3 Types of Niches To Choose for Your New Blog

Have you started your blog yet?

Yay, if you have, great and congrats! This is a big step to make money and turn your blog into an amazing biz!

But, before you go figuring out blog topics for your new blog, you need first to figure out a blog niche idea. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and learned that there are three main types of blog niches for bloggers.

You ask, “what to blog about?” and nothing fills your brain.

Each type of niche has its attraction and monetization strategy. There are so many blog niche ideas to help you figure out what to blog about, but only a few that are successful. So, let’s go into these three types of blog niches for a new blogger.

What to Blog About

1. Core Niche


I’m sure you’ve heard in Facebook groups and even seen pins on Pinterest that the best type of blog niche is a core niche. What this means is that your blog focusses on one main topic.

It can be any topic like homesteading or freelance writing or having twins.

Why is having a core niche better than any other type of niche to help you with what to blog about?

1. It Defines You

Just imagine someone on Facebook asking if they know of any food blogs and you post that Lindsay of Pinch of Yum is your go-to food blog. You’ve connected with Lindsay, and her story and you’ve defined her as THE person for food recipes.

Wouldn’t that be great if someone asked for a homeschooling blog or Pinterest blog or whatever, and people start recommending you?

My freelance writing site, Elna Cain, is my only blog that has a core niche – freelance writing tips for newbies.

I have branded my name to define my niche, and in various Facebook groups, people talk about me!

2. Helps Show Your Credibility

With a core niche, you are talking about one main topic, and it becomes pretty clear that you know your topic!

I’ve been talking about freelance writing on my blog for over three years, and it’s been the last 6 or so months that I realize that my reach is growing and that more and more people are finding me because of my credibility.

This opens the doors to interviews and features in roundups.

3. Easier to Find Your Audience

When you blog about one thing, it’s very easy to find your audience. Platforms figure you out as well – Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc.. – which helps with promoting your blog to the right audience.

By posting similar topics, a reader will stay on your blog to read your posts, sign up to your email list and follow you on social media. You are effectively building a tribe of loyal followers.

4. Easier to Monetize

Out of all my blogs, my freelance writing blog is the easiest to monetize and has become the main business that makes me money.

I recently created a tripwire product – a masterclass for $7 – and in little over a month I’ve made almost $1k. This is on autopilot too! I could have done this much earlier, but I’m glad I did it now because I have a firm understanding of my audience.

This masterclass is a freelance writing prep class for those wanting to start freelance writing. I get emails all the time from people telling me of their greatest fears about starting and I attack those fears in this class.

By understanding the problems, challenges, and struggles of your audience, you automatically know what will help them. And this happens when you blog about one niche topic.

2. Lifestyle Niche

So, I probably made a good case for starting a niche blog eh?

But, guess what? Most of my other blogs are lifestyle blogs – including Smart Mom Ideas and Imperfectly Perfect Mama.

Lifestyle blogs center on a core theme and from this theme comes multiple topics. So for my two lifestyle blogs, my central theme is moms/parenting. And having a lifestyle blog may help you with more ideas on what to blog about.

For Smart Mom Ideas, my blog topics are:

  • Money
  • Kids
  • Organizing
  • Food
  • Blogging

For Imperfectly Perfect Mama, my blog topics are:

  • For moms
  • Postpartum
  • Baby
  • Kids
  • Health
  • Money
  • Organizing

Why would someone want to start a lifestyle blog?

1. If You Can’t Figure Out What to Blog About, This Will Show You

I get emails from moms that want to start a blog, and the number one challenge is figuring out what to blog about. So, you know what I say?

I tell them to pick a few blog topics around one central theme to make it easier. Usually, their email tells me enough of what they enjoy, and most of them talk about a mom lifestyle blog.

This is perfect. You can blog about organizing and mom style if you want to figure out what to blog about. Or maybe you do homeschooling and homesteading. Whatever it is, a lifestyle blog niche is a great first type of blog you can have.

And the great thing about starting a lifestyle blog is – after a few months of blogging – you will know your blog niche.

Your audience will resonate with one or two topics. Or your pins on Pinterest will start trending or get a lot of saves. For a while, my food posts on Smart Mom Ideas were popular.

So, I wrote more of those. But, since this is a lifestyle blog, I started blogging about postpartum topics, and that took off. Now I know the main topics I should be focussing on.

2. Pinterest Likes Lifestyle Topics

Pinterest is a visual search engine and eye candy for me! There are core niches on Pinterest that just do well, and all of them are a lifestyle type of niche.

  • Parenting
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Crafts
  • More…

And since Pinterest unrolled a new profile look, you can see each profile’s monthly engagement number. The higher the number, the more engagement their pins and profile receive. This indicates that more people are viewing their pins.

So parenting is a popular niche on Pinterest. Here is Our Small Hours’ Pinterest profile.

This blog has a lifestyle blog filled with different topics for their audience of parents. Another popular niche is finances – making money and saving money.

Frugal Fanatic focusses on frugal living tips.

Finally, here’s The Intentional Mom’s Pinterest profile. Her blog has around 17 topics+ that she blogs about! Talk about a great lifestyle blog that’s doing great on Pinterest and Google!

Most of these lifestyle profiles have a lot of monthly viewers because their audience is huge – moms and women basically. Their posts resonate with all types of moms and all types of women.

3. You Never Run Out of Ideas

When you have a lifestyle blogging niche, you never really run out of what to blog about! Since you blog about multiple topics, you can lean into one topic for a while and then switch it up.

Or you can devote an entire month to one topic. Either way, you can pool from a lot of resources to help you come up with some blogging ideas.

3. Demographic Niche

The final type of blogging niche you can start is a demographic niche. This is what I have with Twins Mommy. It can be seen as a lifestyle niche, but when you really look at the content, you can see that it’s also a core type of niche too.

You see, the demographic niche is all about your audience’s avatar.

For Twins Mommy, I only blog to mom bloggers. I don’t blog to moms with businesses like an Etsy store. I don’t blog to moms that have children in college. But I do blog to moms with young children, single blog moms, blog moms in college, working blog moms and anything in between.

The common thread is that these blog moms want to monetize their blog and that’s what Twins Mommy is all about.

So I blog around that topic of blogging for money:

  • Traffic building tips
  • Email list building tips
  • Monetization tips

And occasionally I do blog about my twins since after all; this blog is called Twins Mommy 🙂

So, why have a demographic niche instead of a core niche or a lifestyle niche?

1. Your Ideas Don’t Lend to a Core or Lifestyle Niche

I don’t think Twins Mommy is a lifestyle niche since I don’t talk about lifestyle things except when I talk about twins. Sure, I talk about being a mom blogger and the challenges to blogging as a mom, but that’s all.

When I started Twins Mommy, my other topic was productivity tips – but after a while I leaned towards topics to help mom bloggers grow their income.

So, I tried to make this a bit more of a lifestyle blog by talking about productivity tips, time management tips, and blogging tips. But, for me, that didn’t pan out, and I really enjoy talking about marketing topics (since that’s my freelance writing niche).

I learned while I was blogging, that I was attracting one type of audience – mom bloggers wanting information about monetizing their blog.

From that point on, I catered my blog to just that audience.

2. You Want to Speak to One Type of Audience

Maybe you want to start a blog to only speak to college students. Or maybe you want to blog to pregnant moms or single moms. It’s possible to build an entire blog and brand around a core audience type.

So instead of thinking about the topics you want to blog about – if you find it challenging to come up with blog topics – try thinking about a core audience type to help.

3. You Only Want to Blog About Very Few Topics

As I mentioned, Twins Mommy only has three main topics (with Pinterest tips a subtopic under traffic building tips). If you find that you only want to talk about two or three topics, then switch your focus to who your audience is so that your blog makes sense.

Whereas a lifestyle niche attracts a huge and wide audience, a demographic niche does not. And that’s okay – it just means you need to find other avenues to grow your blog and create an income from it if that’s what you want to do.

What to Blog About?

There ya go! Three types of blog niches you can have when you start your blog.

It doesn’t have to be a challenge in the beginning. Find several topics you like and turn that into a lifestyle blog.

Or – if definitively you know you want to blog about one core topic, then you’re set to go!

But, if your ideas are muddled, try focussing on a demographic instead!

Good luck and tell me in the comments what your blog niche is! I’d love to check out your blog!

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Hi Elna Thank you for all the above information,but still I have facing difficulties of choosing a niche.I want to put poems, quotes,adulthood, mental health. Can you give me some idea what niche I should go for, because I want blogging to be my full-time job coz I m too young right now. Please suggest me something.Reply to charu
Hi! For your blog niche you might want to try more lifestyle topics for your age group! This works well. You can blog about mental health and adulting with that type of blog!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Thank you for all this information! I have been wanting to blog for a while now, but I get very intimidated with all the process. I’m also having trouble choosing a niche. I know I want to do it about Sociology because I have a Bachelors in Sociology, but this is a very broad topic. I was hoping you had some ideas or suggestions to narrow it down. I’m also married and have two kids. (Just to give you some info about me) Thank you again, and hope to hear from you soon!!Reply to Nancy
Hi Nancy! That’s awesome you want to start a blog! As for your niche, Sociology is broad. I don’t know who your target audience is? College students that want to learn more about the studies? Authors that need content about that topic? Or moms that can benefit? If moms, then you need to breakdown sociology into relationships, marriage and things like that! I hope that helps!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for replying! Your advice sounds great and I will definitely start working on it. I do want to focus on moms and your advice does give me a better idea. Thank you again and keep up the good work!!Reply to Nancy
This post was SUPER helpful, easy to read, laid out steps nicely, as a new blogger, things can be so confusing. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Took about 2 pages of notes. Thank you!!!Reply to Sierra
Hi Sierra! Oh! I’m soo happy to hear this! So glad you found some ideas for your blog niche!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna!! My blog is a lifestyle blog and it’s been one month since I started. Looking to meet more mommy bloggers and learn more about it all!Reply to Alyssa
Hi Alyssa! Your images are beautiful! Love your site and yes it’s a lifestyle blog 🙂Reply to Elna
On my blog I help moms with young kids organize their homes and lives so they can live a productive and joyful mom-life. I talk about productivity, goal setting, minimalism, home organization, and I make organizational printables etc. Is that a lifestyle blog or a demographic blog? ?Reply to Lamora
Hi Lamora, This sounds more like a lifestyle blog to me as you do talk more about tactics than narrowing down your demographic of moms. Are these moms of babies? Toddlers? All boys? etc.. If you focus more on your demographic then you can lean your niche to support that audience type!Reply to Elna
Hi, Elna! I have been wanting to get into blogging for so long now and,for a bit there, I did have a blog. It was supposed to be a beauty blog, but I never really felt like I fit in there, so I eventually gave up. Now I’m sitting here, drinking a cup of coffee, and trying to figure out what niche I fit in with. It seems so challenging, but maybe I’m making it more difficult than it actually is? Maybe you could help me. I’m a mom, but not a “mombie”. I put a crazy amount of effort into not letting the exhaustion show. I love clothes and makeup and I use both to make sure that I always look my absolutely best because I don’t feel like being a mom means letting yourself go completely. After all, you cannot pour from an empty vessel. You have to take care of yourself first.Reply to Quincyanna
Hey! I would look at what you feel you can blog about for a long time. Your blog may attract moms like you so figure out what types of posts they want to read and what challenges they have. So ask yourself, what challenges do you face? Those are posts to write. So focus your niche on your audience and then create content for them, rather then focus on the topics to bring the audience. See if that makes it easier!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’m loving your Pinterest hints and tips. Thank you 🙂 I also love the way you structure everything on your blogs and the way you write. I have two niche blogs, one about Western Australia ( and the other a Lifestyle Blog – aimed at a demographic – women over 50 who want to look good, feel good and have adventures ( I agree with you about niche-ing down and although for many years I’ve agreed with being a ‘multipotentialite’ (a term Emilie at spoke about at a ProBlogger Conference in Australia) I believe that from a traffic point of view, Niche is better, unless you are famous or already have a following. I’m still growing my blogs – and like you advise, it’s a slow burn, and that’s best really I guess 🙂 But ohhhhhh!Reply to Johanna
Hey Joanna! Thanks so much! Love Emilie! Great person for sure! Do what you feel is right about niching down or not!Reply to Elna
Hi, Elna! I want my blog to focus on raising kids who love reading, saving and traveling. What kind of blogger am I? Definitely not a book blogger, right? Here’s the link, appreciate if you can look and tell me (pretty please!) – Thanks so much in advance!Reply to JR
I would say you’re a lifestyle blogger right now! You do have different audiences so I would work on finding one type of audience so that you can eventually monetize.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna — It’s me again, Jen! Ugh! I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what my blog niche actually is. I have lots of interests but not exactly an expert in any one particular thing. I love beautiful things, I like getting a deal and saving money, I like helping other people with anything I can do, I love my family. Again, I have no idea what the heck my niche is. My most popular blog post is about a Fortnite Birthday Party, but I can’t see myself writing constantly about Fortnite.Reply to Jen
Hey Jen, It might take more time to figure out what your audience really wants from you! For a while my free stock photos were my top posts and I was like, no! I’m not going to write about that..but I ultimately wrote two more posts on that! Go figure! I also wrote other topics and those eventually picked up! So it can take time!Reply to Elna
This cleared my mind about choosing my blog niche as it narrows it down to three. Thank you so much! However, I am still confused on the way to go. I wanted to pursue my lifestyle blog yet circling around the “struggle of young moms.” I wanted to inspire new moms as a lot of women my age (20-28y.o) are new moms and I wanted to be an inspiration to them but sometimes I lose focus and blog about unrelated stuff.Reply to Szarenne
Hi! I think that’s a great idea. You can have a loose theme of inspiring new moms. Just remember to offer help and advice too as this is what will capture readers!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, great stuff. At first I thought I was a Core Niche blog as I write about Feng Shui. I’ve been a certified practitioner since 2001 and want to share Feng Shui, how I use it, and experiences of my clients with the world. But, Feng Shui covers almost everything in life. I’m in the middle of a series of blogs going into more detail on the nine individual areas of the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Health & Family, Wealth & Prosperity, and Fame have already published with Relationship soon to follow. See what I mean? So, am I a Lifestyle Niche blog covering a Feng Shui Lifestyle? Any advice? Also, you’ve probably heard this before, but you certainly appeal to more than young mompreneurs. I’m a mama but my boys are 33 and 38! I’m a baby boomer who wants to share her passion and knowledge with the world, learning how to do it by blogging. Thank you for all your energy and insights! Have fun, CarolReply to Carol
Hi Carol, Well, I still feel you are a core niche. You can be the go-to for Feng Shui but I would narrow your audience so that you are talking to them and not just everyone. So Feng Shui for busy moms? or Feng Shui for newbies? I think you’ll attract more traffic that way! Good luck.Reply to Elna
Love the Feng Shui for Newbies idea. Thanks so much Elna!Reply to Carol
I love this! Finding your niche is one of the first steps any new blogger takes, and I think this article offers a very clear perspective on going about that. That’s one less thing to hold you back from getting started!Reply to Kim
Hi Kim! Yay and thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, a blog niche for new bloggers is like the one barrier to take action and DO IT!! But, if you look at a blog niche like this, as three different types it makes it a bit easier to choose!Reply to Elna
Really good post Elna. I’d been dealing with the “what is my blog really” type of thoughts and your post helped me realize where I am. Also, knowing and understanding your niche really does help in creating great content. Thanks Elna.Reply to Stephanie
Hi Stephanie, Thanks so much! Glad you were able to figure out what type of blog niche you want! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Elna, I loved this! With everyone on saying ‘you have to choose a niche, you have to choose a niche’ and then seeing lifestyle bloggers with 101 topics doing so well, it can be so confusing to know what you really should be doing. This cleared it right up. I have 1 blog that is a core niche and have been working in a second. I couldn’t decide if it was a lifestlye blog or not but I think that’s because it’s really a demographic blog with a few topics! Thanks for helping me get my head straight ?Reply to Kirstee
Hi Kristee! What a fun and cute blog! Love the content on it! I so know what you mean too! For me, when I start a blog I just sort of “vomit” my ideas out! Ha I know that sounds funny….and it either becomes one of these three things. Glad you figured it out!Reply to Elna