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Pinterest for Newbies: How to Brand Your Board Covers (the Easy Way)


Here is post #2 in the Pinterest for Newbies series! Check out the first post where I dive into how to start pinning!!

In this post I’ll tell you an easy way to brand your Pinterest board covers! If you’re anything like me, you enjoy branding your blog and branding your social media profiles!

How to Create a Logo For Your New Mom Blog (And Brand Your Pins)

Have you recently started a blog?

Isn’t it fun and exciting? I know when I started Twins Mommy I couldn’t wait to write a blog post or create a Pin graphic. And you know what? It’s a year later and I still feel like this every night!

Free Start a Website Course (To Make Money Online)

Want to start a blog?

I started Twins Mommy a little over a year ago and I can’t believe how amazing it has been. I have connected with so many amazing other mom bloggers and helped a lot of my email subscribers with growing their blog.

I also have a thriving and growing Facebook group.

And it all started with a website. But, if you are anything like me, you probably are thinking that this is too difficult, right?

12 Proven Hacks to Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest!

I absolutely love Pinterest. She’s been so good to me! 🙂 It’s my #1 growth strategy and has helped me not only grow my traffic from 0 to almost 50k pageviews in about a year, but has also helped grow my income!

There are so many posts out there on Pinterest. And a few them are on my blog! How do you decipher what is legit tips and unproven tips?

The Blogger Recognition Award + My Nominees!

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you to Amanda and Kristen of Kandy Apple Mama and Angela of Natural Born Mommy for this nomination!

I’m honored to be included in this nomination! It’s awesome to know that other bloggers recognize my work on this blog and my Facebook group! And it’s cool that I can pay it forward and nominate other amazing bloggers! I love this about blogging – the connection and relationship building!

How to Pin on Pinterest for Newbies

Are you brand new to Pinterest?

How do you pin to Pinterest as a new Pinterest user?

You hear everyone talk about how awesome and great Pinterest is (including me!). It can be a game changer for your blog and help you grow your traffic, email list, and income!

Best Resources for Mom Bloggers
(What I Personally Use)

Are you new to blogging? Not sure what you need to help you grow and monetize your blog?

These programs, tools, and sites I recommend keep me focused on the right things to do for growing my blog. All of these resources I’ve personally used and will benefit you as well!

How to Drive Blog Traffic Without an Email List Or Tools


You started a blog, found a great WordPress theme, figured out how to use WordPress and wrote your first post. That’s a huge accomplishment mamas!

But, now that you did all that, what do you do next? What’s the next step after you start a blog? For some bloggers, they focus on building their email list. Other bloggers want to grow their social media followers. While others stick to the traditional elements of SEO and keywords.

16 Of the Best Twins Mommy Blog Posts to Help Grow Blog Traffic + Income

Twins Mommy is over a year old! Wow! During the first year of my blog, I concentrated on two things:

I tried some strategy tips, failed in other ways, but at the end, I succeeded in growing my blog. Now that I’m in my second year of blogging on Twins Mommy, I know this year will be even better because of the work I did during the first year to build that trusted and strong blog.

To help you on your new blogging journey, here are 16 of the best Twins Mommy posts that will help you grow your blog traffic and blog income!

(P.S. they were also the most fun to write and share!)

How Do I Drive Traffic to My Mom Blog?

I love Pinterest! It’s the one social media platform that has totally helped me grow my traffic and invariably my income too!

Before I started Twins Mommy, I didn’t use Pinterest as a marketing tool. I had a business account and I was pinning my pins for my freelance writing business, but it was all manual and very infrequent.