How to Increase Blog Traffic Without Social Media

You hear so many bloggers telling you that Pinterest is how they exploded their blog. Or, it’s Facebook or Instagram that grew their blog traffic.

As a new blogger, this seems like a huge new feat to master. Maybe you’ve never used Pinterest to market your blog or you have no idea how to use Instagram for your business.

So, how can you grow an audience, connect with readers and increase your blog traffic without social media?

Is it even possible?

Yes! And you know what?

It’s highly effective too!

My Elna Cain blog has almost 80k pagviews and only gets 9% of social traffic! This blog does not rely on Pinterest to drive sales, email subscribers and traffic.

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Here are seven tactics that you can use for your new blog if social media isn’t your thing!

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6 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Without Using Social Media

Gaining blog traffic for your new blog doesn’t have to be hard. It might seem like that right now, but that my be because you aren’t using the right tactics or strategy for gaining blog traffic!

I found that if social media isn’t helping you with gaining more traffic, there are six pillar tactics that you must do to ensure that your blog WILL start to increase traffic.

1. Start Blog Commenting

Okay – some bloggers may say that blog commenting doesn’t yield a high ROI and it’s a waste of time.

This can be a waste of time if you don’t optimize your comments for blog traffic and if you spend too much time doing this. Reading blog posts takes time and you don’t want to spend hours a week doing this!


Instead, pick five-ten minutes a day or even a week to visit three blog posts. Start there. Read the blog post and create a comment that readers will actually read!

You wan’t to start a conversation with your blog comment and to do that easily you can add to the blog post. For example, if the post is about breastfeeding tips, you can offer your spin on a new tip.

Other visitors will probably read your comment and want to get to know more about you!

Finally, make sure you put your blog name next to your name when filling out the comment!

By placing your blog name along with your name will create curiosity in other visitors. I know when I visit other people’s blog posts and see the comments with their blog name, I’m much more likely going to visit those blogs than not!

2. Share Other People’s Blog Posts

Blogging is a community and if you scratch a blogger’s back, they will scratch yours hypothetically!

That’s why it’s always good blogging practice to share other people’s blog post on social media or in your email newsletter or with a blogger friend!

One tactic you can do to ensure that your posts gets shared is to ask them in your blog post! For some blog posts I add, “Please remember to pin me!”

This is enough to get people to pin my blog content!

3. Write Valuable and Quality Blog Posts

Okay! This tip is a big tip but let’s break it down –

People only visit blogs if there’s something for them. This is called the WIIM factor (what’s in it for me).

If your blog post doesn’t help them with some problem or immediate problem, they won’t go to your blog post if they see it on Twitter or land on your blog. So your aim for your blog is to create a blog post that answers a problem for your audience.

For example, if your blog niche is about parenting teens, think of your audience of moms with teens. What are their biggest challenges with parenting teens?

  • Bullying
  • Arguing
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Getting ready to be an adult
  • Bonding with you
  • Telling the truth
  • Following the rules
  • Learning to drive
  • Dating

There are a lot of great topics you can fill your blog to help your audience of moms with teens. So take one of those topics and break it down into an outline with valuable tips that you can share.

Make this post a long-form post as longer blog posts get shared more and yield traffic for your blog.

If you need help creating that content that drives traffic, make sure to check out my masterclass!

4. Start Guest Posting and Podcasting

Guest posting is the idea of having your blog post on someone else’s blog. Ideally, you want to guest post in the same niche as your blog and on a blog that is much more popular than yours (i.e. more traffic).

This ensures that you will grow your brand to a new large audience.

To find places to guest post, you can do a quick Google search. I typed in Parenting blogs + write for us.

Find the blogs you want to guest post on and pitch your ideas. To ensure that you’ll get accepted, do some research on the guest posting blog to find out their popular posts.

For example, if you wanted to guest post on Imperfectly Perfect Mama you can go to Buzzsumo, type in the URL and see their top performing posts based on social media shares.

Right now, their top performing post are kid activities for the summer. Why not pitch an idea for indoor kid activities? This is an easy way to get your guest pitch accepted.

5. Start An Email List

One of the easiest ways to build traffic is if you have a group of loyal followers. These are the ones that will visit your blog, share your posts and tell others about you and your blog!

You can start this loyal tribe by starting an email list!

This is the place where you can be more personal, share stories and connect with your visitors on a whole new level! And down the road? You can start monetizing your email list!


6. Begin SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is Google traffic! This type of traffic is the BEST type of traffic as it’s long-living and consistent. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, my blog, Elna Cain, gets mostly traffic from Google and barely any from social (even though I have a Facebook page and a Pinterest profile for this blog).

Organic – or SEO – traffic is 72% of my overall traffic while social only makes up 10%.

I was able to optimize my content with keywords and build strong relationships with influencers in my niche to share my posts and link to my content. For example, I was interviewed on Freelance Writing.

This is the go-to site for freelance writing!

By having these connections over time, it has helped me with collaboration projects, which in tern, helped grow my blog’s traffic!

So, when focussing on SEO, first focus on value and how you can help others. Connect with influencers in your niche, share their content and over time you two can collaborate in a giveaway, or you can feature them in a blog post and tag them on social!

All of this social chatter will help your blog get noticed!

Is There a Blog Traffic Recipe?

Yes! There is! This is a proven recipe that works for any niche and for any blogger! I’ve started many blogs and I have many blogs right now! I test these strategies and only share my most successful tactics to help my audience build traffic.

So, what are you waiting for?

Tell me how you grow your blog traffic without social media!

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Ugh, I’m so bad at keeping up with social media to increase my traffic – which is why these tips are great! I’m definitely going to start commenting more on other peoples’ blogs. It’s also a great way to connect and network with other mom bloggers. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!Reply to Chelsy
Hey Chelsy, Thanks for coming over! Glad you enjoyed the post!Reply to Elna
I’m kinda new too. It is comforting to see moms like me who are willing to share infos that are of great value…I am still learning here online. Great help.Reply to ana
Lots of valuable info here! I’m very new to the blogging business and love that there are so many different ways I can market myself.Reply to Kayla
Hi Kayla, That’s awesome and congrats on your new blog! Yes, while social media is a great source for traffic, it’s not necessary! Good luck growing your blog!Reply to Elna
A superb read Elna! I’ve been trying to grow my blog, and even though I know social media will help me, I’m curious to know if I can survive without it! Looking forward to your LIVE on Monday 6th!Reply to Sneha
Hi Sneha! Aww thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed my live and thanks for joining it!Reply to Elna
Thanks for these really useful insights. I have a blog on simple living. I’m not that into social media, as I believe it add more complexity and noise in my life. It’s great when I read articles like this. It gives me hope that I can write online without falling into the social media hype and mayhem. Many thanksReply to Egypt
Hi Egypt! I’m in that SAME boat! My blog is about living a life that isn’t ruled by social media. I’d love to collaborate!Reply to Emily
Hi! Yes, there are other ways to grow your traffic that don’t rely on social media! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
These are great tips thank you so much Elna. The one I find the hardest still being a new writer is SEO I see those words and cry. There is so much to it and I always feel like I’m drowning when trying to learn or understand SEO-which I know would help my engagement and page views so much. Anyways thanks so much again for another set of great tips!Reply to
Wow thank you for such great ideas! I just started mine so this is great motivation!Reply to Tessa
Hi Tiff! I know right? SEO is a beast for sure, but if you take it one day at time and first learn more about blogging, it’s not soo difficult! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thanks this was quite useful information. I’m in the process of starting my own blog and I was wondering how i was going to gain followership since I’m that big on social media..Reply to Dothodzo
Hi Dorthodzo, I would start up your profiles and share lots of content! Follow other bloggers and get to know them!Reply to Elna
So many wonderful tips! I’m going to be utilizing these tips for my own new blog. I think that one of the biggest things that I’ve been struggling with since I’ve created my blog is how to narrow my niche, just need to figure that out now! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!Reply to Mathew
I agree!!Reply to Emily
Hey Matthew, Thanks for stopping by! Yes, narrowing your niche can be hard but if you listen to your audience you can get some idea of what they want from you!Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna, What other bloggers won’t tell you about social media sites like Pinterest, is that your account can get suspended without any warning. This happened to me today and I swear it was because of Tailwind Tribes. Just last night I started to use the free Tailwind Tribes site for the first time and had 8 pins scheduled to post for today. And then BOOM! My Pinterest account was suspended…today. The day the scheduled pins were to post. I am angry, but more so annoyed to think that the “be all and end all” of one’s blog boils down to Pinterest. Whatever! Glad I found your post because I did a Google search about getting traffic without Pinterest. Sadly, pretty much everything that popped up was on how to get traffic WITH Pinterest. I am a YouTube content creator and I should just focus all my energy there, but I need a website to build an email list. Either way, I will follow your tactics to get traffic without relying on social media. Thank you for taking the time to create these tips!Reply to Tanisa
Thanks for this Elna! I’m so over SM, but I still want to blog. I always felt like the one wasn’t possible with the other. This post gives me hope!Reply to Charlotte
Hi Charlotte! I feel the exact same way. I just want to write and not worry about likes on social media!!Reply to Emily
Hey Charlotte! At times I feel the exact same way too! It’s a lot of work to promote on social media and it distracts you from the important things like your family and real life! 🙂 Glad your found these traffic tips without using social media solid and usable! Good luck and have fun blogging!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for the valuable information !Reply to Taylor
Hi Taylor! You’re welcome!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Fantastic post (as always), I really like reading through your blog posts and I love your new blog page layout. I have my weight loss, yoga, fitness blog and right now I am focusing on targeting some long-tail keywords for traffic. I was just wondering if you could do a few more blog posts on SEO – Like your favorite SEO tools [free and paid], and ranking for keywords guide. ThanksReply to Aaron
Hey Aaron, Yeah, I do have more SEO posts, just search for SEO or ranking in the search box!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, This is a great post! This year I have decided to focus on SEO and bring in organic traffic. From the little that I know, I have been getting around 35-40 views in a day (through organic search). I noticed that you have mentioned blogger outreach in your SEO tips and I was wondering if there are other legit ways that can help with backlinks and creating authority. While I am trying to focus on networking and collaborating, it does take time! For example, I have read that answering questions on Quora can help you with backlinks as well as traffic. What do you think about this?Reply to Chhavi
Thank you so much Chhavi! My course Ready Set Blog for Traffic dives into the best ways to gain backlinks. I don’t try to create the backlinks myself (like link building). This isn’t the best way to build a strong and authoritative blog. Blogger outreach is a great way to gain backlinks and build your credibly with influencers in your niche.Reply to Elna
Your posts always add value and I like your writing style a lot!Reply to Amal
Thanks so much! I LOVE blogging and increasing blog traffic too 🙂Reply to Elna
Hello Elna! Your article resonated with me because I agree with the fact that you I don’t want to waste all my time and effort trying to grow Instagram…to only have 1/4 of your followers see your posts. I really appreciate your article and look forward to trying these steps out! -Zaina with DoseofglamourReply to Zaina
Hi Zaina, So happy to hear that! Yes, only focus on what will give you the highest ROI like writing and growing your email list!Reply to Elna