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How to Start Pet Blogging: 21 Pet Blogs to Follow

Do you love animals? Do you know a lot about pets?

Last year we adopted a kitten.

And let me tell you!

I went all over the internet searching for pet food recommendations, how to stop a kitten from attacking my legs and about a billion more searches.

60 Proven and Creative Ways You Can Make Money As A Blogger

For a lot of us, we aren’t blogging just for the sake of blogging.

I know I’m not!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with blogging for fun – it’s a creative outlet and a way to network with other people who have similar interests.

Blog vs. Vlog: Which Should You Start in 2024

Thinking about diving into content creation this year?

With blogs and vlogs popping up everywhere, they’re still super popular and can be a great way to make some money!

The Best Blogging Platform for Starting a Blog in 2024

It’s 2024 mamas – are you ready to start a blog?

Even though blogging is super popular and it’s been around for years, new ones keep popping up.

My 2024 Blogging Goals for Traffic and Income

We made it mama!

It’s 2024, and it’s a New Year to change habits, try new strategies and set some amazing blogging goals.

28 Best Blogging Tools To Get Started With in 2024

Blogging is so much more than posting content and hoping people read it.

While it kind of started that way, blogging has now become a way to connect with people, help people, and even earn a living.


27 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners Without a Website

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash without the hassle of managing a website?

Despite what you may think, you don’t need a site or blog to earn an income through affiliate marketing!

I know, this was new to me when I first started Twins Mommy!

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Blogging?

According to a recent survey, 27% of bloggers start earning money from blogging within six months – and 38% make a full-time income within two years.

No Time to Blog? How to Blog Consistently When New

I have not time to blog anymore!

I have multiple sites, twins for the summer and extra curricular activities in the winter, and home renovation after home renovation to get through.

Is this your life too as a mom?

How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Blog (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Are you ready to take your monetization game to the next level?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn passive income by promoting products and services you genuinely believe in.