200 Pinterest Board Names That are Clever, Catchy and Poppin!

Are you on Pinterest?

You should be.

With the explosion of AI writing tools like Jasper AI, ChatGPT and how Google and Bing will change the SERPS for AI, it’s in the best interest for new bloggers to use another platform for traffic.

And you know what social media platform that is?


I started a niche blog last year and the #1 traffic source that helped me make $450/month with affiliate marketing was Pinterest.

So, if you need help with figuring out the best Pinterest board names to grow your traffic, gain subscribers and more importantly, make that cash, check out my list of 200 cute Pinterest board names.

What’s in the Name of a Pinterest Board?

Look –

As a pinner, you can have creative Pinterest board names or baddie Pinterest board names!

The sky’s the limit, but there is a catch.

If you want to gain subscribers for your email list, traffic for your new blog and money for your affiliate marketing tactics, then you need to make sure that your Pinterest board names are recognized by Pinterest.

This means that if Pinterest understands that your meal prep pin in your best meal prep ideas Pinterest board, Pinterest will serve up your pin to help someone who searches on Pinterest for chicken meal prep ideas.

Pinterest loves categories and slotting your Pin ideas into categories.

You can see this structure when you use the Pinterest search bar and you see bubbles of other ideas.

So, if you decide to create a Pinterest board name like: “My Random Thoughts” and put a catch all of idea Pins and shopping pins or video pins into that board, Pinterest will have a hard time figuring out what your Pinterest board name is all about.

It’s a good idea to look at your blog’s categories and the blog posts you write and create good Pinterest board names from that.

To get you started, let’s look at specific blog niches and board names for those niches.

45 Pinterest Food Board Names

Have you started a food blog yet?

Just thinking about it makes me hungry! To compete with the thousands of food pins on Pinterest, let’s look at highly targeted Pinterest food board names to help you get more traffic to your blog.

17 Dinner Food Pinterest Board Names

  • Dinner recipes for family
  • Dinner ideas with ground beef
  • Dinner ideas with chicken breast
  • Easy Dinner Ideas
  • Quick Dinner Ideas

I would stay away from the generic “dinner recipes” and “dinner ideas” as this is too general for Pinterest to pin point your pins for these boards.

  • Healthy dinner ideas
  • Air Fryer dinner ideas
  • Dinner ideas with pork chops
  • Dinner ideas for two
  • Dinner ideas with chicken thighs

You’ll notice with this list of Pinterest board names I mention ideas for chicken and a sub-category of dinner ideas with chicken thighs.

Should you have two Pinterest board names for these ideas?

If your food blog has a lot of blog posts around chicken thighs then YES create a chicken thighs food board.

But, if you don’t, then just have the umbrella name of Dinner ideas for chicken.

If you plug in “dinner ideas” on Pinterest you’ll see many bubble names. You can use those for your Pinterest board names too.

When you do this you get these Pinterest food board names:

  • Sunday dinner ideas
  • Valentine’s Day dinner ideas
  • Dinner ideas with steak
  • Christmas dinner ideas
  • Meatless dinner ideas
  • Birthday dinner ideas
  • Dinner ideas for busy moms

15 Breakfast Food Pinterest Board Names

  • Healthy breakfast ideas
  • Breakfast ideas for Diabetes Type 2
  • Easy breakfast ideas
  • Breakfast ideas for a crowd
  • Breakfast ideas without eggs
  • Breakfast ideas for work
  • Breakfast ideas with eggs
  • Breakfast ideas with biscuits

  • Easy breakfast ideas
  • Christmas breakfast ideas
  • Healthy breakfast ideas
  • Quick breakfast ideas
  • Mediterranean breakfast ideas
  • Keto breakfast ideas
  • Easter breakfast ideas

13 Dessert Food Pinterest Board Names

You can go a level up and search just the name like just Dinner or just Dessert to see more Pinterest board names to choose from.

  • Easy dessert recipes
  • Dessert charcuterie board ideas
  • Dessert table ideas
  • Desserts for a crowd
  • Dessert dips

  • Christmas dessert ideas
  • Valentine’s dessert ideas
  • Super bowl dessert ideas
  • St. Patricks day dessert ideas
  • New Years Eve dessert ideas
  • Brunch dessert ideas
  • Dessert ideas for a party
  • Simple dessert ideas

35 Wedding Pinterest Board Names

If you have a relationship blog, wedding blog or you sell wedding dresses, you definitely need some Pinterest board names for everything wedding!

So, let’s look at some aesthetic Pinterest board names for wedding.


  • Illusion sleeved wedding dress styles
  • Alluring A-line wedding dress styles for body types
  • Something blue wedding dress styles
  • Mermaid & trumpet wedding dress styles
  • Beautiful short wedding dresses
  • Enchanting ball gown wedding dresses
  • Summer boho wedding dress style

8 Wedding Hairstyle Pinterest Board Names

  • Gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair
  • Beautiful wedding hair down ideas
  • Glowing wedding hairstyles half up half down ideas
  • Magical wedding hairstyles with veil
  • Alluring wedding hairstyles for short hair
  • Sophisticated wedding hairstyles for bride
  • Wonderful wedding hair updo
  • Easy Wedding hair and makeup

4 Wedding Makeup Pinterest Board Names

  • Gorgeous wedding makeup for brown eyes
  • Stylish wedding makeup for blue eyes
  • Piercing wedding makeup for green eyes
  • Beautiful and natural makeup look

7 Bride and Groom Pinterest Board Names

  • Romantic bride and groom pictures
  • Cute bride and groom glasses
  • Professional bride and groom photos
  • Wonderful bride and groom poses
  • Best bride and groom silhouette
  • Creative bride and groom table ideas
  • Inexpensive wedding gift ideas for bride and groom

9 Wedding Invitation Pinterest Board Names

  • Cricut wedding invitation ideas
  • Simple wedding invitation ideas
  • Unique wedding invitation ideas
  • Minimalist wedding invitations
  • Rustic wedding invitations
  • Digital wedding invitations
  • Floral wedding invitations
  • Modern wedding invitations
  • Elegant wedding invitations

57 Creative Pinterest Board Names for Fashion and Hair

Pinterest is visual and everyone wants to go to Pinterest to look at the latest fashion and hairdos.

So, if your blog attracts those types of people, then it’s best to have Pinterest board names for fashion and hair!

Here is a list of Pinterest board names for your lifestyle blog!

11 Pinterest Board Names for Clothes

  • Summer outfits for men
  • Aesthetic summer outfits
  • Summer outfits for moms
  • Preppy summer outfits
  • Casual summer outfits
  • Plus size summer outfits
  • European summer outfits
  • Italian summer outfits
  • Boho summer outfits
  • Spring outfits
  • Chic summer outfits

6 Baddie Pinterest Board Names

  • Baddie summer outfits
  • Plus size baddie outfits
  • Night out baddie outfits
  • Baddie outfits for school
  • Winter baddie outfits
  • Latina baddie outfits

9 Jewelry Pinterest Board Names

  • Jewelry organizer ideas
  • Jewelry design ideas
  • Gold pendant design ideas
  • Black beaded jewelry
  • Silver jewelry
  • Black beaded jewelry
  • Clay beaded jewelry
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Aesthetic jewelry ideas

14 Pinterest Board Names for Nails

  • Nail inspiration
  • Nail design ideas
  • Nail art designs
  • Trendy nails
  • Ombre nails
  • Almond nails
  • Short square nails
  • Spring nail designs
  • Red nails
  • Green nails
  • Blue nails
  • Acrylic nails
  • French nails
  • Dip nail ideas

11 Cute Pinterest Board Names for Hair

  • Hair styles
  • Hair cuts
  • Hairstyles for medium length hair
  • Hair color ideas for brunettes
  • Hair color
  • Hair looks
  • Balayage hair
  • Front hairstyles
  • Curly hairstyles
  • Hairstyles for prom
  • 3b curly hairstyles

6 Pinterest Board Names for Shoes

  • Shoes for women
  • Sneak shoes
  • Cute shoes to see
  • Trendy shoe ideas
  • Oxford shoe style
  • Cool shoe ideas

45 Art Pinterest Board Names

  • Art sketches
  • Art inspiration
  • Art sketchbook
  • Art reference ideas
  • Art inspiration drawing
  • Art reference poses
  • Cartoon art styles
  • Cutecore art styles
  • Cute art styles
  • Semi-realistic anime art
  • Aesthetic 90’s art
  • Retro art styles
  • Romance art styles
  • Anime art
  • Cool art inspo

10 Pinterest Board Names for Quotes

  • Quotes about self love
  • Wallpaper quotes
  • Quotes for him
  • Good morning quotes
  • Friendship quotes
  • Heartfelt quotes
  • Funny quotes
  • Baddie quotes
  • Quotes that hit so true
  • First day of school quotes

10 Pinterest Board Names for Doodles

  • Doodle art
  • Doodle drawings
  • Aesthetic doodle drawings
  • Funny doodle drawings
  • Cute small and easy doodle drawings
  • Food doodle drawings
  • Ghost doodle drawings
  • Step by step doodle drawings
  • Doodle patterns
  • Floral doodle patterns

10 Painting Pinterest Board Names

  • Painting on canvas ideas
  • Easy simple painting ideas
  • Easy acrylic painting ideas
  • Rock painting ideas
  • Gnome rock painting ideas
  • Valentines painting ideas
  • Valentines rock painting idea
  • Wall painting ideas
  • 2 tone painting ideas
  • Cool wall painting ideas

17 Cute Pinterest Board Names

Look –

If you want a personal Pinterest profile or a few personal Pinterest boards that are secret you can fill it with some cute, aesthetic, funny, creative, and clever Pinterest board names!

  • Cute DIY Dollar Tree crafts
  • Cute wallpapers for phone
  • Pink cute wallpapers
  • Couples cute halloween outfits
  • Cute family house
  • Cute family tattoos
  • Cute cat photos

11 Funny Pinterest Board Names

  • Sloth names
  • People on Segway
  • Dogs dressed up
  • Cats dressed up
  • Babies laughing
  • Race walking
  • Cake fails
  • Ugly nails
  • Outfit fails
  • Bad makeup fails
  • Funny dinner fails

How Do You Make a Pinterest Board?

If you are unsure how to make a Pinterest board, all you do is go to your profile and go to Saved.

From there chose the + icon on the right hand side.

This might change at times when Pinterest updates their user features.

From there, choose Board and then plug in your board name.

You can decide to keep it secret if this board name doesn’t fit the brand of your blog or Pinterest profile.

For example, my Twins Mommy Pinterest profile has Pinterest board names for business and blogging and some parenting.

But, if I wanted to save dinner pins and other food pins I would need to create a secret Pinterest board.

My Niche Pinterest Board Names

Over on my niche website, I blog about cleaning, organization and home decorating tips for small places like an apartment or small home.

Knowing that my blog focuses around those core areas, I made sure to incorporate that when I created my Pinterest boards.

I also created a few similar Pinterest boards like “first apartment” and “first apartment checklist” or something similar.

This is to signal to Pinterest I want my profile to attract people who live in apartments.

Pinterest Boards For You

I hope you found this list helpful for your Pinterest marketing strategy!

Let me know what Pinterest board names you created!

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