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25 Simple Social Media Content Ideas to Post (+ Increase Engagement)

Is your blog on social media?

What I mean is as a new mom blogger, do you have social media platforms to promote your blog and build your business?

If you don’t already know, social media platforms are evolving to reward social interactions, which means that social media engagement has become a huge part of your blog marketing strategies!

Successful bloggers have tapped into this goldmine when it comes to building traffic – like myself.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

It’s happened to all bloggers…

You sit there staring at the blank screen trying to figure out what to write.

Then you wonder…how long should a blog post be?

5 Devastating Pinterest Mistakes You’re Making in 2021

Are you learning how to use Pinterest but finding that you’re just making countless mistakes?

You’re just not sure how Pinterest works and the best ways to use Pinterest.

Never-Ending Blog Ideas for 1,000 Blog Post Topics (Traffic, List Building & Income)

I’ve been blogging since 2014 and, in that time, I’ve had to come up with probably hundreds of blog ideas for my content strategy.

Oh, and I also get paid to write and write articles and blog posts for businesses – so that’s another few hundred post topics there.

And, what does this all mean?

The Simple Blog Content Plan To Make Money Easily (Your Blog Format)

So you want to be a successful blogger, eh?

Well, at least a blogger that can make money blogging easily, right?

When I started Twins Mommy in 2016 I had no idea that in less than a year my blog was making money!

12 Great Pregnancy Blogs to Learn From

Pregnancy and parenthood can be daunting for many individuals – which is why so many moms-to-be swarm to pregnancy blogs for support and information!

With a million questions on your mind during pregnancy, you probably find yourself depending on online pregnancy resources to provide you with answers.

Pregnancy blogs cover so many topics from conception to the weekly development of your baby as well as infertility, pregnancy loss, breastfeeding, parenting and more!

Why Bloggers Need a Privacy Policy and Where to Find Them

You run a straightforward site, nothing fancy, so you don’t need a Privacy Policy, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.

Take my other site I have Smart Mom Ideas, for example.

What & Where to Pin for Mega Traffic in 2021 (Manual Pinning Strategy)

Are you new to Pinterest?

I know Pinterest can seem like a difficult platform to grow your new mom blog, but let me tell you – IT IS NOT!

It will just take a bit more time and finesse for your new Pinterest profile to grow. It’s always a good idea to try new tactics and see if they work.

Give it a good 30 days of trying new things before you move on to something else.

24 Blogs About Life You Should Know & Care About

You spend so much time perusing blogs about making money, maybe you should check out some blogs about life!

Lifestyle blogs are exploding in popularity as more and more women are seeking out the personal experiences of others to motivate and inspire them.

Sometimes blogs about life are like picking up a good magazine filled with a variety of useful and resourceful ideas.

The Easy Elementor Tutorial for Mom Bloggers for 2022

So you started a blog and now the work really starts!

One of the things you’ll quickly learn when setting up your blog is that a page builder can turn your hobby blog into a professional-looking website.

One popular – and free – page builder is Elementor.