200 High Demand Blog Topics to Explode Your Traffic for 2023

As a blogger, you probably have thousands of post ideas floating around in your head – but what topics will actually boost your blog’s traffic?

The key is knowing what information people are looking for!

In my course Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I talk about the importance of using keywords to build traffic on your blog and create a loyal readership.

There are many ways you can find blog ideas based on keywords (which I’ll talk about below) but I also want to help you out by giving you 200 high-demand blog topics in a variety of niches!

These topics are guaranteed to explode your traffic and, with so many ideas to choose from, you’ll have no problem building a winning content schedule.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Finding Blog Ideas That Make Money

Attracting readers to your content is all about addressing their pain points and offering them solutions.

There are a few ways you can come up with high-demand blog topics to ensure that people are visiting your blog:


Google is your best friend when it comes to figuring out what readers are searching for. You can use the following tools to come up with blogging ideas for beginners:

  • Google Suggest: Enter keywords into Google search and see what suggestions come up. These are based on what people are searching for.
  • Google Related Searches: You can also use Google search to find related content ideas. Look at the bottom of the search results.
  • Google Trends: Enter keywords in Google Trends to check out the search volume.

Keyword Tools

You can also plug keywords into keyword tools to generate blog topic ideas!

Check out these keyword tools:

I currently use Ahrefs to help me with my keyword analysis for high-traffic blog post ideas, but I know as a new mom blogger, investing in an SEO tool may not be in your budget right off the bat.

So to save you time (and money), here is a massive list of high-demand blog topics ideas you can use.

Just look for suggestions in your niche!

Blogging Topics for Beginners That Will Explode Your Traffic

Parenting Blog Topics


  1. X Essentials for Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy
  2. Does Heartburn Mean Your Baby Will Be Born With Hair? And Other Pregnancy Myths!
  3. X Proven Tips for Curbing Unhealthy Pregnancy Cravings

Parenting Advice

  1. How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep In Their Own Bed
  2. What To Do If Your Teenager Won’t Talk to You
  3. X Ways to Nail Down a Bedtime Routine That Works!

Family Holidays

  1. X Ways to Celebrate Christmas Without Breaking the Bank
  2. X Costume Ideas for Baby’s First Hallowe’en
  3. X New Traditions to Try This Easter

Family Adventures

  1. Free Printable Bingo Cards for Your Next Family Hike
  2. The X Best Vacation Destinations for You and Your Kids
  3. How to Find Free Activities in Your City to Keep Your Kids Busy


  1. Setting Up the Perfect Homeschool Room in X Easy Steps
  2. How to Organize Your Homeschooling Curriculum
  3. X Essential Supplies You Need to Homeschool Your Child

Health Blog Topics

Diet Guides

  1. Everything You Need to Know About the Mediterranean Diet
  2. Does Keto Really Work? Busting Popular Keto Myths
  3. How to Diet Without Dieting


  1. X Easy Ways to Add More Vitamins and Minerals Into Your Diet
  2. Do Nutritional Supplements Really Work? Here’s What the Experts Say!
  3. Why Taking a Daily Vitamin May Be a Waste Of Your Time


  1. Working Out for Beginners: A Complete Guide
  2. How Much Exercise Does It Take to Improve Your Health?
  3. Cardio or Weightlifting: Which Type of Exercise Will Yield Results?

Mental Health

  1. The Winter Blues: How to Deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  2. Depression and Anxiety: Is There a Difference?
  3. X Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Right Now!


  1. What is Self-Care? (Hint: It’s More Than Hot Baths and Warm Tea!)
  2. X Self-Care Practices You Can Easily Fit Into Your Schedule
  3. How to Create a Self-Care Plan to Improve Your Overall Health

Skin Care

  1. X Skin Care Products for Combination Skin (#X is My Favorite!)
  2. Morning and Night: How Often Do You Really Have to Wash Your Face?
  3. Can Moisturizing Really Prevent Aging Skin?

Fitness Blog Topics

Weight Loss

  1. Does Counting Calories Really Lead to Weight Loss?
  2. X Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off!
  3. How To Track Your Weight Loss Progress Without Using a Scale


  1. X Benefits of Practicing Yoga (According to Science)
  2. X Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners
  3. X Easy Ways to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Life!

HIIT Exercise

  1. More Than Cardio: What is HIIT and What Are the Benefits?
  2. X HIIT Workouts That Take 20 Minutes Or Less
  3. How to do HIIT Workouts at Home – And With No Equipment!

Hiking and Backpacking

  1. The Ultimate Gear List for Backpacking
  2. X Steps to Planning an Amazing Overnight Hiking Trip
  3. X Best Places in the World to Backpack

Personal Training

  1. X Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer
  2. How Can a Personal Trainer Help Me Get Into Shape?
  3. X Things You Should Look For When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Beginner’s Guides

  1. From Couch to Marathon: The Beginner’s Guide to Running
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to the Gym: Where to Start
  3. Exercise for Beginners: A 30-Day Guide to Get You Started!


  1. Will Lifting Weights Bulk You Up? We’ve Got the Answer!
  2. Weightlifting or Cardio: Which Will Get You In Shape?
  3. X Easy Weightlifting Exercises You Can Do in Your Livingroom

Food Blog Topics


  1. X Simple Family Recipes to Try This Christmas
  2. X Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Recipes
  3. X Delicious Recipes Your Kids Will Love to Make!

International Cuisine

  1. X Authentic International Dishes and How to Make Them At Home
  2. The X Best International Cuisines to Try in {Year}
  3. Amazing International Dishes From Around the World (#X Makes My Mouth Water!)

Craft Beer

  1. Craft Beer for First-Timers: Your Ultimate Guide
  2. X Craft Beer Clubs You Should Check Out!
  3. The X Best Craft Beers in the World

Wine Guides

  1. Wine Pairing 101: How to Take Your Meal to the Next Level With the Right Wine
  2. Red or White? The Different Types of Wine Explained
  3. The X Best Books for Learning About Wine

Meal Prepping

  1. How to Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide
  2. X Hacks to Make Meal Prepping Easier
  3. The X Benefits of Meal Prepping


  1. Are Superfoods Really That Super? Here’s What the Experts Say!
  2. How to Boost Your Diet With These X Superfoods
  3. X Easy Ways to Add Superfoods to Every Meal

Kitchen Tools and Equipment

  1. X Baking Essentials Your Kitchen is Missing!
  2. My Top X Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without
  3. How to Organize Your Kitchen Equipment to Maximize Your Space

Relationship Blog Topics


  1. How to Date as a Single Parent
  2. X Ways You Can Meet New People (Without Using a Dating App!)
  3. X Romantic Date Ideas on a Budget


  1. X Easy Ways to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Marriage
  2. How to Fight With Your Partner (In a Healthy Way!)
  3. X Pieces of Marriage Advice You Should Totally Ignore


  1. X Affordable Bridesmaid Gifts Your Friends Will Love
  2. How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding in X Easy Steps
  3. X Wedding Dress Ideas to Inspire You

Divorce and Separation

  1. How to Talk To Your Kids About Divorce
  2. X Things You Need to Remember When Divorcing Your Partner
  3. Divorce Vs. Separation: What You Need to Know

Home Blog Topics


  1. X Useful Hacks When It Comes to Cleaning Your Home
  2. Check Out This Amazing Organization System That Will Keep Your Life in Order
  3. Receipts and Paperwork: What to Keep and What to Toss!


  1. X Easy Decor Ideas to Immediately Freshen Up Your Home
  2. How You Can Turn Your Kid’s Artwork Into a Masterpiece!
  3. X Online Furniture Deals You Can’t Miss


  1. X Tips for Gardening Beginners
  2. The Basics of Planting a Vegetable Garden
  3. How to Grow a Container Garden When You Live in a Small Space


  1. X Tips for Introducing a New Pet to the Family
  2. X Dog Essentials Your New Puppy Needs!
  3. What is My Cat Trying to Tell Me? X Cat Behaviors Explained!

DIY & Crafts Blog Topics

Craft Tutorials

  1. How to Make Your Own Greeting Cards for Any Season
  2. How to Sew a Tote Bag in X Easy Steps
  3. Video Tutorial: How to Use Resin to Create Stunning Coasters

Crafting Tool Reviews

  1. My Cricut Is My Best Friend! X Reasons You Should Buy a Cricut
  2. X Online Deals on Craft Supplies You Should Check Out
  3. X Must-Have Crafting Supplies and Tools for DIYers

DIY Series

  1. Check Out My Total Laundry Room Renovation! Part One: The Demolition
  2. The Upcycle Project: Easy DIY Trash-to-Treasure Projects
  3. DIY Friday: How to Create a DIY Crate Wall

Crafting With Kids

  1. X Simple Crafts Your Kids Can Make With Household Items
  2. How to Use Recycled Items to Create Cool Kids’ Crafts
  3. The X Best Websites for Super Fun Kids’ Crafts!

Beginner’s Guides

  1. Yarn 101: How to Get Started With Knitting
  2. X Sewing Tips for Beginners
  3. The X Best DIY Home Projects for Beginners

Education Blog Topics

Learning New Skills

  1. X New Skills You Should Learn in {Year}
  2. The X Best Websites For Learning New Skills
  3. How Continued Learning Can Benefit Your Well-Being

College and University

  1. X Tips for Nailing Your College Application
  2. X Flexible Ways You Can Make Money as a College Student
  3. On Or Off Campus? How to Sort Out Your Living Arrangements in College


  1. Can Video Games Sharpen Your Brain and Improve Your Study Skills?
  2. X Ways You Can Be More Efficient With Your Assignment Deadlines
  3. The X Benefits of Studying With a Group

Career Blog Topics

Career Path Advice

  1. Ready for a New Job? How to Choose the Perfect Career Path
  2. X Things to Think About When You’re Planning for a Career After Retirement
  3. X Career Choices in the Field of Psychology

Career Coaching

  1. The X Benefits Of Hiring a Career Coach
  2. How to Find the Perfect Career Coach
  3. Career Coaching for Teens: Exploring Possibilities

Resumes and Cover Letters

  1. How Can You Address Gaps In Your Resume?
  2. X Easy Steps to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter
  3. How to Beat the Bots When Submitting Your Resume Online


  1. Informational Vs. Technical Job Interviews: What’s the Difference?
  2. X Ways You Can Prepare For Your Job Interview
  3. X Common Interview Questions (And How You Can Answer Them!)

Tech Blog Topics

Current Trends

  1. X Tech Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss This Year
  2. Keep an Eye on A.I.: How Machine Learning Will Change the World
  3. Is VR the Future of Tech Jobs? X Skills You Need to Take Advantage of This Emerging Career Field

Pros and Cons

  1. Canva Versus PicMonkey: Which is Best for Designing Web Graphics?
  2. Technology in the Classroom: Pros and Cons
  3. Smart Fitness Technology: Does It Really Work?

Software and Apps

  1. How Slack Can Streamline Your Business’s Communication
  2. The X Best Google Chrome Extensions for {Year}
  3. X Cool {Application} Settings You Didn’t Even Know Were There!

Programming Languages

  1. How to Customize and Style Your Website With CSS
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to PHP
  3. The Top X Programming Languages You Should Check Out in {Year}

Finance Blog Topics

Frugal Living

  1. X Frugal Living Tips That Will Save You a Ton of Money!
  2. How to Live Frugally (Without Looking Cheap)
  3. What is Frugal Living? And Is It Worth It?


  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Stocks
  2. RRSP Vs. TFSA: Which is Better?
  3. Should I Save Or Invest? This is What the Experts Say!


  1. The X Best Budgeting Apps of {Year}
  2. Needs and Wants: How to Plan Out the Perfect Budget
  3. How to Teach Your Children About Budgeting


  1. X Steps to Follow if Your Debts Are Getting Out of Control
  2. Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt: The Different Types of Debt
  3. X Ways Your Debt Can Affect Your Mental Health


  1. X Reasons You Should Consider Tenant’s Insurance to Protect Your Belongings
  2. What is the Difference Between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker?
  3. X Ways to Protect Your Home Business With the Right Insurance


  1. How to Find the Right Savings Account for Your Goals
  2. X Tips to Grow Your Savings Account
  3. How Much Money Should You Have Saved for an Emergency?

Retirement and Pensions

  1. 401K and Pension Plans: Which is Best For Me?
  2. How to Plan Financially For Retirement
  3. Is Your Pension Enough for Retirement?

Lifestyle Blog Topics


  1. How to Get an Expensive Look on a Budget
  2. X Ways to Add More Color to Your Wardrobe
  3. X Tips for Dressing Confidently


  1. How to Recreate the Hottest Celebrity Looks
  2. X Beauty Essentials You Should Carry With You
  3. The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever Received (#X Blew My Mind!)


  1. X Amazing Camera Techniques to Improve Your Photography
  2. Your Family Tree: How to Begin Genealogical Research
  3. X Hobbies You Can Start at Home


  1. The X Best Christmas Gifts Under $X
  2. The Do’s and Don’t’s of Furniture Shopping
  3. The X Best Online Stores to Find Amazing Deals!

Personal Growth

  1. X Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Social Media From Your Life
  2. How to Set Boundaries in Your Life and Start Saying “No”
  3. X Easy Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

Travel Blog Topics

City Guide

  1. {City} City Travel Guide: X Vacation and Trip Ideas
  2. How to Plan Your Trip to {City}
  3. The X Top Restaurants to Check Out in {City}

Travel Tips

  1. How to Pack For Your Vacation With Just a Carry-On Suitcase
  2. X Pieces of Advice for Solo Travelers
  3. The X Best Travel Credit Cards For Your Next Adventure

Cultural Differences

  1. X Ways to Embrace the Local Culture When Traveling
  2. How to Deal With Cultural Diversity During Your Travels
  3. X Tips for Coping With Culture Shock


  1. X Common Phrases You Should Know When Visiting {Country}
  2. How to Learn a Language Fast Before Traveling
  3. The Top X Language Apps You Should Use When Traveling

Traveling on a Budget

  1. How to Make a Travel Budget Before You Hit the Road
  2. X Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vacation
  3. X Travel Expenses You Shouldn’t Ignore

Traveling With Kids

  1. X Lifesaving Tips for Road Tripping With Your Kids
  2. What is the Best Age to Travel With a Child?
  3. X Vacation Destinations Your Kids Will Love!

Ready to Get Started and Explode Your Traffic?

With these 200 high-demand blog topics, you can’t go wrong!

Now over to you – What are you most excited to write about to increase your blog’s traffic?

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