39 First Blog Post Ideas You Need to Have for Your Blog

So you’ve decided to start a blog, now what?

Well, it’s time to figure out what you are going to write about and compile a list of first blog post ideas.

By now you’re probably falling into one of two categories.

Either you have a giant list of things that you already want to write about or you are drawing a complete blank and have no idea where you want to start.

Thankfully when it comes to ideas for your first blog post, we’ve got you covered!

Below we have compiled a list of good first blog post ideas for all types of blogs.

From fitness to finance, there are plenty of ideas for your first blog post.

Blog Post Ideas for your First Blog Post

While your blog post topics are going to depend largely on your niche, there are a few different topics that anyone can write about.

But before we get into the topics that you can write about, let’s first address some tips and tricks for writing your first blog post.

While you might be starting a blog just because you love to write, you might want to turn that blog into a business someday and that is going to require a little more advanced planning.

Also, you want people to actually read your blog and buy things through your affiliate links, right? Of course!

So let’s cover some tips!

1. Provide Useful and Relevant Topics

In addition to all of the topics I’ve have listed below, you are sure to come up with a very large list of your own.

Some of these blogging topics are sure to be hot while others are going to be a dud.

Not every topic is going to be of interest to you and or your audience.

Choose from topics that are useful to your audience and relevant for the time and season.

For some help, go with my Keyword Guide for popular niches. You can’t go wrong with this list of keywords you can write about.

2. Research Before You Write

Many people often don’t realize how much research goes into writing a blog post.

While some really great blog posts might have been written spur of the moment, most of them require a good amount of research in order to be seen by a lot of eyes.

Figure out what your audience wants to learn about and dive into those topics. The key here is to provide as much value as possible to your audience.

You can do this by:

  • Looking on social media like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram to see what people are posting or sharing about
  • Go to blogs and read their comments
  • Use Google to find good examples of what you are talking about

3. Spy on Your Competitors

If your competitors (other bloggers in your niche) are talking about a certain topic, then it’s a safe bet to say that you should also be talking about that topic.

Analyze your competitors posts, what are people asking in the comments that you could address in your own version of that post?

Find ways to improve on the topics.

A great way to do this is by using BuzzSumo to see what popular topics are.

This can tell you how popular the topic is, making it a shoe-in that if you write about it, it will resonate with your audience too.

4. Write in a Conversational Tone

One of the biggest differences between blogs and more “professional” writing is the overall tone.

People love reading blogs because they feel like they are having a conversation with a friend.

Write as you speak, like you are talking to a friend.

This helps to build a sense of rapport with your readers.

Bonus: Use a Writing Tool To Make Writing Go Faster!

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First Blog Post Ideas

If you have been reading other blogs and scrolling around on social media, you might already be aware that there are so many topics that you can write about no matter your niche.

Here is a short list of blog post topics that all bloggers can include in their blog posts.

5. Introduce Yourself

There are many of your readers that are actually going to want to learn more about you and what you do.

While you don’t need to write an autobiography, share some interesting facts about yourself and anything that might be useful or relevant to your audience.

6. Share a Personal Story

You can do this in the same post as your introduction or make multiple posts around this topic.

When sharing personal stories, they should be relatable to your audience.

Make sure it isn’t all inward and about you, but how you can HELP your audience, or the person reading your blog post.

I do this for my posts about my twins.

7. Interview Someone

While this is a blog and not a podcast, you can still interview people and write about it.

Interview someone that is already in your niche, a fellow blogger, an expert on a certain topic, and so on.

This is an easy way to create a blog post fast because all you have to do is come up with the questions and email the person you want to interview.

You can find other people or bloggers on social media so give it a try!

8. Do a Product Review

No matter your niche, there are bound to be products within that niche that you are either currently using or want to use.

It’s even likely that they have an affiliate program that you can link to and make a few extra bucks.

9. Give Tips

Lots of blog posts are really just expanded lists or tips.

What are some things that you have learned about your niche that you wish you would have known when you first started?

Share those with your readers.

Examples include:

  • A cool parenting hack
  • Managing something like meal planning
  • Secrets you learning about something (like cleaning)
  • Streamlining, downsizing, saving, growing, etc.. something (like saving money).

Alright, now onto specific blog post ideas for some of the most popular blogging niches.

First Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Lifestyle blogs are great because there are SO many things that you can write about.

Everything from food, travel, parenting, hobbies, and so much more!

Here is a list of a 8 first lifestyle blog post ideas!

  • Top tips for productivity
  • Tutorials for new bloggers and influencers
  • X number of things you wish you would have known before doing [blank]
  • Decorating tips on a budget
  • Gift ideas for mom/dad/spouse, etc
  • Your routines for fitness, food, getting the kids ready for school, or whatever
  • Fun activities to do on a rainy day
  • How to keep kids occupied on long car rides

Let’s break down one of these ideas: decorating tips on a budget.

I would want to be more specific if I wrote this blog post for one of my lifestyle blogs.

For this topic, I would also find a keyword that I can easily rank for (don’t forget to pick up my keyword guide with easy keywords to rank with!)

Using Ahref’s free keyword generator I found a keyword I could use.

So, my blog post idea would be: 15 Throw Pillow Decorating Ideas You’ll Love.

Next, I would use Pinterest to find pins with some cool decorating ideas and share those in my blog post.

If I use Amazon for affiliate marketing, I would also find the product and link to that in my blog post.

Now you have a highly valuable, shareable and income-generating post!

First Personal Blog Post Ideas


Personal blogs are very similar to lifestyle blogs but focus more on the actual individual instead of more general topics.

These 7 topics would be more along the lines of “my skincare routine,” and other things that are a bit more personal.

  • Share a poem you wrote
  • Your routines and rituals
  • How you overcame a specific problem or situation
  • Your favorite self-care activities
  • Share mistakes you made
  • Share new processes, challenges, goals and more
  • Share personal favorites (food, travel, beauty, books)

For a personal blog, I would also sign up for a Youtube channel and work on creating good videos for my blog content.

A great examples of this is Cappuccino and Fashion.

Madeline shares fashion tips and content tips on her Youtube channel.

She then repurposes her content to her blog.

First Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Beauty blogs are really fun.

They have topics that cover skincare, self-care, products for skin, health, body, and hair, makeup tutorials, health and wellness topics, and often fashion as well.

For those that really love these topics, you’ll have no shortage of topics to write about. Check out 6 beauty topics.

  • Quick skincare/makeup routine for busy moms
  • Review of different skincare and makeup products
  • The best products to use during which season
  • How to achieve flawless foundation application
  • Roundups of certain products for certain things (oily skin, acne, etc.)
  • DIY beauty mask out of ingredients from your kitchen

I love beauty blogs!

I often find the creator inspirational and friendly. I also will follow them on Instagram and Tik Tok.

With this type of blog, you definitely need to be on social to help funnel people on social to your blog content.

While you can rank beauty content on Google, it will be hard since Google looks to finding subject matter experts to rank for.

If you aren’t a top beauty brand like MAC makeup, then it will be hard to get on the first page of Google for your cool lipstick tutorials.

It’s best to go on social media to build up a loyal audience and then share your blog content to them!

First Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Fitness is similar to skincare in that it can cover a lot of different topics.

When it comes to these types of blogs, you can write about the general niche or niche down even further.

A general fitness blog might talk about a wide variety of diets and workout routines, whereas a niched down site might just focus on yoga for example.

Check out 9 fitness topics.

  • How to stop procrastinating on your fitness routine
  • Tips for personal growth
  • Workouts for any type of sub niche
  • Product review for any type of fitness equipment
  • Share inspirational stories from other bloggers, followers, or friends and family (with their permission of course)
  • How to properly use supplements to increase your gains
  • Meal prepping
  • The importance of gut health
  • A list of healthy food substitutes

Health is a very difficult blogging niche to start, but I have see people recently start fitness sites and be successful…so it can still happen!

The idea is to write about competition keywords.

These are keywords that not a lot of people write about and if you write about it, your blog can rank easier than if you wrote about the latest running shoe.

An easy way to find these keywords is to use longtail keywords. These are questions or phrases that people plug into Google.

For example, “signs you’re gaining muscle” is an easy keyword to rank for, according to Ahrefs.

It doesn’t get a lot of traffic but at the same time, it isn’t difficult to rank a brand new blog with.

You can use Google to find these longtail keywords by looking at what is populated.

From there, you can see who is ranking on the first page.

If it’s all big box brands, then your new blog may not be able to compete with that term.

But, if you see actual blogs on the first page, then you have a fighting chance!

For more help, check out Ready Set Blog for Traffic.

First Finance Blog Post Ideas

The most popular topics for topics discussed online are health, wealth, relationships, and happiness.

People want to know how to manage their money better and to make more of it. The one thing to remember, though, is Google looking for subject matter experts to talk about these Your Money Your Life content.

Here are 7 finance blog topics.

  • Tips for saving money on groceries, gas, and everyday essentials
  • How to budget for beginners
  • Apps and online tools for saving money
  • Sharing your personal journey with paying down debt, making money, etc
  • Home repairs you can do yourself and save money on
  • Tips for teaching kids responsible money habits
  • Tips for buying your first home

First Blog Post Title Ideas 

Now you can write the best blog post ever, but if it doesn’t have a title that makes people want to read the whole thing, then you’re not going to get very far.

Before you hit publish with a mediocre title, make sure that you are including a title that people are going to click on and actually read through.

Not only do you want people to read what you wrote, but you also want them to share it with others, comment on it, and click any links within the post.

But how exactly can you do that? Include a catchy title that gets noticed!

Psst..I share 220+ Power Words you can use for blog title and Pin titles in Ready Set Blog for Traffic.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a trained copywriter to write click worthy titles.

You can simply follow a template and plug and play every title for your posts.

Just be sure that you are also including power words that will evoke emotion in your reader (that’s the secret sauce here).

“A Beginner’s Guide to [thing]”

“…VS…” (this is a great one for product review).

Start with a number! (like this post)

Reveal a secret…”What They Don’t Want You to Know About [topic]”

“How to” posts are always a great option. Answer the reader’s questions with these.

Wrap It Up

There ya go!

I hope these blog post ideas were helpful!

For more help, make sure to check out my Start a Blog tutorial!

Tell me in the comments your blog niche!

Don’t forget to Pin me!

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