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Blogging Basics: The Best Types of Posts to Have on Your New Blog

You keep asking yourself the same question over and over again –

Why isn’t anyone coming to my blog and sharing my content?

You may be thinking that being a mommy blogger just isn’t your thing anymore. And you know what? Most mom blogs fail anyways.

Free Webinar! Create Killer Content Upgrades

Hey everyone!

It’s me Elna and guess what?

I’m hosting another awesome pitch-free webinar, but I’m not doing it alone! Kasey Luck from Bold&Zesty is joining me.

We’re actually going to share how to create a killer content upgrade to help you explode your email list. Doing content upgrades single-handedly helped me grow my email list as a new blogger.

How to Write a Blog Post That Gets a Ton of Comments – Blog Post Template


You’ve managed to get your blog up and running and even do some blog writing before your site was live (Kudos to you! I never did that! I just wrote a post and published it).

But after putting out four posts, something is obviously wrong.

You’re putting out this awesome and epic content, but no one is commenting on them.

17 *More* Places for FREE Styled and Chic Stock Photos

Hey everyone! I have more free photos to share with you.

Over two months I ago I shared 18 Places For Free Girly Stock Photos and it was a major hit for this blog! That post has received over 2k shares and over 70 comments.

I know I’m not the only one who goes ga-ga over images. If I could, I would stare at images all day, but I can’t!

But in the last two months I’ve been visiting more sites and seeing so many awesome free chic and feminine photos.

So, I’ve rounded up 17 more places to beautify your blog for free! Yes, these are all free (but some require an email from you).

Blogging Basics: Why Every Blogger Needs a Gravatar (And How to Set One Up)

Let me guess:

You’re new to blogging and have no clue what a Gravatar is right? (you just liked my blog image of those yummy donuts eh?) 🙂

I totally get that.

When I first started blogging almost two years ago, I never heard of a Gravatar.

The closest thing was an Avatar and well, I’m not into sci-fi stuff.

Free Webinar on Growing Your Blog With Pinterest

Hi everyone!

It’s me Elna and guess what?

I’m hosting a totally pitch-free webinar for new bloggers.

Blogging Basics: How to Find Your Niche and Rock Your Blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog?

You’ve probably visited a ton of other mommy blogs or lifestyle blogs and thought, why not? And you’re right – why not?

You can totally start a blog, have fun and earn an income too!

I’m proof it works.

Blogging is a great way to connect with others similar to you and give you the opportunity to earn some cash on the side.

Blogging Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Blogging

Are you a total newb when it comes to blogging, traffic and getting people to subscribe to your dang list?

How to Monetize a Blog from 12 Mama Bosses

Many new bloggers are drawn to the idea of monetizing their blog, right?

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make money from their own personal blog?

It totally rocks and since it’s something you probably love doing – blogging and connecting with other bloggers – why not turn your passion into profit?

Upgrade Your Blog Comments By Doing This One Traffic Generating Tip

Do you have a new blog?

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

You’re putting out all this great content, you’re involved in Facebook groups, Twitter and Pinterest and still no one is coming to your site.

How come it’s easier for other people? They start a blog and in three weeks they have 100 subscribers and about a million comments. What gives?