7 Easy Blog Post Ideas For When You Have NO Time to Blog

Whether it’s summer time and you have your kids at home ALL.DAY.LONG or you’re a mom with a toddler, finding uninterrupted time to blog is like finding a long lost unicorn.

Before my twins started school, I was managing a budding freelance writing business and writing on my blogs.

Setting up activities for my twins to do did help, but what I relied on the most regarding saving time were certain types of blog posts that were easy to write, not in-depth at all and were popular to read.

Sounds like you found that long lost unicorn, eh? 🙂

The list of blog post topics I’ll share in this post are more filler content and not deeper, longer-form guides like ultimate guides.

But, don’t be confused with fluff content. These blog post ideas aren’t fluff, but they do fill your content schedule around your bigger and beefier types of content.

And what’s great is that you can quickly pump these blog posts out, even with a baby on your lap!

You might be wondering,

Okay, but how long do these blog posts have to be?

It’s up to you and your blog’s content.

If all your posts are over 1,000 words, a 700 or 800-word blog post isn’t out of the norm.

For this blog, I typically write closer to 2,000 words, so a blog post that’s 1600 or even 1,000 words is typical.

But, I do know that Google favors long content.

Here are the top 10 search results and their blog post lengths.

Generally, anything over 1600 words will provide SOME value to your readers, but it will be mostly surface and not dig deep into any tactics or ideas in the post.

Plus, you do have to consider YOUR audience and the amount of words they like to read for a blog post as well as the user intent when searching for things on Google.

Okay –

With that out of the way, let’s get to the seven easy blog post ideas that you can quickly whip up for when you have absolutely no time to blog.

1. Round Ups

Round ups are one of the most popular blog posts you should have on your blog.

A round up is a post that rounds up the best of the best of something. It can be the best vegan Instant Pot recipes or a list of your favorite blogs for mompreneurs.

Find topics in your niche to round up and feature other bloggers. As a bonus, you can monetize this type of blog post by rounding up affiliate products like courses, tools or Amazon products.

To find things to round up I usually go to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

For example, if you want to round up the best home office looks, you can embed Instagram photos in your blog post and link to those accounts.

Searching for home office on Instagram

The research it takes for roundups shouldn’t be that time consuming.

The writing can also be simple too – a small blurb for each of your roundup items is sufficient!

2. Repurposed Content

If you have a popular blog post, why not repurpose it?

Repurposing means using one type of content and flipping it around to be used for another type of content. For example, a blog post can be a video or an email can be a blog post.

If you have a popular blog post you can create a Facebook Live on that topic and then update that old blog post.

Doing this can also help boost your traffic and ranking potential on Google (if you optimized your older content with good keywords).

Another easy way to create a blog post with repurposed content is to look at old freebies that flopped. I removed a lot of poor performing freebies on this blog. Instead of not using them anymore, I just made them into blog posts.

I updated the information and may have added a few more tips or ideas to beef up the post a bit.

3. Do a Series

When I’m pressed for time, I usually do a series. A series of similar blog posts not only helps with finding blog topics really (really) quickly, but it also helps keep your audience interested in your blog and increases the chances of having them visit again.

For example, every Christmas I’ve done a blog series on Twins Mommy. The first one was 12 days of freebie giveaways and the second one was 12 days of Pinterest tips.

Since Christmas is a busy time, it’s slow in the blogging world and this puts the pressure off of me to create stellar content. Instead, I can whip out shorter posts quickly and publish them during Christmas time.

And that can help boost your traffic for the New Year!

4. Share 1 (or 2) Tips

Sometimes the most popular blog posts on your blog are the ones that share one or two hacks or secrets. These sometimes become viral even!

My post on 2 SEO hacks generated over 3k shares and my post on how to upgrade your blog comments by doing this one traffic generating tip generated over 6k shares!

People really enjoy easy-to-digest content that is a quick win. That’s why checklists and cheatsheets make amazing freebies to grow your email list.

And, it’s the same with your blog content. Create a value-packed blog post sharing one amazing hack or secret for your audience.

They’ll thank you with their blog comments and social shares!

5. Do a Best Of

Sometimes coming up with a blog post idea will never happen! There’s just too much going on at home or at work for you to even think of what type of topic to write about.

So, instead of NOT publishing a blog post this week, why not just round up the best of your content or someone else’s?

You can do a best of videos or best of entrepreneurs or whatever you want that will fit your niche.

If you round up your content, it can help new readers learn more about your niche and give them more posts to read from you! Win-win!

6. Answer a Question From Your Reader

A great blog post idea is one that speaks to your audience and what’s better than answering a specific question they have?

Whether they email you a question, respond to your newsletter or post in social media, find a question a reader shared and answer it in a blog post!

For example, my blog post on How to Use WordPress for the First Time was inspired by a discussion in my Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group.

I did a Facebook Live for my group and then wrote up a blog post to accompany the video.

It’s up to you how much in-depth you want this post topic to be, but usually a video and write up works well!

7. Share a Quick Tutorial

If you don’t mind doing Facebook Lives – they are really fun and you don’t have to be scared to do them either – you can share on your Facebook page or Facebook group a quick tutorial on a tool or service or craft etc..

These types of Lives are great because you are helping a lot of people understand something they may have a problem with.

And, what’s great is that these videos don’t have to be long either – 5-15 minutes and done!

Then the next day you can draft up a little summary and you have a blog post!

The Busy Blogger Blog Post Idea List

There ya go!

My go-to seven blog post ideas for when I’m super busy. I hope you enjoyed the list and tell me in the comments which blog post idea you’re going to try first! I want to hear about it!

Please remember to pin me!

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Thanks Elna! I always admire you for your blog writing. I love all your content and would love to write like you. I would like your guidance as since from nearly a month I have not created any blog post (due to lack of time,due to fear of writing long post,having some family problems).On my blog I will be sharing resources(blogs,ebooks or books,products,courses,etc.) helpful for busy moms.I mean in my blog I will be promoting other bloggers,their products,affiliate products,etc.In short I want to write roundup posts and list posts.Please guide me how can I do this.I am afraid of writing(Being a science graduate I cant expand points ,I just can to the point). Hats off to you ,as you handle your kids and even 2-3 blogs.I want to give my best in my blog,I want my audience to be happy as well as I want to make an earning through affiliate programs.Reply to Smita
Hi Smita! You can do it for sure! For writing longer posts or list posts do some beginners ones like 5 Tools Every X Needs (your audience), 10 Ways to Reduce (x) and offer your tips! From there you can do a roundup and feature other moms with their best tips! Good luck!Reply to Elna
This is a great post. I’m new to blogging and you are inspirational. I’m working on writing faster; hopefully these ideas will help me get more content on my site a bit quicker. Thanks!Reply to Megan
Hi Elna! I love all of these tips about finding blog post ideas when you’ve got no clue where to begin. I, personally, use the repurposing of old content tip a lot when I’m feeling uninspired. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a paragraph of an old more general blog post and going more in-depth about it in the new blog post I need to write.Reply to Rose
Hi Rose! Yes, you got the picture right for repurposing content. There are many times where I feel uninspired to write so it’s nice to know that I can find old content and use portions of it to create a whole new piece of content!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Great advice. I can only write my posts when my toddler naps and that may only mean an hour some days! I need to start writing some quick posts. Better than not posting anything at all:) Thanks!Reply to Nicole
Hey Nicole! Yes! I was the same too! I did my outlines for my posts when my twins played and then got to writing as soon as I put them for naps! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Love these ideas, Elna! With the summer, even without kids around, no one wants to spend a day indoors in Florida writing 🙂 A series is in my future. Thanks, Sue | Successful BloggingReply to Sue
Hey Sue! Thanks for coming over! Glad you enjoyed this post on some easy blog post ideas 🙂 Yes summer is busy for anyone! Enjoy it though!Reply to Elna
I live reading your posts. I have recently started a blog, have been working on it little by little but have definitely struggle to find the time with 3 boys and school. I have learned a lot from reading your content. Everything I have read so far is very helpful.Reply to Ariana
Hi Ariana! Yes, blogging with little ones to take care of is such a challenge! For the longest time I COULD NOT blog when my twin toddlers were awake. I could only write when they slept…but over time they were able to occupy their time for short amounts of time and that opened the door to more blog writing! Don’t worry, you will find time for sure! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for the helpful tips! I’ve been struggling for inspiration this week as it’s been an unusually crazy week for me so I will definitely be trying one of these!Reply to Rachel
Hi Rachel, So happy to hear that! I love these quick blog post ideas when I really have no time to blog. And that’s a lot during the summer time! Have fun writing!Reply to Elna