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What is a Bullet Journal? (How to Start One for More Focus)

Are you wondering what is a bullet journal and how you can use that for your blog?

As a stay-at-home mom with multiple blogs, finding a way to increase my productivity, streamline my blogs, and business and give me laser focus has always been on my mind.

The more projects I have under my belt, the more organized I have to be with my plan for the day, my financial goals, or blog plan.

But, my desk – well, let’s just say if my twins needed scrap paper or post-it notes or a pen or pencil, they can just grab it from my office desk!

I was drowning in notebooks, post-it notes, markers, and scrap paper. I needed to find a system like a bullet journal, that worked for my blogs but also allowed a fluidity to my overall blog plan and inspired my creativity.

7 Tips to Plan Your Day as a Work From Home Mom Blogger

Is the day already over?

Do you feel you never got anything accomplished when you work from home?

When you juggle working at home on your blog and taking care of your little one (or little ones in my case), you always feel like you never hit your daily goals.

At least for me, it does. Planning my day as a stay at home mom with a blog sometimes doesn’t happen until Sunday night at 11 pm! But, by then I’m too tired to even think about the next day.

You see others start a mom blog and wonder how are they doing it? What are their time-saving tips to manage a house and a business?

My Declutter and Cleaning Plan as a Work at Home Mom Blogger

Since I started being a work at home mom, I had to learn how to fit my daily life as a mom and a mompreneur working on my blog and business.

And when I first started, I did have an effective chore plan so that at least my house looked presentable while I worked during the day. But, that was when my twins were little. My twins are five and they can sure clutter up a house quickly!

Time Management For Moms Who Want to Start a Blog

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for five years and work-at-home mom for three years now!

I started a blog, offered a service, made money and decided to keep on blogging!

During this time, my twins went from having two naps a day to one nap a day (pure bliss), to no naps (a unicorn died that day!).

21 Clever Ways to Keep Kids Busy (So Mom Can Blog!)

Indoor toddler activities to keep mama sane and working at home.

I started blogging when my twins weren’t yet two years old. I’ve learned over the years how to have better time management and be more productive blogging, freelance writing for my clients, course creation, and – at one time – coaching.

But, how do you keep your kids busy with toddler activities so you can finally start your blog?

12 Happy Mom and Happy Home Freebies (No More Momster)

Hi there mamas!

Today I thought I’d do something fun and totally free for you! If you look at my home right this minute, there’s about three loads of laundry that needs to be put away, a full load of dishes that need to be put away as well as a sink full of dirty dishes. Oh, and don’t get me started on the closets, beds and living room!

40 Moms Reveal How to Accomplish Your Day When You’re Juggling Everything

Raise your hand if you feel you aren’t productive with your time management as a mom?

You have a stain on your shirt, your hair is in a ponytail and you need a timer to remind you to brush your children’s teeth.

Okay. Maybe that was too specific and was totally about me, but you know what I mean! Being a mom AND a blogger AND an entrepreneur is hard.

How to Make Time for Your Mom Blog (So You Can Earn Big)

I have a confession to make:

Having a mom blog is tough. After I started this blog I decided to turn it into a business. So I created a plan to grow this blog.

But let me tell you – it’s grueling for me right now. Not only because I’m also a freelance writer and I manage several blogs plus my private Facebook group for my course participants, but because blogging is a big commitment on top of having a house and children to take care of!

How to Manage Chores and Still Run a Booming Home Business

Let’s get real here.

If you’re a mom who works from home and have small children, it’s hard getting all those daily and menial chores done, right?

I betcha you’re reading this and you have a load of dishes to put away. Or, you have dirty dishes in the sink from last night that need to get washed.

26 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity as a Mommy Blogger

So, you have a mom blog, eh?

Thought you could blog your little heart out as a side hustle, but now your blog is falling to the wayside.