The Best of the Best Freebies for Mompreneurs

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for mamas! For a while I’ve been posting a lot of freebies for you. From Tailwind tribes to calendars, planners and more!

The Best of the Best Freebies for Mompreneurs

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For this post, I’m going to round up the best of the best out of all these older posts. These freebies stand out to me as being totally helpful for your blogging business.

So, let’s get to it!

1. The Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield Podcast

Seriously, this podcast is pretty awesome! Not only do I love the way Amy Porterfiled explains things, but her voice and her personality is so inviting!

She talks about webinars, sales funnels and all those awesome marketing things mompreneurs should know! So make room for this podcast show!

2. Banish the Mom Funk Challenge

I have a confession:

I used to be a momster.

I know! I yelled a lot and was just totally frazzled every day. But then, I found Dirt&Boogers and discovered Amanda’s Mom Funk Challenge.

Mamas! This totally changed my life. I got a FitBit so that I could have a silent alarm to wake me up and enjoy some time for myself and THAT was ah-maz-zing..

I suggest you try this challenge if you have a bit of momster in you 🙂

3. Blogging to Win Course

Allison Lindstrom’s course is pretty awesome. She gives you a workbook and helps you get your blog on the right foot. This is an awesome email course for mompreneurs!

4. Tailwind Tribe: Blogger’s Chalkboard from This Mama Learns

I love Tailwind Tribes and the first one I joined was Cath from This Mama Learns. She actually introduced me to tribes so thank you Cath!

Come join us!

5. Free 2019 Printable Calendars

I LOVE this printable calendar from Audrey of Oh So Lovely! There are over 20 designs and all of them are so pretty and chic!

6. YouTube Channel The Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston

Courtney is da bomb when it comes to sales marketing and I love her YouTube channel. She’s the queen of copywriting and sales funnels. I love her spunky personality and her videos so make sure to check her out!

7. Blog Planner

This blog planner from Home School Creations is so pretty! There’s over 60 pages of organizing pages to help you get your blog running!

With weekly post trackers, social media reminders, room to track reviews and giveaways, this planner has everything for you mompreneurs!

8. The ABC of Copywriting eBook

I don’t know about you, but I get all geeked out about copywriting. Maybe that’s because I’m a freelance writer and I have my own course so I need to know about selling.

Copywriting is the crux of an entire marketing strategy. Without the right words to persuade and convince a reader, you won’t be very successful. Learning some fundamental copywriting formulas can turn your sales page around or your landing page to increase your conversions.

I’m looking forward to reading The ABC of Copywriting!


These are the best of the best freebies I have in this series. Enjoy them and make sure to tell me your favorite freebie in this list!

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Glad you made it Elna, How difficult has it been to curate and list all these resources until the end of the month? I discovered Rapidology and Tailwind Tribes with your summary post.Reply to Jean-Christophe
Hi Jean-Christophe! It was quite difficult on my end to create value based posts for 12 days, but I’m so happy to have accomplished that mini-goal of mine! Stay tuned for my blog goal recap this week!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Thanks for mentioning my tribe again 🙂 Phew! What a great series. I’m definitely going to be referring back to some of the awesome freebies you mentioned.Reply to Cath
Hey Cath! You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the series!Reply to Elna