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How to Become a Blog Expert (13 Examples)

Have you ever wondered how to become a blog expert?

If you started a blog recently, you may have heard about recent Google Updates.

These are updates to help Google serve up the best websites when people Google something.

200 Pinterest Board Names That are Clever, Catchy and Poppin!

Are you on Pinterest?

You should be.

20 Popular Teacher Blogs You Can Start

Are you a teacher?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a blog and held off because you didn’t think you could come up with ideas on what to write about.

The truth is there are many types of blogs all teachers can start!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Blog Post that Makes the MOST Money

Back when I first started trying to make money from my blog, I didn’t know much about affiliate marketing posts.

I had no clue about affiliate marketing and how I could make money with that method.

4 Easy Steps for the Best SEO Blog Title Headline

So, you want to have a nice SEO blog title that’s optimized, but how do you create one that actually ranks?

90+ Cute Bios for Bloggers + Social Media

Hey mama! Are you on social media?

Social media the place to be to promote your blog and brand, and connect with your audience.

Plus, it’s a faster way to gain traffic since SEO can take up to a year to work!

But what if you can’t entice people to follow you and ultimately click over to your blog, what can you do?

Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You’re Making (+ How to Fix Them)

Do you know what the biggest affiliate marketing mistake that’s stopping you from making money?

If you’re struggling to make money with affiliate marketing as a blogger you’re not alone.

 For many years, when I did affiliate marketing on my blog, I struggled making any amount of income.

18 Fantastic Quilting Blogs That You Need to Follow

Do people still make quilts?

Are people blogging about quilts?

You bet they are!

Quilting is a great way to make and sell right at home!

10 Best Laptops for Blogging in 2023

When you’re a blogger, your work involves a lot of typing!

39 First Blog Post Ideas You Need to Have for Your Blog

So you’ve decided to start a blog, now what?

Well, it’s time to figure out what you are going to write about and compile a list of first blog post ideas.

By now you’re probably falling into one of two categories.