How to Make Your Blog Look Professional (Be a Pro Mom Blogger)

You have an amateur blog.

You start a blog and then all of a sudden, you feel like you have to play catch up.

You have to learn all about blogging, SEO, Pinterest, Facebook, marketing, email and more. But, how can you when you’ve only been blogging for 24 days?

When I started my amateur blog, I was fortunate to have my husband help me with the design and development of my blog. He also helped me figure out things I wanted to know quickly.

I’m forever grateful for that. And that’s why I like sharing blogging, traffic and money tips to all of you!

So, learning how to make your blog look professional even if you’ve only been blogging for a short time is possible. There are certain things – many are little things – that can instantly make you look like you’ve been blogging for years.

Want to know what they are?


How to Make Your Blog Look Professional

1. Get a Gravatar

A Gravatar is a globally recognized Avatar that follows you online.

It shows a headshot of you (or logo of your brand or whatever you want to show) when you comment on blogs, in forums and when you sometimes sign up to services like email service providers.

To help you create a Gravatar, check out my super easy tutorial! And please subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

2. Use a Pretty WordPress Theme

Look –

I’m sorry to say, but people judge blogs by how they look.

Sure, you can get a pass, if you have amazing blog posts and you’ve been blogging for years, so you know your stuff.

But, for most of us, and especially for amateur blogs, how your blog theme looks and functions will help you look like a pro even if you’re new.

There is only one WordPress theme that I feel are “pretty” and functional – Unwind.

Here is what Unwind looks like on one of my demo blogs.

This theme you can customize easily – fonts, where the menu is placed, where the logo is placed, link color and more. As you can see, I customized it to look similar to the Twins Mommy set up.

Astra is another popular free WordPress theme that you can make look pretty and professional.

3. A Favicon & Logo

One easy way to learn how to make your blog look professional for free is with some branding.

These branding elements are your favicon and logo.

A favicon is a brand icon that is placed in the browser next to your blog name in the browser.

For WordPress, the size of your favicon is 512px by 512px.

Along with your favicon, you need a logo. I personally make all my logos using various fonts. You can make both your favicon and logo in Canva or PicMonkey (you can get a free 7-day trial to test it) or Photoshop.

For more help on creating your logo, check out my video!

4. Have a Self-Hosted Website

For many new bloggers, they don’t want to invest in a blog so early in case they don’t enjoy blogging. This makes total sense, but what if you do enjoy blogging and now you want to create a business out of your blog?

You can’t create a business on a free platform like or Blogger.

Third party platforms own your content and limit what you can and cannot do on your blog. So, to make that leap into having a legit blog where you can monetize your site, create products and start an email list, you should move your blog to a self-hosted website.

This means your free website URL > is now >

Nice, eh?

So how do you learn how to make your WordPress blog look professional?

Find a New Self Hosted Service

The one I recommend is SiteGround.

They can help you every step of the way and have amazing features that you can learn more about here.

Export Your Content from

Now you need to move all the posts and content from your site to your new site (your .com site). To do this, you need to login to your blog.

From there, look for tools> Export. Choose “all content” and click the button to export.

Import Your Content on Your New Self-Hosted Blog

Now go to your new blog and login ( From there, go to tools>import>WordPress. Choose the file you just exported and click on the “upload file and import” box and there ya go!

Now you have a self-hosted blog 🙂

5. Write Share-Worthy Blog Posts


Blogs are filled with content.

This content needs to attract your ideal reader so that you can grow your blog traffic and eventually make money. You do this with writing engaging blog posts that solve a problem and speak to your ideal reader.

For more help check out these guides:

Besides the engaging way you write, the other best thing you can do to get more shares is to format your post for readers online. Reading online content is totally different than reading a newspaper or a book.

The content width (how wide a blog post is) is usually short, so one sentence can take up 3 lines. That’s why you see a lot of one-sentence paragraphs in blog posts.

This is to account for the content width.

Some blogs, though, have a longer content width and they can get away with having 3 or 4 sentences in a paragraph. The best way to see if this works is to always check your blog post using the preview method in the backend of WordPress.

So write your post (or copy and paste it) and then check it in preview.

6. Get Out of the Sandbox

Now, look – Google doesn’t know much about your blog yet.

So the more content you have on your amateur blog, the easier Google will index your blog and relate it to your topics.

If you have a new blog, Google will put you in the “sandbox.” This means:

Google Sandbox is generally used for websites which are newly launched and then arouse the suspicion of Google, usually by adding a large amount of new content in a very short period of time. This appears to Google as spam; and the Sandbox is essentially a spam filter which watches for suspicious activity, reasoning that a site which adds enormous numbers of new posts, pages and content instantly is probably filling itself with duplicate content or engaging in search engine spamming.

Effect of sandbox

When your site is put into the Google Sandbox, your site is still indexed and crawled, but you will be set aside when it comes to actual Google searches. Until you make it out of the Sandbox, you won’t show up in Google’s search results.

When I started Twins Mommy, I published two posts a week for six months.

This created more pages on my site and helped get my posts on Google, so I can start ranking – and two of my posts from the first six months of blogging now rank #1 on Google for their respective topics.

But, for my established freelance writing blog, I only post once a week or sometimes once a month.

Content can slow down, and my traffic still grows because Google has already indexed my blog and knows the type of content I produce.

And since I’ve optimized my blog for the topic of freelance writing, any new posts I publish has the ability to rank in Google.

For now, though, realize that if you just started a blog, it’s a good idea to have a lot of content on your blog.

That’s why creating content before you launch can be a good strategy for new bloggers as it will help you (having more opportunity for ranking) once you are out of the Google Sandbox.

How Do You Get Out of the Sandbox Sooner?

Google can keep your blog in the sandbox from 1-6 months of starting your blog. So, for six months your blog may not be shown on Google when people search for your content.

So, how do you get out of there sooner?

The biggest factor is links.

If big blog sites link to your blog right away, Google sees trust much faster and puts your blog out of the sandbox to “play with the big guys.”

And, this goes back to having a lot of content for other blogs to see it, for you to promote it and for others to link to it.

My suggestion is to publish two posts a week for the first three to six months or more for your new blog.

But, if life gets in the way, that’s okay.

Another easy trick you can do is to bulk your fresh content. For more information, you can check out how I grew to 62,000 pageviews doing this one hack.

So, the rule of blogging is – if you’re new, you have to create more content than if you’ve been blogging for a while.

Think of an amateur blog as a baby in a way. As newborns and little ones, they eat every few hours. But, as adults, we can go five or more hours without having to eat.

So, a new blog is like a newborn that needs blog posts every week while an established blog is like an adult that can go weeks without blog content.

7. Create a Pin Template

Pinterest is the BEST platform for bloggers to drive traffic to their site.

Pinterest favors content creators because they bring new fresh content daily. And you can use this to your advantage by leveraging that platform to attract followers and click-throughs.

And the easiest way to start doing that is to make sure you have a great pin image.

I personally like having a template to make your pins more cohesive. While it is advantageous to have your pins look differently, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic template.

It doesn’t have to be hard either! Check this guide for creating a free Pin template using Google Slides!

And check out my Pinterest Masterclass where I share with you how to create a clickable pin!

How to Make Your Blog Look Professional (Even If You’re a New Blogger)

There ya go! Seven tips to help any new amateur blogger LOOK like a PRO! I know blogging is a brand new world and it’s very overwhelming. I hope this guide will help you (when you’re ready to tackle it) appear like you know it all!

Over to you – did I miss anything? What would you add to this list?

Please Pin me!

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Thank you for this. I have written a lot but haven’t posted because every time I reread them they don’t seem good enough. I’m my worst critic… sigh. But I shall press along. Thanks for the tips.Reply to fran
Hi Fran, You can do it! I always just hit publish and when I look back I have a ton of grammar errors! Yikes! I guess I’m just too excited to get my post out 🙂Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna! I was up to writing 3 times a week. But since I started back to my full time job this month I’ve dropped to 1 time a week. I suppose I should stick to 2 times a week for now.Reply to Ashley
Hi Ashley, Do what you can! If it’s once a week then do that…consistently. Don’t try for more if you think you can’t do it. For me, my blogging is inconsistent because I’ve been blogging on Twins Mommy for a long time. I don’t need to be that consistent anymore because I’ve built a content library! Good luck!Reply to Elna
You are my number 1 inspiration when it comes to blogging! I have been blogging for 8 months now and immensely struggling with my blog niche, getting traffic to my posts through Pinterest and SEO. Your content is absolutely AMAZING Elna! I inspire to be a successful blogger like you one day!Reply to Sumaiya
Thanks a Million…You teach all in detail.Got great Value From your Post and keep following Your new post.Reply to imelda
Hi Imelda, Thanks so much! Glad this post on how to be more professional as a new blogger was helpful!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much! I am learning a lot from your posts.Reply to Gagan
Hi Gagan, I’m so happy to hear this! Glad you found some ideas to make your blog look like it’s been live for years!Reply to Elna
Hi! Today is Day 1 for me in this blogging journey. I have subscribed to your emails and doing the Blogging Planner. I am getting so much useful information from you already. Thank you so much. I will be reading your articles and subscribing to your videos.Reply to Kynah
Hi Kynah! Thanks so much for being a loyal follower! I’m sure you’ll find some great advice in my videos or posts!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna I was going through the steps on this post and I upgraded my wordless to a premium account which I paid for. I then read that number 4! So I now have my own domain on WordPress, does this count as a self hosted website or have I just wasted a load of money upgrading to premium? Love your post by the way has been so helpful as a new and totally blinded blogger!Reply to Phoenix
Hi Phoenix! Thanks so much! The best is a self-hosted WordPress blog. This is a blog you control and can monetize the right way! It’s not a lot of money IF you do like the three year plan. Bluehost is another self-hosting plan I highly recommend for bloggers that want to budget. I talk about it in this post: to Elna
This was the best explanation of Google Sandbox, thank you! I am looking into starting a 2nd blog because I put a location name in my first one and well…that will limit my audience. So i’ve been playing around with the idea of creating a new blog but having a good number of posts ready from day 1 so to viewers it doesn’t look “brand new”. Now I might put up 2 posts in each category initially and then add 2 more each week so google doesn’t think I have “too much” at first and look spammy. Oh the things we do to please google.Reply to Australian
Hi! Awesome! Yes, having more than one blog can help grow your brand, experience and income for sure! I think you’re on the right track with finding ways to not look like a newb! Have fun!Reply to Elna
I love this post! I didnt do so well when I first tried blogging but I’m starting it back up again. I wish I would have known this stuff the first time around.Reply to Merrideth
Hey Merrideth! Yes! I feel the same exact way! Having an amateur blog isn’t the best for sure! That’s why I wrote this post, so I can help newbies! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Elna, This is a great post! I actually started my blog this week and this has really helped me. I knew that I needed to have post in mind, but it is a great idea to go ahead and start writing. You also answered my question on the amount of content to post weekly. Thanks so much!Reply to Ashley
Hi Ashley! Congrats on starting a blog! So happy you found some answers in this post. Looking like a pro as a new blogger is something I wish I knew about when I first started! So, you’re ahead of the game!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the tips. 🙂 I just launched my blog after having very little success with another way last year. I want this time to be different–this will definitely help!Reply to Mandy
Hi Mandy, That’s awesome you didn’t give up and tried blogging again. Usually the second or third time around you are much more successful! That’s why I have multiple blogs!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Thank you for providing this information. I’m launching my blog in two days and I came across your Pinterest pin of how to look like a pro when you’re a new blogger. There were items on this list that I had thousands of questions………so glad I found your pin. I can finally breathe….woooo-saaaaaaaaah! LOL. Thanks again.Reply to Shatoria
Hi Shatoria! So glad you found some tips in this post. Congrats on launching your new blog. Now you can look like pro blogger from day 1!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! I started at number 1 and immediately had a question, lol! I have a business website with a blog and I’m creating another blog that will be branded the same but with a boss mom lifestyle focus. Should I create 2 Gravatars? What do you suggest?Reply to Angel
Hi Angel, No you don’t need to create two Gravatars (unless you want different email addresses associated with each brand and want to be more professional or relatable). For my blogs I generally use the same image!Reply to Elna
Dearr Elna What a truly fantastic helpful post. I especially loved the info about Gravatars! Thank you BUT NOW I am worried about the “Sandbox” Please clarify. I deliberately spent months trying to write my best content So I could go live with a lot of posts . Was this a mistake ? will this land me in the dreaded box ??❓ Warmest regards Maureen ( MOJO)Reply to Mojo
Hey Mojo, The sandbox just means nothing. It’s just for new blogs. Google already puts new blogs in the sandbox to play. You’ll get out sometimes 3 months later but usually 6-12 months! All blogs go through this!Reply to Elna
Thank you, thank you. I have been scratching my head at how to actually put a logo onto a pin and…. I found your post through Pinterest so, that works 🙂 I’m heading over to Canva right now! thanks againReply to Anna
Hey Anna, That’s awesome! Have fun designing your logo!Reply to Elna
You always have the freshest perspective! I had never even heard of creating pins in google slides OR the sandbox haha. I’ve been blogging a while now, but your posts are so informative and I wish I had seen this sooner!Reply to Ashley
Hey Ashley, Thanks so much! Glad you found some tips about the Google sandbox! Yes, it’s an eye opener when you realize that as a new blogger you are playing in the sandbox for at least 6 months!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I am taking your course “Blog For Traffic” and you mention that how you do SEO is basically you just write whatever topic you feel like and SEO comes naturally. I am very new to affiliate marketing but what I was originally taught was that you do Keyword Research, and learning how to do that requires its own course I bet! But I am wondering if that is true , you do not need to do keyword research and just wing it?Reply to Sophia
Hi Sophia, Thanks so much for taking Ready Set Blog for Traffic course! I hope you are finding it helpful. I will be updating it this year! Well, you can use keyword tools, but honestly, it’s not necessary in the beginning of your blogging journey. Maybe in year 2 or 3 of your blogging journey. In the first year, write for your audience and use Pinterest SEO to help with Google SEO. I’ll talk more about that in RSBT later!Reply to Elna
I feel so blessed to have found you, Elna! Your posts are incredible, your Facebook group is amazing and I would honestly be lost without your guidance. From the bottom of my heart heart– thank you!!!Reply to Lisa
Hi Lisa! Wow! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you are finding this helpful. And thanks for joining the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group! I’m hoping to do more Lives soon!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, It so great to find a place where all the necessary information is packed into one post. I definitely agree with you about the Favicon, if a site doesn’t have one it stands out. On the other hand, I didn’t know about the Google ‘sandbox’, but it explains a lot. I’ll definitely share this posts to make sure that others know about this too!Reply to Rose
Hi Rose! You’re welcome! Yes, a favicon just makes your blog looks professional and not like a brand new one! And the Google sandbox was a myth years back but it’s a real thing. For a lot of new blogs, Google is suspicious and wants to make sure you’re not spamming or publishing hundreds of blog posts in a week!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, This is another remarkable post. The concept of bloggers creating a Gravatar that follows them around the internet is a great idea, but to many, it sounds unimportant. It is unprofessional for some to comment on your blog without a face – a ghost. So I always encourage my readers to get a Gravatar. A logo and favicon will definitely make you look like a pro, but I would admit that im lacking here, that’s my next goal. Thanks for sharing, Elna.Reply to Moss
Hi! Yes, I have a pet peeve with people who don’t have a Gravatar! Especially when I see a “big” blogger comment without a picture! Good luck on your logo and favicon!Reply to Elna
Great Post! Thank you for providing useful content to empower moms! As a new stay home mom, I will use this tips to improve my posts, while I find success sharing my opinions and take care of my 3-month-old baby boy.Reply to Victoria
Thanks so much Victoria! Glad you found some great tips to look like a professional blogger when you’re brand new!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I am addicted to your blog. First of all your blog theme is so beautiful and second all your articles are informative. Thanks for sharing.Reply to mansi
Hi Mansi, Thanks so much! Thanks so much for commenting and glad you enjoyed this post!Reply to Elna
These are all such awesome tips. I’ve been blogging for 9 months and I’m still guilty for some of this stuff hahaReply to Taylor
Hey Taylor! That’s okay! You have to start somewhere! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Thank you for these! I’d finally fixed my gravatar, checked on my favicon, and about to start my logo! I didn’t realize it was so easy!! Mind blown again, thank you!! 🙂Reply to Kelly
Hey Kelly! Yay! That’s awesome. Now you’re lookin’ like a pro blogger!Reply to Elna
Great tips! I had no idea about the Google Sandbox – I am probably there right now as when I search for my site the homepage doesn’t come up but some pages where I got lots of comments do!Reply to Karis
Hey Karis! Yes!!! I didn’t know about the Google Sandbox either when I first started blogging! But, if you are consistent and write helpful posts, you’ll start ranking!Reply to Elna
Elna! Another great post. Thank you. Its all about #6! I’m going to look at my post idea list and see which ones I can write in one night and then definitely go for it!Reply to Jenny
Hey Jenny! Thanks so much! Yeah, glad you enjoyed the post!Reply to Elna
Thank you for sharing! I have said this before,but everyone I get am email from you I am so impressed with how much content you share and how much I have already learned from you. You are much appericated.Reply to Stacey
Hi Stacey, Thanks so much for being a loyal follower! I can’t wait to share more blogging tips in the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group. My voice is shot (as I’m sick) and we are moving so have to wait!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for this post! I have been wondering about the gravatar, but did not even know what it was called and was clueless how it worked or how to make one. Now I know!Reply to Rachel
Hey Rachel! Thanks so much! Yeah, having a gravatar is a great way to grow your brand!Reply to Elna
Elna! Thank you so much for this newsletter! This is going to help me big time. I am a teacher, pregnant with my third and in the perfect world I want to have a new blog up and running soon And hopefully have some income so I won’t have to go back to teaching 😉 My blog is Not published yet. But hopefully very soon. Thanks again!! AnnaReply to Anna
Hi Anna! Yay! So happy you have a new blog!!! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thanks for this! I used the Lifestyle theme but after I read this I switched to Unwind! I’d never heard of it before but I really like it. Glad I saw this:)Reply to Elizabeth
Hey Elizabeth! I KNOW! I love this theme too. I thin I’ll do a Facebook Live on using this theme (free version!).nYour site looks awesome!Reply to Elna
I would love to see a FB Live on using this theme! I wish I’d known about it before today, it looks good and it was more customizable than any other free theme I’ve tried. That said, it took me all morning to figure parts of it out. Tech is not my strong suit. It wasn’t what I planned to do this morning, but it was worth it:)Reply to Elizabeth