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This Is Not Your Average Mom Blog – Twins Mommy is About….

Guess what?

This is not your average mom blog!


8 Essential Blogger Hacks You Need To See Results

Do you want to make your blogger journey easier and much more successful?

6 Easy SEO Tips to Help Rank Your New Blog on WordPress

Search engine traffic.

This is what new bloggers always need, want and can never get it!

I Did All the Wrong Things as a Blogger & Still Made Money

There is soo much advice about how to make money blogging – all over Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and on Google!

I have many blog posts on this topic as well, but you want to know something?

How to Post on Pinterest as a Complete Beginner in 2022 (4 Easy Ways)

Figuring out how to post on Pinterest can seem confusing when you’re completely new to using Pinterest for the first time.

20 Fantastic Lifestyle Blog Names (+ Examples)

Your blog name is probably your brand, right?

It’s what people remember, it makes a statement, and it can really make or break your blog.

15 Genius Craft Blogs You Need to Check Out

Do you remember how excited you would get as a child when the glue and scissors made an appearance at school?

25 Simple Social Media Content Ideas to Post (+ Increase Engagement)

Is your blog on social media?

What I mean is as a new mom blogger, do you have social media platforms to promote your blog and build your business?

If you don’t already know, social media platforms are evolving to reward social interactions, which means that social media engagement has become a huge part of your blog marketing strategies!

Successful bloggers have tapped into this goldmine when it comes to building traffic – like myself.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

It’s happened to all bloggers…

You sit there staring at the blank screen trying to figure out what to write.

Then you wonder…how long should a blog post be?

5 Devastating Pinterest Mistakes You’re Making in 2021

Are you learning how to use Pinterest but finding that you’re just making countless mistakes?

You’re just not sure how Pinterest works and the best ways to use Pinterest.