4 Best Ways to Keep People on Your Blog Longer

Got a new mommy blog?

When I first started Twins Mommy, no one came to my site. I think only 8 people did at first. I even leveraged my other blog’s audience to grow my blog traffic for this blog.

But, that didn’t work (obviously) since my other blog’s audience is primarily men!

So, I had to make sure that when new people DID arrive at my blog, that I kept them here as long as possible.

Why is that important?

Because it helps build a community around your brand and blog. You don’t want someone new come to your blog and then leave after reading your blog post. That’s wasted effort on you trying to build your blog.

You want to make an impact with every new blogger that lands on your blog post.

But, how do you do that as a new blogger or if you don’t have an incentive like a freebie to grow your email list?

(Because email is a very effective way to turn new readers into followers)

I had to use different tactics to create a blog that was worthy of reading and staying.  And I found there that these four tactics were the best ways to get people to stay on your blog longer.

Let’s get to it!

1. Interlink

I know this is a simple thing, but not a lot of new bloggers interlink. Well, it makes sense since they may not have a lot of blog posts to interlink!

Interlinking is when you link to an older blog post of yours.

When I took over my newest blog, Imperfectly Perfect Mama from another mom blogger, I noticed that many of her posts (over 30) rarely linked to each other.

When you link to another post of yours, you can hold the attention of your reader longer. They click on that link and find another post of yours, and they get excited.

So, they may say to themselves, okay, I’ll bookmark that post for later and finish this one now.

Now that reader is invested in your content.

If you just started a blog and didn’t know how to interlink, here’s how you do it.

Pro tip: When linking to a blog post of YOURS, don’t tick the “open in a new tab” option. You don’t want to move the reader away from your blog.

If you link to an outside source – an external link – you DO want to “open in a new tab.” This helps the reader go back to your blog when they finish reading the external source.

2. Use a Related Post Plugin

A related post plugin is a WordPress plugin that promotes related posts at the bottom of your blog post. It looks like this:

This is a great way to get readers on your blog interested in other blog posts that you have. Then they can stay on your blog forever!

The WordPress plugin I use is called Contextual Related Posts.

This plugin will look at certain keywords in your post and show related posts based on your content.

But, I find that this plugin sometimes uses the same related posts for every blog posts I have! Ha…

But, there’s a solution to that. With this plugin, you can manually show what posts you want to promote. This is awesome because you can strategically show:

For my newest blog, Imperfectly Perfect Mama, I use this plugin. I found that this plugin was only promoting certain blog posts since the content on this blog is closely similar.

For example, a post on home birth was showing something like this for related posts:

If you’re reading this post on home birth, these related posts may interest you or not. What I ended up doing, was show these posts instead:

A reader may want to learn about pumping while working as they would eventually need this information.

To manually change the blog posts using this plugin, you need to look at the edited form of your blog post and look at the URL number associated with that blog post.

Then I would scroll towards the bottom until I see the feature of the Contextual Related post information. I would then put the number and any other blog posts’ numbers there.

Personally, I love this feature of a blog. If I’m on Pinterest and find a topic I’m interested in, I click over and take a quick look at the blog and brand.

From there I look at the post.

If it showed some great tips, then I’m always looking for more posts and if they have this plugin then, then you bet I’ll be sticking around longer! But, I find many bloggers don’t 🙁

3. Look Like You Have Fresh Content

If you’re new to blogging, you may hear the term fresh and stale content. Fresh content is one that is recent or updated while stale content is old with outdated facts.

Your blog should be filled with fresh content as much as possible.

This might mean that a year later, you have to go back to your old blog posts and freshen them up like:

  • Remove dead links
  • Update images (ex: images of Pinterest’s profile)
  • Update content (ex: my post on Facebook groups had to be updated since many of those groups that I had no longer exist)

But some quick ways you can freshen your content if you haven’t been blogging for a long time are to use last updated date on your site or put the newest comment first.

Traditionally, when someone comments on your blog post, it shows the oldest comment first.

Instead, if you put the most recent comment first, any old blog posts can look new and fresh, encouraging people to comment.

For example, this post was published in January of 2017, but if you go to the comments, you will see that the first comment shown is from April of 2018.

And when you combine that with the last updated date, any old blog posts can immediately look fresh and new.

I don’t know about you, but if I find a pin and click on it and then discover this post is from 2015, I immediately leave. I want to invest my time in up-to-date content.

So, how do you enable the most recent comments to show first? Here it is!!

4. Write Long Form Content

One of the biggest tactics to grow your blog traffic for 2018 is to start creating more long-form content.

For new bloggers and many of us, writing more than 500 words can be a challenge. My creativity at this moment isn’t bursting, so my last three blog posts have been shorter than normal.

That’s okay as long as I make sure to include long-form content here and there.

And you can do that too.

To make it easier, you can think of your blog niche topic and come up with some ultimate guides or how-to tutorials. These are the easiest to write as you can create multiple sub-topics to talk about.

Make sure that when you do create long form-content – around 2k to 4k words – that you use visuals to break up your post.

There Ya Go!

Starting a blog in the whole scheme of things is pretty easy.

It’s the part of attracting an audience and growing your blog traffic that is a challenge.

But, if you can hook a reader into staying on your blog longer, you can turn them into a follower. And a follower can eventually turn into a subscriber and then a customer.

So, start the process on your blog by retaining your readers with these simple ways!

Over to you – what do you do to make readers stay on your blog longer? Share them in the comments!

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Some awesome tips that i’m now going to work on incorporating and hopefully it will help bring down my poor bounce rate. Many thanks!Reply to Emma
This tips deserves a big thumbs up! you’re tips are game changer to decrease on our bounce rate. Glad I have read your awesome blog post.Reply to Paul
Hey Paul, Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the post!Reply to Elna
I’m not a mom, but I thought the tips were great anyway! Thank you!Reply to Jason
I love the not open to new tab for your own links. Brilliant idea. Will be editing my links now! Thank you for the tips.Reply to Nessly
I appreciate these tips! It can get discouraging just starting out so it is always great to see when you’re doing at least one thing right. ?Reply to Rhena
Hi Rhena, I know! It’s a long journey and many people get discouraged by blogging. I’m glad you are toughing it out and taking action! Enjoy your blog!Reply to Elna
Thank you!Reply to Rhena
Hi, Elna! Thanks for this post. I am planning cornerstone posts but am intimidated tbh. But I do plan to link posts. I read somewhere that it’s good to plan for 30 posts that will link to a cornerstone post. Is that still the thing to do?Reply to Jeanine
Hi Jeanine, I’m not sure how many times is a good time to link to cornerstone posts. I have a big post on my Elna Cain site (this posts makes me a lot of money each month) but I don’t think I link to that post very often on my other posts. So it may not be relevant.Reply to Elna
These are some great tips Elna! I especially like the one about making sure that the most recent comments appear at the top. I’m like you- if I see content from years ago, I leave straight away! I also delete Pins relating to old content that hasn’t been updated, so that my Pinterest profile remains high quality and relevant. Thanks again!Reply to Natalie
Hey Natalie, Yes! I know what you mean. I love reading fresh new content and updated content for sure!Reply to Elna
Thanks for that part about the newer comments being first! That is certainly one I hadn’t thought of yet.Reply to Gretchen
Hey Gretchen, Yeah, it’s a great way to keep you blog posts fresh and new looking!!! Glad you enjoyed ways to boost engagement and keeping readers on your blog on longer!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Another value packed post. I cant wait to start using this plugin you shared. You provided great tips on this post and thats why I love reading your posts. Thank you!Reply to Jane
Hey Jane! Thanks so much! Glad you found some great tips to help people stay on your blogger longer 🙂 I know that’s always something I think about when I write my blog posts!Reply to Elna
Hi elna I really love your blog and the insight it provides me with so thank you for sharing. I really want to get in contact with you because I started my small blog finance blog over 2 months ago and I have seen a bit of traffic not a lot but I really want to improve my traffic and my knowledge on blogging so eventually I can do this full time.Reply to amoy
Hi Amoy! Thanks so much! You can contact me whenever you want. The best way to stay connected is to get on my email list 🙂 Or, join my Facebook group 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’m going through your Ready Set Blog for Traffic course, and I thought I’d come over and say hello. Interlinking is the best and I’m loving my new ‘related post’ widget action, too!Reply to Lorna
Hi Lorna! I hope you are enjoying RSBT!! Yes, interlinking is the way to go 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Keeping your readers much longer on your blog is of great importance, and the tips on this article are surefire ways to get them stick around. Interlocking, related post, etc, works great. However, a few more tips that works well for me are “call-to-action and easy-to-read blog posts.” Using call-to-action in your blog posts can get your visitors clicking around and spending more time on your blog. A call to action can be anything that invites the reader to take some action on your blog. Easy-to-read blog posts works pretty amazing, because if your readers cannot scan your content, they’re more likely to click away from your blog. So you must ensure that your readability is great. Thanks for sharing.Reply to Moss
Hey!! Yes, those are all great tips to keep your readers on your blog longer for sure!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! I absolutely love your blog and emails, and find the information you provide to be so valuable and useful! I’m curious why it’s best to not have your own interlinked posts open in a new window? Since I link to other posts throughout my posts, I didn’t want to interrupt the reader halfway through the post to see another post. Maybe they won’t go back and read the rest of the first post. Perhaps I’m not understanding it correctly. Thanks so much for another awesomely helpful post! I’m always trying to lower my bounce rate. : )Reply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca, You’re right. In my post I do mention that if you link to one of YOUR posts to not open it in a new window. You do this only if you link to an outside source!Reply to Elna
I never considered using a “related post” plugin, but it makes a lot of sense. And I do click on other people’s post when they do that. I don’t not why it never occurred to have one myself! 🙂 Thank you!Reply to Rachel
Hey Rachel! That’s awesome! Good luck and yes a related post plugin is awesome. I LOVE it when a blog has one!Reply to Elna
Thanks for these tips! I will try this plugin for sure. I find with most people reading posts on their phones, they don’t browse around the site as much as you might on a desktop. The related post plugin is a great idea!Reply to Michele
Hi Michele! That’s a great point to make. I mostly work on my blog and business on my computer so I actually don’t go on the phone much to browse! But, hopefully this plugin can work.Reply to Elna