5 Poppin’ Pinterest Podcasts for Bloggers

Hey mamas!

It’s that time of the year again! I’m doing my 12 Days series again this year. Last year, I posted for 12 days straight of free resources like Tailwind Tribesplanners and more.

This year I want to do something a little bit different. I want to share some pin-tastic Pinterest tips! Pinterest is my BFF and I realize I don’t talk about “her” much on Twins Mommy.

So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to be sharing some Pinterest tips to help you grow your blog traffic, list, and income.


Day 1: An Easy Way to Find Keywords for Pinterest Descriptions

Day 2: What You Need to Know About Pinterest Hashtags

Day 3: What Are Pinterest Sections And How Do You Add Them to Your Boards?

Day 4:  4 Ways to Get More Saves on Your Pins

Day 5: 5 Big Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Might Be Doing

Day 6: 5 Ways Any Blogger Can Make Money on Pinterest Today

Day 7: 5 Poppin’ Pinterest Podcasts for Bloggers

Day 8: 4 Pinterest Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog Traffic

Day 9: 3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Pinterest

Day 10: How to Find the Best Times to Pin for Massive Blog Traffic

Day 11: 5 Top Pinterest Myths That Everyone Believes

Day 12: 5 Ways to Get Your Pinterest Profile Ready for 2019

For today I want to talk about Pinterest podcasts for bloggers!

It’s not enough anymore to just read blog posts about Pinterest topics. You can get the low-down with Pinterest-based podcasts and shows dedicated to this platform. Check these out next time you’re folding laundry or have some spare time to learn some more Pinterest marketing tips!

1. Simple Pin Podcast

Kate Ahl of the Simple Pin Podcast has an amazing podcast filled with advanced Pinterest tips to help you boost your followers, income and traffic. This is what Kate says about her podcast:

The Simple Pin Podcast is a show dedicated to using Pinterest to boost your business. I interview people using Pinterest in creative ways to build their email list and increase revenue. In addition, I’ll bring you the latest updates, trends, and tips for maximizing your efforts without wasting your time. No crazy hacks to ‘game the system’ just solid advice you can use to grow your Pinterest presence.

2. Manly Pinterest Tips

Men are on Pinterest too! The Manly Pinterest Tips podcast has more than just Pinterest tips; it’s about social media marketing and content success. Here’s what the Manly Pinterest Tips show is about:

The Manly Pinterest Tips Podcast is a show created to help you succeed on Pinterest. If you have content and products you want your clients or customers to see, there is no social media platform like Pinterest. Join Jeff Sieh as he explores best practices, strategies, and demonstrations on this fast growing social network. With interviews with Power Pinners like Cynthia Sanchez, Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah Radice, and Guy Kawasaki, you’ll learn Pinterest techniques not found anywhere else.


That’s it! Can you believe that right now, there are only two Pinterest shows and only one is truly dedicated to Pinterest marketing tips? Oh my!

The next round is Pinterest podcast shows that are worth listening to!

3. CEO Mom Talk Podcast

Kristie of The Official CEO Mom has a podcast about all topics pertaining to mom bloggers! From time management to growing your email list to doing affiliate marketing right!

I was fortunate to be interviewed on her show and we talked about Pinterest!

4. The Impact Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

Mariana Ruiz is an amazing woman, coach, and motivator! I love her! She uplifts you and makes you pumped to grow your business! Her podcast is full of amazing tips to help you get to the next level of your business and make sure you’re in the right mindset. This is what she says about her show:

Tune in weekly as I share with you business lessons and guest experts to help you expand your reach and turn that reach into clients so you can lead your tribe with confidence and create change in the world while living the life you desire.

I was fortunate to be interviewed on her show about how to use Pinterest for Business Growth.

5. Simple Pin Media – How to Pin Strategically

Kate goes into how to create a pinning strategy for maximum growth. She gives you advanced tips to really get your pins noticed!

There Ya Go!

This is day 7 of 12 Days of Pinterest Tips to Grow Your Traffic, List, and Income! Enjoying the series so far? I’m saving the best for last!!!

So, go and get your Pinterest game on with these podcasts and shows!

Pin me please!

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Hey Elna! So far you have shared many helpful tips for better pinterest marketing. You should start your own podcast show too! 🙂 I didn’t know there were many podcasts shows that talk mainly about the pinterest social platform for blog traffic. It’s refreshing to know this and I’m excited to keep on growing my following on the platform. Thank you so much for sharing these resources! Cheers! 😀Reply to Freddy
Hey Freddy, Thanks so much!Reply to Elna