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Ultimate Guide to Finding Endless Blog Post Ideas

Blog post ideas for any blog niche!

Let me guess:

When you first started your blog you had passion, spunk, creative juices flowing all day and about a million blog post ideas brimming and fighting their way to be THE ONE you publish next.

Three months later and you haven’t a clue what to blog about. You’ve lost the love and feeling and now your blog is a complete chore.

After writing that, I HOPE it’s not!! Blogging is a creative way to show people your passions and what you stand for. You can connect with others that are similar to you and even help people! That’s power and amazing mamas!

Tailwind Review + Tutorial 2023

Have you been hearing a lot of talk about Tailwind lately?

With a Tailwind review, I want to help you figure out if using Tailwind is for your blog.

What are those things bloggers are using and how come it’s helping them grow their traffic? What’s the big hype about them?

This is how I thought about it too before I started using Tailwind. See, before Twins Mommy I started Elna Cain.

I didn’t invest in any social media scheduling tools; just pinned when I wanted, tweeted here and there and posted on Facebook when I had time.

No big deal. My traffic slowly grew and in the two years of it being up, I had around 12k pageviews. But, when I started Twins Mommy, I wanted to try something completely different.

An Easy Way to Increase Website Traffic From Old Posts

It’s hard, isn’t it?

You want to increase website traffic.

You block time when your little one is sleeping to write some awesome blog posts that you totally know will get you traffic. You write it, edit, look over it, create the best Pin graphic and hit publish.



What is going on? If you just started a blog and want to get more traffic to it, then this easy peasy tip will totally help you out. It did for me, and my blog isn’t even a year old.

Don’t be wrong, I’ve been trying to grow my traffic and used other things like this and this, but for a while my traffic has been slow and steady. Which is great! Every day I get more traffic, but it’s not that much.

So, the more and more tips I use totally helps me bump my traffic up each month. And this little trick  – I started just in the new year – and I can already tell it’s working.

How to Start a Mom Blog in 2023

Want to start a blog from home, mama?

I’m sure you read a lot of mom blogs, go on Facebook, and hang out on Pinterest when your little one is sleeping.

You see everyone online with their blog, and you want to know how to start a blog.

You want to join this awesome community. I can’t blame you.

I’ve been blogging for almost four years years on this blog and let me tell you, starting a mom blog was the best decision I ever made.

12 Twins Mommy Blog Highlights and 5 Fails Recap

How’d you do this year mamas? I’m excited by all that’s happened to me and to Twins Mommy!

I started Twins Mommy in April this year  and it was a hot mess (behind the scenes of course). I started Twins Mommy as a hobby and passion project.

While it still is a passion project, I decided I wanted to do something more with this blog. I’ve only had this blog 8 months or so and a lot went down.

11 Awesome Pinterest Groups for Mom Bloggers

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for ya! When you have a new blog sometimes it’s hard to get some engagement and shares on your blog eh?

I should know. I have another blog and it took me a year or more to really generate any comments and shares.

It wasn’t until this year that I finally figured how to get traffic, shares and comments on my blog posts!

12 Free Printable Planners to Help Grow Your Blog

Hi there mamas!

Today I thought I’d do something fun and free for ya! I have a confession to make – I LOVE blog planners, but I haven’t used a printable planner in years.

16 Totally Free Tools to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free! Getting your blog up and running is notorious for spending money, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get something free for once and not spend any more?

I should know since I love bootstrapping my biz as much as I can 🙂 I love getting free webinars, courses, guides and more. And you know what? They all have helped me grow my blog in one way or another. And with my digital marketing background, I can use these free tips for my traffic strategy.

11 Tailwind Communities for Mom Bloggers to Explode Their Traffic

Hi there mamas!

The holidays are here and I thought I’d do something fun and festive. This time of the year is notorious for spending money, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get something free for once and not spend any more?

For the next 12 days I’m going to share a list of freebies mama bloggers or stay-at-home moms can grab. They’re perfect for this time of the year when you’re gearing up for the next year.

Here are the other freebies I have in this series,

How My Blog Post Got A Featured Snippet on Google (And Ranked No. 1)


It’s on every mom blogger’s mind lately. Here’s the thing:

You’ve been blogging for a few months now and by this time, you should see some progress with your posts ranking on Google. I heard somewhere to give your blog at least six months (sometimes sooner) to start seeing your posts in Google (like within the first or second page).