4 Pinterest Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog Traffic

Hey mamas!

It’s that time of the year again! I’m doing my 12 Days series again this year. Last year, I posted for 12 days straight of free resources like Tailwind Tribesplanners and more.

This year I want to do something a little bit different. I want to share some pin-tastic Pinterest tips! Pinterest is my BFF and I realize I don’t talk about “her” much on Twins Mommy.

So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to be sharing some Pinterest tips to help you grow your blog traffic, list, and income.

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For today I want to talk about the best tools to help you grow your Pinterest traffic.

I don’t know about you, but if I can use something to make my life easier or save me time, I’m there in a heartbeat.

Early on when I started to grow Twins Mommy, I did invest in some tools, but I also used free tools to help me grow my presence on Pinterest.

Here are the best tools to help you promote your blog on Pinterest and get some blog traffic!!!

1. Tailwind

Oh my! How could I NOT list Tailwind first? This has been my best tool to help my blog get noticed, grow my followers and get more traffic!

Tailwind is a social automation tool that pins for you. I’ve talked about Tailwind before and can’t shut up about it.

I primarily use Tailwind to pin to my group boards. If you don’t belong to a lot of boards, or you don’t have a lot of boards, then I suggest you wait on investing in Tailwind for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Tailwind works best when you have a lot of boards.

There are different ways you can schedule your pins with Tailwind:

1. Board Lists

My most favorite feature is board lists. You can categorize your group boards into niche topics. This is perfect when you are on different types of group boards.

I belong to making money group boards, blogging tips group boards, parenting and work at home group boards.

I can create board lists to categorize my group boards so that when I schedule my pins I can pick the relevant list.

To schedule your pins into these lists, I just log in to Pinterest and use the Tailwind Chrome extension. From there I pick the pins I want to schedule and choose my board list!

2. Interval Scheduling

If you have pins that are driving most of your traffic, you want to consistently pin those and Tailwind makes it easy to do just that.

They have an interval system that allows you to set the time and date of the intervals and the boards it will pin.

When you schedule your pin, just click on the interval button:

From here you set the:

  • Date you start the inverval
  • The time between each pin
  • The type of interval (I suggest using optimized so more pinners see your pin)

3. Tribes

While your pinning strategy should be pinning more of your content, it’s a good idea to pin other people’s pins to be in good standing overall with group boards.

Tribes is an excellent way to share other people’s pins and at the same time grow your traffic!

Go to your Tribes section in Tailwind and pick a tribe. From there schedule pins to a group board, your own board or a list.

4. Pin Inspector for Repins

A great feature of Tailwind is their analytics for your pins. Since Pinterest removed repin value in the smart feed, you don’t know which pins (of other pinners) are high-performing.

One of my earlier strategies is to pin popular posts from my smart feed. Now I just use relevant posts that are in my first or second row.

But, Tailwind shows you your total number of repins, making it easy for you to see which pins are popular on Pinterest.

And a good Pinterest marketing strategy is to pin ones that have a high number of saves.

You can get your first 100 pins to schedule on Tailwind for FREE!!!

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an image editing tool for your pin graphics. I use PicMonkey and Canva to do my pin graphics. What I like about PicMonkey is their font selection and their layer selection.

They have a lot of free fonts you can use (much more than Canva) and they have layers!

I use layers in PhotoShop. This means you can move things behind or in front multiple times. So I can more one word behind another word or a picture.

Here’s my tutorial on how to create a viral pin using PicMonkey.

PicMonkey has a 7-day free trial for you! Just think about how many pins you can do for that time! Loads and loads!!!

3. Group Boards

Group boards are the best way to get your blog noticed fast! While Pinterest right now is prioritizing your own boards, you can still use group boards to your advantage.

On Pinterest you can collaborate on a board with multiple pinners. This means your pins will be seen by thousands more than if you pinned to your own boards.

I found the more group boards I was on – initially – the faster I grew my traffic. There are a lot of low-quality group boards that won’t help you at all to get traffic.

In my course, Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I give you the elements of a high-quality group board (it’s much more than how many followers a board has!).

To help you out, I have a promo list of over 60+ Pinterest group boards AND Facebook groups to help you grow your blog traffic!

pinterest and facebook group boards list

4. Pinterest Analytics

If you have a Business account you will have analytics based on the performance of your pins and profile. And with Pinterest Audience Insights you can get an even better look at the pinners that follow you.

Some metrics to pay attention to:

1. Your Top Performing Pins

You can get a snapshot of which pins are performing the best. Pinterest looks at the impressions (if your pin is on the feed and pinners see your pin or engage with your pin somehow), the clicks and saves of your pin.

From this information you can create more pins for your bets performing pins and you can analyze your pins to see how to make them even better for optimizing more clickthroughs.

2. Your Top Performing Boards

Pinterest also shares with your your top performing boards. These can be group boards or your own boards. Currently my four top boards are my own boards.

3. Audience Insights

Pinterest’s Audience Insights tells you some information about your followers such as:

  • Their interests based on the categories they like
  • The gender
  • The age
  • Location
  • Device

What’s relevant for a blogger is the interests of your followers. It can help you figure out the best type of content to give them so that they engage with your pins.

There Ya Go!

This is day 8 of 12 Days of Pinterest Tips to Grow Your Traffic, List, and Income! In the comments tell me your most favorite tool to help you grow your traffic on Pinterest!

Please remember to pin me!

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Hi Elna, first comment on your blog, but I’ve been following you for a while now and even bought your traffic course which I’m yet to go through. I’m not a mom blogger, but I love what and how you share and have gleaned a few good tips from you. I recently just moved my less than 3 months old blog from free WordPress to self-hosted and looking to monetize. I have used boardboaster and loved it. I didn’t seem to understand Tailwind. This post makes it look easy. Thank you for sharing. What do you think about Pinterest ads?Reply to Grace
Hi Grace! Thanks so much for enrolling in Ready Set Blog for Traffic! I hope you found it actionable!! Congrats on moving your blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog! That’s the first step to monetizing it! As for Pinterest ads, I’ve never invested in them so don’t know much about them. I’ve had Tailwind promote two of my posts (one on Pinterest and one on Twitter) so that was a nice surprise!Reply to Elna