My Declutter and Cleaning Plan as a Work at Home Mom Blogger

Since I started being a work at home mom, I had to learn how to fit my daily life as a mom and a mompreneur working on my blog and business.

And when I first started, I did have an effective chore plan so that at least my house looked presentable while I worked during the day. But, that was when my twins were little. My twins are five and they can sure clutter up a house quickly!

And during the summer my kids are home! And they bring into the house dirt, rocks, flowers, sticks and water EVERY.DAY.

While I’m glad they are loving nature and having fun, it leaves a mess in my house daily since my kitchen is the go-between from the back door to the bathroom.

My ultimate goal is to make the house appear clutter free and organized for when unexpected company visits – and I have a hack for this.

But first, let’s go through my daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and organizing schedule.

My Daily Organizing Schedule

Once we moved into our new house, I had to find a time when I can do chores, feel accomplished and have time to work on my blog. The best time for me is the morning.

Before I have my coffee – I know, chores without coffee!! – I tackle my morning chores. It takes me up to thirty minutes to organize, clean and declutter my home.

Every day I:

  • Vacuum – since my kitchen is the go-between to the outdoors, I run the vacuum to pick up dirt and crumbs from meals. I also do heavy traffic areas (like the hallway to the bathroom)
  • Empty the dishwasher (and load the dishwasher after meals)
  • Do one load of laundry – it may not be every day but I try.
  • Wipe down counters – before bed there is usually cups and straws and empty bowls from snacking at night (ahem, my husband – not me)
  • Clean kitchen sink – I use Comet to clean my sinks
  • Wipe down bathroomsI use these to quickly wipe the counters, toilet and tub
  • Pick up in the living room – my twins play in the living room and bring toys from downstairs or their rooms. While I encourage them to clean up after themselves, some days there is no time or they are too tired. So this mama helps out and declutters the living room!
  • Tidy the house several times the day – I try to tidy as I go. For example, if I’m going downstairs I pass the back door and the boot mat and coat hooks. Most times everything is there but in a haphazard way. Before I head downstairs I straighten the shoes and jackets.

This typically takes me 20-30 minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong – there are days that I may not do a load of laundry (because yesterday’s clean load is sitting in the laundry basket waiting to be put away) or vacuum, but generally, I do some cleaning and tidying every day.

My Once a Week Cleaning Schedule

There are some chores I do weekly instead of daily. I’ll be the first to tell you that out of the three types of schedules, the weekly one is the most forgotten one!

Maybe that’s because if a day (or week!) goes by, it’s no big deal!

So, for my weekly chore schedule I:

  • Meal plan with this and this
  • Wash the sheets
  • Vacuum upstairs or downstairs (alternate)
  • Wash the bathrooms
  • De-weed in the garden – this house came with a beautiful garden, so I’m doing my best to make it weed-free
  • Dust – I usually give this chore to my twins as they love to use these when they dust

My Monthly Cleaning and Organizing Schedule

Since we’ve been at this new house for only short time, this monthly schedule will change as the seasons change and as my twins head off to school in the fall.

But, typically during the month I like to purge clothes that no longer fit and either donate or sell toys, backpacks, books and more.

Our downstairs is our rec room. All of the twins’ toys are there but we also have a sitting area for movie night. At least once a month I focus my time organizing the:

  • Storage closet
  • Basement pantry (foods and toiletries we stock up on)
  • Rotate toys
  • Rotate books for the twins
  • Organize twins’ craft bin

Once a month I also do a deep clean in one of the three rooms upstairs. Today it was my twins’ room.

Twins’ bedroom

I strip their beds, remove all their toys and stuffies and vacuum the mattresses and under their beds and the rest of their room.

I wash all their bedding – sheets, pillow cases, comforters and protective mattress covers – and stuffies using this miracle stain remover.

My Hack for Always Keeping a House Clean and Tidy

One thing I learned from working at home was that unexpected company always arrives.

My in laws pop by unannounced or neighbors want to talk. This is fine – we live a very flexible lifestyle and every day is different, but my house isn’t always tidy.

So, what I do for a quick tidy clean up is to only focus on the front of the house. This is only the living room and kitchen (the bathroom is always wiped down in the morning anyways).

And this is easy as the twins can clean up the toys and my living room is fairly minimal. For the back of the house, I can just close the doors!

Work at Home and Start a Blog

Starting a blog as a stay-at-home-mom was my way to be creative and contribute to the family finances. It has also opened up the doors to so many wonderful opportunities and collaborations with other bloggers!

But it isn’t easy. When you work at home your home has to be the environment for creativity. And clutter usually doesn’t help.

Having a clean and organized home can also make you much more productive.

Being in an organized office while you work makes you happy and being happy makes you a much more productive mama!

And, who doesn’t like a clean and organized house? This is where my husband  and I work every day so we want our space to be as organized and clean as possible.

But, it is a challenge to keep my house decluttered and clean while working at home. My twins seem to have more small toys than ever before and when they play, they get dirty.

I’m hoping with these three types of chore plans I can manage home life and optimize my work life!

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Thanks for the sharing. Many begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated around the idea of decluttering their homes.Reply to Deborah
Hi Elna, I always love your posts because they are real and explain how blogging has affected your daily life. We need more of your kind to keep this journey of blogging interesting. Cheers!Reply to Hildah
Thanks for coming over! Glad you enjoyed my post!Reply to Elna
Keeping things tidy in the office really helps our productivity a lot! De-cluttering is another big help. I just cut the number of bath towels to just enough for 1 week. That way it forces me to do laundry every week and it’s no longer a massive chore filled with 3 weeks worth of clothing to put away. Now I just gotta move on to some other area’s of my house and do the same.Reply to Jenn
Hey Jen, Yup! That’s right. It’s hard to keep things tidy EVERY stinking day! The twins and the hubby sure make a mess! I’m working on getting them to tidy up but that’s a work in progress!Reply to Elna
When I first had my son I was so disorganized (and way too tired to care haha) but I’ve since discovered the bullet journal system and I’m in LOVE with it! It’s helped me so much, and I’ve been looking for cleaning schedules to put in my bullet journal and I’ll definitely try incorporating some of your tips in my next layout!Reply to Brandi
Hey Brandi! Ha! Yes, I was disorganized for a while too while my twins were little. But, now that they are older and can entertain themselves I have a bit more time to organize! Today I actually organized my office! It feels good! That’s awesome you have a bullet journal. I got mine recently and loving it!Reply to Elna
Yes, organizing how to be organized is great! As Lois pointed out, it builds a routine so you don’t have to put in the effort to sort out what to do along the way–you already know just what to do and when!Reply to Kim
Hey Kim! Ha yes for sure! Cleaning can be a big challenge for me but having this declutter plan for my house is doing great. Now I have to get my hubby and twins on board!!!! grr… 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, I LOVE this post – I’m obsessed with organizing and I’m super nosey about how other mompreneurs tame their home! (My young son loves those swiffer dusters too – they’re an amazing way to keep him occupied for a bit while I work!) I love that you have systems and routines in place – they make life so much easier, don’t they? A good system means you don’t even have to think ‘when am I going to do this laundry?’ – You just know it’s on the daily routine! Thank you for giving us this ‘behind the scenes’ peep at your home management routines. Lois Xx (PS: What is it with kids and rocks??)Reply to Lois
Hi Lois, Thanks! I honestly try to be more mom than mompreneur! I’m not the best housewife but if I have a plan and system it seems to go better. I really like my daily chores and getting a feel for the monthly ones. The weekly ones are the challenging tasks for me. They just go to the wayside but I’m working on it! Glad you liked this post! I’ve definitely learned some organizing tips from you!Reply to Elna