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Growing My Blog and Income for 2017: How I Grew By 10k Pageviews in 1 Month

Hey, mamas!

It’s a new year, and even though my blog is in its ninth month, I want to start a new traffic and income series. I’ll still relate back to my older traffic series and tell you all about my eighth month since I didn’t publish a report for that month.

Aaah! This month was amazing for blog growth…and I made money!! Stay tuned…

How 11 Freelancers Make Money Online With Their Blog

Are you interested in being a freelancer?

My name is Elna and I’m a freelance writer and mom blogger! After I had my twins, I wanted to get back to work, but daycare for twins was a lot of money! My paycheck would cover the daycare service and I wouldn’t have had much left.

Plus, I was a fierce mama bear and couldn’t even imagine leaving my little ones with someone else. That’s why I decided to work from home. I chose freelance writing, worked part time and within 6 months was making a full-time living only working part time!

Freelancing is a the perfect way to make money for mamas! It’s totally budget-friendly – all you need is to start a blog, put up a services page, set up social media profiles and that’s it!

You can do this as a side hustle like I am or if you’re a stay-at-home mom with school-aged kids, make this your full-time gig!

And since I want to serve you as much as I can to help you become a successful mompreneur, I’m starting a series on how to make money online using your blog.

The One Small Thing That Boosted My Course Sales

Have you recently launched a course?

For a lot of bloggers, creating and launching a course is the popular thing to monetize your blog. I’ve launched a course  on my freelance writing site and I know it’s a great passive income stream.

How to Make Money Blogging On a New Blog

Hi, mamas!

I’m Elna, and I started Twins Mommy as a passion project over eight months ago. I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I started this blog!

You might be wondering, how to make money blogging.

I’m so happy that I did start a blog. I absolutely LOVE blogging, and that’s probably why I’m a freelance blogger! If you’re new to Twins Mommy, then you may not know that I’ve been chronicling my blog’s growth since last April.

The Best of the Best Freebies for Mompreneurs

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for mamas! For a while I’ve been posting a lot of freebies for you. From Tailwind tribes to calendars, planners and more!

10 Useful Facebook Groups Just for Mom Bloggers

Hi there mamas!

Don’t you love Facebook? When I started this blog I found so many amazing Facebook groups that I thought I could share it with you today!

14 Free eBooks to Grow Your Blog and Income

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for mom bloggers! Yay! I don’t know about you, but if there’s a free resource to help me grow my blog or traffic or income, I’m digging in that for sure! Ha..I love getting free stuff, even if it’s digital!!

11 Helpful YouTube Channels for Mompreneurs

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for you mamas! Who doesn’t like Youtube? I don’t know about you, but before I became a blogger and freelance writer, I watched a lot of YouTube videos! There are so many awesome YouTube channels for mom bloggers, beauty gurus, fashion gurus and more.

14 Free Courses to Earn More Income as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Hi there mamas!

Today I thought I’d do something fun and totally free! Don’t you just love free stuff? I know I do. If I can bootstrap my biz then I will for sure! I only pay for certain things for my biz that I know will grow my biz for sure.

16 Awesome Podcasts Mompreneurs Must Hear Right Now

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for ya! As a mom bloggers and freelance writer, I totally don’t have a lot of time to do all that I need to grow my blog.