a workbook seems more valuable than an eBook.

So, based on your reader, you can deliver your freebie the way that they will enjoy it.

If you need more help growing your email list, I have a great freebie for you! 🙂 It’s an Email List Building Challenge + Marketing Guide + Live Video tutorials!

3. Writing One Long Form Blog Post a Month

A blogger tip you can incorporate in your blog tasks is to shoot for one long-form blog post a month.

This is a blog post that’s over 1500 words – 2,000 words.

I recently got the creative juices flowing and was able to write 7,000-8,000 word blog posts easily. But, writing multiple long-form pieces of content burnt me out, so now I’m pacing myself!

What was a great thing though, from writing this many words for a blog post is that a 3,000 word blog post is easy for me to write!

So, make it a goal to write one long-form blog post or pillar post.

This can be a How To type of blog post, a resource blog post or a round up.

I find a round up to be the easiest way to incorporate a longer piece of content that’s more than 1500 words.

You can ask for contributors or you can look online for things to round up like the best blogs about crafts to read or the best free tools to use for your blog.

The bigger the number, the more saves on Pinterest and shares on Facebook you’ll get.

This huge list of over 170 toddler activities on Smart Mom Ideas has over 7,000 saves on Pinterest!

You might be thinking, how is doing this different than writing 3 shorter blog posts?

I mean with 3 blog posts, you have more content and you have the ability to make more pins to promote these posts.

But, it’s been proven over and over again, that long form content brings in more shares, comments and has the ability to rank in Google.

So, consider writing one long blog post a month for increasing your list, income and traffic!

4. Write Optimized Blog Posts

As a new blogger, this may not work out for you, but it’s something to look towards.

For this blogger tip to work, you have to look at what your main goal for your blog is.

Is it to:

  • Grow your traffic?
  • Grow your email list?
  • Grow your income?

Once you figure that out, you can create an editorial calendar for your content.

For example, if you want to grow your income, start placing affiliate links in your blog posts.

You can also focus on doing reviews of some of the products or services you’re an affiliate for.

This is what I did when I decided on growing my income.

I created two affiliate reviews and my income went from making $200 to $2000 a month!

Decide if you want to add affiliate links to every blog post you have or to certain ones.

For my Smart Mom Ideas blog, my intention is to add affiliate links to every blog post.

And I know it’s much more converting to have a blog post that is all about an affiliate product or group of products.

But, as a new blogger, I don’t expect you to write every blog post with an affiliate link.

Instead, focus on one or two blog posts that dive into one of your affiliate products and share your links there.

You can also do a round up of the best X – best baby bottles – and do a review on a group of affiliate products.

Do what works for you. It took me over a year to write an in-depth blog post for one affiliate product.

5. Searching for SEO Topics

Look – Pinterest and Facebook are changing.

Getting “free traffic” from social media is getting harder and harder. You need to find other ways to increase your blog traffic without using social media.

One highly converting way is with SEO – search engine optimization.

This is free organic traffic. Someone using Google types something into the search box and your blog posts is #1 or on the first page!

By positioning your blog posts for Google traffic, you can ensure longterm and consistent traffic (barring any Google algorithm updates!).

SEO is a longterm strategy though. Don’t expect to rank early on as a new blogger. Sure, you can use long tail keywords like – best activities to keep toddlers busy,   but that keyword may not get a lot of monthly searches.

But, this is the start.

Because once your blog is ranking in Google, a wonderful thing happens – your newer blog posts start ranking or ranking faster.

I’ve had brand new blog posts rank on page one within 30 days.

But, my blog is aged and has a ton of value and shares.

So, to get started with SEO, try using a free tool like Ubersuggest.

You can even take a look at other blogs’ keywords that are in your niche to get ideas of possible topics you can rank for.

Or, you can put in your niche or a keyword idea and see if it’s possible to rank for.

From there you can check to see if it’s a good keyword and add that to older blog posts or create a brand new blog post about that keyword idea.

Generally, it’s easier to rank for longer tail keywords than using the “base” keyword.

Blogger Tips to Focus On

Are there more tips to focus on?

Yes, but these five are what I considered the ones that will give you the biggest ROI.

If you are interested in looking at blogging tips on a global level, this post has a lot of experts weighing in on what you should focus on as a new blogger.

And if you are a mom blogger, here are 30 blog tips to help look like a pro mom blogger!

To recap, as a new blogger, it’s best to focus on the blogger tips that can boost your ROI. You don’t want to work on things that don’t convert or that steal your time.

Instead, if you position your blogging goals to only focus on the tasks that bring in more subscribers, more income and more traffic, you’ll be more successful!

So, it’s important to focus on creating multiple pins for your blog posts. If Pinterest is your way to promote your blog, then having fresh new pins to feed into Pinterest is a sure way to get more clicks back to your post.

And, what do you do once you have that boost in traffic? You need to capture them with an email freebie you are offering.

So, take the time to create a brand new incentive to grow your email list every month.

Over time, you’ll have enough freebies to make your own resource library!

And to make sure you turn those readers into fans, you need to keep them on your blog longer!

How do you do this? With long-form content that’s over 1500 words.

But, you can’t just write anything; you need to write highly valuable and highly actionable blog posts that help your readers.

Solve a problem, offer hacks, offer tips and advice when you write and you’ll engage in a reader that will share your content and comment on your blog post.

Finally, you need to optimize your content for income and traffic. By using affiliate marketing and SEO, you can get to that point sooner rather than later!

Over to you – what are your top tips that grow your blog? Share in the comments!

Please remember to pin me!

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Wow, It looks like I still have a long way to go. But I have a question here – Does writing posts of like 5000 words could really help in growing traffic? I am starting to get frustrated after following some steps for like a year now but it doesn’t give me the results I desired but now I am gonna try it your way and see what happens. Thank you for writing these kinds of posts, keep up the good work and please answer my question, it would be a great help.Reply to Sahil
Hi! Blogging is really hit and miss. You really need to understand your audience and where your audience hangs out to promote your content to them. Writing long-form content is what I get paid to write for huge brands and businesses. This is because they know the value of content and for ranking potential. Now, writing a long form piece of content doesn’t mean it will automatically rank in Google, but if you answer a question that is the BEST out there, it will start to rank (as long as your blog is trustworthy in Google’s eyes). I hope this helps.Reply to Elna
Wow Elna, This is amazing info! I love your posts and you do so well at engaging your readers and making them want to click on more of your posts (I have saved at least three in other tabs from this post ha ha). I also loved your about page and followed an outline of it for my own and I like it much better. Thank you so much for all of the great tips, you are helping out greatly! Many thanks, Melissa WarrenReply to Melissa
Hi Melissa, Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed my posts! 🙂 Thanks for coming over!Reply to Elna
Fab post! I have just managed to create over 40 drafts using Ubersuggest, so thanks for recommending it!Reply to Kelly
Hey Kelly, That’s great to hear!Reply to Elna
Great tips! I appreciate your willingness to share these tips with all of us rookie bloggers. Thanks so much.Reply to Erin
I’ve been considering blogging for a while. How and where do payments come from? How is that even set up?Reply to Emily
Hi Emily! I suggest you get a business PayPal address. From there you can connect it to whatever platform you intend to use for selling. For example Sendowl is great for eBooks while Teachable is great for online courses and Etsy for more physical products. I hope that helps!Reply to Elna
Elna, this is such a great post! Thanks for sharing your wisdom as always! I’m trying to focus on writing longer posts. Most of mine are around 1200 words right now. I also really love your SEO tips! They’re so actionable!Reply to Amanda
Hey Amanda! Thank you so much! Yes, writing more takes practice. You don’t want to write more for the sake of writing more. Write more to answer more questions and to make sure what you are writing about is the best out there!Reply to Elna
Hi! We’re just getting started with our website launch and we happily stumbled acorss your content. Thanks for sharing such fabulous tips, guides, and your experiences. Can’t wait to start diving in more.Reply to Clarissa
Hey Clarissa! Glad you enjoyed this blogger tips for the biggest ROI! With not much time like me as a mom to twins, I need to hone down my tasks and do the ones that give me a big ROI for sure!Reply to Elna
Once again your article is a gem for mom bloggers, packed with actionable tips and strategies. As always your advice is simple yet powerful if applied mindfully. Thank you so much for this awesome piece of valuable content for mommy bloggers.Reply to smarty
Hey! Thanks so much! Love your blog btw! A lot of bloggers want to maximize their time blogging so these blogger tips should hopefully give them a big ROI and not seem like they’re wasting their time! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna