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Month 1 Blog Growth Update: 4,000 Pageviews Later

Hi There!

Welcome to my series, Mom to Mompreneur Blog Growth Update! Wow! that was a mouthful.

For those of you who are new, my name is Elna Cain and I’m a freelance writer and a mama to twin toddlers.

I started TwinsMommy back in March as a way to blog some more – because I just love blogging 🙂 – and engaging with a new audience.

How I’m Going to Grow Twins Mommy + Free Checklist

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new series on growing my blog.

Twins Mommy is a new blog of mine and I want to chronicle how I’m going to grow my traffic, email list and my income.

I’ll be sharing with you the behind the scenes of running Twins Mommy, gaining readers and eventually making money.

Here’s a little backstory on my blogging experience.