18 Ways to Promote Your New Facebook Group

Need help in promoting your new Facebook group?

You’re pumped about all the cool things you want to share like challenges, daily prompts, pics and more, but there’s only one thing:

18 Ways to Promote Your New Facebook Group

How will people know you have a new Facebook group?

How can you promote this new social media group to your audience without spamming every other group or your email list about it?

I recently started a Facebook group called Ready Set Blog for Traffic (From Mom to Mompreneur).

Originally it was called Mom to Mompreneur but since I released my traffic course, Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I wanted to have a place for my course students to ask me questions and for me to help them!

So, I updated the name to reflect this.

I needed to find a way to promote my new group without screaming about it all over social media.

Here are 18 ways on how to promote a Facebook group!

1. Put a Link in Your Welcome Email

What do you do when someone subscribes to your email list? Do you email them your freebie and then do nothing?

I hope you don’t! You can email them a welcome email! This is an email that introduces you, your blog and some great things you want to tell your new subscriber (like that new Facebook group you have!)

When I started my group that was one of the first things I did.

Brand new subscribers can join my Facebook group, get to know me on a more personal level and learn about growing their blog and business.

2. Put Your Link on Your Sidebar

The next thing I did was create a little graphic for my sidebar. This is a popular way to let new readers and even repeat readers know that you have something new.

Here are some examples of sidebar graphics promoting a Facebook group.

7. Mention Your Group in a Podcast

Don’t you love listening to podcasts mamas? I do! They are totally easy to listen to while I’m folding clothes or running around the house picking up after my twins! I love learning while choring! ha..


I also love being a guest on podcasts. They are fun to do, and they don’t take much of my time! When you are a guest on a podcast, the show owner typically writes up show notes and provides links to the resources you discussed on the show.

In a podcast I did, I mentioned my Facebook group along with other resources!

If you have a new Facebook group, this is a great time to start guesting on podcasts and work your Facebook in either in the conversation or at the end when the show owner asks you for any last things.

8. Pin Your Group on Twitter

Similar to pinning your Facebook group link on your Facebook page, you can also pin your link to your Twitter profile.

What’s great about this promotion tweet is her graphic. She tells you the what, why and where and it’s a big graphic too!

9. Create a Graphic and Pin it On Pinterest

Why not create a Pin graphic of your Facebook group and share that all over Pinterest? It’s just another way to nudge people closer to your new Facebook group.


10. Create an Opt-In Form for Your Group

You know a great way to boost your email list is to create an opt-in form for your FB community. This helps with getting the right members for your group as well as helps you get more personal with your members.

For example, Holly McCaig has a dedicated landing page for people to sign up to her Facebook group, Brand Clarity.

You can easily create this type of landing page with ConvertKit.

11. & 12. Put a Link in Your Menu and Create a Top Bar

An easy way to notify your readers that you have a Facebook group community is to put a link in your menu!

Most bloggers do this since it only takes a few minutes to do it.

You can also create a top bar or Hello Bar that shows on your blog promoting your Facebook group. Monica has a link to her Facebook group on her menu and in her Hello Bar!

13. Create a Blog Post About Your Facebook Group

Back in December, I created a 12 Days of Holiday Freebies, and one of my posts was about Facebook Groups for Mom Bloggers.

At that time I didn’t have a Facebook Group, but once I did, I made sure to include my group along in that list! You can do a roundup of other Facebook groups like I did, or you can create a post about Facebook Groups (hey, like I’m doing right now!) to tell everyone about your FB group.

14. Drop a Link on Your Homepage

If you have a homepage that features your lead magnets, courses or other promotional things, you can promote your new Facebook group!

Brie Beeks of Blissful Bosses promotes her group along with some free courses and classes.

15. In Every Email

So you have a link in your welcome email, but you can also link to your Facebook group in every other email. For subscribers, this could be the first time they realize you have a group and it’s just another way to reach more targeted people to join your group.

16. At the End of Blog Posts

There’s no shame to add multiple call-to-actions at the end of your blog posts! You can have share buttons, lead magnet, content upgrade, related posts, a conversation starter question and even a promotion for your Facebook group!

Check out Caitlin Bacher’s example of how she promotes her group at the end of a blog post:

17. Have Others Feature Your Facebook Group

While you can’t hound other bloggers to write a roundup post on Facebook groups and include yours, it’s nice when other bloggers do and feature your group!

When bloggers feature my blog/s or Facebook group, I usually share the love and promote their post on my social media profiles!

18. Put a Link in Your Pinterest Group Description

If you have a Facebook group, you might also have a Pinterest group too, eh? 😉 What a great way to promote your Facebook group in your Pinterest group (or the other way around!)?

Krystal of the Daily Femme has a Pinterest group, but she isn’t currently accepting contributors. However, you can still join her Facebook group! #smartidea

Bonus #19. Link it In Your Blog Posts

Whenever I talk about networking, growing your traffic or gain eyes to your posts I always talk about my Facebook group and link it.

It’s easy to market that way and people really do click on those links because they want to join your group! 

A Whole Bunch of Ways Mama!

There ya go! Eighteen simple and amazing ways to promote your new Facebook group. In no time you’ll get flooded with notification that everyone wants to join! Whoop whoop!

Did I miss something? If so, let me know your favorite way to promote your Facebook group. I’d love to hear it!

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Always the right help needed in a to-the-point manner! Thumbs up for the great post. Would definitely incorporate most of them for my new Facebook group Mother’s Helpline.Reply to Cheryl
Hi Cheryl, Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed this post and found some ways to promote your new Facebook group!Reply to Elna
I just want to say thank you! I’ve seen your videos and subscribed to your email list. And still Everytime I need help, I type my question into Google and there you are. So I bookmark your article and come back for more. You have been a great help on my journey to creating my online business. Thank you for doing what you do ❤️Reply to Cheyenne
Hey Cheyenne! Thank you so much! So happy you can find the answers to your questions on my blog! I’m humbled by that! If you have any struggles, please let me know as I can add that to my content schedule to help you and many more!Reply to Elna
Elna, I don’t know how to thank you this much. I have two fb groups: Moms Are Caring and So, you are now a mom? I use the first one now, but the second one was an idea I came up with. I had to secure the name so no one takes it. But I had no idea I would use it someday. Imagine running two groups, how could that be possible? Maybe, I will run so, you are now a mom? As a Q & A group which will be related to my blog. If not for this blog post, it could have been overwhelming. Thanks a lot!Reply to Mercy
Hey Elna, awesome! Very helpful as usual. Thank you for postingReply to Grace
Need to put more juice into my Dog Mom’s group – thanks for the push.Reply to Becca
Hi Becca! Glad you came over and this post gave you the motivation to keep pushing!Reply to Elna
This is great Elna! I never thought to add my group to the end of my posts! My page is there but not my group. I will be updating. Thank you for this!Reply to Amanda
Hi Amanda, Awesome! So glad you’re going to use this tip! I hope you gain more contributors to your group!Reply to Elna
This is fantastic information! Thanks for posting!Reply to Tamara
This is a really helpful post – among the very best. I’m posting it in my resource files. I’m a mom with a passion for connecting families dealing with special needs, auditory processing disorder (APD), dyslexia, apraxia, and more to progressive resources. My Facebook group, Sound Sense has over 1200 moms ready to help, and experts, articles etc. Join us. to KateLynn
Hey Katelynn Thanks so much you enjoyed this post! You have a great niche for sure to help moms with children of special needs!Reply to Elna
This post was so super helpful! Thank you!!Reply to Stacy
Amazing post, Elna! I have created a very engaged group of aspiring and new to established bloggers who use the self-hosted WordPress platform. Our group (Profitable Bloggers – WordPress Blogging Support Community) offers technical WordPress help in addition to strategic guidance and encouragement from the other members. I would love to be added to your list/featured! to Sasha
Hey Sasha! Thanks for sharing your group!!Reply to Elna
Thanks! I just started a shopping group for my new online jewelry boutique, and it is much much harder to grow than my former networking group. I need all the tips I can get!Reply to Renee
Hey Renee, Sorry to hear about that. Make sure to promote that shopping group on your blog, create multiple pins for that group and promote it on promo days in Facebook! Oh and also promote on your FB page too!Reply to Elna
Hi Thank you for your blog post it’s great! I was introduced to it via a Facebook group! I have started a group called Inspiring Creative Women and resently put a post on my main Facebook page about my group. From that 50 people asked to join my group I couldn’t believe it. I also shared the post in a few creative groups. Thanks againReply to Katherine
Hey Katherine! Thank you so much! So happy you found some great tips to promote your new FB group! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Other methods I have used to success: 1) Periodically ask your current members to share your group on their timelines , pages or other groups. 2) If the group is locally oriented, post a classified ad for it on NextDoor and Craigslist — both free. 3) If you admin more than one group, cross-advertise your groups. Obviously, no permission or begging is necessary. It helps if the groups are kind of related, though. E.g., I run both a gardening and a home cooking group — since they’re both about food, it makes sense to occasionally cross-advertise. 4) Another Twitter approach is to tweet a link to a hot ongoing discussion in your group.Reply to Steve
Thank you for another great post. I am not at the point where I could handle starting a fb group but I have saved the link for later reference!Reply to Mack
Hey Mack, Yes, starting a FB group can take a lot of time out of your schedule for sure. I try not to let it though! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thanks for this post, Elna! I just started a Facebook group and have implemented a few of your strategies already, but I definitely have a few more to go. 🙂 I’m not a mom so I can’t join your group, but it looks great! I’m really inspired by how quickly you’ve been able to grow your group and this site. Thanks again! -JessicaReply to Jessica
Hey Jessica, Thanks so much and congrats on your FB group! It’s fun isn’t it? Thanks for reading the post even if you’re not a mama!’s applicable to any blogger really!Reply to Elna
Great ideas! Gonna go out and do like five of these today! Thanks Elna!Reply to Emma
Awesome tips here Elna. I’ve already implemented most of these. I also feel if group members can share your group it makes a huge difference. Especially if they find value in it. I tend to share your posts quite a bit in the group I manage. Hopefully you can joi us one day in Blogger Connection ?Reply to Kami
Hey Kami! Thanks so much and good to know you’re already implementing these strategies!Reply to Elna
Loved all of these strategies. I just learned about creating an opt-in form for the facebook group so I’m thinking about doing that!!! I’m going to start implementing more of these too. So awesome! Jasmine 🙂Reply to Jasmine
Hey Jasmine! Love Love Love your photos chica! So happy you came to my post and commented on it! Good luck and yes lead magnets are awesome for growing your blog!Reply to Elna
Thank you for another great post. I am not at the point where I could handle starting a fb group but I have saved the link for later reference!Reply to Rachel
Hey Rachel! Yes, setting up a FB group is a big project and takes a lot of time to map it out. It’s not essential for bloggers, but it’s a fun way to grow your audience and connect with your audience!Reply to Elna
Fantastic ideas, Elna! I’m implementing all of these that I’m not already doing right away! I’m trying to grow my FB group – as I believe they can be more valuable than an email list. Caitlin Bacher has tons of insight on it – I’ve been following all her videos. Have a great evening! 🙂 AleeReply to Alee
Hey Alee, Good luck! I really enjoy your group and can’t wait for those FB live videos!Reply to Elna
These are all really great ideas! I started a Facebook group and kind of let it go. I want to revamp it and freshen it up soon though. Thanks for the tips!Reply to Cole
Hey Cole! Awesome! Yes, sometimes you can be complacent with the things you have eh? Forget about it and don’t post on it! Good luck revamping your FB group!Reply to Elna
Some great ideas that I didn’t think of!Reply to Charlene
These are great ideas! My Facebook group is still itty bitty, so I’m definitely going to apply some of these ideas! Thank you for sharing!Reply to Nicolle
Hi Nicole! Good luck and I’m sure these tips will help you grow your FB group!Reply to Elna
Thanks, so much Elna, This post is so perfect for me! I am about to start my first Facebook group and wondering how I’m going to grow it is so on my mind (especially since a lot of FB groups don’t want you to promote your groups). Thanks for the tips, Nadalie, It’s All You BooReply to Nadalie
Nadalie, Oh! How exciting! I know you’ll grow your FB group like crazy! Have fun!Reply to Elna
Thank you for sharing these great ideas! I have been thinking about creating a fb group but I’ve been so worried about hearing crickets due to not knowing how to invite others to come. So helpful! Thank you again!Reply to Amanda
Hey Amanda, Thanks so much for coming to my blog! Yes, a new FB will be great for you! Good luck!Reply to Elna